Overpasses for America is Now for Sale

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OfAForSale A state administrator admits that the former Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment had to drop “Impeach Obama” from their name in order to become a 501[c][27] non-profit. Since then they are known as “Overpasses for America.” This non-profit status allows the group to collect unlimited anonymous donations from fat-cats, but requires them to de-emphasize the impeachment of Obama. The organization surrenders its free speech rights to Obama’s IRS in return for non-profit status. It is a way the government stifles dissent via use of their power to tax selectively. Those, who stay within limits set by Obama’s IRS are rewarded at your expense.

In other words, OfA has sold out and are now just looking now for the highest bidder. There was an earlier scandal about the mis-use of of a couple thousand dollars of donated funds by the Founder, James Neighbors. Now, he can go for the really the big…

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Sons of Liberty Riders Joins Impeach Obama Now! Coalition

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Sons of Liberty Riders The California State President of the Sons of Liberty Riders, Michael Degrood said today that he had received permission to say that the group is joining the Impeach Obama Now! Coalition. SoLR is a nationwide organization with about 7,500 members.

Sons of Liberty Riders – National Website

Sons of Liberty Riders – California State Facebook Page

Wikipedia defines a coalition in the following manner:

A coalition is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, during which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest, joining forces together for a common cause. This alliance may be temporary or a matter of convenience. A coalition thus differs from a more formal covenant. Possibly described as a joining of ‘factions’, usually those with overlapping interests rather than opposing.

We are not a formal organization with a hierarchical structure, but independent groups joining together to cooperate for a common goal. We…

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Why is It So Difficult to Form a Movement to Impeach Obama?

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OceansideImpeachObamaProtest The biggest problem with developing a potent movement to impeach Obama is that non-profit patriot organizations are prohibited by law from being primarily about politics. A lot of members of these groups would like to help out with an impeachment effort, but I think they are loyal to their group and take their cue from their leadership, who are probably advised by their accountants and tax attorneys to not get involved in political activities that could be construed as partisan, such as a campaign to impeach and remove Obama could be construed.

It might be enough for these groups to say, they can’t endorse an impeachment effort, because they are limited by the tax law, but as an organization they are not against it. That is, their members have to participate in such partisan activities as individuals, not as representatives of their 501(c) non-profit organization.

There are some issues of…

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Sheriff Arpaio: New Criminal Evidence About To Be Released

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Arpaio promises to release criminal evidence. Assume charges may be lodged against those who have covered up evidence and conspired to obstruct an investigation into Obama’s birth circumstances. A criminal charge against lower level conspirators would probably not face the obstacles in court that challenges of Obama’s eligibility have experienced.

After dozens of attempts by various parties, the courts have not been willing to recognize that they have jurisdiction. It was pointed in the last decision by the Alabama Supreme Court that the impeachment process is available as a means of deciding the issue of Obama’s eligibility, which is what Arpaio has been saying all along that the issue needs to be brought before Congress. This means that eligibility is primarily a political issue and massive public support, including street protests, is necessary to get Congress to investigate Obama’s lack of eligibility and the associated frauds and obstructions committed.


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Impeach Obama Protest – Fundraiser at Irwin Jacobs Home in La Jolla on May 8, 2014

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Obama/ Pelosi Coming to San Diego (La Jolla) on May 8th

Learn More Details and Join Impeach Obama Now! – San Diego

Protest start time is at 10:00am on May 8th at Irwin Jacobs house at 2710 Inverness Ct. in La Jolla or at a nearby intersection, if access is blocked.

Map to Irwin Jacobs Home.

SAN DIEGO — President Barack Obama is expected to attend a political fundraiser in May at the La Jolla home of Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs.

Irwin Jacobs Jacobs, whose estimated net worth is $1.6 billion, was one of the top five financial supporters of Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. He stepped down as chairman of Qualcomm — the mobile chip maker — five years ago.

Click the image to read the full article


We had a small protest at Irwin Jacobs house in Oct 2012 when he hosted a fundraiser with Michell Obama. The banner in the photo above circled the house and La…

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Impeach Obama Protest Planned for UC Irvine Graduation

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Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in San Diego, Ca

Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in San Diego, Ca

A protest is being planned for Obama’s impeachment, conviction, removal and punishment at the intersection in front of the Angel stadium in Anaheim by a coalition of Tea Party and other patriot groups. Hundreds of protesters are expected to participate. News of the protest is being spread via various blogs and FaceBook pages. See the link below for the most current details of the protest.

Impeach Obama Protest at UC Irvine Graduation Ceremony

President Barack Obama has accepted UC Irvine’s invitation to speak at its class of 2014 commencement ceremony June 14 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the White House has confirmed.

Obama to speak at UC Irvine graduation

We will have extra signs, if you need one. Also, bring US and Gadsden flags. Obama hates both of these banners. A rather large crowd of protesters is expected for this event.

Start spreading…

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Putin: Ukrainian Protests Appeared To Be A Planned Action

The subversive elements in the Ukraine were apparently supported by $5 billion dollars in US aid and by private foundations, such as Obama and Bill Ayers used to manage. If these protests look a lot like Occupy Wall Street protests, there is probably good reason for that. Government tax money and private foundations also support radical revolutionary groups in the US.

The same people that engineered the revolution in Ukraine would like to do the same in the US. Whether it comes from the left (OWS) or the right (American Spring) does it really matter? It would not be predictable who takes over after the Government is toppled. Fortunately, Americans are not that easy to motivate for a revolution.

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