Black Nationalist End Times – Race War And Anarchy

Ferguson on Fire

Ferguson on Fire

Black nationalism in America includes a now widespread, cult religious doctrine that has existed since the Civil War and has roots as old as slavery in the Americas. The basic concept is that the white man is the ultimate evil in the world, literally the Devil or Antichrist and America is the tool of the Devil. The black race is the Chosen People or literally God or the representation of God on Earth. In the black nationalist version of the end times, the white race and America will be destroyed in a race war, which will bring on a millennial utopia, equivalent to the Biblical Kingdom on Earth. There are many variations on this theme among the many black nationalist cults, such as the Black Muslims, Black Hebrew Israelites, Moors, Nuwaubians, Nation of Gods and Earths, Black Liberationists, etc.

To understand the ideology driving the riots in Ferguson, it is important to understand this cult doctrine of hate that is prevalent among many black radicals. This is the reverse of equivalent of white supremacist doctrines, but is much less understood, because it has been taboo in America for decades to critically discuss hateful, black religious doctrines.

This topic is much too much to explain in a short blog post, but this post just provides a brief outline of the ideology and give a couple of examples. An important point is that the Black Liberation theology of Obama’s own god-damn-America church in Chicago stems in large part from the black nationalist doctrine of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, mixed with a portion of cultural Marxism. Obama’s perverted “Christian” religious faith is a major component of his motivation for his planned destruction of America.

Shocking Quotes from Black Liberation Theology

Brown races are considered related races and Obama’s support of illegal immigration could be seen as also being driven by his perverted, racist, black-nationalist, religious faith. The Chicano Movement is a mestizo nationalist movement that similar in their racist, anti-American, revolutionary concept to that of black nationalism. The National Council of La Raza is a Chicano organization and a principal ally of Obama in his subversive agenda.

The same can be said for Obama’s support of Jihadist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, his creation of conditions in which Jihadist military groups can rise in the Middle East and his funding and arming of such groups in Syria with hundreds of millions per year from U.S. tax monies.

Even Obamacare and Obama’s illegal amnesty decree can be seen as designed to entice millions more non-whites to enter the United States illegally and to feed the anti-American Chicano movement.

Since Malcolm X started the trend, black nationalists may also ally themselves with white radicals, such as white anarchists, socialist, Marxist and communist revolutionaries that have an anti-American, revolutionary ideology, which is also seen in Ferguson. The black liberation doctrine is that any white, who is willing to die for the black cause, such as abolitionist John Brown, for example, can be accepted.

The point is not whether they are capable of succeeding in this or not, but that Americans can be better prepared to deal with black racial violence, if they understand this cult religious idea, which is currently widespread among American blacks.

There are black nationalist sects that present themselves as Christian, Muslim and Hebrew, but in reality they are not orthodox in any of these faiths and their black nationalist doctrine has more in common with each other than in the faith they claim to be. The idea is that the black man is the “original man,” who brought all culture and science to the world and so all of these faiths are black faiths and “white versions” of these beliefs are false religions.

The Nation of Islam is the largest and most dominate of these black cults. Elijah Muhammad was one of the co-founders of the sect and considered to be the Prophet. In this video he prophesies an apocalyptic race war for the 1970’s. When it did not come to pass, he said that it the white man received a reprieve for a short time.

Elijah Muhammad Prophesies Race War

This is the cover of a book by Elijah Muhammad, who was obsessed with bringing down America and the superiority of the black race.

The Fall of America by Elijah Muhammad

The Fall of America
by Elijah Muhammad

Farrakhan is the protege of Elijah Muhammad, who re-started the sect a few years after the death of Elijah Muhammad. Here he declares that “America must be burned.” In recent years Farrakhan has often alluded to a coming cataclysm.

Farrakhan – America Must Be Burned

For more information and sources, go to this link:

A Bibliography of Obama’s Black Theology

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Graham Ledger – Obama Is Manipulative Psychopathic Liar

Originally posted on Coalition to Impeach Obama NOW!:

Graham Ledger of One America News Network gets to the point. He says that Obama clearly knows that his executive amnesty is illegal and that he is a compulsive psychopathic liar and a narcissist. He lies in order to manipulate. He criticizes here Obama’s appearance before the National Council of La Raza. La Raza is part of the Chicano nationalist movement, which holds that Latinos have a mystical destiny to take over and control the Southwestern United States.

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Trey Gowdy Licks The Boots Of The Republican Party Bosses

Originally posted on Coalition to Impeach Obama NOW!:

The financial interests that control our leading politicians, Republican and Democrat, do not want Obama impeached and they are glad that he is shredding the Constitution. Trey Gowdy publicly reveals here that he is willing to serve as the water-boy for the the RINO Party Bosses, who do not give a damn about the Constitution and the rule of law and want an unconstitutional, dictated amnesty to go forward. Reagan used to say all options are on the table, during any negotiation. Gowdy and his string-pullers are trying to take impeachment off the table, the most powerful tool we have to make Obama respect the Constitution and the Law. We have a fight on our hands with the corrupt Republican Party leadership, as well as the Democratic leadership. They are the two faces of the same corroded coin of bi-partisan plutocracy. This fight is not Republican versus Democrat, but The…

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Will Obama Copy Mandela’s Terrorist Campaign in America?

Nelson Mandela founded MK Honto, aka UmkHonto we Sizwe, (Spear of the Nation) the armed, terrorist branch of the African National Congress (ANC). This clip shows video of Barack Obama paying tribute to Nelson Mandala and also some images of the terrorist campaign in South Africa that was led by Mandela’s terrorist group. Years of massive waves of illegal immigration preceded the terrorism in South Africa, producing chaos and swamping the system. Mandela, was a communist, who has been romanticized and the history of his terrorist group has been sanitized by the media and politicians. Mandela has never been blamed for this terrorism that his group carried out and he is held in public memory now as a kind of saint.

Obama’s Church Preaches White Genocide

How to be a Good Communist, an essay by Nelson Mandela

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Potential Of Ebola For Terrorism

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Mass Ebola Infection Route

Mass Ebola Infection Route

Much has already been written already about the potential of using Ebola as a terrorist weapon, just Google it. Both the US and Soviet Union considered it for use as a bio-weapon. The Japanese Cult Aum Shinrikyo tried to obtain Ebola for use as a terrorist weapon before they bombed the Japanese subways with Sarin Gas. The cult sent a team of people to Africa, but they were unable to obtain samples of the virus. Now Ebola is widespread in Africa and readily available for terrorist groups to obtain, especially for jihadists, who do not fear dying in the attempt.

Many have concluded that it would be difficult for terrorists to spread Ebola widely in the US and that a country with a strong medical system would react quickly and stop the spread of the disease caused by a few terrorists intentionally infecting the public. Our confidence…

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Is Speaker John Boehner A Cultural Marxist?

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Boehner pushing cultural Marxism to the Republican masses

Boehner preaching cultural Marxism
to the Republican masses

House Speaker, John Boehner, is traveling to San Diego this week to encourage openly-gay Republican candidates. Supporting a candidate and giving him preference because he is gay is a cultural-Marxist concept. The idea of cultural Marxism has permeated American society in recent decades and has spread Ebola-like to the Republican Party and even its leadership. If the spread of this ideological infection is not stopped soon, it will result in a very painful death of the Republican Party as the party of conservatives.

Boehner rakes in cash for openly gay Republican candidate

Traditional Marxism is a revolutionary doctrine about class struggle. After World War I, a group of Professors in Frankfurt, Germany proposed a broader form of Marxism, now called “cultural Marxism.” They started by analyzing why Marxist revolution had not been successful in the western nations. It was decided that the…

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Black Hebrew KKK Prepares for Destruction of the White Man

A troop of Black Hebrew Israelites meet to drill in Dallas in preparation for their coming end times and the destruction of the white devil. Black Hebrews are one branch of a black-identity cult movement that includes the Nation of Islam and other such cult religious doctrines, including the Black Liberation hate doctrine of Obama’s own god-damn-America Church of 20 years led by Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

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