Fake Bombing Of ISIS Will Be A Backdoor Into Syria

The supposed bombing of ISIS is just a ruse that will allow Obama to provide arms to the Jihadist Syrian Rebels, topple Assad in Syria and hand the country over to Al Qaeda. Obama is a pathological liar. Don’t believe anything he says. Look for ulterior motives.

The Covert Origins of ISIS

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Sam Vaknin Describes Obama’s Catastrophic End

Dr. Sam Vaknin describes how an apocalyptic Götterdämmerung-like collapse of the Obama regime and personality cult will likely play out, based on his study of pathological Narcissism. The destructive consequences for America are also outlined. Vaknin is an internationally recognized expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), who has described Obama as a psychopathic Narcissist. NPD is the psychological disorder of cult leaders. Other famous persons with this psychological disorder were Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung, though Vaknin is careful not to equate Obama to those historical personalities. This is an except from an interview of Dr. Vaknin on the Tamar Yonah show broadcast by Israel National Radio.

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How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust

First Run Features filed a copyright claim a couple of weeks ago on this excerpt of the documentary “Architecture of Doom.” I successfully filed a counterclaim based on Fair Use Law. They opted to not file a lawsuit within the required time limit. They were apparently hoping that the clip would be removed just due to their intimidation tactics. This documentary is posted in its entirety elsewhere. For political reasons, officials for First Run Features apparently just do not like the use of the excerpt. I use it to show what can happen when a government controls healthcare. This is what they tried to prevent you from seeing. Enjoy!

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The Murrieta Protest From a Different Angle

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This clip shows that there was a very large presence of Spanish-language media at the Murrieta protest. This is not usual for ordinary anti-illegal immigration protests. Rumor has it that the transport of illegal aliens to Murrieta for resettlement in the US began six months earlier in January of 2014, but was done at night under the cover of darkness. The arrival was changed to daytime and the news of the arrival leaked to patriot groups, which triggered the Murrieta protest.

At the larger protest three days later a group of anarchic-communist agitators were present, who were trying to provoke a violent confrontation by desecrating the US flag and trying to pick a fight with anti-illegal-immigration protesters.

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Sam Vaknin – Obama, the Pyschopathic Narcissist

Sam Vaknin is interviewed on the Tamar Yonah Show on Israel National Radio. Vaknin explains why he believes Obama has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and what the consequences of that may be for the United States and Israel.

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Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism Explained

Cultural Marxism and its propaganda tool of political correctness has penetrated deep into western society. It is a subversive ideology designed to undermine traditional society and prepare it for revolution. This documentary explains the history and concepts. The Obama regime is the capstone of many decades of such subversion.

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The National Day of Protest Against Illegals Is A Farce

Originally posted on Coalition to Impeach Obama NOW!:

Obama_Liberty2Imagine, if someone murdered one of your family members and this person was still at large, in fact still lives in your neighborhood and is a powerful, influential person. What would you do? Decide that is too hard to do anything against the criminal, form a nonprofit for raising money to feather your retirement and launch a national campaign against the failure to enforce the laws against homicide, while the killer remains free? Or, simply go after the murderer personally and do everything you can to make sure the killer is exposed and brought to justice, no matter how hard or the risk involved?

Obama is a dangerous anti-American subversive. That was clear from his background even before he took office. He believes he has a messianic destiny to bring America down. He only cares about the immigration laws in so far as he can abuse them to achieve his…

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