Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – October, 2015

Patriot Fire 🔥


This is a monthly report of protests by the Impeach Obama NOW group and also gives some information about protests that other, related groups have carried out. The purpose is to provide a brief overview of protests which are taking place around the country during the current month and to encourage patriots to rise up and protest more in the next month! If you would like to have an event or a group highlighted in these monthly reports, send a link to photos and/or video via the contact tab above or via one of our Facebook groups. Type “impeach Obama now” + (your state) in the Facebook search bar to find your state group.


„● Anti-Obama Protest of his visit in Roseburg, Oregon

„● Good-Riddance, Impeach-Obama Protest at MCAS Mirimar (San Diego)


Palmdale, California

Littlerock Tea Party (near Palmdale, Ca)

Contract: or phone:…

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One thought on “Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – October, 2015”

  1. I have been watching closely the actions of Obama. He is doing things without asking us whether we agree. Some of these things seem responsible on the surface but set extremely dangerous precedents. Our Bill of rights is very important and should not be allowed to be tampered with through “executive order!!!!!! NO NO NO!!!! We must stop him! We are his boss!!!!

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