How can Obama be Impeached?

Memphis, TennesseeImpeachment is not a criminal trial, but a political trial. There is no list of impeachable offenses. Gerald Ford said once that an impeachable offense is whatever the Congress will vote for. It may help, if there is a real crime involved, but that is not a necessary requirement.

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In the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors,” misdemeanors does not just mean “minor crimes,” but also means bad behavior. Lying to the public and allowing four Americans to die, is impeachable, if the Congress deems it so. It depends on how embarrassing it may be to the Democrats and whether they think he can function as president. It also depends more on whether there is massive American public demand for impeachment.

mis·de·mean·or [mis-di-mee-ner] noun
1. Law. a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony.
2. an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.

For example, if a president became sloppy drunk every day and refused to perform his job, that would not be a high crime or a misdemeanor in the criminal sense, but would certainly be good cause for him to be impeached, convicted and removed from office.

Impeachment is the charge made by the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority vote. A trial is then held in the Senate. For the president to be removed from office, he must be convicted in the Senate by a at least a two-thirds vote.

Impeach Obama – Sample Letter to Congress

Obama has committed many acts that more directly violate the Constitution and the Republicans need to bring multiple charges, not just impeachment say for Benghazi, if they are really serious about impeaching, convicting and removing him from office and not just scoring political points before the next election. These should include abuse of his executive powers, illegal war, killing of American citizens without due process, funding Al Qaeda in Syria and even his ineligibility for office.

Tea Party Non-Participation – The national umbrella organizations for the Tea Party do not generally support impeachment, though many of the rank and file do and independent Tea Parties may also. This is in large part because national organizations, like the Tea Party Patriots, are already adhering to 501(c)(4) rules for non-profit organizations — which can be self-declared, even before IRS approval — and political campaigns for such groups are limited by law. The group can not be primarily about politics.

501(c)(4) rules allows unlimited contributions from anonymous fat-cats. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations fear ultimately losing their tax status and fat-cat donors, if they support impeachment/removal of Obama.

*Impeach Obama NOW* Protest at Angel Stadium (Anaheim)

Protests like this are needed all over the country to rally public support for impeachment and removal. Contacting Congress also helps, but what we really need are large public demonstrations to demonstrate public support and motivate Congress to act.

You can contact your senators and representative, but it is better to demonstrate your demand for impeachment in public. A town hall with a congressman is also a great place to demand that Obama be impeached and removed, as in the clip below of a town hall held by John McCain. Obama has clearly violated the Constitution and his oath of office in a number of ways.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but if Obama’s crimes are exposed, he can become a politically intolerable embarrassment to some Democrats. Even, if Obama is not convicted and removed, it would be a significant benefit to air his crimes and misdeeds in public in an official forum for the public record.

In 1970, Gerald R. Ford, the then majority leader of the House of Representatives, wrote the following:

An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.

The most clear of a long list of offenses by Obama against the Constitution is violation of his oath of office, his waging of illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere, including the terrorist drone war in multiple countries, the murder of American citizens without a trial via drone strikes and his support for Al Qaeda.

Congress has become complicit in Obama’s crimes and that is why they are reluctant to act against him. Congress has allowed Obama to wage war without approval, fund Al Qaeda and even to murder US citizens without a trial.


Obama has committed the following offenses, many of which are impeachable or should disqualify him from holding office. He has committed already more than 100 times what Nixon did, for which Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached, including the targeted murder of American citizens without due process. The difference between Nixon and Obama is that the leaderships of both parties are to some extent complicit in Obama’s many crimes and usurpations. They have been corrupted and it is therefore not in their own personal interest to pursue Obama.

• In general, he has usurped the power of Congress and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution

• Even before he became president, he gave a couple of interviews that made it clear he does not believe the Constitution is valid today

• Has a radical, anti-American political and religious background, which has never been fully explained to the American people

• Refused to show that he is constitutional eligibility to hold office and, in fact, fights any investigation tooth and nail and at great expense, which implies a knowledge of ineligibility

• Does not conform to the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen”

• Forged his draft card in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he failed to register for the draft in violation of federal law

• Defrauded and provoked the public by posting a purported birth certificate on the White House website, which has obviously been manufactured with computer software.

• Lied about details of his life’s story in his auto-biography and elsewhere, in order to advance his political career (Claimed for years to be born in Kenya in his publishers bio.)

• Rejected the validity of the Constitution in public during a radio interview before he took office and cynically swore to uphold the Constitution, which he earlier declared to be no longer valid

• Set up a system of government “Czars” in order to usurp/bypass congressional authority

• Forced churches to accept practices at their medical institutions, which are a serious violation of their religious belief

• Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates

• His cronies in the Senate have refused to pass budgets are required by law in order to prevent the House of Representatives from de-funding his criminal activities.

• Wasted billions of stimulus funds on political cronies

• Smuggled a couple thousand illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, who used them to kill dozens, of people, including the mass murder of 16 persons including 14 teenagers at a coming-out party and a US Border Patrol Agent

• Murdered three American citizens — one of them 16 years old — without due process in an unauthorized, illegal and undeclared terroristic drone war that has killed thousands, including many civilians and children

• Supported openly the “Occupy Movement,” which had anti-American, anarchist and communistic revolutionary objectives

• Waged war in Libya without the constitutionally required approval from Congress

• Refused to affirm in an open congressional hearing the sole right of Congress to declare war via his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta

• Enforces the law selectively, according to his political agenda

• Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for blatant voter suppression

• Dictates new law via abuse of executive orders, as with immigration and gun control laws

• Aided radical Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda in the destabilization and overthrow of various governments in the Middle East

• Deserted the American Ambassador and other Americans while they were under attack for his own personal political reasons

• Blatantly lied to the American public to cover his own culpability about the circumstances of the murders of the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi by an Islamic terrorist group

• Failed to pursue justice for the murderers of the Libyan ambassador, while the suspected leader of the terrorist group roams free and unhindered in Libya

• Has committed numerous other illegal acts and abuses of power while in office


294 Responses to How can Obama be Impeached?

  1. gonzo says:

    Dear America right before your eyes our country USA is soon to be ruled by muslim authority. We must start impeachment proceedings for treason against Barak HUSSEIN Obama,or ourcountry will no longer have land yo be the Land of the free Or will not have a home to be the home of the brave. I Love My Country.USA. My God and My family.
    Lets get rid of this inexperienced,non american,non birth certificate communist.
    Hope to see your love for this country in midterm elections and in 2012 Thanks for your time

    • CHUCK says:

      The reason Obama is like he is being so arrogant and narcissistic is because he has never known defeat or much opposition because he has been sheltered and shielded by his financial puppet master world banker George Soros, the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood which has created this egotistic out of control, ugly dictator monster and his rogue American hating government……………………………………….. study history and you will find Adolf Hitler was much the same as his circle of power was world banker financier James Paul Warburg, the Nazi SS, and the Muslim Brotherhood!

    • maria linde says:

      Absolutely and his wife and VAlerie jarrett too

  2. Joy Chessher says:

    I have clearly seen the reason that President Obama wanted to be the President of America…not for the American citizen, but for his own hate towards white people. I believe that GOD made us all black, white, brown, red, and yellow. We are all HIS children, and HE loves us all so much…he loves variety which he has shown in all things.. PresidentIt is ludicrous to propose Barrack Obama did not know the basic doctrine of his church is genocidal…like Hitler did against Jewish people. Obama’s Church in Chicago…the pastor declared on tv that the doctrine advocates white genocided, destruction of American democracy, and the traditional Christian Church. He is against white Americans, and has judged us all to be collectively guilty white oppressors must cease to be the enemy of mankind. There is one judge of all of HIS children, and that IS GOD. Our country, and constitution was written by our Christian Forefathers, and we were a Nation formed with GOD as the ONE and ONLY TRUE LEADER. You cannot serve effectively, and have the best interests of all Americans with hate in your heart for one group. We are all brothers and sisters…GOD did not separate us…HE loves us all equally. It is our President’s hate that divides us leading to racism and hate. GOD calls us to LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART AND SOUL…and LOVE each other…HE didn’t say love by color…HE calls us all HIS children.
    Our President needs prayer to forgive GOD’S white children, and do what is best for them, and all of GOD’S family. We have lost trust in our government…our President because He has sworn to protect and serve all Americans, sworn to abide by the Constitution as law written by the Forefathers of this country. Our President has broken his promises to America. His changes has us all worried, angry, and wondering what the future will be. He has passed an Amendment for gun control by the Finance Committee without Senate Vote which is against our constitution…all guns will be taxed, people will be finger printed, and will have to list all guns on their 2010 tax return. In the works he is planning another bill to confiscate all guns…which is against the Constitution that All Americans can bear arms, and the very sad Health care plan that will affect the health of all people is unacceptable, and a way to raise taxes for only 15% of people needing health care. When the fruits of a leader are against GOD, Americans, the is an impeachable offense. I ask for impeachment because Our President, and government leaders have broken laws in our UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, wasted our tax dollars, lost the trust of the American people, and served their own personal interests. I ask why did our Government Senate and House of Representatives not step forward asking why our President elect was a member of a church that clearly stands for deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group? Presdient Nixon was impeached for less crimes than this. How can we tolerate or ever trust our commander and chief who has been a memeber of such a group and has never repudiated this doctrind of genocide or even been thoroughly questioned about it. He just denounced his pastor so that he would be elected. I think if all Americans knew the truth of this doctrine then he would not have been elected. All brothers and sisters of Christ must stand strong to protect America on GOD’S unfailing foundation. Love to all of my brothers and sisters…Joy

    • Roger says:

      Joy, well stated. If we could get a large part of the American population to understand that truth, which is well documented, then the problem would be largely solved already. That people who willfully do no want to recognize it just encourage those that believe in this doctrine or those who otherwise desire our downfall.

  3. Libertad Rios says:

    America already knows enough about it’s present president’s background and hidden agenda to favor left wing ideologies that support the complete reversal of the American way and lifestyle and to then start a dictatorship government ala Hugo Chavez. Let’s impeach him now.

  4. Roger says:

    Libertad, I agree. Enough is known already. We ought to get on with it!

  5. KENNY BAKER says:


  6. Linda Quimby says:

    I have been begging for impeachment for some time now. I can’t believe how so many look over what he has already done. Let alone what he can do in the next couple yrs! I can’t believe anyone is talking about him getting re-elected. It should be a no-brainer that he should be taken out of office. His speeches blind people. There are so many great men and women that would hold the office with HONOR. He should go on another vacation permenantly!

    • Roger says:

      Yes, it should be a no-brainer, but it’s not politically correct.

    • maria linde says:

      He should be deported to Kenya

      • Earl Griffith says:

        Impeach Obama and send him back to Kenya.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I want president obama impeached because he has destroyed the best superpower the world has ever known please do something!

  8. Gillette says:

    Get rid of this sorry piece of excrement!!!

  9. JackieLykins says:

    Nath Taylor :
    Yes, Obama can be impreached. I am a Black American and I am very disaapointed in Obama’s reaction. He is representing everybody except American Citizens. His job is to take care of Americans first, not foreign countries who come here to rob American Citizens of jobs and housing. Regardless of the color of our skin we are all Americans. Obama is representing foreigners so he could turn them against American Citizens. He needs to be stopped NOW! Impreach Obama today!

    • Doris says:

      Nate Taylor, I have to commend you. it is so disturbing just to what is going on. We have some in congress that have no balls and are a bunch of pussies. Sorry, for the language but so true. I want him to be impeached now and not get a retirement.

      • abeulo says:

        I agree with you 100%, I have said the same many times over, but like you said some members of congress don’t have the balls to do anything

  10. JackieLykins says:

    @ Nath Taylor: This is not about black or white. You are right we are all Americans no matter what the color of our skin. Obama doesn’t care what color your skin is cause he doesn’t like any of us. I did not vote for him for I had never heard of him before. He just fell out of the sky. He was put into office to do exactly what he is doing. I have said this before and will keep on saying it. He wants us on our knees.As far as I am concerned he is totally anti-American to the max.He needs to be impeached and do it now. We can’t wait much longer.Millions of us should stand in front of the White House and demand his impeachment.

  11. saralee says:

    american lets get with it now!!!!!!!!!

  12. john swansey says:


    • Roger says:

      That is the missing ingredient. People do not have the sense and courage to do something about it. There is no shortage of reasons for impeaching him.

  13. #ImpeachObamaNow Demand it. Email your Congressional Representatives: Spread the Word:

  14. ryan marvin says:

    Because Bush and Obama didn’t even go to Congress and went to war anyway, when 911 was inside job.

  15. Robert Murillo says:

    Everywhere I look in blogs, people want Obama to be impeached, then my question is: How can the process be started by “The People”? Are there any non-profit organizations which can put the pressure on Congress? I truly believe that Obama should have been impeached long ago and before he starts WW-3. Just tell me what to do and I start the process. I also know that The House of Representatives must begin the process but if we leave them to do it by their own accord it will never happen.

    • Roger says:

      All I know to do is keep contacting your Congressman and demand it. Also, try to convince others, who may be receptive to the idea. There are many others out there that want that same thing.

  16. Sincerely says:

    When someone knows I’ll be right there in agreement with impeachment. I see the lies straight through even while I have family who are deceived trying to convince me otherwise. Anyone who can help us begin the process would be welcomed to let us know how for those of us wanting to do this.

  17. Cicuta says:

    Some Reasons for Obama’s Impeachment

    Go to the following link to read on Obama’s offenses:

    I say that the most important ones are:

    1. Attack on Libya with no Congressional approval.
    2. Failure to rescue our economy from disaster.
    3. Failure to provide jobs for those who have lost it.
    4. Failure to reach solutions for illegal immigration which is an avenue for terrorism beside of
    eroding our economy.
    5. Attack on Senior Citizens changing the benefits of Medi Care for the worst.
    6. Failure to provide solutions to rescue Social Security from disaster.
    7. Depleting the country’s capital by giving away billions of dollars to corporations which in turn
    filed for bankruptcy losing in the process all the tax payers’ money.
    8. Use of his office to make expensive trips to Asia to lobby for private companies spending
    millions of dollars in the process.
    9. Failure to reach a solution to our educational system which lags behind other industrialized
    10. Failure to reach solutions so our country is once again the most productive country in the
    11. Failure to decrease our debt instead of increasing it.
    12. Ask Congress to increase the debt ceiling so he can give more money away.
    13. The majority of citizens have lost confidence on him and do not trust him as president of the
    United States of America.
    14. The mistrust of people not being a legitimate US citizen and to fail to provide proof
    15. Failure and lack of initiative to make our country energy self-sufficient.
    16. Moratorium on oil drilling increasing in the process our dependency with other countries.
    17. Failure to deal diplomatically with a peace agreement in the Middle East.
    18. Putting our country and the rest of the world at the verge of WW-3.


  18. Cicuta says:

    Also you can sign a petition to impeach Obama at:

    Scroll down on the page to the following:
    Support the cause by posting this page around the Internet, getting your friends to Sign the Petition, or Donating.

    It is above the “Post a new comment”


  19. Susan Greene says:

    I sit here is sadness and disbelief at how much ruination has come upn this once great country because of one wicked man with an agenda, He’s a smooth talking snake and is really proud of himself…I can’t believe he has gone this far and actually has gotten away with ushering in the New World Order plan. At no time in the history of this once great country, has any one Commander in Chief been gotten away with a tiny fraction of what he gets away with. We all need to pray day and night for deliverance from this tyranny and the war that is coming from a Muslim/Communist president.

  20. Kim G says:

    I think that is a great idea. But people seem to just want to sit on their hands and complain about it. What has happened to the spirit that the colonist founded this country on? Why not fight for our rights as American citizens like all our servicemen have done. I am willing to do that but have no experience at putting something like that together. I wish there was someplace or someone who could show me the ropes

  21. Terry says:

    I am ready to vote him out .Lets do this lets clean out congress altogether.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Obama has leaked military secrets? Our own president is against us. He has an underlying motive to destroy our freedom and our country. He needs to be gone from this country.

  23. obama is nothing to what were are about to get from the tea party conservative repubs.mitt twitt was born of mexican parents who were not american citizens.too boot wearing an elephant in the middle of the american flag on his lapel (desecration of the american flag). who knows but what he might sell us out to mexico.he already owns a small appliance store in china.(20,000 worker sweat shop) the working conditions deplorable 3 girls to a dorm no air cond in the dorm none in the workplace. 1 bathroom per thirty people. barbed wire fences everywhere. mitt twitt is going to take the american jobs overses(outsourcing).

  24. my family fought and one died to fight for this country in viet nam. they did not have the money to run away to france like romney did to hide behind his mormon religion so he wouldn’t have to fight for this country(he avoided the viet nam draft). and now he wants to be commander and chief. what a hypo%#.

  25. Benjamin Keith Lloyd says:

    Hussein Obama has done more than any other President before him. He has an impressive list of accomplishments:

    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

    First President to violate the War Powers Act

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party. (HusseinCare)

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those
    with criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    First President to terminate America ‘s ability to put a man in space. (NASA)

    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-Corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, more than 100 to date.

    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    First President to go on multiple global “apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

    First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.

    First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

    First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound
    on earth.

    First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences”.

    Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

    First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs. Arizona).

    First President to sit there and watch Americans get killed in Benghazi, deny it, and then jump on his Jet and head out campaigning.

    If Hussein Obama does get re-elected, we as REAL AMERICANS need to do whatever we can to have him Impeached and convicted of treason!

  26. Michele says:

    Obama must held accountable for his mistakes. He needs to be impeached. Our country can’t survive losing more and more troops because of his actions. He must adhere to a budget as all of those before him. He needs to be impeached!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I will do ANYTHING to help get him out. I however don’t have a lot of time and money to conduct it or know anything about how to do it. If someone that knows what they are doing needs help, email me at

  28. Elba medrano says:

    I want Obama impeached for being a communist, something this country has always been against. He is a radical but the ultimate is what happened in Banghazi. Those soldiers’ death are on Obama’s hands and I fear first to turn this country into Obama father’s dreams and second we are sitting dead ducks with the decision he is making with our military. Please let me know how and what I could do to get this started or has already been done. You need signatures or what?

  29. Roger says:

    I think people need to turn out in large numbers for demonstrations to have Obama removed, if they ever get going. In the meantime, you can contact your congressmen and tell them how your feel.

  30. Elba medrano says:

    Please, what do we have to do to impeach Obama. Could someone tell me? Thank you.

  31. dajjal says:

    524 emails have been sent to Congress demanding impeachment in the matter of the Benghazi Massacre. Lets pile on!!!

  32. Danielle Franzi says:

    Please let’s impeach Obama now!!! He lied to the American citizens about the attack at Benghazi. Him and his administration knew from day 1 that this was an organized attack on 9/11. For almost two weeks we were told the attack was because of a YouTube video and that was a blatant lie. Everyone who doubts Obama’s true intentions watch 2016. He is trying to turn our beautiful country into a third world country. His mother and his mentor Frank Marshall Davis were socialists. This man is such a fraud and he has to be held accountable for all his actions. One last thing; we have the best healthcare system in the world and once the OBAMACARE mandates kick in starting 2014, our health care system is slowly going to start deteriorate!

  33. Elba medrano says:

    I already signed the letter of impeachment and I am also sending it around in the revision. Anything else that would help, let me know

  34. Danielle Franzi says:


  35. Josephine Johnston says:

    I am aboard for impeaching Obama as he has not done anything for the best and safest for the American people. He had run the most deceitful election this year 2012. He won this election base on false intentions to harm the people in our country. It is amazing how this man can make himself transparent to the public. Blames everyone else for his own doing and seems to be getting away with it. We must stop him before our country is crushed. Thank you and keep us informed.

  36. Kimberlykardys says:

    I. Am so sick to my stomach that this deceitful shady, evil, liarhas been. Re-elected.the American public needs a serious wake-up call! Obamagate must be stopped. Enough BS already. Enough is enough.if Obama has nothing to hide, then why is he. Refusing to answer any questions. Regarding bengahzi? ??????? If Obama was innocent he has. Nothing to fear! But instead of being a real man Ans being honest . All he has. Done is make up stories to try to cover up his lies and save himself from incrimination. THE TRUTH. WILL COME OUT. OBAMA WETHER YOU WANT IT TO OR NOT! !

  37. Robert says:

    IMPEACHMENT will need to be done. This man is Hitler-like.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Please -let’s find a way to impeach this arrogant -‘Hitler like man
    He is ruining this wonderful country- the dreams of our forefathers are going away and quickly
    He must be impeached- he is deceitful and blames others for his lies

  39. Elba medrano says:

    Sign the letter to impeach I already did we have to start somewhere and sooner the bettet

  40. Gene says:

    Yes he can be impeached and will be if I have anything so say about it.

  41. Shane says:

    Please impeach him..He isnt for America hes for everyone else besides who was born here and send back all the illegal hispanics..Im tired of all my tax dollars going to pay for them to have mumerous children

  42. Steve B. says:

    Ok, the 2012 Election is over and unfortunately Obama won and America lost. That does NOT mean we need to give up because a battle is lost. We need to learn from that and now pursue forward to win the war against Obama. There has been too many lies, too many unanswered questions, unjustifiable reasoning on issues unexplained. How do 4 AMERICANS die with no answers, little press coverage, Americans looking the other way, explanations made on national TV that were totally untrue. We have former Presidents whom embarrassed this country and committed perjury with no consequence, being looked up to and praised rather than being held accountable for his actions. A General is criticized for actions he committed as a retired general but a President can commit sexual behaviors in the Oval Office, perjure himself and be applauded as a respected individual that the people should hail as a great American. Support the candidate that a liar and cheat endorses, who too is a liar, as that is the best choice for America. Is this what America has become? We have a president that ignored the cries for help from 4 Americans being terrorized and murdered with no help provided from their leaders, but excuses made so he can campaign as a man who cares for his people. We had individuals crying out for help for 7 hours, 7 hours, does ANYONE get that, and NOTHING, yes, NOTHING, was done to help them in ANY way. The monitors were shut, folks walked away as our Americans were being slaughtered and OUR president and his staff walked away saying they’ll blame a video and let this thing blow over and play it’s way out. Others hide knowing the truth as they don’t have the back bone to say the truth and won’t risk the loss of benefits they’ll personally gain standing behind the lies of the President. The American people are led to be distracted from the truth of serious issues as the media that supported Obama hide the truth, avoid confronting Obama, allows only lies to come out to pacify us. Obama has not been held accountable for anything since being president. Bush is still to blame for all the bad, however Obama NEVER tells the American people how many of the things of Bush the he has followed the course on that led to positive results. We NEVER hear about that from Obama or the media. Does Hillary get blamed for the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi so Obama can brush off his shoulders and say ” OK, let’s move on. ” Does Hillary then come out to cheers in 2016 with Bill & Obama by her side and say ” It’s time, It’s Time again for the Clintons and the American people to again take control of a new America “. Is this what we have to look forward to? Save America, Save yourselves. IMPEACH OBAMA before more of America is lost without any justification or reason and we are filled with more lies for excuses.

  43. this man has done nothing in the last 4 years but put us futher in debt, spend millions running around visiting, his wife shopping and doing his best to destroy america. We are a nation that was founded under God not allah or any other so called god. we are not a muslim country, and do not need such a communist traitor in our presidentual office. I say move him out quickly.

  44. judi says:

    My Mother and Uncle fled a communist country because they feared for their lives!! My Stepfather fled because they told him to make a child, or else!! People in America don’t understand just how awful it really is in a country run by a communist dictator.

  45. danater says:

    I hate to say it, but who were the idiots that voted this President back in? We had 4 years of going down hill, and yet, they still voted him back in…

  46. danater says:

    Can they get his Birth Certificate or no? Donald Trump wanted to, but everyone acted like he was a fool – he didn’t get rich by being stupid!!!

  47. linda Walter says:

    I believe Obama has commented many crimes against america and its ppl. I do not understand why it hasn’t been done already.

  48. yvette says:

    how can i get started on helping making this happen!

  49. Elba medrano says:

    There is a website with a petition for it go to and sign it this in reply on how to impeach

  50. david says:

    Impeach for aiding the enemy,treason,breaking the constitution,for the deaths of American soldiers in Benghazi,the cover up of committed suicide members of the navy seal,purposely destroying the economy

  51. Elba medrano says:

    To the ones that take this serious lets keep on working on what is best for our country and that is to impeach so that we and the ignorant could have a better future, since they will be the first ones crying when they start getting strip from all of their goods like it happen to mine family in the country that I came from

  52. diane keil says:

    We as the people can impeach him ourselfs, they have hidden this in the consitution and try to dismiss this. I am trying to find this in the constitution, if someone finds it, please post. I like, so many people I’ve talked to really think our elections are fixed and he did not get re-elected. I know a few people that recieved democratic ballots, which never even registered, how does this happen, how does the democratic election officials keep rebublicans out of the process, they had to get a judge to order to let them back in,”penn.” what happen there? the communist won there by a landslide. It will have to be up to us at this point, I have joined the NRA, they have power and there membership is over 4 million now, I am hoping they will be a voice for the true patriots! We really have no other options at this point and maybe if all the patriots of this once great country band together with them, we can put this great country back together again. Communists have control of most of the media at this point, we need a big voice! we also need a website for patriots, like facebook!! We need to get the word out and FAST!!

  53. Jane Millar says:

    Sorry! I wasn’t able to continue. 4.AMERICANS DIED! Help was less than 30 minutes away from Bengazi with a live video feed! And this President told them to.”STAND DOWN!” That my Dear Friends is Murder In the SECOND DEGREE MURDER! At the very least – SALUTATION TO MURDER! This is NOT a nice man. Still I pray for him and that.he gets impeached! Peace Be To To You All and God Bless! .Jane

  54. Elba medrano says:

    Impeachment push push please k

  55. B says:

    Obama should not only be impeached he should be treated like a terrorist against the United States of America

  56. Richard says:

    Impeach this SOB? Absolutely! Our elected officials haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to go forward even at our urging. We need term limits for all of these politicians so we will no longer have to put up with multiple terms of ineffectual leadership. I’m tire of hearing all their balloon juice about what their going to do. Remember the nearly 900 miles of border fence that was bought and paid for by us, that didn’t get built after all the posturing. Right! They represent us! BS

  57. Jim says:

    Just remember: Yes he can be impeached. Many think he can’t. All it takes for for enough people to speak up, the President after all IS FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE meaning we make or break them!

  58. Elba medrano says:

    Yes, Jim that is why don’t forget Feb 16 across the fifty states Capitol the march for impeachment in California you could also go to San Diego.

  59. john says:

    Roger :
    All I know to do is keep contacting your Congressman and demand it. Also, try to convince others, who may be receptive to the idea. There are many others out there that want that same thing.

    oh yes you are so right god bless you i’m starting to see im not all alone

  60. john says:

    He is a public figure, not an anonymous voice on the Internet, which makes his claim all the more disturbing. “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm.” this is the real deal ,he is choseing military officers by their willingness to kill american citizens,thoes that say yes stay thoes that say no get thrown out.their orders are NO WARNING SHOTS,SHOT TO KILL,home land is buying bullites at an alarming rate,this guy really means to make war on the people, everyone needs to be on the phone as soon as possibal to all their senators and congresman and flood them with calls for Obama,and Bidens IMPEACHMENT this may soon turne into a blood bath if he is not stoped soon,i just got a email from senator rand paul of kentucky(in which he stated Obama department has drons armed and is getting ready to KILL AMERICAN citizens over sease, and that he also has a (KILL LIST of AMERICAN CITIZENS.) he is out of his mind, act now

  61. fds says:

    impeach obama immediatly for: ordering crime, ordering people to commit crime, ordering people to break their federal oaths, promises, and commitments, ordering people to go agianst the constitution, repeatedly lieing to the american people, being hypocritical and contradictory, not representing the desires of the vast majoirty of those who voted for him, not representing the desires of the vast majority of the country
    obama should publicly appoligize for (above) and promise never to do it agian, then never do it agian.

    x-obama supporters/voters lead the way to impeach obama

    reportedly obama is receving tax-$ and/or tax-funded services/products includeing security, at the same time obama spends lavishly on multiple vacations, golf, fashion, expensive dinners…
    if obama is receiveing tax-$ and/or tax-funded services/products, obama owes the tax-payers compensation for all its lavish spending, and should be fired immediatly.
    when lower-class gov use tax $ to spend lavishly, they get fired, fined, and sometimes put in jail for illegal theft or tax fraud.

    about 60% of the population was eligable to vote, about 60% of elidable voters voted, about 30-35% of the population voted. some of that might be vote-counter or voter fraud. some voters didnt vote for the 2 primary canidates. about 15% of the population voted in the president. Most of them are low-info voters that only vote based on: lesser of 2 evils- admiting they dont like them and disagree w what they want, one or a few topics they think they agree on based on what the canidate said or based on gossip said about the canidate, looks, or other bad reasons.
    canidates sometimes lie, make false promises, are 2faced, flip flop on what side of an issue their on, and dont mention their true wants during the campaign then suprize reveal their true wants after their elected, resulting in voters not getting what they voted for.

  62. dutch56 says:

    I can’t believe how people still say that the reason people don’t care for Obama is because he is “BLACK”….. Always playing that race card-how stupid… I would just like to know how many times a WHITE person has played their card as an excuse?? Get over it Obama has done nothing good for us as a nation… IMPEACH HIM…. I don’t care what color you are just do your job or get out… he hasn’t passed a bill in how long???? ….all the lies from day one…. so scary to know that so many people voted him back in when the facts were out there in black and white to read… Really he was bad news from the start cause we did not know anything about him back in 2008…. Oh yes he is a smooth talker and that is what got him in…. Obama is dividing us so much now… I love it when they have a BLACK congressman on the news saying how Obama is doing wrong to our nation and that he should not be our president.. What can you say about that now…. mmmm…. I don’t think you can use that race card on that…. A BLACK person using the race card…..That is why I think everyone that voted for him should get educated and read what he has done to our country as a whole before they start throwing that card around…. Are you any better now that he has been in office since 2008… I know I’m not…. He has done so much damage to us and he is just starting his second term… I’m just praying that we can impeach him before he sends us into WW3……. Oh yes…people will say that Obama’s problems are because of what the last president did in office– WAKE UP who was the last president–OBAMA was…

  63. S. Apple says:

    If for nothing else Obama must be impeached for the 4 dead American’s he watched Murdered in Real Time. Our Secretary
    of Defense told me all I needed to know. He contacted Obama and relayed to him the events that were taking place in Libya. Obama never called him back he was to busy getting ready to fly out to Vegas! Not protecting our American Citizens. Why are we letting Obama take our country to the gates of hell! When Obama called our Navy Seals to take out Osama they were there, when our Navy Seals called Obama to get them out of Libya, Obama was not there! What are we doing? It doesn’t matter if your Republician, Democrat or Independant. We Are All Americans!! Obama must go!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Impeachment is the only way for us to get Obama out and he must be out before he does any more damage to us…. as a nation we can get back on track hopefully when he is out… I am so scared for my children and what they have to deal with…… Please as a nation of GOD…. Obama has to be impeached before… God impeaches all of us for what has happened to his country and the world that he has given us….

  65. dutch56 says:

    Let’s hope he can and will be impeach……. for the sake of our children he must be impeach…..

  66. 1776free says:

    Where’s the march on Washington?

  67. Elba medrano says:

    Lets go to Washington and ask congress to impeach,

  68. Anonymous says:

    these are truly americas darkest years

  69. leroy says:

    Look at History, all great Nations fall, Americans right now as we let this President take rights away, health care fine and dandy till your laying on a table needing help from a doctor but he can’t because your to old, overwieght, or just high risk patient you will die. Now he going after guns which I think anybody asking to change the 2nd amendment is a communist period. People wake up or we will be just like the Rome empire, Gone.

  70. sharon says:


  71. impeach oboma we need a president who knows what he is doing and someone that is a legal citicen at that come on people impeach him fast

  72. dutch56 says:

    Can anybody tell me if they are starting an impeachment against Obama….. I hope for God’s sake….. he has done so much damage to us as a whole it’s mind–blowing…..It is going to take years to get back to where we were before he got into the White House….God Bless America….

  73. Josephine Johnston says:

    I am on board for Impeachment. The longer he is in the worse we are getting in this Country. We are no longer free. All Obama has done is take the American rights away. He has put his people in Colleges to teach against our religous beliefs and our freedom we need to hurry or we will become the underground people of many years ago who fought for the freedom we are trying to keep. At this point I do not trust any of our government. Keep me in form.

  74. Sunny miller says:

    I’m so worried for our country and have no faith in Obama, I see this country is heading to socialism and certainly a dictatorship that I am ready to hit the road in a campaign for America to get petitions, educate, be seen and heard!!! I will not let our constitution be tossed out the window and all that Obama is doing is wrong, treason, threatens people, control every aspect of Americans. I talk everyday to people who feel the same way, I am self employed and I can leave my home to do this! We make, they take. They work for us and do not listen.
    Maybe a tax revolt will get their attention!
    I believe if everyone filed a tax extension, big businesses too, we might get some results, hit em where it hurts, money. I agree he is a Muslim that hates Americans and said so himself. He said he is a muslim. Also said he will bring America down to the level of exceptance to the rest of the world. He feels he is above the law and his own health care plan. He now says in his very first budget ever since being in office which he was suppose to have every year, if you do not have a 401 k or retirement plan they will take money from you to start one for you, if you have more than 3 million, they take that too.
    The social security system is our retirement and they screwed that up, giving it to illegals who just became citizens. The whole Democratic Party at this point are lying theives, the Clinton’s , nancy pelosie, Feinstein, Biden is a joke!
    I’m ready to be on the over pass, I’ve worked my whole life, I shouldn’t have to fight the rest if my life but I will. Feinstein actually said all vets are mentally ill and should not own a gun.
    Every chance the system has to take your guns they are doing it. Obama has how many guns fallowing him around for protection but wants to take our rights away from us to protects ourselves we have a hostile government, that us why. We could talk about the misjustise all day long but we ALL need to do something now.

  75. Andrew b-01 says:

    I am extremely for the impeachment of Obama.

  76. good Spring cleaning….!!!!!!!!

  77. JR Nelson says:

    the lady did to much talking and not enough listening, we wanted to hear the man tell the facts to impeach obama

  78. james says:

    Please impeach dumb ass Obama he is not a good president he is about to start a civil war on American soil because he wants to disarm all of the American people of there guns and I’m not going to give up my gun’s to anyone he’s even threatened to launch unmanned drone strikes against the American people on us soil and he wants to burn the constitution and the bill of rights . I as a American say no longer will we the people keep letting you power crazed buracrats control us and spend our money how ever you want. The people own the government and the country not the government. You dirt bags work for us we don’t work for you

  79. RJMS I feel the president (Obooma) LOL should of been impeached the 2nd day of his 2nd term. He’s a muslim,hates white people & I feel the majority of votes for the 1st & 2nd term were the black voters. Then they take away cash assistance,I’m on welfare & just get food stamps. I have certain issues in which I cannot work. Yeah try getting SSD,this will be the 2nd time. All I know that Obooma has a lot to do with letting the red carpet laid down for the antichrist. The signs are here people,Jesus is coming back soon. Oh,don’t get me wrong I’m NOT a racist at all. We need the Lord right now. This new pope will be for 3 women married to one man. Think it’s a joke look in the New Testament. This world is worse than Sodom & Gomorah. God Bless You All. Peach

  80. Debbie Foster says:

    I just hope to get him out soon. The USA is on her knees and, if he stays in, god bless us we will need him. If this was a white man, he would be gone by now. He doesn’t like the USA. He has done all of this and he still here. Bill got a b job and look what they did to him. We need to get him out.

  81. fashion says:

    I mourn that grief can educate me nothing, nor carry me one footstep hooked on genuine nature

  82. Anonymous says:

    It would be a good idea to impeach our crappy president especially after killing four of our own citizens. Let alone take away our freedom and give to other countries such as Mexico. He is the worst person I have ever seen. Gwb was a better president and what does that say. Wake up America Obama is trying to turn our country into communism. If I bring in a group of children and have them speak upon impeachment will that be enough to win since they are children lol all I wanna know is what happened to our freedom and economy it has never been like this. Its time for a change for the better. No more hidden wars. No more Mexican food and phone cards. We all know its US Americans who need it this is our country let’s take a stand. My name is Ben Cornish just a simple citizen who struggles day to day off a minimum wage job suffering to eat and stay clean while trillions of us dollars are just given to immigrants who don’t make a effort like people like me to just live this is becoming a communism county people wake up let’s stop this now and take back our old live that belong to us. All our tax dollars that we pay for are not helping us at all we do need a change. IMPEACH HUSSAIN OBAMA PLEASE!!!! Let’s take back what’s ours. OUR FREEDOM!!! We can do this!!! Time for a better life style for us American families. Not for the Mexican immigrants

  83. Anonymous says:

    Who thought Obama was smart any way lol… This guy seems to be the dumbest dude I have ever seen in debt trillions and trillions of dollars. Get rid of him now!!! Bring in McCain now that’s president material

  84. Terry Drew says:

    You don’t have to publish my e msil address or my comments. They already have them and I could give s shit. I have no guns to defend myself with. I suffered a couple of strokes and gave all my guns away because I am on anyi deprdepressants snd the govt knows it now and would use that knowledge yo confiscate my guns. So I gave them all away to someone eho can use them for fefense against yhis tyranical govt. Hell, I can barely walk much less play soldier. Only thing I have going for me is that I don’t care if I die now. In fact, it would be a blessing if I died right now. It’s the only way out of this mess Obama has made of our country. I think Barack Obama is the most evil man to have ever held the highest office in the land. He is theAnti-Christ right out of a Steven King novel. Obama should be tried for treason and impeached,and imprisoned immediatelyI love this country, but we have a nasty muslim black man on office who is getting back at whitey. I am not a racist either. My best friend is black and I love him like a brother. I’d gladly lay down my life for him. He’s a Good man.
    Terry Drew

  85. Ryan says:

    Nobody takes this movement seriously because of the utter obsession with Barack obama’s supposed affiliation with Islam, which is totally bogus.

    Why not focus on facts?

    Obama is a terrible president but when you keep accusing him of being Muslim or foreign-born you are just getting laughed at.

    • Admin says:

      I have never said he is a Muslim or foreign born.

      You might say he is an ethnic or cultural Muslim, because he has a Muslim family background, but I do not think he is a practicing Muslim.

      My opinion is that his religious background can be described as being occult/Luciferian. It’s not traditional or orthodox Christianity. Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of his church of 20 years, is about the divinity of the black race and that the black race will produce a world messiah. Such self-worship is an aspect of what has historically been called “Satanism” or “Luciferianism.”

      With respect to his eligibility, he does not fit the definition of a natural born citizen as the Framers understood the term. The birth certificate that he has posted on the White House website is an obvious computer fabrication. I don’t know where he was born, just want a fair and impartial legal investigation of the facts with the participants having discovery rights.

      Obama did claim in his own bio, distributed by his publisher, that he was born in Kenya, but I do not necessarily believe that, because it could be just a lie, used for embellishment of his bio. However, it is just one more reason that his background needs to be investigated in a fair, impartial and open legal proceeding, so that facts can be established.

      You can’t deal with the facts, if the system will not allow attorneys to establish the facts in a legal proceeding of some kind, and this is a big part of the reason that many wild claims continue to be made. If you established the real facts in court and not just whitewash and dismiss the entire affair, the wild, speculative claims would disappear, I believe.

      Is it really too much to ask in a supposedly democratic republic, based on the rule of law, that we have a fair and open legal investigation of Obama’s eligibility and background?

  86. sue drawdy says:

    I’m completely at a loss. No amount of health care will ever help us from their level of Greed, senslessness,overrated megalamania,.., all is a American tragedy for almost all of us no matter..,”We the American People of a Era of utter insane control and anarchy of real hope for a good working critical reveiw..,Who are WE to really sign ” The powerful institition of mind control??? persuade through real SPEECH patterns ON CNN with OUR INSANE MEDIA NEEDS MPEACHMENT TOOO!!!!IO IO IO. THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE REFORM TO KEEP UP THIS STIR CRAZED UNSTABLE SIGN OF TERRORIST..type..,- HATRED OF MIND CONTROL” OVER OUR AMERICAN FAMILIES or NY OR ALL ITS IN NEED OF IMPEACHMENT! Why not.., sane ? whose the blame WE wish to see this torn down forever with all rights of SC’s due process over our own Dictators? Not our Lady she’s already condemned for being real. IMPEACHMENT. impeachment total CHANGE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE ??? so much for our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.., hey all us juors for due process totally thru SC forvever check our State ALUMNA out here they too know!

  87. Julio vazquez says:

    When we elected obama we expected to see change. The only thing that has changed is him driving the country to the ground! We need to impeach obama ASAP. Obama has been lying to us and is driving the united states to the ground. We are humans. He has no rights to take our freedom, money, and rights away from us. I am not a racsit either i am hispanic but am pissed off at obama for driving the country to hell. When i hoped obama would win i wish i could go back an go for john mccain of mitt romney. America needs to wake up an we as people need to come togheter and fight war with war and get obama out of the white house an have a good president in office. We have no money, no freedom, and no hope. But if we come togheter an try our best to defeat president obama we shall find hope and live in a country were the middle class doesnt have to live on food stamps and welfare. Its in ours and gods hands to get him out of the white house. Instead of people on there computer saying “fu*k obama” we need those people infront of the white house protesting the president impeachment. Dont stand around an have are country be driven into hell. Protest,fight, and impeach the presidenr as fast as we can

  88. Anonymous says:

    Where were you living during the GW Bush years are uninformed of just STUPID! Read! and stop listening to Fox and Corporate News and the Propaganda put out by the Republicans. Get in touch with the FACTS you might learn something.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Roger :
    Bush actually went to Congress and got a resolution that gave him authority to do what he did.

    Months after he all ready had stuff there and things happening.

  90. Anonymous says:

    gonzo :
    Dear America right before your eyes our country USA is soon to be ruled by muslim authority. We must start impeachment proceedings for treason against Barak HUSSEIN Obama,or ourcountry will no longer have land yo be the Land of the free Or will not have a home to be the home of the brave. I Love My Country.USA. My God and My family.
    Lets get rid of this inexperienced,non american,non birth certificate communist.
    Hope to see your love for this country in midterm elections and in 2012 Thanks for your time

  91. Anonymous says:


  92. Mary says:

    Please impeach asap for America’s future…. and our children….

  93. Anonymous says:

    Joy Chessher :
    I have clearly seen the reason that President Obama wanted to be the President of America…not for the American citizen, but for his own hate towards white people. I believe that GOD made us all black, white, brown, red, and yellow. We are all HIS children, and HE loves us all so much…he loves variety which he has shown in all things.. PresidentIt is ludicrous to propose Barrack Obama did not know the basic doctrine of his church is genocidal…like Hitler did against Jewish people. Obama’s Church in Chicago…the pastor declared on tv that the doctrine advocates white genocided, destruction of American democracy, and the traditional Christian Church. He is against white Americans, and has judged us all to be collectively guilty white oppressors must cease to be the enemy of mankind. There is one judge of all of HIS children, and that IS GOD. Our country, and constitution was written by our Christian Forefathers, and we were a Nation formed with GOD as the ONE and ONLY TRUE LEADER. You cannot serve effectively, and have the best interests of all Americans with hate in your heart for one group. We are all brothers and sisters…GOD did not separate us…HE loves us all equally. It is our President’s hate that divides us leading to racism and hate. GOD calls us to LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART AND SOUL…and LOVE each other…HE didn’t say love by color…HE calls us all HIS children.
    Our President needs prayer to forgive GOD’S white children, and do what is best for them, and all of GOD’S family. We have lost trust in our government…our President because He has sworn to protect and serve all Americans, sworn to abide by the Constitution as law written by the Forefathers of this country. Our President has broken his promises to America. His changes has us all worried, angry, and wondering what the future will be. He has passed an Amendment for gun control by the Finance Committee without Senate Vote which is against our constitution…all guns will be taxed, people will be finger printed, and will have to list all guns on their 2010 tax return. In the works he is planning another bill to confiscate all guns…which is against the Constitution that All Americans can bear arms, and the very sad Health care plan that will affect the health of all people is unacceptable, and a way to raise taxes for only 15% of people needing health care. When the fruits of a leader are against GOD, Americans, the is an impeachable offense. I ask for impeachment because Our President, and government leaders have broken laws in our UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, wasted our tax dollars, lost the trust of the American people, and served their own personal interests. I ask why did our Government Senate and House of Representatives not step forward asking why our President elect was a member of a church that clearly stands for deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group? Presdient Nixon was impeached for less crimes than this. How can we tolerate or ever trust our commander and chief who has been a memeber of such a group and has never repudiated this doctrind of genocide or even been thoroughly questioned about it. He just denounced his pastor so that he would be elected. I think if all Americans knew the truth of this doctrine then he would not have been elected. All brothers and sisters of Christ must stand strong to protect America on GOD’S unfailing foundation. Love to all of my brothers and sisters…Joy

  94. Anonymous says:

    sue drawdy :
    I’m completely at a loss. No amount of health care will ever help us from their level of Greed, senslessness,overrated megalamania,.., all is a American tragedy for almost all of us no matter..,”We the American People of a Era of utter insane control and anarchy of real hope for a good working critical reveiw..,Who are WE to really sign ” The powerful institition of mind control??? persuade through real SPEECH patterns ON CNN with OUR INSANE MEDIA NEEDS MPEACHMENT TOOO!!!!IO IO IO. THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE REFORM TO KEEP UP THIS STIR CRAZED UNSTABLE SIGN OF TERRORIST..type..,- HATRED OF MIND CONTROL” OVER OUR AMERICAN FAMILIES or NY OR ALL ITS IN NEED OF IMPEACHMENT! Why not.., sane ? whose the blame WE wish to see this torn down forever with all rights of SC’s due process over our own Dictators? Not our Lady she’s already condemned for being real. IMPEACHMENT. impeachment total CHANGE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE ??? so much for our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.., hey all us juors for due process totally thru SC forvever check our State ALUMNA out here they too know!

  95. King Reggin says:

    You are all traitors to America by demanding the best president in history be impeached.

  96. alisha yount says:

    I believe obama should be impeached. He should be working for us not forcing us to do things.we the people need to be heard! We need to go back to our christian values America! We need to get him out of office!

  97. Constitutionalist warrior says:

    A person or person can yell impeachment all day long, but until some one or someone’s actually starts the process then there wont ever be an impeachment. But remember if you are the one to do this don’t put it out there any were on the Internet of say anything on your phones cause big brother is listening,

  98. Stephanie Coyle says:

    Obama needs to be stopped before it’s to late. As a citizen of this country and a registered voter I want to know what we are waiting for. He should have never gotten a second term in office. Those in charge of the impeachment process needs to get the ball a rolling and get him out of office. Its in your hands now, don’t let us down, get him out of there!!!!!!!!!

  99. Anonymous says:

    well if they expect us to use obamacare why dont everyone in congress ,the house,and the senate have to use it? are they american?are they any better than the common folk? obama is just trying to leave a name on something after he’s out of office(OBAMACARE)

    • Admin says:

      I am not sure how it works, correct me, if I am wrong, but, if you have health insurance already and you are happy with it, you can keep the insurance you have, right? But all of us will be paying for the ones that qualify for free health insurance?

  100. Bill White says:

    He lies to the American people like we’re stupid, He has got by with way
    To much, Any other president would be
    impeached a long time ago, He makes
    Nixon look like a boyscout. Who would
    pass Obama care without reading it, Get rid of everyone who voted for it and
    if cant be done make them be on this Trainwreck with all of the rest of us who
    are forced to have crap health care, This President is trying to tank U.S.A. on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Jon Slater says:

    secret footage shows obama discussing the killing of US citizens –

  102. Anonymous says:

    i agree i think and have been emailing boehner and sen kirk and rand paul to do something and i hope boehner starts the process to impeach obama but obamas supporters put and kept the democrats in the senate so there can be no 2/3rds vote to kick his butt out. unless someother
    way can work this out.

    • Admin says:

      It is ludicrous to count votes before the facts have been laid out. Would be like a jury voting before the trial starts. In any case his crimes need to be aired in public. Claiming that he cannot be convicted is just the Republican talking point, given as an excuse why they should not do anything at all. They are really his appeasers and collaborators.

  103. Robert Steffen says:

    Where have all the Patriots gone Democratic or Republican! Since when has it become a nation of meek politicians. That sit back and allow our country to be destroyed, there only concerned with getting reelected and bettering themselves isn’t it their responsibility to better the Nation… Better yet, why as Americans do we keep re electing them. Have we become complacent to trade our liberties and freedoms for free handouts. We were once a great nation built on the backs of Men/Women. Who worked long hours to support their families and better themselves. And our government use to be a hand up, not a hand out! We were once ashamed to take handouts. Now have we become a nation of entitled citizens content on gutting whats owed to us? Or shell we pick up are pitchforks and shovels and demand less from or government!!! Remember the government cannot give you anything without takeing it away from someone else. If you feel the Government can do a better job of raising your families keep being complaint.. Because if we stay the coarse that is where we are headed. Every aspect of are government has been compromised. Its time we as Patriotic Americans we take out the trash. Where better to start then the top! In the words of a former President the buck stops here.. democrat or republican let us demand are rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Isn’t it time we crush the backs of the corrupt greed driven political parties getting fat off land of the free, and put them to work in the fields like the remaining true patriots. No better then the average working class man should a politician be or treated. It is a job…. not a paid vacation at the tax payers expense. If I wasnt so busy working in the fields, I would run under this platform.. and stick to it no more freebies!! Everybody pulls his weight no more sell outs, bail outs, no new taxes / slash that less taxs! Built in America by Americans for Americans. A sovereign Nation mighty and true… God bless this country and its hardest working people. Give a man/women a job worth doing, then dont tax then to death.Then add a tax on that!! All so you can get a voter to like the free cell phone, free slash / that not so free health care free housing. We’re Americans and we will take care of our own!! Stop stealing from or social security, it was a flawless system until you stupid politicians we elected messed it up to cover your mess.

  104. james says:

    seems clear congress if they really wanted to help we the people they would do their job which they are not. more than a dozen reasons to one is doing their job or he would have been impeached 1st term.clear by funding our enemies and taxes us to death who he is for shuts off all americans while holding a rally for illegals that was treason against each and every u.s.a. citizen.treason is a big deal and calls for impeachment .and it sees any who talks of freedom and keeping the constitution is the enemy that should wake up congress alone our vets were treated very wrong.congress should once and for all demand the records be unsealed and find out who is setting in the w.h. as the u.s.a. president or have the military walk him out if he has lied about who he is if he has been honest tell we the people as we pay his salary by our tax dollars.even at that he has lied,treason,put american down in other countries,bowed to arab kings… american and surely NO! president of the u.s.a. has ever done that but his father was keyan born under british rule even if his mom was american both parents that is what was but now doesn’t seem to matter only those who want a president not a dictator.

  105. Suebraina Swiger says:

    Please impeach Barack “Hussein” Oboma now.

  106. Donna and Deborah Willeford says:

    We the people must impeach this so called a pres. We have not had a president in 5 years since he was born in Kenya. He is evil and a pig he needs to be put in jail now.

  107. Steven Maxwell says:

    With every fiber of my being I wish to have Obama prosecuted and out of office. The problem is that Obama’s government has been catering to the lazy for so long, that the lazy are outnumbering the hard working. The lazy are so fixated on the free stuff that Obama is offering, at the expense of the hard working, they can’t, or don’t want, to believe that this system is destined to fail. As long as the free stuff keeps coming, and they can continue to be lazy, they will support Obama, making it very difficult to get enough support for the impeachment process to begin.

    This country is catering to the lazy, and the illegal. What other country GIVES MONEY AWAY to illegal immigrants for food, housing, medical care, and college tuition? California is now allowing illegals to have driver’s licenses and also practice law. Illegal immigrants defending illegal immigrants in American courts?! You and I, as LEGAL American citizens, are held accountable for our actions, and if we do something illegal, we have consequences that we must pay. Why aren’t illegals held to the same standard? Why are they allowed here in the first place?

    The American Dream of working hard and earning your living has been swept aside for the the question of “What is the least amount of work I can do, while getting the most free stuff from the government?”.

    Immigrants don’t come here because of the American Dream. They come here because our government, our President, is quite literally GIVING our country away.

    When are we as a country going to start worrying about ourselves instead of the rest of the world? We cannot help anyone else if we ourselves are not taken care of first.

    How long will it take for the hard working to decide it’s not worth the effort to work hard if the President is just going to take what they earn, through honest hard work, and give it away to the lazy? The path this country is on will very quickly turn our country into a third world country instead of a global super power.

    For the sake of our beloved country, the United States of America, Obama must be removed from office in order for the healing process to start.

  108. sally says:

    So funny to see how old this page is an yet the amount of idiots who voted him back in office no offense bunch of sheep.

  109. Country Girl says:

    The press needs to quit comparing him to Nixon, Nixon did nothing that hurt the American people, but yet Obama is. Our government isn’t ours anymore. All those people think about are themselves and don’t live in our world, they don’t care and never will. The big march that happened in Washington about Vietnam needs to happen again. This so called President is just sitting in our White House laughing and saying “Boy the American public sure was stupid to vote me in again, but hey who cares, I’ve got them just where I want them, they are all screwed. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!” I think we should all learn from this and come next election if we make it to that day, anyone elected should be just a regular person who has no connections with anybody and cares only for true americans. Hell I’m just a hillbilly and could run this country better than he is doing. It won’t be long before we are told what we can and can’t do. It won’t be long before we will have to ask just to go the bathroom.

  110. Apple Pie says:

    Think of the US as an apple and Obama and his fat wife are worms eating away from within. Everything they touch rots. But what is even worse than Obama are all of the enablers who support him. Its time to get out the pesticide and spray, spray, spray!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Anonymous says:

    Kill The Nigger

  112. Charlie Dee says:


  113. anonymous says:

    Does Obama not realize how many innocent are being affected by his ridiculous decisions? I say he has to go.

  114. dino86 says:

    OB cannot be IMPEACHED!! Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    you can remove him vi9a the 25th Amendment as being Criminally Psychotically Insane

    or the Military can step in and if those fail then the people

    THe American people are the 4th Branch of Government and the Last Line of Defense!!

  115. dutch56 says:

    Obama needs to be impeach for all the harm he has done to our (GOD’S) country.. How can this person( and his family members) look at themselves in the mirror and feel good… He will have to stand before GOD and explain why he did so much damage to America… He should be put in jail and serve time after his term till we get our country back to the time before he stepped into our house… Never saw his birth cert. I know president Carter is happy now since Obama has taken the place of the worse president in history…

  116. ronald swayze says:

    obama thinks that he is above the law but if enough people speak up there will be only one fate for obama

  117. Anonymous says:

    No one has even talked about the BILLIONS of U.S.A’s money missing from the Federal Reserve bank when he became a “conn”unist ruler for those blind and ignorant people who voted for him. Among all of the unspeakable outcast moves that a “PRESIDENT” should not take to down grade the AMERICAN people nothing but lies lies lies i mean hes not even a GOD fearin man if you look up the meaning of his biological name it means SATAN.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Impeachment woould be nice to start a civil war. Get over it, your Great White Hope lost Romey. May as well get use to it because there will be a Mexician American soon, just wait and see

  119. Pingback: He was stupid to get caught, leave him. He knew what he was getting into. - Page 4 - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum

  120. Sean says:

    He is an African American (I don’t have a problem with any color people-must love them all as a brother and sister) and the Senate, Congress bicker about color president in the White House has cause a lot of headache to where Obama “hasn’t/couldn’t get much done”, they keep fighting him. I’ll be damn if a woman gets elected into the white house because IT WILL BE another 4-8 years of “can’t get anything done!”

  121. pete says:

    I don’t understand. We know for fact that Obama has lied and broke laws. We know for fact that our congress and government is bought out by corporate companies. Why cant the people vote to make the decision? It is our country not the governments. We should as people of the US vote to remove all government officials and rebuild it. We have that power, don’t we? Isn’t this the tyranny government the constitution warns us of with the second amendment? Why are we as people not doing this?

    • Admin says:

      No, that is not allowed by the Constitution. You have to vote these politicians out of office and replace them with others. To do that you have to get the support of the public, which takes some time to turn around public opinion.

  122. Beverly says:

    How many Americans know that our US American dollars are supporting Obama Syria Rebels? This group is killing Christians that will not convert to Islamic. They are beheading fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Syria. I heard that Obama considers America ….. bad people.

    I feel one day very soon in the future our religious freedom rights will takenaway. We will all be forced to convert Isalmic and if we don’t we will paid the ultimate price….. A brutal execution beheading.

  123. Beverly says:

    He isn’t my president. I didn’t vote for him in the first election nor the second. I never call him President Obama. I just call him Obama!

  124. Anonymous says:

    please anybody help Benghazi

  125. Anonymous says:

    tjust be sure and vote for be sure to vote for the right senators and rep. this dec.

  126. Anonymous says:

    fast and furious, irs, benghazi, obamacare, the trade , immigration, trumping up charges for a utube video maker, lying to american people about when he heard of scandals, black panther case, missing stimilus monies , I wonder what we don’t know,
    why isn’t congress jailing people for the outright lying in hearings

  127. Michael N says:

    In reviewing the majority of he responses every person wants Obama Impeachment. Our political system needs our signatures and needs to hear our voices ( loud ), we the people need
    To stand strong and unite. We are losing our country and fast.
    I do believe within a year terrorist will be living in our back yards if we Don’t take the country back. Make our government work for us NOT us for them. We need to Impeach Obama and vote in new blood.

    I pray for all of us to stand strong

  128. Anonymous says:

    you all are idiots.

  129. dino86 says:

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    No laws of Congress are valid

    “Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.”

    The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed

    the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a

    Law, be presented to the President of the United States” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing

    as “the President of the United States,” but to the true and rightful

    President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White

    House, no “Bill” will or can, “before it become a Law, be presented to

    [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a

    “Law.” And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and

    “sign[s],” or that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will

    be a nullity. Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper,

    Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it

    acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.””

    Furthermore, Obama Could not be Removed Except by Force. As a USURPER posturing

    as “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach Obama because, not being the

    actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and

    Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”

    (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other public officials would have to arrest

    him—with physical force, if he would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him

    from continuing his imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to

    armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the

    States and the people. BUT IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF WE ARE TO SAVE HER!


    ALSO, Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed Forces,

    “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in those Armed

    forces and Law Enforcment. Indeed, for officers or men to follow any of his

    purported “orders” including law enforcement will constitute a serious breach of military

    discipline—and in extreme circumstances even charged with “war crimes.”

    In addition, no one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch of

    the General Government will be required to put into effect any of

    Obama’s purported “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives”

    (Viera, J.).

    Biden cannot step in to take over as President nor can Pelosi, Reed, Clintons, Boehner,…NO ONE can step in because they are all Criminally in COLLUSSION with the NWO, England, Bilderbergs George Soros, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the EU and the UN, Tri Lats etc…. They all allowed this FRAUD to USURP the Office of President…. They know he is illegally there and has no power or authority to do anything yet they are all allowing this to go on, the are all continuing to BOW to a Criminal NWO USURPER as President and are enabling aiding and abbedding the collapsse of the United States….. This is the open published Agenda of the Nazi NWO,… If you cannot see it by all the evidence before you then your nothing but BLIND SHEEPLE and may GOD have mercy on your souls…. We must elect an intrim Government which will step in for 6 months untill new elections can be had…..

    I am tired of these people thinking they have the power to do this shit when they clearly do not….just because they say its the law does not make it the law!!!

    Especially concerning the TTP and giving Control of our Internet to our enimies and attempting to sign away our Sovereignty…………..

    Constitution is clear…even if Obama Wannabe Dictator were legit and he is NOT, PROVEN and validated, but, (ignored with Criminal Intent) Neither the President nor Congress nor the Senate nor the Supreme Court nor the Federal Courts nor the States nor their Governor’s and Mayor’s even through Executive Orders and Treaties they STILL DO NOT possess the Power or the Authority to USURP the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or our Sovereignty….The Constitution weather they chose to ignore it is the Law of the land and they are BOUND to it Article 6 Section 3….all they do is NULL and VOID not to mention they have been Criminally DeFacto since 1871

  130. dino86 says:

    RECENT!! Breakiong Bombshell!!

    British Intelligence Advisor Michael Shrimpton is a British barrister (attorney), an adviser to British intelligence, and a serious person. (Hard Documented Files) Obama is Criminal Fraud USURPER and puppet for England and the New World Order, born 1960 in Kenya. DNA testing done on Obama already by CIA

    Michael Shrimpton is now a Consultant for British Intelligence and is well Connected a very serious individual! I have communicaed with Mr. Shrimpton this is his correct email! Shrimpton has his own blog, The Shrimpton Report. His email address is
    Feel Free to Contact him! I challenge you not to be afraid of learning the TRUTH!

    Although Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is said to have been born on August 4, 1961, he actually was born in 1960. Obama’s alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was not pregnant in July 1961. Although BHO is said to have been born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he actually was born in Mombasa, Kenya, which was then British territory, which means British intelligence has his records. The C.I.A. surreptiously took a DNA sample of Obama at a fundraising dinner and ran a test, but could not match Obama’s DNA with his [maternal] grandparents, the Dunhams. Former New York governor and GOP presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani told Shrimpton at a recent lunch that he (Giuliani) knows all about this. Giuliani had hoped he would be the GOP presidential candidate and he’d then use the information against the Democrats. The Clintons (Bill and Hillary) also know about this.

    For the rest of the 1½ hour video, Shrimpton talked about British politics and the European Union. However, at the 1:09:30 mark, a man in the audience asked Shrimpton a question about Obama and Kenya. In his response, beginning at about the 1:11:55 mark, Shrimpton alluded to the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign as if it was ongoing as he spoke, which suggests that the forum took place in 2008. Shrimpton also made these additional claims:

    Given the above, British intelligence on the year (1960, not 1961) and place (Kenya, not USA) of Obama’s birth, Obama would “soon be pressured into withdrawing” from the presidential race or resigning of course with the benefit of hindsight, we know that didn’t happen.
    Senator John Edwards also knows because Shrimpton had briefed him. Former CIA director (under Bill Clinton) also knows. Shrimpton does not name him. Clinton had 3 successive CIA directors: James Woolsey, John Deutsch, and George Tenet. The Kenyan government, of course, knows. The UK newspaper Daily Telegraph also knows. The Honolulu press is aware that Obama’s birth records in Honolulu’s Queens Medical Center are fake. The Honolulu Advertiser knows this.
    Sen. John McCain knows Hillary Clinton and Bill knows
    British Intelligence knows because MI5 got the Nairobi Special Intelligence files when Kenya became independent.
    Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, also knows.
    Shrimpton also said something very strange — that Obama’s half-sister is actually his full sister, and that the sister is “missing.” (The only “half sister” of Obama about whom we are told is Maya Soetoro-Ng, the daughter of Stanley Ann Dunham and her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro.)


  131. SANDY WILSON says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA! PLEASE READ here are the tactics Obama has been using to control America from Saul Alinsky. There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. THIS IS WHY WE MUST IMPEACH OBAMA

    1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

    6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    • dino86 says:

      They are arrogant and having a serious wet dream…when we rise in mass and they find themselves standing before the gallows…. i will not shed one tear for any of them!

      Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 18:41:58 +0000 To:

  132. Brent says:

    Has anyone even thought that Mr. Obama has made all these unilateral decisions and intact bragged that he would continue with the executive orders… And that this same man has his finger on a button to launch nuclear weapons???

    Helloooo… Where is the US Martial to arrest this treasonous man?

  133. George Corvin says:

    Obama is simply not intelligent enough to do any job where important decision have to be made. He is a simple minded man who sneaked himself into a position he is not fit for. His orders simply have to be ignored. let us look at his skills.

    Engineer, who would understand technology and industry? NO
    A health specialist? NO
    Has he been a soldier NO
    Has he financial background NO
    Has he got a solid economic background? NO
    Has he had any negotiating skills? NO
    Has he been a agriculturalist? NO
    So what experience does he have apart from waffling the same rubbish? He has no skills, no intelligence. How can a man be elected to run anything? He maybe fit for a simple job Come on Americans. It is time to sideline him and ignore his commands otherwise the US will fall apart.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, but it is just very dumb and naive to assume Obama has good intentions at this point after nearly six years of his shenanigans. He is a subversive and has been extremely successful at it.

  134. pamara says:

    I have enjoyed 51 years of freedom in the United States of America. It was provided to me by the blood, sweat, hard work and sacrifice of those Americans who built this country. I owe everyone who has fought, and died for this country. I pray that I will be given the opportunity to repay my dept of gratitude to my American hero’s. It’s past time to impeach obama. It’s time to reclaim this country as the Judeo-Christian Nation that it was founded to be. A nation of religious freedom. A Nation with respect for her constitution. A Nation with a strong military. A fair tax system. A dept free nation. That encourages industry and hard work. Obama hates America. Let’s kick him out. We are not the colonial thugs that he claims we are. We have been a friend to friendly nations. We have helped people all over the world to establish their own rule. Obama should be punished for what he has done to my beloved country. It will take great sacrifice to recover from him presidency.

  135. Kathy says:

    We are now in grave danger because so many have been blinded by this presidents intentions…he just continues on a path of destruction….disassembling the foundation of a once great nation…we can turn back….pray for God’s mercy on this nation.

  136. E says:

    If we don’t get on the Obama boat and agree with this failure then we are all called prejudice! It seems to me that it’s the people that back him and his failed policies that are truly prejudice.

  137. Kathia says:

    Nestor -> I would also hold her responsible for sedition, if not outright treason.Whilst I only made 1 charge, I’m certainly not saying that she’s not guilty (so-to-speak, since she hasn’t been convicted of anything) of other crimes worthy of impeachment against our country. In fact, I agree that she’s engaging in sedition and treason.But for my deal to work, my one charge has to be enough 4 me at this time, but I do appreciate you adding in your 2 cents on this.

  138. Chris says:

    For suing and impeachment it must happen if anyone thinks we will get our country back.

  139. Chris says:

    For impeachment , this must happen if anyone thinks we will get our country back.

  140. How did it ever get this far? The president of the United States should be both feared and respected around the world. This guy is an enemy of our allies as well as an enemy of the citizens of the United states. This man has 3 or 4 times as many executive orders as all previous president’s combined. If you take a minute to read some of them you will soil your pants. I read a few and within seconds my jaw dropped. Orders that give the government power to put us in work camps and take over all resources like power and other utility companies. This man is pure evil and if you know anything about him and his past you know that he hates white America which no matter how racist some liberals may find this but I’ll say it anyway. White America is America. Yes there are other races but the white majority is the one that pays the bills and in the eyes of mist radical liberals keeps everyone else down. That is completely wrong. The truth is that the lifestyle and work ethic brought here by our European ancestors is what made this country what it is or at least what it was. That is why he is going after the guns and creating this huge welfare states. He has the black vote just because of the color of his skin. He and other liberals get minority votes by offering free stuff but offers no way to improve their lives. The sad fact is that most minority groups only know about his hope and change nonsense. When in tee viewed on the streets 99% of these people know absolutely nothing about politics, obama or anything that could be used to make a good decision about who should lead our country. Other elected officials have been afraid to confront him because every time someone confronts him they are called racist. That’s insane…. we need the elected officials we trust to protect us from threats and protect our rights to stand up for us and go after this tyrant. Yes impeach Obama and don’t waste any time doing it. Secure the senate in November and remove obama from office. Bring everything out in front of the American people so the left has no choice but to go along with it. Make sure all Americans that live thus guy blindly to see the truth so there is no misunderstanding. Then inform and educate the public about the true agenda of the left. We need hope and change but All of that can only come from a more educated public and more action from our elected officials.

    • Admin says:

      There is zero chance the Republican will get a 2/3 majority in the Senate, required to impeach Obama. There are not that many seats up for grabs. Some help from Democrats is required. This group is not about partisan support for the Republican Party.

    • dino86 says:

      Stop voting these NWO WHORES into office!! Everyone who ran in the last election were all whores for the New World Order including Romney, Hillary is a NWO whore as well and a murderer and Seditious Traitor…. The only person who was not a whore for the NWO was Ron Paul you need to elect a strong Constitutionalist this is the only way we will take this Nation back without violance. As far as I am concerned Ron Paul is the President as clearly the elections were stolen…….

      Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:27:07 +0000 To:

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  143. Kenny Hall says:

    We have got to all pull together, and demand for impeachment now! Obama is a traitor, he lies to us, we have lost more of our rights under the obama regime, than all previous presidents combined! He is a threat and a danger toall of us, and our posterity, by enslaving us to nwo. His presence isnt of, or for the people. He works for dipshits like rothchilds, rockefeller, or any other owl worshipping satanist that has dinero for him. Lets impeach, and put someone by the people, for the people, who will gets back to a nation under god, not bal.

  144. mickrussom says:

    Obama is a traitor. Obama runs a baby-Stalin dictatorial regime. Obama is an imperial president. Obama and his regime are the enemies within. Obama and his regime are the enemies of faith, freedom, family and liberty. Obama has bought our LEOs and Military with Pay and Pension with Printed Fake Federal Reserve Notes. LEOs and Military should note that those FRNs are paper, but our freedom costs much blood. We need to end thus regime and most of the government needs to be re-chained as the Constitution wanted. All of the acolytes of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven should be arrested and imprisoned for their sedition, for their treason, for their utter evil.

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

  145. sbo666 says:

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  146. vivian says:

    Get that stupid sob outta here! This is what it’s like with a sociopath for a president! His real name is osama! “Go home!” We don’t need Muslims running our country! Your not getting any more of our money to give to isis! Go home antichrist, You’ll soon be in hell where You belong! Bye!!!

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    to take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how
    fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just
    3G .. Anyways, great blog!

  148. sherri swilling says:

    When they voted to not let these Americans back in that was and is working with Isis and the one from Hawaii threw a wrench in it and so now they are here!
    I think he was paid off to do this, I mean after all wasn’t Obama born supposedly in Hawaii!
    This is just terrible what this Un- American President is doing! What can we do to stop him and make congress wake up!

  149. Erik says:

    Wake up America, in 2008 backed by a liberal-controlled media in addition to unsurpassed ignorance, our great country voted for a closeted-Muslim with a vengeance towards hard-working Americans and a hidden agenda under the slogan of “change” to convert our government into a third world socialist, communist.
    We must remove him and his cronies once and for all. As it is, it’ll take longer than the six years it’s taken this bastard to transform our homeland to bring it back to the great nation it’s always been. He’s destroyed our credibility in the world, our morals and principles, our way of life. Get this incompetent idiot out of the office of president, before he destroys our country further.

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  152. 1) Has Obama still has not proved it that he is a US born citizen. The Kenya government proved it that he was born in Lamu Kenya.
    2) Was he planted by Muslim terrorists or by the pharmafia.
    3) He claimed during his election campaign that he was supported by some $ by poor blacks. It must have been a helluva lot of donations. Where did the money REALLY com from muslims or pharmafia?
    4) Let us face it the US has not one single outstanding aspirant for presidency.
    5) More and more Americans are getting fatter than pigs. They do not need Obama-scare but to get off their butts do exercise and eat properly. Obama should have persuaded people and force the foodmongers and GMO peddlers to stop poisoning people. What are the AMA and the FDA doing?
    6) He wants to import ebola to the US to kill tens of thousands and send frontline troops to West Africa to shoot ebola viruses. His ebola innoculations story is nothing but lies.
    7) I would agree that to destroy ISIS is a must but he keeps sending troops on pointless missions.
    8) To overcrowd the US with immigrants takes away jobs from simple people, who become dependents on the state or turn to crime. An overcrowded country becomes an inefficient disorganised, crime ridden junk of a place.
    9) Unless discipline is reinstalled in the schools the US is a has been. Amercans on the whole are already the most ignorant people in the world.
    10) ) Sensible gun control is important. One has to be practical instead of waffling a few words about it.
    11) To allow Chinese rubbish to be dumped into the country is simply foolish . Free trade is simple the most idiotic system.
    12) The US needs to adopt the metric system and one of the clowns, called president has to start it. Without American exports will die.
    13) Cut back using and using the resources. Work, think, be healthy and full of the joys of life. Think how everything dovetails in our bodies environment and beyond and if you cannot see from it that there is a greater mind than ours, it is something wrong in your grey matter.

    Just a few comments. It is high time that the US which was created by European immigrants will become a non entity. It is a pity as it could become the greatest nation in the world..

  153. drrjp says:

    Treason, sedition, and waging war against America are all impeachable offenses as they are crimial acts not politi8cal ones.

  154. Anonymous says:

    If it is in God’s will that President Obama has to be impeached, then may God have His way with Him however it must be done.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Impeach him and then execute him!!!!!

  156. bongo joe says:

    Impeach then execute

  157. Who will save our country from Obama before its too late? PLEASE!!!


    a treasonous government is not a legitimate government

    How America’s Borders Were Opened

  159. Garrett says:

    Can the American people do something to get his ass out of there and possibly bring up crominal charges on him and put him away? I know i have read it somewhere but I can’t remember.

  160. Anonymous says:

    Impeach Obama Now. we must no longer endure his destroying every aspect of American life. He wants to control our lives by making us communist that he wants to control.
    If you don’t believe this , read what a communist really is!!!!!

  161. Wally says:

    Lets impeach his ass right now before our country goes to hell in a hand basket

  162. T.j Brink. says:

    It’s time to rise up and throw these bums out. IM READY WHEN YOU ARE.THIS COUNTRY IS TOO GREAT TO LET THERE GUYS BRING IT DOWN.

  163. I’m a tea party supporter.but the stuff you said is pathetic and you who wrote this craps is unamerican. The lies you are saying is pathetic. You need to deport yourself and all those silly liberal too.the tea party I support their views of the president don’t forget we tea party liberal are going to take the south back all those poor red..eck who voted republican even knowing the rich republican is just using them because they know they ha:-$Te the black president.not because he’s a twice elected .president. Because him is not one of them at least not half of him.this conspiracy theories you keep coming up with us pathetic and people act like you are the minority.there’s only about 40 million African American here and there’s about 240 or more white people. And you crying about nothing you ain’t worried about the president elective just don’t want a black men doing people started this country which you stole, murdered. Enslaved. And you don’t want no who you think is 3/5of a man are better yet not a human at all you people hanged, whipped, branded, sold, raped and humiliated into submission and that’s who you right wing fanatic are

    • dino86 says:

      Brother you are one stupid dummied down ignorant individual…… you are a byproduct of the Socialist Communist party Both the Republican and the Dems are all on the same team they have been since 1871….. This my friend is Documented Historical FACT……. you are a byproduct of the Department of Education and if you are a shining example of what the Tea Party has to offer the Tea Party is in big f’n trouble…… its becasue of people like you that this Nation is in serious trouble! If you want to do this nation any good vote for Ben Carson he is the only one who is not a whore for the New WOrld Order. Personally I believe you to be a NWO TROLL WHORE….. Do like the wind and go blow………………. when we rise to take this Nation back you will all hang at the gallows for your Seditious Treason! Yoaur ranst simply shows your ignorance…….. You cannot fight the TRUTH!!! so you ramble total BULL SHIT! Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 03:50:14 +0000 To:

  164. dino86 says:

    Also let me tell you something about SLAVERY that blacks want to seem to ignore….. Throughout all of Black slavery the Blacks during the Barbery Coast have enslaved more whites than all of this dark period for blacks being enslaved throughout North America and blacks especially in Africa still to this day are enslaving whites when blacks are no longer being enslaved…….. White slavery is really a serious matter Do your research. Some blacks just want to ignore the Barbery Coast and white slavery because it does not suit their agenda……

  165. Obama needs to be removed immediately and every member of his staff need imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

  166. Michael says:

    Osama Obama must be Impeached NOW, otherwise this country will be under Communist Rule! This SOB has caused MORE unrest in government than any other president in History!! Obama is actually a Socialist and a Muslim sympthizer. HE MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!

  167. free men usa says:

    it will have to do with what force is called for,;it may take WW3sorry but its the truth to save the usa and its free way of life.;i know oh not again.sorry it is on its way.he is not going to be removed on his on acord

  168. Sue Strong says:

    I agree, get his sorry ass and all his appointees out of the Whitehouse (with no ongoing benefits of any kind) and make sure they are forever unable to influence in any way, any form of government or administration again!!!!!!!

    As a veteran, I didn’t fight for these moron’s freedom to randomly take my, my families, and my country’s freedoms away!!!!!!

    So how does it happen, why is it seemingly impossible to get anyone with any authority or ability to get the ball rolling and keep it going? Not one road I’ve researched had lead anywhere, why? I understand he is in office (as sick as saying that makes me) and I understand his administration rules with fear and bullying, but there has to be somewhere that is making strides to fight for the people.

    As stupid as it sounds, I’d love to send him and his administration pink slips. Detailed in full with the reasons they have shown to not be capable of completing their assigned tasks and letting them know they are being fired, effective immediately, without severance or continued benefits (except the eleigbility of COBRA Insurance or state aid if they can afford it…and Washing DC isn’t a state….) and as their employer, I will argue any unemployment claim to the fullest extent of the law!

    I’m sure it would be laughed out of the mail room, and I’d be put on yet another govt. watch list, but who cares! They are an employee, subject to discipline the same as anyone and can and should be fired for their actions and inactions!!!!!!

    It’s ridiculous for Americans to live in fear of this bully, to feel as though there is nothing that can be done, feel the way they want us to so we roll over and let them continue to do what they want because we think we can’t fight back!!!!! I’m willing to fight for me and mine, and I do me FIGHT.

    It’s about action, and I’m looking for the right road leading to it…anyone else?

  169. J says:

    It appears Obama feigns incompetence to avoid taking real action on critical issues. This becomes all but proven true when you then compare his incredible organization for social “balancing” programs he pushes. There is really no doubt in my mind that Obama is a sort of “Manchurian Candidate” for some entity. Who is pulling his strings ? not sure… some Muslim influence seems likely… based on the ISIS response

    I predict at some point these facts will become known (unfortunately after he leave office) and if we survive historians will look back on how close this country came to anarchy. It is very likely the 2016 election could erupt in some sort of civil conflict before or after ?

    Good news is our system of checks and balances seems to have choked Mr. Obama off but wonder what he will attempt in these last 20 months of office. Unfortunately checks and balances can not effect “inaction” very adroitly. So Obama’s stalling to not take on global threats (ISIS) is very very troubling

    Bottom line: Obama is an hyper political, evil, misguided, gifted liar, posing as a “family man” , posing as a “black man” . He is very dangerous

  170. Jerry Ward says:


  171. daisy says:

    Obama is putting America in grave danger. Terrorist are being armed with machine guns. America is being disarmed. Isis is being armed with American weapons. Obama knows Iraq will lose the battle with Isis and Isis will gain America weapons. Obama refused to close our borders on purpose. Terrorists will enter our borders. Obama plans to take over our country. His plan is we won’t have guns to fight back. America is in grave danger under Obama wake up America, before it’s too late.

  172. Lori Severo says:

    Get Obama out of office before he has done more damage to the United States and wants to continue doing damage by letting immigrants into this country. What about United States citizens? Don’t they count?

  173. Jeremy Daigrepont says:

    Lets make him do like forest gum and make him run run away out of the USA never to return

  174. Bruce Barron says:

    I believe he can be brought to trial without impeachment under Art 3 Sec 3.

  175. this is a very bad man. i cant believe that everyone in america wont protest more to get this man out of office. hes broken so many rules. when hes out of office america is gone. there r so many terrorists now in america. they r waitng very patiently to ruin our country. we must be prepared. he cannot finish his term. hes winning at everything he wants. this is our country not his, he wants america destroyed. please people unite together before its to late’

  176. dino86 says:

    I dont care if the world voted him in …… He and the entire DNC Criminally Lied and defrauded the American peopleknowing full well he was a Criminal Kenyan BOrn FRAUD USURPER….. He is a USURPER, he is also NOT Natural BOrn required of Article II …… He cannot be President… A USURPER bears absolutely NO Legal Lawful or Constitutional Power to do anything…Constitution is also clear that as long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President COngress and the Senate can make and pass NO LAWS…COnstitution is the Law of this Land and they are all BOUND to it article 6 Section 3……….. They are all guilty of Sedition Treason Mis Prison of Treason COnspiracy to Overthrow and alot more……………… Grow set already……. if you do not like it here pack ur bags and get the &^%* out!!!

    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 20:09:23 +0000 To:

  177. JJ says:

    I lost faith the the white house to help & protect US citizens. Obama has mucked up our health care, military, jobs, the economy, immigration, to protect us from terrorism, and the politicians let it happen. He is not listening to the US citizens. The only voice he is listening to is his own voice.

    Ask yourself,why is Obama still in the white house mucking up the US?

  178. SortingHat says:

    Why are the Republicant’s being so silent on the Obama issue? They have won the majority of Congress and can easily give Obama the boot unlike the Clinton trial where the witnesses *mysteriously vanished* one by one thru various accidents or so the official stories claim.

    So where’s the beef Republicans? I want some!

  179. Childfamilyprotector says:

    I told people not to vote for him I don’t vote cause they all are liers! So now we Got a President Who thinks he is GOD guess what Obama God not done with you and when he is son your life will be hell by his hands for he will judge you!

  180. Noel Gones Nunes says:

    Barak its time to quit you have done absolutely nothing since in power all are hungry nothing going anywhere but your wars and garbage lies you dont want peace you want constant war to sell your dirty Cheney products People are going to bulldoze your Bullshit White house soon acording to my sources thats why you ordered so many bullets and armoured vehicles i am from Canada Pal and we laugh at your bank of no money or gold your worthless pal the rest of the world is going to make sure you you dont go any where your a puppet pal you have little or no power now im as old as you goof im the last american dream from1981you have screwed the USA and the World with your big american debt of whores goof Canadians think your a loser We dont go to war for goofs pal try feeding your people first pal instead of looking into everyones back yard but your own Im the border boy from British Columbia to Washington state brother we pounded your heads in to the pavement with ease because you like to put your noses in the worlds life grow up and work on you own country Your America is nothing now pal you have no water the world hates you and your cronies of mischief will be going soon Barak face it no one in your countryhas money now and the children suffer for that and so does your society a man does not use a bus to go to work unless he has no horse or gun to feed himself or family you have turned adults in to children and children into infants your the biggest joke next to Ronald Reagan no gold means no money Remember driving age is 16 not 33 goof

  181. Noel Gones Nunes says:

    Obama take a hike and leave office

  182. Ed says:

    Sign me up to impeach barak “lightning that FALLS from the heavens” Obama which means he IS the antiChrist . Great site .

  183. betty marshall says:

    Yeah, lets impeach him. We are Americans and we will fight for our country. Let’s get rid of him.

  184. jonnny thomas says:

    Put him in prison where he belongs.

  185. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of Obama. He is not a Christian. All other than Christian are going to hell. God said that I didn’t. Good luck to you non believers.

  186. daisy leonard says:

    America wake up!! Stand up for this great and powerful nation. Help stop this president Obama from disarming and destroy America!! This president is doing this on purpose. We are in grave danger. Look at our open border. Our tanks and weapons given to Isis. Isis will come through our border. This president is up to no good! We have to stop him now!!!!!

  187. Kristy says:

    Obama seems to be unstoppable. He’s so brazen and arrogant. He pushes everyone around like a playground bully. But if there were a way to stop him by standing strong together, I would be more than happy to do anything to help. He is destroying everything America stands for and that we have too long taken for granted. I would liken him to Hitler and I fear the worst is yet to come. I never thought I’d see the day that a president of the United States was completely focused on destroying America. How could the American people be so docile and let things get to this point. We need a fire lit under our butts before it becomes too late! Time is quickly running out!!

    • dino86 says:

      He is not doing anything he is a puppet and scape goat for his controllers Congress the Senate Biderbergs George Soros Rothchilds etc… Those we trusted to protect and defend are in bed with them they are on the same team and need to be immediately removed! The Joint Cheifs are also sadly in bed with them. Its time to show them why we are refered to as the 4th Branch of Government and make them know that they are NOT above the Law and will be made to answer. Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 14:23:13 +0000 To:

  188. Jason says:

    If were so worried about homeland security what the hell is Obama doing in there, and if he can get in like he did so sneaky how many others like him are already there. This is a bigger problem then Obama!

  189. Jason says:

    One last thing, as we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July and everything that it stands for, for this once great nation and I don’t like saying that because I’m extremely patriotic everyone in my family has been in some branch of the military I would just like to say to Obama the wrath of God is coming, it says in the bible people in charge of many are subjected to a greater punishment, so in GOD we trust please deliver us from evil

  190. Greg says:

    Obama, you have every right to represent the oppressed.

    You have no right to dishonor Chris Kyle. For that, Obama, or whatever your name is or gender….you need to go. Get the fck out….kick rocks…..go to a place that will honor your fake credentials and hijacked namesake……you are a very confused individual. Abhorrently subtle in your misuse of power. You please nobody with an ear for truth or patriotism…. Shame on you, whoever you are…..get out of our House….take your dogs and charade for a long walk…. ..

  191. Anonymous says:


  192. John Cantrell says:

    If President Obama has committed such heinous acts, why haven’t in Pittsburgh proceedings against them?

  193. Sandy Knox says:

    We need to take back our country. Why r we allowing Obama, one person, , president r not, allowing one person to screw up our country. All I hear is talk. We need to get up off our ass and do something. This is so pathetic. I can not, can NOT believe we are not going foeward and impeach this power hungry ASSHEAD. I also can’t believe how you BALL-LESS congress, house of Representatives are letting this go on. PLEASE THINK OF OUR KIDS, YOUR KIDS who are going to have to live with the repercussions of what this @#$#@&* is doing to our country. Please dont make me be asshamed…please.

  194. Anonymous says:

    obama has started a revalution against the government for not putting a riot hungry man in prison and his precious black panthers and black life matter naacp all hate groups allowed by obama to cause trouble the average american take this as an assalt own our very lives we are done with rioters looting threating to kill white people and everyone who gets in there way be ready people are about to go to war with those that obama says leave them alone they have not done anything as they wipe off their knives and clean there guns enough of standing by while cowardly congress allows this behavior they must get big pay checks on our dime they forgot we don’t work for them they work for us and when an employee gets out of control you fire them so OBAMA YOU ARE FIRED the american people are speaking now so put him in jail where he belongs and while your cleaning up get nICKY HALEY TOO she sent our tax information and checking account info to INDIA why have n’t congress done there jobs get these people in jail where they belong and unlock the CLINTON files and tell america what horrible things they done to americans

  195. Anonymous says:

    Y is he still in office prison would b more fitting

  196. Kellie says:

    We need everyone to contact their local house of representative to voice concerns phone, email, snail mail. We cannot afford to remain quiet!

  197. Anonymous says:

    Please impeech him he is destroying our country

  198. Michael Mullett says:

    America or obama, you can’t have both. Osama obama is the WORST president since president george washinton.No president has done Worse to the usa that obama! I am 63 years old and have Never seen anything worse that him!

  199. yakubu numan says:

    the legalization of the gay marriage is enough for him to be impeached,how can you legalize the “wrong”?

  200. Ben from Holland says:

    Dear Americans. Obama needs to be stopt.
    Dont give up your guns. you are going to need them.
    praying that the USA will be forever a Nation under God. not allah!

  201. Anonymous says:

    When is someone gonna grow a pair and impeach that asshole, already found out his birth certificate was forged,he should have been gone already,any democrates worried about being embarrassed or exposed need to b gone to .GROW A PAIR AND DO WHAT NEEDS TO B DONE BEFORE HE BRINGS MORE PEOPLE HERE THAT DONT BELONG HERE ,AND BRING WW 3 here cause we will dig plenty of hole to bury all of them , 1 pissed of American ,and millions behind me ,I want to c Obama n Guantanamo bay where he belongs..

  202. Admin says:

    The problem is that the Congressional leadership has been infiltrated and co-opted. The people to to rise up in large numbers. Boehner and McConnell need to be removed from office and imprisoned.

  203. Obama is planning to destroy America. he planning to take over the white house that’s why he trying to in force the immigration reform. he is also using Pope Frances to in force the u.s to abide by his rules. he is up to no good. he is trying to allow Isis to enter do u.s. through the illegal immigrants.he also is trying to disarm and break the u.s. wake up America before it’s too late.

  204. jeff says:

    Instead of complaining about it WE MUST TAKE ACTION, Russia is taking over in the middle east and our national debt is increasing exponentially under Obama. We need to form large scale rallies in support of impeachment.

    • Admin says:

      I have been asking people to do that for a long time. If you are on Facebook search for “impeach Obama now” and a state name or “america to go to the national group.

  205. Lou says:

    / Just noticed this little goodie on the net. Share if you like it! /

    Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama’s Tyranny

    (One of the following will stop the runaway train called “Obama” and will be famous forever! Check everyone listed and guess who will achieve this:)

    A Republican; a Democrat; an Independent; a Chinese dissident; a Muslim jihadist; a talk show host; a teenager on meds; a movie star; a White House policeman; a Black rap artist; Michelle Obama; a Jewish columnist; a 90-year-old jogger; a death row inmate; YOU; a member of a Russian garden club; a Wall Street insider; a perennial lottery loser; a Secret Service agent; a recently discovered superbug; a vengeful pig farmer; a 105-year-old Tea Party member; a mad Army general; a gay alien from the Exonica Galaxy; the world’s first transgendered dog, or one of Obama’s live-in relatives.

    (The correct answer, buried above, is three letters long and in caps. For more on the same tyrant, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and also “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep…”)

  206. Bill says:

    Send him back to Africa where he was born!

  207. leona says:

    We as Americans, the ones who love this country and what we used to stand for, the ones whose children, grandchildren and all of their children that need some hope for the future, need to take a stand and stop this so called person, who says he’s president (I don’t think he has earned that title), NOW.
    It is just another year away before a new president is elected, but we can not wait another year. Before that year ends, he will destroy the United States.
    We can not wait for Congress and all those other government officials to do anything, because they won’t. We the People of the United States, these United States need to take a stand and take our country back, before he totally annihilates us.
    Let us join together and take our country back

  208. Erwin Ackerman says:


  209. Lonnie Allen says:

    Al Qadea is a know terrorist organization and a enemy of the United States. His arming of the enemy of the United States should be a treasonable crime and charge.Is congress so corrupt they let him commit crimes against America and the constitution? Obama and congress needs to be investigated for their direct crimes against America the country and the American citizens.

  210. DM says:

    The refugees wont be coming to Alabama thanks to our Governor!!! At least some government officials have some balls. F you Obama and your plan to destroy us! You will not succeed here. We’ll take care of our own bet that you pos!!!!! We are armed down here in the south 🔫🔫🔫🔫

  211. tom says:

    I will be there for the states who decide not to let refurgee in thier state. Obama is not for thessafety of Americans, msnbc should be removed from the airways. France sure wishing thay had taking a diverent direction, I am ex army and it upsets me to think I may beacting against fed because! My duty was and still to protect American homeland and its people. Not to follow stupid leaders we have now ( oboma )

  212. Anonymous says:

    Take Obama out of office and send all of these people that don’t belong in America back where they came from, and close our bourders. They come here and take our jobs, don’t pay taxes, and end up trying to kill us..This is a lot of bull , what’s happening to our Country..STOP IT !!!!!!!

  213. Anonymous says:

    This should have been done the day he took office

  214. Actnow says:

    Impeach Pres Obama now & all those supporting ISIS. He’s committing treason, lies, & doesn’t care about the Constitution or the American people. Innocent people have died or were injured since ISIS which appears to have happened when Obama was 1st elected. Was this some kind of bet that he was reelected?

  215. Burford says:

    Although, Obama should be impeached for all of his lies and destruction to our country, it will never happen. Personally I cannot stand the man or what he stands for. He has put our country at great risk, our economy stinks, he has ruined our relationships with our allies and the list goes on. You have to be an absolute idiot to have voted for this dirtbag. Hopefully we can make it until the next election before he completely destroys our country. I have no friends not have any respect for this man and the ones that did vote for him regret it. I hope his prosecuted and jailed for breaking the laws of our government and constitution along with the Clintons. They are nothing but political scumbags who are looking out for themselves and their friends. Or whomever pays them off for favors. This country has no clue, the people are so stupid they have no idea what is going on and the politicians know this.

  216. Gracie says:

    In terms of people coming out regarding the other mental health concerns
    you mention maybe people still arebt comfortable talking about because
    of the stigma associated, i mean only now depression is
    being spoken about yet its so common, it must be so much harder to speak
    about the other illnesses.

  217. Hazel Hill says:

    Obama has to go before he takes his next Vacation. Get rid of the vacationer-in-chief! Is he that thick or just protecting HIS people? We don’t need him. Dead air ! And send Oprah with him.

  218. brenda says:

    I want him packed up and gone now

  219. captain america says:

    i cannot stand to even look at that traitor he should have been out four years ago i cant stand that little bitchass smurk he has when he talks either and if he loves musliums so much then him and the rest of em need to go to a muslim country cause we are a christian country point blank and always wil b a christan nantion and quit stealing myy tax money to hand to these whores having all these bastard kids they cant takel care of they just having them so they can get free shit and i could go on and on about that trash

  220. Dennis Chrisinger says:

    With All of This No One not the congress , not the senete not the people Voted into power twice , nor the Military does a thing about ANYTHING hummm interesting So go ahead talk your shit till your blue This all started in 1936 amd yes Islam will dominatwe the world america LOL Jesus Christ Himself will deal with all of this SOON ENOUGH repent for the kingdom is nearer that you think Believe that Jesus is LORD and confess with your MOUTH that God raised Himself JESUS IS GODfrom the DEAD

    • dino86 says:

      I am mearly speaking the TRUTH The fact that no one is doing anything just validates all I say they are all criminally in bed with the NWO They all need to be Mass Arrested………. I have already give all I am to the Lord Brother so take some sedatives and get some sleep! Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 20:01:46 +0000 To:

  221. Andrew says:

    I want to support and get obama and his legacy out of America. However i don’t know politics and dont know how to go about supporting people that want him out. If someone could please help me and show me how. I give my full support, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  222. dino86Dino says:

    Andrew what you can do is this…… Arm up and ammo up stock up on long range food buy as much physical Gold and Silver as you are able buy a way to purify water ie., Life Straws and Berky for you your family and tell everyone you know to do the same. If possible get out of the Cities and our of the suburbs…… When it happens you will know. follow those who are like minded and communicate clearly to all you meet make sure they are of the same Patriotic mind and follow Veterans and Military Leaders and meet up with Melitia to offer support as soon as you are able.
    Freedom is not Free..
    3 Agents with CIA, FBI and DEA Warn America

    FBI can access you computers Webcam


    Exposing the ISIS LIE how Obama and Hillary Created ISIS

    Hillary Clinto Sex Scandles and more


    Pedophile Billionaires: Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton & Sex Slave Island Cover-Up

    Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!


    Anonymous a message to Hillary Clinton

    hillary clinton meeting wanting a ‘new world order’ 1984

    Invisible Empire_ Full Movie_A New World Order Defined

    Shocking Documentary How The Masses Are Being Mind Controlled

    HD Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

    BREAKING! DEBORAH TAVARES: Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population

    California Water Shortage is a lie! Apart of New World Order Agenda21 Subverssive Seditioin TREASON
    Stealing Water For Profit & Power By Creating Shortage – Deborah Tavare

    Millions to DIE – “Primary Water” Restricted – Deborah Tavares

    Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

    Daniele Ganser: Most Wars are Resource Wars based on False Flags


    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..


    Citizens Mass Arrest

    How we were defrauded……….detailed timeline!

    Source Documents

    Judge Anne Von Reitz Blows the lid off of the Great Fraud

    Understanding the Corruption in the Courts

    Citizens Mass Arrest

    How we were defrauded……….detailed timeline!

    Source Documents

    Judge Anne Von Reitz Blows the lid off of the Great Fraud

    Understanding the Corruption in the Courts
    Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag Operations
    In this interview from April 2014, Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag Operations within the latest 100 years, mainly carried out by the US, the Empire of recent time. Dr. Ganser points out that the one thing fueling wars and conflicts is resources, oil first and foremost. Through wars the powers that be have maintained a development where the Cold War is back in it’s “hottest” form. The means have been like the ones used by Goebbels in the Nazi Reich. Dr. Ganser interviewed by journalist Tommy Hansen.

    James Holmes+Black Bloc=Black Ops: Further proof of a False Flag Terror Attack against the 2nd and 1st amendment

    Mass Shootings Only Obama’s First Step

    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..

    There is alot more I can send you drop me a line!

  223. dino86 says:

    Any attempt this Illegally in Office NWO Kenyan Born Muslim USURPER tries to enforce an ILLEGAL BOGUS MARTIAL LAW……. it will fall upon deaf ears we will NOT give up our weapons and we will rise and take our Nation back for it has absolutely NOTHING to do with “Continuity of Government” but it has EVERYTHING to do with “Continuity of their Criminal Enterprise” hense the Criminally Illegally and Treasonously Created USA CORPORATION and their Illegally re written USA CORPORATION Constitution 1871. It is being done deliberately to DISARM the American people because they know that until We The People are disarmed their Satanic Nazi New World Order cannot become a reality/

    The New World Order and their Agenda and anyone supporting the New World Order and their Agenda are all committing Open Acts of High Treason that come with a Death Scentance! Its pure Treason and a major Violation to their Sworn Oath Articcle 6 Section 3. They are all Criminally complicit in attempting to OVERTHROW these United States and are all Criminally in bed with our enimies providing to them aide and comfort to do it!

    I want to remind everyone that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE….. We the People are in FACT despite GLOBALIST BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA…. We are the Legitimate 4th Branch of Government and the Last Line of Defense (DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR ARMS) and hide them if you must, but NEVER GIVE THEM UP!

    If those we entrusted to Protect and Defend have failed us and have Treasonously gone to bed with the enemy then it is up to the people to “Rise in Mass” and physically remove them all by the seat of their pants and arrest them to be tried and hung for Treason possibly send them to the WORLD COURTS for another round of Nuremburg Trials as we did with the Nazi’s.

    We the people are Empowered and Fully Authorized under the Constitution to do so to remove an Out of Control Tyranical Government by any and all means neccessary and replace them with a very limited and for the people by the people government. Alot of people do not know this, but there are right now “Active Arrest Warrants” out for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity by the World Courts on Obama Biden the Bushes the Clintons, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Henery Kissinger, George Soros and others….. Are these are the Criminals you want in Office!

    This comming election is our last peaceful means to take this Nation back for the people…. if we do not stand United and stop letting people like Louis Farrakahn Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the Main Stream Media who are all nothing but whores themselves to the New World Order with a mission to Keep the People Devided and pumped with twisted lies and globalist Propaganda then we have no one but ourselves to blame for losing what so many have died to Protect and Defend.

    Any other vote for President except for TRUMP CUZ and CARSON are all votes for SLAVERY to the Treasonous Satanic Nazi New World Order……If they steal this election the people will rise in Mass if they try to Disarm the people we the people will rise and stand against these Tyranical Communist enemy whores to the NWO with BRUTE FORCE…… We will not bow to any of them.

    you must understand Obama was Seditiously Criminally and Illegally and Treasonously allowed to USURP the Office of President Knowingly and Criminally by Deliberately Deceiving and Defrauding the American people. Congress and the Senate Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges the Joint Cheifs and others throughout our National Security Aspperattis including Govenors and Mayors and Leadership of all our ABC Agencies are ignoring the fact that Obama is Criminally USURPING the Office, he is NOT Legally in Office and posesses absolutely no Legal Lawful or Constitutional Power or Authority to do anything that has been done since 2008 and Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 of the Constitution the Origional NOT the Criminally re Written USA CORPORATION CONSTITUTION 1871 Forced Upon the people without their Knowledge and Consent clearly states that as long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President Congress and the Senate can make and pass NO LAWS and if they do all they do is NULL and VOID and have no power to enforce anything!!!

    They are all Deliberately and Criminally complicit in ignoring that Obama is an illegal USURPER because as whores themselves to the New World Order they are the ones who deliberately knowingly criminally Seditiously Fraudulantly and Treasonously allowed Obama to USURP the Office of President. Obama was allowed to USURP the Office becasue the Queen of England wanted Obama in and Obama is a Puppet Controlled by Valarie Jarrett who takes Direct Orders from the Queen of England and the Vatican. The Pope is not the Pope he is a Jesuit. It is the Jesuits and the Illumninatti we are at WAR WITH AND THEY ASIDE FROM ALL THE GLOBALIST BULLSHIT YOU HEAR ARE IN TROUBLE AND ARE LOSING THIS IS WHY OBAMA IS TRYING TO DISARM THE PEOPLE WITH THIS NEXT SET OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS, BUT THEY ARE NULL AND VOID AND DO NOT POSSESS THE POWER TO ENFORCE! They, the Globalist want youto belive its legal and the law and IT IS NOT!!!!!! PLEASE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOU ARE BEING LIED TO….. HITLER HIMSELF STATED…. Lie to the people and keep repeating it and sooner or later the sheeple will believe it……

    Neither the President (including a Criminal USURPER), Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, nor the States, nor their Govenors and Mayors even through Laws Bills Amendments, Mandates, Executive Orders, and Even through Treaties, THEY STILL DO NOT POSSESS THE POWER TO Supersede, Bypass, Over ride, or USURP the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or our Sovereignty. They are all FORBIDDEN to”Waring Against the Constitution” to which they are all BOUND Article 6 Section 3.

    They are all operating OUTSIDE the Constitution in clear violation to their SWORN OATH Article 6 bSection 3 giving themselves powers and authorities “they do not have”, making Contracts and Agreements with Foreign Governments and Enemy Agents for which “they have no Legal, Lawful or Constitutional power to make” (also in violation of the Logan Act) and are allowing these enemies to “Control Them” to overthrow our Nation for nothing but power and greed no matter who they hurt to enslave our Nation our people and the world into a Perverted Criminal Nazi NWO. They all Bow to a known proven Criminal Fraud USURPER as President (Just being Criminally ignored), provide aide and comfort to our enemies put our Allies into harms way, and have allowed our enemies to compromise our Government from within which makes them all Criminal Felons guilty of Sedition, Treason, Mis Prison of Treason, Conspiracy to Overthrow in addition to many other charges. They all need to be Immediately Mass Arrested and imprisoned for life and/or Hung at the Gallows….. We do have laws against Treason and we need to use them. They were not written just to give us something pretty to read on a rainy day!

    Globalist 10 point plan to take down America….. its Treason and they all MUST be arrested! They are nothing but Public Servants gone ROGUE!…/the-globalist…/…

  224. Cate Kelly says:

    White boys, get over it! You simply cannot accept the fact that a brilliant Black man is in the White House. If you seek the negative you will find it. Look for the GOOD things he has done, for example NOT being buds with Putin. He’s too smart to hook up with a rogue power-hungry “leader”. I write this as a Caucasian girl who can only pray that a Republican will never again inhabit the White House. You think things are bad now???? Wow!

    • dino86 says:

      Criminal Fraud USURPER he is a FRAUD allowed to USURP the Office to take America Down. If you got your Obama phoine get over it cause thats all you will ever see… Hitler called people like you useful idiots….. and when your done serving your purpose ypu’ll be taken down too….. You know nothing of the History of this Nation that has brought us to this point or what is actually going on……. Its people like us who fought bled and died to give you the freedom to talk the insane bullshit that spews from your forked tounge! Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 18:00:29 +0000 To:

  225. Cate Kelly says:

    By the way, folks, get RID OF THE HATRED YOU ESPOUSE AT THE SAME TIME — IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF chewing gum and walking at the same time. HATE, HATE, HATE : THAT’S ALL YOU’RE ABOUT! GET OVER IT, KIDS!

  226. Cate Kelly says:

    Also, do you bigots remember what the Dow was some years ago? Levels of 5000-6000? THAT was scary. It has drastically improved under the Obama administration. No matter who is in office, things ain’t gonna be perfect. And if you think they can be, you’re not only bigoted, you’re downright DUMB: a page taken from the putrid “mind” of Trumper Dumper. Can you imagine him having a conversation with the likes of Angela Merkel?

  227. Cate Kelly says:

    The fact that Obama has NOT been impeached should tell ya’ll something. There is no reason to do it. Otherwise, wouldn’t you all cowboys have tried to make it happen? THINK ABOUT IT!

    • dino86 says:

      The Treason is Deep its our entire National Security Apperattis. Congress the Senate Joint Chiefs they all know Obama is a FRAUD They allowed him to USURP the Office. Obama was selected by the Queen and is a puppet controlled by Valarie Jarrett and Valarie takes orders directly from the Queen. England never left it will be 1776 all over again!

      Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 18:18:03 +0000 To:

  228. Kaija Akins says:

    People say this has no bearings on whether you’re black or white. But if you think about it, black, mexican, and muslim personal are being treated better than whites right now. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. If you are/can find a black or mexican or muslim person who disagrees with what Obama is doing, it might get farther than just white men and women protesting. Let me point out that I have nothing against the other races or them coming to our country. However, they need to be legal and have background checks. Not all muslims are terrorists, and not all mexicans are drug dealers. However, we have to be careful with everyone to make sure that that 2% are banned from America. So many things need to be changed, and I’m happy that people are beginning to wake up. Me being only 14 gives me an advantage. And me having a very close black friend helps a great deal. She is just as angry as I am. And we plan to do something about it.

    • Admin says:

      Kaija, there is nothing wrong with white folks protesting by themselves. We don’t need permission from others just to express our free speech in public. In California, we often have others protesting with us, but it is not a requirement. Feeling that you need approval from other groups is part of the political correctness that the media uses to manipulate the public. Check out the 11-year-old girl in this video even younger than you, who was protesting with us in San Bernardino. I think she was actually 10, going on 11. She was great and a smart girl. Her black mother was off-camera behind her cheering her on.

      Thanks for writing. Let us know what you have planned? If you do some kind of protest, I will post photos of it on the blog below, if you send them to me and it is okay with your parents. I will also share them on my Facebook pages.

      Impeach Obama Now Coalition

  229. I feel the Senate and congress are chicken. Knowing all this and do nothing. Obama needs to be tried for treason. They may not have a job if they don’t do something. They need to go on Facebook see how people feel about them and obama

  230. Mike Williams says:

    Obama is a clear and present DANGER to the American way of life as also is the industrial military complex and the International banking cartel. We must take back our country and prosecute all the corrupt players in the arena of politics no matter what the cost.

  231. Eric Schneider says:

    Impeach this treasonous muslim now before any more American lives are lost

  232. Lotettayokoyama says:


  233. Rita Crosley says:

    I believe in my heart Obama has committed treason against the US their for any thing he has ruled on our next President should Un do plus our next President get enough evidence to charge Obama with treason. I know part of charging Obama with treason is impeaching him, but it doesn’t look like we are going to get him impeached. They would of done it before now. I have tried so many times to get him impeached, so I have come to realize they are just bidding time so he can finish his term. Nobody wants to take him on except a few. I sure wish they would .

    • dino86 says:

      We have a Congressiona; Problem because they are all bought and sold out traitors to the NWO that is why they will not remove him. They possess the power to remove and arrest Obama under the 25th Amendment as Criminally Insane! as well as all of his Criminal Assistants

      Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 02:22:24 +0000 To:

  234. Admin says:

    It’s not just that Congress doesn’t want to take him on. They are in bed with him, Republicans and Democrats.

  235. Cameron ward says:

    Hi my name is camera i stay in Jackson Mississipp I am a Democrat and I had a relation to give Michelle Obama rock Obama I have a good idea to help the African American people to help get the city back on the right track and what about Obama I have a way are call me come up with some applications 4 to help all black and white to sign up for everyone in America can start standing up and fight for their rights and speak the voice the way they feel stand up for the right about the city please call yes we just got to make those who do not want to follow God command we do not need you and I’ll stay. I was sitting god with us too we are the ones we took earlier than early man made land laws did African American have to follow back or text me at 601-316-2314 camera ward and I will spreading outward to those who are spreading rumors out on Obama saying that he did not give a damn about the whole city and he just care about the Jackson Mississippi your mama doing his best is all states is the one don’t give a damn about Jackson Mississippi and not trying to help. And yes we all got here he made we are not complaining about skin color the walls is up in my office and I did call the ones that need to be in the office all the time of I go to all the ones who are the don’t the city and so they care about the whole city not the reason he doing who is best to help the city Ann Arbor City . the ideas to President Obama Michelle Obama please Give me a if you need help by getting the city back on the right track. To those who are spreading rumors about Obama and trying to help the city or the other City you are like it’s the state government not his fault

  236. Richard says:

    He’s a traitor r piece of crap. He’s doing all he can to bring America down for his Muslim brothers. Impeach his ass!

  237. If you would like to grow your experience just keep visiting this web page and be updated with the hottest
    gossip posted here.

  238. Entities Bn says:

    I think that we’d have to get in contact with a person from each town/state, set a date to start and hold signs saying we won’t leave until he gets arrested Lol. That guy should go straight from the white house to the Cuban prison. I’m in Albany, Oregon so I can get a protest going here if we can try to get a countrywide

  239. Pingback: No matter who wins this November’s elections, we must be ready to hold our elected leaders accountable for their actions and their words–Win Without War, America!!!! | Eslkevin's Blog

  240. kim says:

    Put this in every Facebook. Before its to late to spread it

  241. Stephen says:

    I beleave if Congress truly cared for there family and safety they can plainly see Obama as clearly violated is position to hold of he needs be impeached Congress wake up Americans fought for our freedom not to let Obama full you with is evil ideas Congress if your freedom and family and love in your heart for your neighbors as well has friends not to mention peace and to enjoy another beautiful day our father in heaven give us not let Obama feal your ears with him being a con artist to destroy our great nation that I’m sure all congressman have family that have fought and died for you to be in office do what’s right impeached obama before it’s to late and our beautiful country America be walked on our veterans who has died for our freedom there graves be walked on and destroyed and innocent American citizen who lives at peace be turned into a massacre life is great we don’t need new world order we need to stand for what our country is and as always been freedom let’s not jeopardize being detained and tortured and pulled apart from our families that our Creator gave us to love and cherish let’s not envy or be greedy or want power when we die we take nuttin so inpeach obama before he calls Marshall law congress take advice from your own hard working American families who Father’s died for us to live at peace obama as betrayed our country because he’s not an American they lost the battle he’s bribed is way in to presidency manipulated congress to make you beleave is serpent lies he’s evil America congress plz we are full blooded Americans who enjoy our families freedom and love for one another STOP him your own American families who fought for you to be congressman would absolutely roll over in there grave if you can’t see he is going to destroy America and give it to is own kind not by battle win there freedom but Congress giving our freedom our land to terrorist bye absolutely manipulatey you to bye his evil sick ideas and make you in the end regret not impeaching the most horrific
    Con disgrace to America that’s ever to have been in office betray his own country well if we want what our ancestors soldiers and veterans of America who gave up there life’s In.The battlefeild for our great country for us to live and breathe at peace if truly our congressman don’t act now and America stand up we will be prisoners and watch our families be killed in front of us and starve till we die in the land of the free witch belongs to us not Muslims not any unauthorized imagrant be in our country to act out and terrorize and kill innocent civilians and take there lives all because you lost a war not to be here this place is for the brave and who wants live at peace not be controlled and watched and abused bye a president who gives not one bit of consideration to stand for our country America wake up we voted this snake in because he told us what we wanted to hear can’t you clearly see he manipulated you disgraced your father’s who fought for us to be hear all to let him have is own ppl and is own kind kill us take our freedom detain us starve us it’s comeing you best darn beleave but America stand up its not to late to get Congress to impeach such a evil president open there eyes for them to see he’s making them become a snake in the grass and turn them from there own backyard and destroy them and there families as well as our own he’s 120% percent the fault for the unitedstates to fall and American population be destroyed right before your eyes all because you can’t see a monster when your being made to look like a fool. INPEACH OBAMA he will destory this nation best beleave I’may just be a normal guy and broke but I’m happy and content but I promise you stop it or life that once was great will be the end to what we gave our soldiers for backing down from obama who is wanting power to let his own type ppl live in the free land because what we did not a dam thing to stop is racist weak hearted sickind of a man who stole America hope everyone reads this open Congress’s eyes to what he is even doing to them and they just don’t realize what obama’s gonna turn around and tortured even Congress’s own family and friends because you bought is bold face easy to read bullshit lies and let him still our fought for freedom and land that once stood strong but now be demolished and took over because we were to lame to even care for our own ppl our neighbors our families our children who love and need to be in a country with peace we can handle our own crime rate to protect and serve not have world war 3 and put them trough it don’t make a mistake congress it will be something you will regret and face your own loved ones because you betrayed America and your own family for not making a decision so easy that will protect all of mankind on us soil .for obama full of deadly poison he’s putting in your minds the devil works hard trough a coward like him show him who’s in controller to make the final decisions in our white house it’s CONGRESSMAM you guys are what we need to keep America from being attacked TRUMP will fix our nation that once was if you do the right thing inpeach him plenty off violations for him to even be in office if it’s money he offers its not worth itoney can’t buy the love for your family your friends ur neighbors your most important freedom value pride in your country peace if you don’t I promise you congress we will live to be tortured held captive starved in our own back yard and our kids killed in front of us so senserely your true love for America lies in your hands and the resentment of all of American human race you betrayed because you can’t see the truth trough a manipulated president who just over came you walked on you made you feal the fear he’s truly gonna let u watch what u set back and let him do for being brivbed bye a terrorist act of is Muslim culture that would be a disgrace to let even such a person run our country and even dare continue you leave him in office before he opens is mouth to the announcement of Marshall law were then your to late for even taking such time even debate on it you know what to do congress do your jobs and save our country before mass destruction and death comes upon what we live for. Life is a beautiful thing it’s the ppl like obama who shouldn’t breathe a breath of air on our soil but rotts were he came from murderer liar truly sickense well America I could go on for ours but if this can’t make them open there eyes then there freedom and family means shit to them cause obama will take them out as well he hates Americans plain and simple you dam snake breath the dust of the ground forever evil is not for the U.S and our pride for life in the land of the free a truck man will listen and answer to the truth because the truth will set us free….

  242. Debbie Powers says:

    Demand impeachment of president Obama

  243. Corrado says:

    All u people make me sick n i mean real sick. What the f. …n. ..r u waiting for until we get blown out of the skies. ..the asshole is writing his own laws ..the list goes on n on n on .listen he stopped the media. Now what does that tell you. This can be stopped. I only wish i could somehow get in the media. I have to much to say.

  244. Jacquelyn Richardson says:

    Here, here!!!!! Obama has done things that are at best poor taste but truly he is a smug liar

  245. Junior90 says:

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  246. Earl Griffith says:

    Impeach Obama

    • Earl Griffith says:

      Obama has done a lot of crocked things. he should be impeached now, he gave lots of money to foreign countries, impeach him now.

  247. Lee says:

    If they don’t impeach him he will be getting money from the US until he dies.This country is in a financial problem already. The presidents that are getting money from this country is already getting 200,000 a year,to do nothing but sit on their bottom.If we don’t pay taxes the IRS comes after us,there is something wrong with all of this.

  248. Earl Griffith says:

    Impeach Obama, he is a crook rigging voting machines and campaigning for Hillary Clinton while he was serving as President and he was born in kena and not a USA citizen with a phone type birth certificate, the worse President to serve this country.

  249. Why impeach him, he’s a criminal. Walk in and take him out. He’s an enemy of the state. A treasonous, son of a bitch, mutha #*% ¥$. What r he hell you all waiting for. Do I need to come down and do this myself? What the future are you waiting for? What a bunch of lazy miserable picks, we have. Can you say Law inforcement.

  250. John says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha – your site was a joke from the get go – fail

  251. Earl Griffith says:

    Use Law enforcement, arrest him and send him to Prison for a Long time. He was a dishonest President, couldn’t tell the truth and a Muslin supporter.

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