Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Ultra Nationalism

The Chicano movement is a Mexican nationalist movement, based on ethnic and mestizo racial nationalism, which seeks to gain political control of the southwestern United States and to ultimately join it with Mexico. They are the ideological heirs of the faction of Mexican nationalists, who worked with the German Kaiser in World War I and Hitler in World War II. These earlier Mexican nationalists were promised the territory of the American Southwest as a reward, if Mexico would join with the Germans in waging war against the US. As a nation, Mexico never accepted this deal, but some Mexican factions would have.


The term “La Raza” (The Race) was popularized by the book by Jose Vasconcelos, La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race). La Raza Cosmica was a major source of inspiration for the Chicano movement, which began in the late 1960’s. This book is similar to the Nazi racial mythology translated to the Mexican historical cultural environment.

Vasconcelos was identified as a paid Nazi propagandist and a member of the Nazi fifth column in Mexico by Life Magazine in their June 10, 1940 issue. He published and edited the journal, “Timon” (Rudder) in the early 1940’s, which was a propaganda organ for Nazism in Mexico. Below is a copy of the Life article in PDF format.

A Nazi Fifth Column and Communist Allies are Active in Mexico

Scroll down to page 51 in this issue of Life to see the same story at Google books. The print is small. You can expand the view in the browser to read the article. Use the + button at the top of the page.

Nazi Fifth Column and Communist Allies are active in Mexico (See page 51)

The “Aztlan” of the Mexican nationalists is equivalent to Nazi-version of the myth of Atlantis, a home of a fallen race of Gods, who were destined to return to glory. The Chicanos identify the “lost” territories of the southwestern United States with Aztlan. See the links below for more discussion of Vasconcelos connections to Nazism.

Jose Vasconcelos – The Nazi Propagandist Behind La Raza Nationalism

Some Spanish speakers may find a Mexican source more credible. The article at the link below is written by Hector Orestes Aguilar, a well-known Mexican essayist.

This Forgotten Mexican Nazi by the name of Jose Vasconcelos
by Hector Orestes Aguilar (in Spanish)

There was also a famous earlier poem,”La Raza de Bronce” (The Bronze Race) by Amado Nervo, which referred to a mestizo race. Vasconcelos expanded this idea into a Mexican version of Nazi-inspired mysticism.

La Raza/Chicano-ism is a strange mix of Aztec neo-paganism and the ideologies of Nazism, Marxism and the indigenous movement. Cultural Marxism is a broader version of traditional Marxism. Broad enough that non-white ethnic/racial nationalism can also be considered to fit within the bounds of cultural Marxism. Politically, of course, today’s Chicanos ally themselves with Marxists and communists. This hybridization of Chicano nationalism with Marxism is not unique. Ideologies, which are neither Nazi nor Communist, but have aspects of both are called “Third Position-ist.”

The dragon-like creature in the photo below is Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. Quetzalcoatl is the messiah-god of the Aztecs, who according to Aztec mythology will return in human form to restore the Golden Age. This is similar to how some occult groups predicted the rise of a “messiah” in Germany years before Adolf Hitler appeared on the scene. In the Chicano context, it would mean the Chicanos gaining control of what they call their “lost territories” or “Aztlan” in the American Southwest.

Latino Nationalist Mural at Chicano Park in San Diego

Chicano Nationalist Mural at Chicano Park in San Diego

This is just one visible example of Chicanos copying Nazi symbolism. The United Farm Workers is a Chicano / La Raza organization. The design by the brother of Cesar Chavez of their original flag was inspired by that of a historic Nazi battle flag. In the image below the two flags are compared. The Nazi swastika is simply replaced by a Mexican nationalist symbol, a Mexican/Aztec eagle. After the resemblance to the historic Nazi flag began to be noticed, the design was slightly altered to make the similarities less obvious.

UFWA Flag compared to Nazi Flag

United Farm Workers Flag Inspired by Nazi Flag


Here are a couple of books and a documentary film in Spanish about the Nazi fifth column in Mexico that discuss the involvement of Vasconcelos.

La Raiz Nazi del PAN (2014) by Rafael Baraja Duran

Los Nazis in Mexico (2007) by Juan Alberto Cedillo

La Red Nazi in Mexico (2010), documentary film available on Netflix with English subtitles


Mexican Flags Hoisted Over ‘Liberated’ Territory At Chicano Park in San Diego

Brown Berets Threaten Anti-Trump Action at Chicano Park Day

Chicano Park and the Cult of Aztlán

Chicano Nationalist Art Displayed in Sacramento

The Chicano / La Raza Cult Movement (playlist)

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