Why Does The Migrant Caravan Use The Star Of David?

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Caravan Star of David
The new Jews? The Star of David is the symbol of God’s chosen people. It has been displayed in the vehicles and in the banners of the migrant caravan. It is not just the traditional Jews that use this emblem, but other religious sects as well, who identify as the real Jews or the lost tribes of Israel. The concept has been the basis of many supremacist cults.

Religious belief has always been historically the most powerful motivators of mass movements and the caravanners should be closely examined for any similar manic, cult-like religious or quasi religious belief that may drive them.

This post is in progress and will be updated and corrected from time to time.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the name of the principle nonprofit organizing and funding the Caravan. Pueblo can mean “town”, but is also has…

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Nazi Collaboration of Father of “La Raza”, Jose Vasconcelos

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Jose Vasconcelos, father of “La Raza” Hispanic racialism Jose Vasconcelos was a very prominent Mexican writer, philosopher and politician. He produced the “La Raza” racialist concept for the mixed race Hispanic peoples, on which the La Raza and Chicano political movements in the United States are based, formalized in his book, “La Raza Cosmica,” published in 1925. In “La Raza Cosmica” Vasconcelos developed a racial and ethnic supremacy concept for Hispanics, similar to the Nazi racial theory but translated for the mestizo (mixed) race.

Many Mexicans knew about it, but the embarrassing information was being suppressed by Mexican society to outsiders. However a Jewish scholar of Latin America, Itzhak Bar-Lewaw, rediscovered that Vasconcelos was a paid Nazi agent and propagandist and re-publicized the information in the 1970’s.

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Nazi Collaboration in Mexico in WWII

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The clip shows a few details of how Mexicans collaborated with the Nazis and had sympathy for Nazi Germany during the first part of WWII. Mexican audiences used to applaud the Nazis in newsreels shown in the cinemas. Mexico did eventually declare war on Nazi Germany, because the Americans leaned hard on them, but they did not contribute much to the war effort directly.

Widespread Nazi sympathy and collaboration did not stop at the US/Mexico border and this sympathy helps explain some similarities of the La Raza / Chicano nationalist movements with the symbols and concepts of Nazism. Mexican ethnic nationalists aligned with Marxists in the United States after the war, however, and that explains why La Raza / Chicano-ism have features of both Nazi-like, ultra nationalism and neo-Marxism.

Jose Vasconcelos, who appears in this clip, developed the mestizo racialist concept of “La Raza” and documented it in his book…

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Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

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It appears that the jury may have been rigged in favor of the defendant in this cop-beating case. Even one determined person can hang a jury or sway a divided jury towards a not-guilty verdict and at least one openly biased person was allowed on this jury.

A leftist, Chicano political operative and activist was allowed to be seated on the jury. This person works for a certain progressive Democratic senator as a field agent. He said that he also works frequently with a far-left activist in San Diego, named “Mark Lane”, who is expected to be a witness in the trial. The activist juror is the former president of a Chicano (Democratic) political group.

This trial of Frederick Jefferson who punched a San Diego policeman several times in the face, seriously injuring him, started on July 25, 2018 in downtown San Diego. The subject crimes took place at an…

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Help Gadget Dan Obtain Justice

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Reader03A prominent personal injury attorney in San Diego, named Benjamin Israel Siminou, shamefully and violently attacked an elderly, pro-American protester at the “Keeping Families Together” march on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Waterfront Park near downtown San Diego. The protester, an Army veteran, goes by the handle “Gadget Dan”. Dan is, without doubt, one of the biggest supporters — if not the biggest – supporter of President Donald J. Trump in the Nation.

See the video below to see the attack about about 4:00 minutes. There is a gap in the video at this point, because I had my camera off, talking to a police detective, who wanted us to move to another location, because the profane crowd surrounding us was becoming very large and increasingly hostile. A long-time activist supporter of the Border Patrol and immigration-law enforcement. Dan was protesting alone in support of the “Zero Tolerance” policy and…

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Attorney Attacks Pro-American at “Keeping Families Together” March

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Benjamin Israel Siminou
Alleged Elderly Abuser A prominent personal injury attorney in San Diego, named Benjamin Israel Siminou, is alleged to have violently attacked an elderly, pro-American protester at the “Keeping Families Together” march on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Waterfront Park near downtown San Diego.

The pro-Trump counter-protester is a long-time, pro-immigration-law-enforcement activist and an Army veteran, known as “Gadget Dan”. Dan is 75 years old and not in good health. It is not known yet, if he has serious injuries. Apparently, some of those, who are so sensitive to treatment of children, seem to have no problem with violent physical abuse of the elderly.

It appears that Siminou worked with a leading legal firm, at least until a few months ago, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, but now has his own office in Liberty Station, Siminou Appeals. Siminou is scheduled to receive a prestigious national award for one…

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Patriots Tour of Chicano Park

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Communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara memorialized at the Park This is a draft of a tour guide for patriots for Chicano Park in San Diego, a taxpayer-funded public park. It will likely be edited for quite a while. Am making this draft document below public so you can have a first look. (Expand to full screen for easy reading.)

Chicano Park is controlled by a radical group, who claim to own the land. The park murals and activities promote communism and a Nazi-like, La Raza nationalism for the Southwestern United States, which they call “Aztlan”. On September 3, 2017, five patriots attempted to make a private tour of the murals at Chicano Park, in order to have a critical discussion. They were met by a crowd of 500 fanatical park-supporters, screaming threats, slander and epithets, intent on denying them access and driving them out of this supposedly public…

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