Two Police Shot, One Killed, By Chicano In San Diego

Chicano Park mural

Chicano Park mural

A policeman was murdered and another seriously wounded by a Chicano in a Mexican-American neighborhood in San Diego during the night of July 28th. You can read the details elsewhere, see this link.

San Diego police officer killed on duty; attack may have been deliberate

I just want to point out how some people have been using language that can be considered to be inciting the violence. Louis Farrakhan last year called for 10 thousand men for retaliation, presumably against the police for police shootings of blacks. He declared blacks must rise up and kill those, who are killing us (blacks) at about 5:30 into this video.

Farrakhan has called for American Indians and Chicanos to join the the Nation of Islam in their “Justice or Else” campaign as you can hear in the first part of the last video and in this video below.

Farrakhan is, by far, not the only person inciting violence, but he is a major voice. The two policemen were shot within about two miles of Chicano Park, a city-funded park in San Diego, which promotes the revolutionary ideology of Chicano-ism and La Raza. La Raza is just another name for the Chicano movement. Chicanos claim the Southwestern United States as their national homeland, which they call Aztlan.

Just last April 23rd at the annual Chicano Park Day. David Rico, the leader of the Chicano paramilitary, the Brown Berets, called for a response to the Police and Border Patrol “who have killed many of us” (at 3:30). He also declared that they would “get the Southwest back, one way or another” (at 1:30).

These leaders know how far they can go without incriminating themselves and may not call directly for attacks on police, but their rhetoric helps create the atmosphere that leads to the murder of policemen.

Obama has also, himself, said some things that can be considered to be incitement. Obama has relativized the killing of police, making it seem equivalent to police shooting of blacks, whether justified or not. Obama and his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch have both encouraged the Black Lives Matter movement to continue, even though some in the movement has, at times, openly called for the killing of police.

Obama and Lynch have the power to investigate any police shooting to determine, whether anyone’s civil rights were violated or not. In Ferguson the Obama administration did an investigation and came up with nothing. In Baltimore the police were also cleared in the Freddie Gray class. Obama, Farrakhan and Loretta Lynch need to shut up and stop encouraging violence.

The black identity religions of the Nation of Islam and Obama’s Trinity Church of 20 years are similar and apocalyptic in nature. A race war is prophesied by these cult religious doctrines and the behavior of Farrakhan, Obama and others of their ilk ought to be examined openly in the light of their apocalyptic religious beliefs. Chicano-ism / La Raza is not a formal religious doctrine, but they also have a similar ideology of confrontation and conflict with white society.

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Thugs Pepper-Sprayed at Trump Protest – NBC 7 Lies (San Diego)

Two Punks Pepper-Spayed  in Olive Vest and Dark Hoodie

Two Punks Pepper-Spayed
in Olive Vest and Dark Hoodie

The video below shows a false report by the local NBC affiliate in San Diego and reveals what really happened that day at the anti-Trump protest in San Diego in May, 2016. A group of four young thugs were throwing bottles and attacking pro-Trump, pro-USA demonstrators. When two of them attacked a pro-Trump demonstrator and ripped up his protest sign, the two were sprayed by two persons standing next to the sign-holder in defense of the sign-holder and themselves.

I was able to contact both sprayers and the sign-holder and obtain their side of the story. The sign-holder was willing to be interviewed and tell his side of the story, but NBC was not interested in correcting their story false story. The reporter for NBC was Steven Luke. My belief is that NBC management and this reporter in general were biased and just did not care about reporting the truth in this matter.

See the full NBC report and video that shows what really happened in the clip below. I was also threatened with a rock by the two attackers as you see in the clip. In California this is assault.

Other media and bloggers also portrayed a false version of the event and slandered the two people who sprayed the attackers. Among them were Gawker, Occupy Democrats and even the conservative blog “Red State,” whose writers have gone rabidly anti-Trump and seem quite willing to slander his followers.

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Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Nationalism

The Chicano movement is a Mexican nationalist movement, based on ethnic and mestizo racial nationalism, which seeks to gain political control of the southwestern United States and to ultimately join it with Mexico. They are the ideological heirs of the faction of Mexican nationalists, who worked with the German Kaiser in World War I and Hitler in World War II. They were promised the territory of the American Southwest as a reward, if Mexico would join with the Germans in waging war against the US. As a nation, Mexico never accepted this deal, but some Mexican factions would have.The term “La Raza” (The Race) was popularized by the book by Jose Vasconcelos, La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race). La Raza Cosmica was a major source of inspiration for the Chicano movement, which began in the late 1960’s. This book is an adaptation of the Nazi mythology to the Mexican/Latino historical cultural environment.

Source: Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Nationalism

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Displaying the Impeach-Obama  and Obama-bin-Laden signs. Displaying the Impeach-Obama
and Obama-bin-Laden signs. Displaying the Impeach-Obama and Obama-bin-Laden signs. A few of us did a “good riddance” impeach-Obama,NOW protest at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. After the trip to Roseburg, where Obama tried to exploit a mass killing for political reasons and was protested, he did some fundraising in LA and went to San Diego to play golf. He was a guest of the super-rich Irwin Jacobs family at the Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, a deeply Republican enclave.

The response was overwhelmingly positive from the by passing traffic. Many of the Marines and others going in and out of the marine base were observing military decorum and did not honk, but gave thumbs up, waved, voiced support or gave other signals that they supported and appreciated our protest. One person at the end of the protest shouted his thanks to us…

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Obama dictates. Obama dictates. Humans have been living with megalomaniac tyrants for hundreds and thousands of generations. When an extreme case appears on the scene who has many fanatical followers hell-bent on world transformation, there is is a natural survival instinct that causes opponents to keep their collective heads down and not directly challenge the messianic leader. At least in the beginning, you will find very few people, who are willing to take a public stand against the tyrant.

In the last 100-150 years the mass psychology involved has become very well understood and propagandists — now called public relations experts — have learned how to manipulate the public by means of the media. Obama has many supporters in the entertainment industry, who understood very well how to make him a celebrity, loved and even, in effect, worshiped by millions.

Just as Obama’s advertising people understood how to instill an irrational love…

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