Patriots Tour of Chicano Park

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Communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara memorialized at the Park This is a draft of a tour guide for patriots for Chicano Park in San Diego, a taxpayer-funded public park. It will likely be edited for quite a while. Am making this draft document below public so you can have a first look. (Expand to full screen for easy reading.)

Chicano Park is controlled by a radical group, who claim to own the land. The park murals and activities promote communism and a Nazi-like, La Raza nationalism for the Southwestern United States, which they call “Aztlan”. On September 3, 2017, five patriots attempted to make a private tour of the murals at Chicano Park, in order to have a critical discussion. They were met by a crowd of 500 fanatical park-supporters, screaming threats, slander and epithets, intent on denying them access and driving them out of this supposedly public…

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Facebook Validates Nazi-like Symbols at Chicano Park, San Diego

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The Chicanos claim that the swastikas that are found all around the park are just indigenous symbols. They often use ambiguous symbolism with dual meanings to disguise their subversive message. This is the “Prophecy of…

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John Renison – Secret Mexican Citizen Running for US Congress in Border District

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Chicano Founder: Take Pride in Cop Killing

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These are two excerpts from a speech made by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in 1969 at UCLA, one of the four founders of the radical Chicano political movement. The “Mission” incident he talks about is apparently a then famous case, in which Chicanos killed a cop in the Mission District of San Francisco in 1969. The Chicanos were members of radical Chicano organizations, including the Brown Berets de Aztlan. See video description for a link.

These revolutionary ideas are still taught in Chicano studies classes in universities and high schools across the nation. Corky’s ashes are scattered around the Zapata statue are Chicano Park in San Diego, which makes the place “sacred” according to the Chicano Park Steering Committee chairman.

A Chongo is a cop and “vato” means “guy”. The “Comancheros” was a group that terrorized ranchers, whom they claimed were living on Chicano land.

The followers of another founder, Reies…

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ABC10 News report before Patriot Picnic II in San Diego

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10 News does a report two days before the event to try to beef up to opposition to us. I added my comments and replaced some of their imagery with more relevant imagery.

ABC10 is partly owned by TV Azteca and a large percentage of its viewers are Hispanics in the area of Barrio Logan, where Chicano Park is located.

Seems to be somewhat less interest among the opposition than last time. This time it is a little more difficult to demonize us than it was right after Charlottesville. Their propaganda is getting old and stale. It will be hard for them to keep up the hysterical response to our park visits. Some even admit that I may not be a Nazi, after all. I am not sure, but expect a somewhat smaller, less angry crowd of opposition this time. The police will be there in force to keep the…

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Attorney’s Warning Letter to San Diego City about Chicano Park

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Slight change to the Park logo,
which usually features Aztlan. Chicano Park is a park in San Diego that promotes a racial form of Mexican/Hispanic ultra-nationalism, communism and anti-Americanism. The city’s policies are responsible for creating a hostile, even dangerous environment for those of certain ethnic and racial backgrounds who disagree with the radical ideological theme of the Park.

Below is a link to the letter sent by attorney Ed Rose to the San Diego City leaders warning about the discrimination and violation of civil rights in Chicano Park and asking them to respond and inform us how they will change their policies to provide equal rights for everyone at this Park.

Ed Rose Letter Mailed

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Can Americans Raise the Flag in Aztlan (Chicano Park)?

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Aztlan is the Chicano National Homeland Patriot Picnic II has been scheduled for Chicano Park in San Diego at 10am on February 3, 2018 by an anonymous organizer. The issue to be tested, is whether Americans still have their constitutional rights in this 7.9 acre supposedly public park, which the Chicano Park Steering Committee calls the first part of Aztlan to be conquered. In particular, the American flag will be raised in Chicano Park that day.

The American Southwest “Aztlan” is claimed to be their national homeland and portrayed as a separate nation. The park is essentially a no-go zone for overtly pro-Americans and the police. The City has ceded ownership of what they call the “ombligo” (navel) de Aztlan to the Chicano Nationalists.

Communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara memorialized at the Park City officials pretend to control the property, but the Chicano Park Steering Committee has a paramilitary…

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