Illegal Immigration – The Silent Coup

Illegal Aliens crossing into the US
Invading Force
Illegal Aliens crossing into the US
While many are anxiously watching for a military coup or takeover by radical Muslims, the country is quietly being taken over by Obama and the Democrats via illegal immigration with open collusion from the Republican leadership. The leading politicians of both parties would prefer to rule over a nation of compliant peasants than the more demanding constituency that they have now. If an amnesty bill passes, it will transform the political landscape completely and the Democrats will enjoy a firm grip on national governmental power for the indefinite future. The plan for an Obama takeover appears to be to come in the back door with Amnesty, led by turncoat Republicans, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake and others.

Amnesty will just greatly increase the rate of influx illegal aliens and provide the Democrats with 10’s of millions of more voters. The proponents of amnesty are trying to have a turncoat Republican sponsor the amnesty bill so that it is not associated with Obama. The Republican leadership has capitulated to the prospect of one-party rule and their fondest hope now is only to be allowed to participate in the final looting of America. This Bill is being proposed early in Obama’s second term so that as many as the illegals as possible can become citizens and be registered to vote in the coming elections.

Amnesty was tried before in 1986, during the Reagan administration. Largely the same promises are being made now, as then, that the Amnesty will solve the problem once and for all; the border will be sealed, etc. Eventually about 3.1 million applicants were granted amnesty. That just encouraged millions more to come illegally and now the estimates are that 10-30 or even 40 million illegals are in the US.


Giving amnesty to so many millions of illegals would shift the balance of political power in the US and we would become, in effect, a single party system of government like Hugo Chavez is trying to implement in Venezuela. The next step would be to schedule a referendum to repeal that troublesome Constitution by a majority vote. Since more than a generation has passed since the last Amnesty, the politicians hope that the citizens have forgotten and they can pull the same con game again.

Peasants used as occupying force
Traditional Collectivist Tactic
Peasants used as occupying force
Flooding the land or property of the owners with poverty-stricken masses as an occupying force in order to overwhelm the system, drive the middle class off the land, create anarchy and gain absolute power is an old method of the communists and other collectivist movements. Some version of this idea has been carried out in a number of different countries around the world during times of communist or black nationalist revolution. Massive numbers of illegal immigrants flooded South Africa before the collapse of the Apartheid regime. Poor blacks occupied the lands of white farmers in Zimbabwe to drive them off their land. Al Awda is a movement to return the descendents of refugees to Israel, which would mean the destruction of the current Israeli system. The same tactic has been used in virtually every communist revolution. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is just the same method being used against the American system on a very large scale.

To control illegal immigration it will be necessary to stop giving benefits to illegal aliens and stop giving automatic citizenship to the children of illegal residents of the United States. Steve King has introduced a Bill (H.R. 140) to deny citizenship to “anchor babies.”

Congressman Steve King rolls out plan to unmoor ‘anchor babies’

Passage of an Amnesty Bill would mean that the Democrats will ultimately gain control of both houses of Congress and retain the Presidency in elections for the indefinite future. That the current, so-called Republican leadership is so willing to acquiesce to this treasonous plan and even actively support it is very telling.

SEIU Vice-President Eliseo Medina Explains the Purpose of Amnesty

6 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration – The Silent Coup”

  1. My GOD, America, he is using our own system to kill our Freedom and make this a socialistic state!!! Impeach him!! HOW MANY LIES and SCANDALS does it take! TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!

  2. People need to get their heads out of their butts, and start paying attention to what is going on around them. Some thinking the money they get from the government is free which shows how stupid they are, and us for reelecting the idiots we have in Washington.

  3. In Kentucky we erected a minefield encompassing our borders to stop all those illegals whether their Mexicans, Central Asians or anyone stupid enough to try to violate our laws.
    We decided to regain control of the Commonwealth regardless of the lawsuits of the corrupt ‘Socialists’ in Washington, D.C. Everyday we have prisoners walk the border of our state, and pick up body parts, and then throw them back across the other side of the minefield. We no longer have an illegal immigrant problem.

    As a backup, we posted in our newspapers (in Spanish) that anyone here illegally before we erected our minefield who did not leave the state that their illegal offspring would have to attend one of our Public Schools as punishment. While I do agree that this is considered unusual and harsh we felt that it was only fair to severely penalize the illegals already here.


    Mr. Nice Guy

  4. The republican party had better notice if they don’t turn this nation around from obama and get this country back to of the people for the people “Americans”who are here legally they can be voted out just like last nites election. God bless American

    1. They’re thinking, who are we going to vote for, their partners in crime, the Democrats? They think they have us over a barrel and can screw us until their heart’s content.

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