The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners – Lessons for America

You may think that America is worlds different than apartheid South Africa, but members the radical alliance of Black Nationalists, Communists, international socialists, anarchists and others, who brought down the South African regime, believe that American rules over a global system of apartheid. In their eyes, South Africa was the little Apartheid regime and America is the big Apartheid regime.

They will use similar tactics and propaganda to subvert the American system as they did in South Africa. For that reason, to understand what is planned for America, it is helpful to compare to revolutions in Africa. Leaders of the same subversive groups that installed one-party rule and collective persecution of the white, conservative/traditional minority would like to see similar “fundamental transformation” in the US.

Two books of interest on the subject are:

“The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners” by Pieter Oosthuizen.

Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” by Ilana Mercer

Black Nationalists, socialists, progressives and Communists worked together to bring about the overturn of the South African apartheid government. Since that time the Afrikaners have lost their own civil rights and have suffered discrimination. Isolated farmers have been wantonly murdered in the thousands. The Afrikaners language and cultural heritage has been systematically destroyed. Genocide is defined to be the destruction of a people, its nation or its cultural institutions/identity. This is a real genocide, albeit in slow motion.

The doctrine of Obama’s own church, based on Black Liberation Theology, is a branch of the doctrine of the greater Black Nationalist movement that demonizes whites and and exalts the black race as God. It teaches that the black race has a divine mission to destroy white society and America, thereby liberating the world and creating a millennial Utopia. The basic concept of this religious doctrine is genocidal in the same way. Their own literature contains dozens of quotes such as those that follow. Please do not patronize us with assertions that Harvard-educated Obama for 20 years never got a hint of what what Black Liberation Theology is really all about.

It is a theology which confronts white society as the racist Antichrist… from Black Theology and Black Power (1969) by James H. Cone , p. 135.

With the assurance that God is on our side, we can begin to make ready for the inevitable-the decisive encounter between black and white existence….We will not let whitey cool this one with his pious love ethic but will seek to enhance our hostility, bringing it to its full manifestation. from A Black Theology of Liberation (1970) by James H. Cone , Ibid., p.12

To be black is to be commit­ted to destroying everything this country loves and adores. Ibid. p. 20.

Because whiteness by its very nature is against blackness, the black prophet is a prophet of national doom. He proclaims the end of the “American Way,” for God has stirred the soul of the black community…, Ibid., p. 55.

Black theology …. must stay in the black community and get down to the real issues at hand (“cutting throats” to use LeRoi Jones’s phrase) and not waste too much time discussing the legitimacy of religious language., Ibid., p. 59.

…it is incumbent upon me by the freedom granted by the creator to deny whiteness and affirm blackness as the essence of God. Ibid., p. 74.

Freedom is the black movement of a people getting ready to liberate itself, knowing that it cannot be unless its oppressors cease to be. Ibid., p. 101.

The radicals and racists that are bringing about this change want to extend it to all of Africa and ultimately transform the entire world in this way. The same process that has been used to transform South Africa has already started here.

This is a YouTube video of the news conference by Dr. Gregory Stanton of the Genocide Watch held in South Africa in 2012 in regards to the Farm Murders and Genocide of white Afrikaners (European Africans).

Thousands of white South Africans have been killed in genocidal farm murders. The reason these farm murders aren’t taking place at an even faster pace is probably the fear of an international public reaction.

One of the most obvious comparisons to be made are that blacks in both countries express themselves openly, with no shame and little resistance about extermination of whites. Below is a clip about the “struggle songs” that black sing openly in South Africa about exterminating whites, Nelson Mandela is a sympathetic figure, like Barack Obama, who led the handover of Africa to the coalition of Black Nationalists, socialists, progressives and communists. In America the same coalition with the addition of certain other groups, such as the Latino reconquistas, are trying to achieve the same kind of transformation that took place in South Africa. You may well think the apartheid system deserved to fall, but radicals do not think that American system is any different and just as deserving of destruction, if not more so, as apartheid was, because they see America as the oppressor of the entire world.

Obama and his immediate circle may not have his own plan for genocide, but he is sympathetic and, like his idol Mandela, can open the gates for those that do have such plans and can carry them out. Below, you see Mandela in a group singing a “struggle song” about the extermination of whites. The light-skinned man standing next to Mandela is a communist leader and ally, who is of Jewish ancestry.

The doctrine of Obama’s church in Chicago, Black Liberation Theology, is based on an actually genocidal racial concept, that white society is the source of evil in the world and for that reason should be destroyed. It is a branch of the Black Theology of Black Nationalism, which has existed as a mass movement in the US for about a century, started by Marcus Garvey. See this link for more detail:

Obama’s Church Preaches White Genocide

This is the infamous clip of the New Black Panther, King Samir Shabazz, calling openly for the extermination of whites. The New Black Panthers are also a branch of the Black Nationalism movement. There are a number of these sects that present themselves as Jewish, Muslim, Christian or secular, but that all have basically the same doctrine that scapegoats whites as the source of all evil in the world.

Other Black Nationalists have done the same. This is not just the ranting of individuals, but the written doctrine of Black Nationalism. In this respect, it is the same situation in South Africa as it is here. Whether Obama will actively carry out such a doctrine is not the point. He can open the doors to others that can and will act on the genocidal doctrine of his movement. He and Attorney General Holder have already shown a propensity to disregard the law, when it comes to such genocidal maniacs.


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The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners

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37 thoughts on “The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners – Lessons for America”

  1. Thank you for highlighting the dramatic genocide of the Afrikaners in South Africa. As a nation they have been in Southern Africa longer than Americans have been members of the United States of America. The Afrikaners created all the modern infrastructures in South Africa. Now the ANC youth league is training 8,000 of its members in the Defence Force as a Maoist ‘rural task force’ which will be doing exactly what Mugabe did to the white farmers in his country: these armed military rape-and-destroy groups will travel from farm to farm, from town to town, seek out all the Afrikaners, actually the white Westerners, and kill them. The majority of the Afrikaners have no other place to flee to. The ANC regime has already disarmed the majority of them with gun-control laws while keeping the 14-milliion illegal AK47s imported from China in the hands of the criminal gangs. The South Africna police is actively engaged in armed attacks on white families with these criminal gangs. The Afrikaners of South Africa are trapped like a fish in a barrel. There will be no escape for them.

  2. I drafted this page a few weeks ago and have been meaning to highlight the similarities between what Obama is doing in America — or trying to do — to what the tyrants in Africa have done. Re-posted one of your link in FaceBook already. I may be able to re-use whatever you can provide.

  3. Hey, affirmative action is Racism . Many (majority)Blacks in this country have a huge issue with us boere and they are not going to stop until we go back into the sea we came from. “Umlungu” is their name for us and it means “white scum from the sea” Us whites don,t even apply for jobs advertised in the paper because we will only be used as statistics when employers are asked”you interview any whites?”

  4. It is clear the awakening of the survival skills of the whites is there now, however, are we perhaps too civil in our reaction to these threats to our existince by the blacks, as this has clearly become a black on white issue. Should we not abandon the diplomatic roads and just start a full scale war ?

    In South Africa, it is a daily struggle to just do the basics, as a Boer we are very close to the end of our Humanity and very close to turn into savage fighters that will die for our right to live in peace

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  6. As a white person who was terrorized by blacks in Boston (1970’s -1980’s), I can appreciate the plight of the Afrikaner. The Afrikaner can expect no help from the outside. The Afrikaner must organize and meet the Black with GUN IN HAND.

  7. Also see and
    SA history has been distorted. The truth is the bushmen are the indigenous people of SA, and it was then colonised by blacks and whites. Population stats Early 1900’s 1million whites and 3million blacks; 2011 4.5million whites and 40million blacks. Not all blacks were oppressed by apartheid, which lasted 40years. We are now 18years into the new apartheid. There are 5million registered tax payers supporitng a population of over 50million incl illegal immigrants…..yet millions are stolen every year by the ANC instead of uplifitng the poor. Whites have been made the handy scapegoat for black poverty. The government is doing this to deflect attention away from their greed and corruption. Now the racsit laws implemented against the white minority resemble what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany. The sad thing is many white South Africans are internal refugees, and can’t leave even if they want to. The ANC holds witchcraft “cleansing” ceremonies for the coutrny. God help us!

    1. I can believe it. Obama wants to do the same thing here. Don’t believe he will be successful. If Obama is exposed, it may help people understand South Africa better.

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  9. well you have your own views and i have mine, on the south african issue ”do you realy have to say that about us?” currently you are white probably gained something out of aparttheid” regime.

    Now let me teach you something about those songs we sing. they are called STRUGGLE SONGS mandela without that inspiration of 1 voice. We could have had a massive destruction of racists white in our land..but we are better than that. why not turn tables on misfortunes with humanity.
    Farmers who got murderd are just crime static there is nothing like a plot against whites who killed and kept on destroying our country by buiding their legacy on corruption and have a nerve to call us african corrupt they brought it here we will change it in to a dream we can all live happily ever after. i bet you dont want that because african should be your slaves.

  10. @Neo
    I am white and had to work hard for what I have, thank you. Nothing was handed to me because I am white. You on the other hand, received a first world country on a silver plate(not that you contributed anything towards building this country mind you) and turned it into a massive sh%$ hole within 20 years.
    You are not only singing liberation songs as you claim, but are murdering whites at an alarming rate. Last count was close to 4000 farmers since 1994, not just killed, but hacked to pieces. Do NOT play the innocent victim. The truth will come out sooner or later. I think America’s eyes are starting to open as we speak.

  11. @riaan you are right in your position but you are missing something here. see i dont have to see things like you because you have never seen what your apartheid regime has done to to africans(truth is i am one of those people who wanted war so we can never put up with injustices of today in SA.) and you say you are working hard and everything was handed to me coming from you man think about it the transition started slowly to crawl because your people still think that this is your country(afrikaners) and you can even speak african language. see you stole our country,killed our people,dictate our progress and you continue to corrupt the system most of all a man we trusted (mandela) sold us and he is somehow a bloody hero. we now have to put up with all of you constantly complaining about corruption you introduced and continue to use it against us.
    all whites are the same no matter what you say and we dont need people like you in this country.
    i know i went off topic just now its just that this is so frustrating JUST MOVE ON!! we made peace with whatever your people did.

  12. @ Neo:
    Stole your country? The original inhabitants of South Africa were the khoi and San people. Black tribes were murdering each other out in Central Africa with the Difacane thus fleeing to South Africa when the first whites arrived in Capetown in 1652. This was never your country to start with. Why should I rejoice when my country which was build by whites was handed to people who did not lift a finger to built this country at any given stage of history. Your only contribution to this country is to see how fast you can destroy it. Whites are without power, so you must be a total idiot to state that we are still corrupting the system. You can open up the newspapers any day and find BLACK people, mostly politicians involved in massive fraud. Nkantla, weapon transaction, pension fraud, retirement funds to name but a few. As to killing your people, the total count of Blacks killed during apartheid doesn’t even cover the monthly totals of whites. Don’t take it from a South African white. Google Dr Stanton genocide watch and see for yourself. This did not ever happen against Blacks in South Africa.
    Maybe, just maybe one day Black people would start contributing something positive and we all could move on. It is difficult to move on if you are a sitting duck, waiting to fall victim to barbarous attacks

  13. @riaan your history begins in 1652 and before then you have no clue.Africans had lifestock they travelled seasonal looking for grazing land for the animals conflicts occured and people died …lets get to 1652 tell me how did you trade with African san,zulu etc.? oh and why if you traded fairly they came back @ night to take them back?

    polotics today- Zuma is being attacked by media owned by whites , he is somehow implicated in all of this so is another plot against democracy led by Africans.
    thats why i say you have have no clue what happend where media didint reach when your grands’ oppressed AFRICANS and now we should be making your safety no.1 priority but you guys are protected by the ”deal” remember coddesa1 & 2.see we have been part of this country building since day 1 you are constantly undermining our abilities instead of applause yo would rather dwell in your so called major contribution you site has put in to build when had all intesions to destroy at the later stage. Riaan you have no history without me and i urge you to start looking at differently , untill then lets move on or better yet i am sure if you ask niceley some minister will be glad to to buy you ticket to Australia you know make a new start.
    then i promise you the rest of the flock will follow you or just work with our goverment in making sure SA is a better place than it was since you arrive.

  14. @ Neo:
    Country building? Yeah right! Let us build a country by removing whites from their jobs, allocate new jobs to Black people only and try by any means possible to remove whites from this country with as much violence as possible. Strange way of country building don’t you think?
    You are quite right, my history(in South Africa) begins in 1652. Can you trace your history back further than that? I don’t think so. It is very likely that your ancestors would have been Nomadic cattle herders at that stage moving around for grazing for cattle, probably in Central Africa. That put us on a level playing field as to ownership of South Africa. What I am trying to say, is that I am as part of Africa as you are. I do not even know where any of my ancestors were before they arrived in Africa. How long should my family tree run through Africa before I am part of your exclusive club? Why don’t you be honest enough to admit that the colour of my skin, not my history excludes me from being part of the only country I know or my family have known for centuries?
    Newsflash: As much as you would like me to disappear from this continent, I would very much like you to disappear. It is not going to happen though, and I shall be around for a while, even if it is only to irritate the living daylights out of you.

  15. theres so much you dont know about Africa and it’s people, what you have learned about your history make you special to me i dont want you gone i want you to know the truth.. about your precious ancestors they stole my history (find somebody who can tell you the truth about that) they recorded what will keep them safe to be part of this dark continent. look i am not accusing you of anything if you cant acknowlege the truth you and Africa.
    from where i am standing you dont belong here not everybody but you, i have to put up with you since you dont remember where 3 ships are i guess that makes you 1 of us so stop complaining .
    and about you hoping i dissapear come’ on you are an alien here who should go between you and i ? lets go back a bit- your people were scared of africans before saying we are monsters now common sense who in their right mind would come into your house and start making the rules?
    i lost count of abuses in the hands of you people and currently i am starting feel like i should do something about it. you have no claim over land anywhere in africa and get used to it…and for the farmers who died in hands of Africans i think you should look close to facts…live by sword and you will…………………for every job taken by African you will find another 1 in Australia . and dont judge the corrupt Africans poloticians because they just like you unfortunately they dont have a right to claim corruption as their invention because it was introduced by you in africa after all.
    see tabbles are turned in a civil manner be greatfull and call yourself lucky you are surrounded by people you hurt so bad and still they are willing to listen to you complain how unfair this is and you are not dead or running for your life. YOU DONT HAVE A CLAIM OVER THIS LAND AND YOUR PEOPLE KNOW THAT AND YOU ARE MUST BE STUPID TO IGNORE THAT OR STILL BRAINWASHED BY YOUR DEAD REGIME.

  16. So your point is this:
    I am part of Africa as long as I play by your rules. Shut up, sit down, be grateful for being allowed to appear in public. Do not expect to get any job and give thanks every day for being allowed to breath(as long as I don’t expect more than that). If assaulted, don’t forget to thank the Black man for not killing you. And please do not forget to thank 40 million Blacks for the privilege of allowing the minority to support them financially. If you can’t live by this rules, move to Australia.

    I repeat, I have not stolen one cent in life from anybody and have worked my behind of for what I have. If you expect me to keep quiet about hoodlums robbing this country blind or even cheering them for doing so, you know where to get off.

    I think you are the one being brainwashed. You have taken control of this country in 1994. How long can you blame your own failures on Apartheid and the Afrikaner? How long do you need to contribute ANYTHING positive to this country? And again, this country was built by whites and is being destroyed by Blacks at an alarming rate. This once beautiful first world country is nothing but a big rubbish dump and is going down the drain fast. Can you recall the day when Zimbabwe under a white regime was called the breadbasket of Africa? As we all know, Zimbabwe today is the failure of Africa. South Africa is following suite and you want me to congratulate you? Maybe, just maybe one day when you are big enough to acknowledge that you are as much to blame as anyone else for this mess, we can move forward. Your hands are not clean at all.
    You expect me not to complain, but what did Blacks do during Apartheid when things did not go their way? Plant bombs and kill innocent people, black and white.

    Final thought; If you think it was bad being black in the old South Africa, try being white in the new one.

  17. @riaan
    man you nailed it right there but you missed my point. what you hear in the news is totaly opposite of what’s happening you it’s a bit streched to make minoroty feel good about themselfs.
    what i am saying is you made this monster in SA just like Mugabe in Zimbabwe its your own doing what piss me off is you dont want to claim your own invention thats all.
    South Africa was ‘wealth’ waiting to be discoverd if you had good intentions why didint you let us work together building it? look i am not denying the fact that mistakes are made in public and justice is not served accordingly. if you do call yourself African why are’nt you doing something instead you are complaining.
    yeah we fought because it was well within our rights to do so,join cause against corruption ,invest in a media company to tell the truth intead of destroying it with speculations,there a lot you can do instead of what you are doing for your dead regime you cant learn to be African you have to be African and that means you are an activist in your own right going back and forth is not gonna help achieve your goal or what you want to see change for everybody sake not for crazy apartheid ancestors, what heard is white people are smarter than this. look iam in hurry now i want to share a story about somebody you might have heard about maybe you will see new light in your world

  18. What you fail to understand is that the National Party and their International cronies( bankers, mining companies, etc.) were in charge of the wealth and these elect few pocketed trillions. That is the beauty of democracy. The elect few do as they please and the rest of the population get the crumbs. They rule by divide and conquer tactics and the man on the street is powerless to do anything. This is what happened during Apartheid and this is what is still happening today, except now its is the ANC and their cronies doing this. Can I blame you for what government do? No. Can you blame me for what the previous government did? No. You claim that I made this monster in South-Africa and I claim that you made it. We are not going to see eye to eye on this. Both black and white suffer when the country is being sucked dry by a select few(how many homes could have been built for the poor already)? What do we do? Complain and keep on complaining, that is our only weapon at this stage. Stop playing the blaming game and start complaining. If enough citizens complain, the powers to be might start to realize that their citizens are unhappy.

    1. A one-party system is not democratic. That’s what they are trying to do in the US, under Obama, a great fan of the South African, one-party system.

  19. @riaan
    you have made a clear cut point and i respect you for that. how about this from now on as you said we leave that colour issue to rest and we get to the main issue.
    See complaining wont get us anywhere but we will still go back in me feeling somehow attacked and past will be brought back instantly. what i think is we should take a more direct approach as citizens because we voted for those in power now and we will still vote for next to come.
    1-violence and intimidation is working but people lose their lives
    2-petitions might make an impact but change we want will take forever to happen.
    3-combining all our resouces as the men in streetsand sticking it to the man can do wonders.
    i dont know where you stan with what i have proposed the worst thing is everybody down herewants a piece of the pie and it doesnt matter how they get it and that is a problem.
    You mentioned some people i wanted to to tell you about in the past goverment and unfortunately they are still in the present goverment ROTHCHILD ,ROCKAFELLS & OTHERS they are major players slowing down our progress as a country dictating the circulation & the rest in power realised they are nothing but puppets the only way they can control the state is by ripping off the men in the streets/ harworking citizens such as yourself & i so if i blame you when you are complaining then the man is invinsible to point finger at they can do as they please, when spotted they can literaly keep their frustrations on us police brutality,man made accidents etc.
    so people dont have to be on need to know basis they have to know who is doing all of this and never trust this jounalists their job is to destroy the truth to cover-up what exactly happen.
    Riaan we need solutions not only that but permenent solutions- as an African to an African what do you have in mind?

  20. @ Neo:
    Firstly, realize that whites are As marginalized today as Blacks were yesterday. You will be surprised to hear that the projected number of whites in squatter camps are 300 000. Much less than Blacks, but if you work it out in percentage, we are in the same boat. History repeats itself and
    whites are treated worse today than Blacks during Apartheid. And a life by the sword comment doesn’t help either. You would have read in the paper a while ago about a white family being chopped into pieces and the corpses set alight on a farm in Kwazulu- Natal. It was my best friend’s parents. Before the murder, his father actually offered to pay for the murderer’s(gardener) studies to better his life. Part of the problem is government stating in public that whites stole black’s land. The couple of white land owners that I know that are fortunate enough to own land, paid market related prices for the land. The worse thing that you can do, is to take away farms in production and to give it away to be used as squatter camps and that is unfortunately what is happening( even though there is an estimated 8000 000 hectares of government land unaccounted for). A food shortage due to taking away farms in production will most definitely lead to food shortages affecting both black and white.
    a Wise man once said that all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Our hands are tied, we are just not enough to make a difference at this stage. We can not afford to do nothing though. According to me, the worst evil in any country is absolute power. A government without any opposition can do as they please. It really doesn’t matter which party rules, if they are too powerful, evil will prevail. We need to bring injustices to the front and newspapers are not necessarily the enemy in this regard. Do not make the mistake to think that they are totally controlled by one group, as their primary goal is to make money. It is going to take time, but if the population is waken up one by one, maybe we could get somewhere, someday. Take Malema as an example: I don’t think he has enough influence to be a major player, but by complaining and shouting blue murder in parliament, he as an individual might just make a couple of MP’s nervous enough not to stick their fingers in the till. Add a couple of voices to his, and we might actually see a change.

  21. @riaan
    Yes sitting back wont do us any good and honestly malema is just scraching the surface, I dont think he is what he say he is at this present moment see following him with playing cards close to his chest it wont do us any good either if you know what i mean.there is so much happening behind the scenes and yeah he is making them nervous because he knows exactly how we got here.
    In the past yes whites had it all but did they realy?
    presently we look like we have it all be honest do we? . the truth is any gain we both have or had mean nothing to our country see we all say whoever reaches the ANC level will make sure balance is restored and the can only be 1 DA or EFF so what about the rest-are we going for 2 partys state like America or we stay with more options now there is our ”problem”
    The media they play a major role in this mess this is how (they are making things fashionable i mean serious issues like corruption & violent crimes just like the one you metioned what are they leaving out of the public eye?) look there was this incident about this guy i think he called somebody a KAFFIR and was fired and he was hired by CITIZEN newspaper,now who in their right mind would read so called truth about their ANC from that paper? . i mean being a south african Riaan come on you should know by now most Africans here they dont vote with their heads and those are the ones who made ANC powerful see that makes it impossible to level with the rulling party. I support what malema claims he stand for but he will be worst than the ANC if he elevates to the top.we can rally in our own ranks with 1 voice but he should be where he is now for another term atleast we will be safe.

  22. @ Neo
    As I said, It doesn’t really matter what party rules. Politics is a dirty game and the ruling party will always rule by divide and conquer. The Nats ruled by creating the “Swart Gevaar ” and the ANC by making their voters believe that whites are evil land thieves. What parties claim to stand for and what they really stand for are worlds apart and they tap our recourses the moment they get into power. They are removing the middle class by enriching themselves and their elected friends. The rest of the people are becoming poorer and poorer, thus creating a welfare state, which is easier to control. If the country end up in bankrupt even better. Their assets are safely stashed abroad. What we need is any opposition party strong enough to be a thread to the ruling party. If there is a party threatening to take power when you make a slight mistake, you would be forced to play the game by the people’s rules.
    In order to achieve this, we shall HAVE TO move away from colour and race issues and concentrate on real issues. This is going to take time and there are no easy or quick solutions.

  23. @riaan
    ok so we have 2 partys opposing the power house so which one do we have to support to level with ANC ?
    Nothing is impossible we need a new party to over shadow all small partys. a party thats going to give power to the people. We dont need EFF it exist because of personal vendetas ,we dont need DA it seems like they only exist because of the ANC and people no longer need the ANC it has done it’s job .We need a new fresh party with a mission to take this country to the next level.
    what we have in the parliment today or this term should be minority partys including ANC so we can move forward with all of them bikering at eachother the next 20 years we will practicaly be in the S%#*t hole country.Are you ready for change? because people are tired of seeing pricks ruining this picture perfect ”dream”. It doesnt matter who is running the country balance need to be restored and the only way to do it is forgetting office mandate and give POWER TO THE PEOPLE. and that’s where i stan .

  24. A fresh start with a new party can be a good thing. Maybe the first party to fight for the rights of ALL people, doesn’t matter what colour or creed. For this to be even possible, we shall have to learn to stand together and get over petty issues.

  25. if you got any idea i would definately sign up for that.LET THE PAST BE LESSONS TO DRIVE US IN TO THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA BY GIVING BACK POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  26. Oude Ram Afrikaner
    Oude Ram Afrikaner (* early
    18th century in the Tulbagh
    farmlands in South Africa; †
    around 1760 in Cape Town) was
    the leader of a clan that later
    became known as the Orlam
    Afrikaners, a sub-group of the
    Orlam. The clan consisted of
    mixed-race descendants from
    indigenous Khoikhoi and slaves
    from Madagascar, India, and
    Indonesia. Members of this
    mixed race are today sometimes
    called African Creole people or
    Creole Africans, as well as
    The group around Oude Ram
    was the first to refer to
    themselves not as being from a
    specific tribe but to use the
    continental description, African.
    [1] This is how Oude Ram and
    his descendants got the surname
    Afrikaner, and their language the
    name Afrikaans. Only much later
    in the second half of the 19th
    century did the Cape Dutch adopt
    this attribution, too.[2][3] The
    Khoi and mixed-race peoples
    became known, collectively, as
    Coloureds,[1] a term which was
    introduced by the British
    administration.[4] There is not
    much known about the
    biography of Oude Ram and the
    Orlams’ pre-1760 history. It is
    documented that his clan came
    in conflict with the Dutch East
    India Company. Subsequently he
    and his son Afrikaner Afrikaner
    were banned from the Cape
    Colony and sentenced to life in
    prison. While Oude Ram probably
    died soon after the conviction,
    his son Afrikaner became one of
    the first prisoners of Robben
    Island in 1761. He died there on
    25 June 1777. His other son,
    Klaas, was exonerated and led
    the clan from the Cape Colony to
    South-West Africa in the 1770s.

    So how are YOU the original Afrikaners again?

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