Obama – Part of the Black Nazi / KKK Movement

King Samir Shabazz
Poster Child of Black Nazism
Many noticed back in 2008 that the Obama campaign had a lot of similarities in aesthetics to Nazism. It has been much pooh-poohed, however, the Founder of the black nationalist movement, Marcus Garvey, believed that the success of the white man was due to white supremacist groups and the mandated that blacks form groups similar to the KKK/Nazism.

In ordinary elections there is a lot of “wolf” calling, but now the wolf is really at our doorstep and we need to get it right to make our charges stick. Black Nationalists often sympathize with Islam and will work with Communists, but it is most supportable that Obama is part of this Black KKK/Nazi movement and he ought to be called out about it.

It does not bother Obama’s minions much, if you call him a “Muslim” or a “Marxist,” but they get their panties in a twist, when you call him a “Nazi.” Though it may sound absurd to the uninformed to say that Obama is a kind of “Black Nazi” or “Afro Nazi” is just the hard truth and you can support that charge. Though little known by the public, there is a very long and documented history of Black Nationalists modeling their beliefs after those of Nazism and the KKK. There is also a long history of Black Nationalists even cooperating with certain Nazis and the KKK groups.

Garvey, known as the prophet of Black Nationalism, mandated in the 1930’s that black nationalist groups emulate the KKK and Nazi Movement. He wrote that one day the black race would have their own, black “Hitler.” If you analyze Black Liberation Theology it is a black nationalist doctrine and inherited the concepts of the Garvey Movement. Obama can rightly be called a member of this “Black Nazi” movement, because he was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s God-damn-America, Black Nationalist church for 20 years.

The infamous Nazi mystic, Alfred Rosenberg, also cited the Black Nationalist movement back in the 1930’s as a kindred movement in his well-known racist tome, “Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts” (The Myth of the 20th Century). If an expert on Nazism like Alfred Rosenberg can compare Black Nationalism to Nazism, it would seem ridiculous that we should not consider the similarities, especially, since we have made a Black Nationalist president of the United States.

The author of the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology admitted in the preface of his book, “A Theology of Black Liberation,” that many held it to be racist and a “Nazi mentality.” David Horowitz called it “Afro Nazism” in his book “Hating Whitey.”

The Garvey Movement spawned the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Liberation churches and a number of other Black Nationalist groups. The full name of the Panthers is “The New Black Panthers and Marcus Garvey Movement.” The similarity to Nazism is obvious with the Panthers, but all of these groups and a number of others have roots in the original Marcus Garvey movement and have similar beliefs.

There has been a conscious effort to evoke the spirit of Nazism in the black nationalist movement. Farrakhan once praised Hitler as a “very great man.” Farrakhan, himself, has often been called a “black Hitler” or “black Nazi.”

Garvey referred to his movement as the first fascists because his movement was older than the Black Shirts of the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. Garvey did not exactly admire white Fascism or Nazism, but thought that blacks should use the same methods and techniques for the advancement of the black race. This is a smoking gun that validates the suspicions of so many that the Obama campaign emulates Nazism. It also explains why Obama and his Department of Justice are partial to other members of like-minded groups in the Black Nazi movement, such as genocidal maniac, “King” Samir Shabazz of the New Black Panthers.

In the interview below from the 1930’s, Marcus Garvey mandates that blacks should organize groups modeled after the KKK. Garvey is seen by many as the prophet of Black Nationalism.

Marcus Garvey mandates that blacks form their own KKK

This interview appears to be re-enacted, but is accurate in the documented views that Garvey expressed about the need for blacks to emulate white supremacy.

The Nation of Islam met with the Nazi Party and cooperated with them. Malcolm X was the spokesperson of the Nation of Islam in 1961 when the photo below was taken and Malcolm worked personally with the Nazis.

American Nazi Party Meets with the Nation of Islam (1961).

In the video below the leader of the White Aryan Resistance addresses a conference of the Black Panthers and recounts the history of cooperation between Black Nationalists and white supremacists.

Tom Metzger addresses the New Black Panthers,
recounting history of cooperation

In recent decades there has been a move to put a pleasant face on extremism, as Nazi leader David Duke did. Obama is one of the best at this. It is difficult for many to believe that Obama has a Black Nazi mentality, but that is the truth.

Nazi Politician, David Duke, put a nice face on Nazism
and so does Obama with his Black Nazism.

We have just as much right to think that Obama fully believes in the “Black Nazi” doctrine of his church as we do to believe that David Duke is a white Nazi/Klansman.

Nazism is not necessarily attached to one extreme of the normal political spectrum. There were leftist Nazis in the 1930’s, such Enst Röhm and Gregor Strasser of the Sturmabteilung (aka “Brown Shirts”). Hitler exterminated many of their leaders in the massacre, called the “Night of the Long Knives.” Leftist Nazis have sometimes been called “National Bolsheviks.

Obama has a leftist “Black Nazi” mentality and has a sympathy for radical Islam. He is difficult to label, but you might call him a Black Nazi Bolshevik. He deceptively puts an innocent face on his extremist views and that works very well with a lot of naive and/or willfully ignorant people.


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  1. And now everything we say online is being scanned and archived which can be used against us 20 years later if we are ever in a position of power to say or do anything.

  2. I don’t think it will be long before you have to have a facebook account to have a job and anything you say on it can and will be used against you in determining how *PC* you are.

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