Trump Fundraiser / Rally / Protest in San Diego, July 13th

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TrumpFundraising0706This is what we know about the time and place of the Trump Fundraiser on July 13th in Rancho Santa Fe, north of San Diego.

It will be held at a private residence in the Del Mar Country Club. The most likely place for a rally/protest appears to be right in front of the main entrance at the intersection of San Dieguito Road and Camino Santa Fe.

Trump to attend fundraiser in Del Mar Country Club

The event is listed as a reception/dinner. So, he would be expected to arrive in the late afternoon or early evening.

There is some room to park along San Dieguito Road in the dirt. In case there is not enough parking you may want to carpool or be prepared to park somewhere else and use Uber or Lyft to get to the Country Club.

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Thugs Pepper-Sprayed at Trump Protest – NBC 7 Lies (San Diego)

Two Punks Pepper-Spayed  in Olive Vest and Dark Hoodie

Two Punks Pepper-Spayed
in Olive Vest and Dark Hoodie

The video below shows a false report by the local NBC affiliate in San Diego and reveals what really happened that day at the anti-Trump protest in San Diego in May, 2016. A group of four young thugs were throwing bottles and attacking pro-Trump, pro-USA demonstrators. When two of them attacked a pro-Trump demonstrator and ripped up his protest sign, the two were sprayed by two persons standing next to the sign-holder in defense of the sign-holder and themselves.

I was able to contact both sprayers and the sign-holder and obtain their side of the story. The sign-holder was willing to be interviewed and tell his side of the story, but NBC was not interested in correcting their story false story. The reporter for NBC was Steven Luke. My belief is that NBC management and this reporter in general were biased and just did not care about reporting the truth in this matter.

See the full NBC report and video that shows what really happened in the clip below. I was also threatened with a rock by the two attackers as you see in the clip. In California this is assault.

Other media and bloggers also portrayed a false version of the event and slandered the two people who sprayed the attackers. Among them were Gawker, Occupy Democrats and even the conservative blog “Red State,” whose writers have gone rabidly anti-Trump and seem quite willing to slander his followers.

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Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Nationalism

The Chicano movement is a Mexican nationalist movement, based on ethnic and mestizo racial nationalism, which seeks to gain political control of the southwestern United States and to ultimately join it with Mexico. They are the ideological heirs of the faction of Mexican nationalists, who worked with the German Kaiser in World War I and Hitler in World War II. They were promised the territory of the American Southwest as a reward, if Mexico would join with the Germans in waging war against the US. As a nation, Mexico never accepted this deal, but some Mexican factions would have.The term “La Raza” (The Race) was popularized by the book by Jose Vasconcelos, La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race). La Raza Cosmica was a major source of inspiration for the Chicano movement, which began in the late 1960’s. This book is an adaptation of the Nazi mythology to the Mexican/Latino historical cultural environment.

Source: Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Nationalism

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The Three Legs Of Natural Born Citizenship

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This was the Framers’ intention (in today’s terms) when they made natural born citizenship a requirement for the presidency. Dual citizenship did not exist when the Constitution was written. The Founders wanted the Commander-in-Chief to be 100% American with no citizenship of any other country at birth.


Even a relatively small fraction of the voters can enforce this requirement by just refusing to vote for an ineligible candidate under any circumstances. Presidential elections often turn on a few percent of the vote. Put loyalty to the Constitution above that of a self-interested Party and they will very quickly learn to stop running ineligible candidates.

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How Obama and Turkey Supported the Formation of ISIS – Book Review

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Obama / ISIS Protest in San Bernardino (Video)

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It is bizarre that Obama can meet with families of ISIS terror victims without shame, since he is largely responsible for the rise of ISIS. ISIS grew out of his funding and support of Jihadist rebels in Syria, which included Al Qaeda terrorists. We had a protest on the opposite side of the intersection where a spontaneous memorial to the victims had been set up and got a tremendous response from the public. We called for the de-funding of ISIS by the US Congress and Obama’s impeachment and removal from office.

Obama tried to slip in under the cover of darkness. But four of us were at the airport and the motorcade drove right by us within a few feet, while Raul yelled at him with the bullhorn. Photos, video and interviews were also taken by KTLA, NBC4, LA Times and Reuters, an international news service.


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Protest Obama Visit to San Bernardino

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Las Vegas ProtestersObama is expected to be in San Bernardino on Friday for a private meeting with families of the victims of the terrorist attack. We are organizing a protest. The details will be posted here when available.

Obama to visit San Bernardino Friday, White House says

Check checking this site for updates when the details are learned.

Where:   Not yet decided.     
Time:    10am (tentative)  
Date:    Friday, December 18, 2015

We will have many extra signs, if you need a sign.

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