Anti-Obama Banners – Record of Flights

This is a record of our sky-banners, how much money was raised and what the banners cost.

You can click on the event name below and go to a page that shows who contributed to the banner and images and videos of the banners.


1. Impeach Obama Protest – Veterans Day – San Diego Banner Flyover

2. Rose Parade – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner

3. Super Bowl 2012 – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner

4. Religious Freedom Rally – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner

5. Del Mar Fair – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner


                                          BANNER            NEW            CARRYOVER         FUNDS
    EVENT                                  COST         CONTRIBUTIONS    FROM LAST EVENT     ON-HAND
Veterans Day 2011                         $1,058           $1,058              -             $1,058

Rose Parade 2012                          $2,500           $2,620              0             $2,620

Super Bowl 2012                           $1,650           $2,050           $120             $2,170
(3 hour)

Rally for Religious Freedom                 $650             $650           $520             $1,170

Del Mar Fair                                $895             $960           $520             $1,480
(2-hour flight)

Contributions Received  $7,338
Total Banner Costs      $6,753
Surplus                   $585

Carryover  (surplus money that can be used for next event) is $585  

Current contributions for the next event are listed at this link:

Contingency Fund – Impeach Obama Sky-Banners

Or, mail a check to:

Roger Ogden
P.O. Box 635287
San Diego, Ca 92163

Banner that overflew Rose Parade

3 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Banners – Record of Flights”

  1. We need a Billboard next, maybe. Now, it seems ,we have him on the ropes, thanks to all of us, and Wisconsin, how I would like to see Scott Walker as our Candidate

    I have a new suggestion, childish, simplistic, and a little effort. We drive our cars everyday, and guess how many of them we drive? Thousands Why not use them to advertise?? I am going to use the chalk, that the kids use, for football games, and maybe have one message a week. This last week, I would have put “Go Wisconsin”, “Thank God for Scott Walker”. Now, think of it, in traffic, the Guy behind you on the Freeway has no choice but to read your back window. If we ll did this, think of the message we would get out!!

    Since we no longer have the Media to expose things, we could reach tons of people like this, kids do it, to celebrate their victories, why we do it to create our Victory……..

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