Super Bowl 2012 – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner

In this event a sky-banner reading “IMPEACH OBAMA!” will be towed in the area of the Super Bowl XLVI for three hours. This 46th Super Bowl game will be held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 5, 2012. We are raising $2,000 for this event. Any funds left over after the banner is bought will be applied to the next event. Will let contributors know what the actual cost is, when the purchase is made.

WND Article about this Super-Bowl banner

Note: The FAA requires that aircraft stay at an altitude of at least 3,000 ft above such an event. Normal 5-7 foot banners cannot be read at that altitude. So, we will be flying the banner in the area around the stadium, over tailgate parties, downtown Indianapolis and along freeways before the game starts and before the flight restrictions are in place. The roof is retractable and is open, only if the weather is good. The kickoff is near sundown in any case, so there will not be much sunlight after the game starts, if the retractable roof is even open.


Expand the clip below to full screen to be able to read the banner more clearly.


Impeach-Obama Banner over Indianapolis during Super Bowl Events


Cessna plane with banner in tow
(image width is shortened for better viewing)

Sky-Banner produced by National Sky-Ads


To make a contribution, click on the button below. Suggested contribution is $10-100 dollars. It is certainly okay, of course, if you want to contribute more. Smaller donations are also appreciated and they do add up. Credit Cards are accepted. Any excess funds will be applied to the next event.

Or, mail a check to:

Roger Ogden
P.O. Box 635287
San Diego, Ca 92163

It may be a few days, before a mailed contribution is posted.

Your money can be returned via PayPal or mail, if the flight does not happen as planned. In case of a problem such as bad weather, the ad-contract will specify that the flight will be flown at a later date. Will negotiate that with the ad-provider. If you don’t trust the organizer, you can always reverse the charge on your credit card as being fraudulent. So, there is no risk of losing your money, if you pay with a credit card.

This is the list of contributors to date. Ordinary folks from all across the country are funding this event. If you don’t want your full name listed, you can identify yourself by initials or a user nick. Just send a message to “” and let us know.

    NAME                      AMOUNT         CITY           
1.  Surplus from last event    $120       USA
2.  Roger Ogden (Organizer)    $103       San Diego, Ca 
3.  William McClean            $500       USA 
4.  Andres Wong                $100       San Diego, Ca
5.  Micheal Brzoska            $100       Warren, Mi
6.  Scott Rieker               $100       San Diego, Ca
7.  Jody Graves                 $25       Huffman, Tx
8.  Jack Haynes                 $50       Mingus, Tx
9.  Roger Loiselle              $25       Oceanside, Ca
10. Carol Iwanski               $25       Dallas, Tx
11. Lynn Justus                 $25       Newport, Tn
12. Pat McCollum                $20       Kingman, Az
13. Mr. Attitude                $20       Cross Lanes, WV
14. Grace Dolan                 $25       Hoffman Estates, Il
15. Bruce Messersmith           $25       Alliance, Ne
16. Michael Cave                $25       Silver Creek, Ne
17. Alfred Roensch              $50       Napa, Ca
18. Angela Joyce                $10       Doylestown, PA
19. Walter Holm                $100       Piscataway, NJ
20. Miki Booth                  $25       Wyandotte, OK
21. Anonymous                    $7       San Jose, Ca 95113
22. Midwest Watchdog            $50       West Des Moines, Ia
22. Kyle McClung                $25       Jacksonville, Fl
23. James Simmons               $25       Sierra Vista, Az
24. Vicki Duffy                 $25       Benton, Tn
25. Daniel Hall                 $25       Paradise, Ca
26. Jere Fredenburgh            $50       Sierra Vista, Az
27.                  $10       Ft. Worth, Texas 
28. Anthony Thompson            $20       Charlottesville, Va
29. Christopher Piracci         $20       Holbrook, Ny
30. W.M.                        $25*      Batavia, Oh
31. W.D. Whiddon, Jr.           $25*      Broxton, Ga
32. Anonymous                    $5*      Topeka, Ks
33. W.N. Janes                 $300*      Marysville, Wa
34. Clair van Alsteyn           $30*      Poway, Ca
35. Rick Vining                 $20*      San Bernardino, Ca
36. Inventive Digital Designs   $10       Indianapolis, In
37. Peri McMillan               $20*      Duarte, Ca
*Paid by cash or check

Whether you believe that impeachment is practical at this time or not, this event is a protest of the media bias surrounding the corrupt Obama regime. We feel that the media has practiced a huge double standard. Criticism of Obama is suppressed by the corporate media as well as generally in society, due to political correctness and even appeasement for fear of social unrest and/or retaliation of some kind. This is a chance to voice our disapproval in a way that is difficult to ignore and there is benefit to that, in itself.

It is said that in times of deception, the truth is subversive. This is very much a time of deception. The truth is that many people think Obama is totally unfit for the presidency and even dangerous, due to his radical, anti-American background. His actions while in office have only confirmed that wide-spread belief in many ways. He should be removed from office as soon as possible. This is a way that we can make our message heard without the censorship of the corporate media.

If you send a contribution via PayPal or send your e-mail address with your contribution by snail mail, you will be added to our e-mail distribution list and receive updates about additional upcoming events. Anything paid in excess of our goal will be carried over to the next event.

This link describes the sky-banner that we did on Veterans Day over Coronado Island.

Rose Parade – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner


Impeach Obama Protest – Veterans Day – San Diego Banner Flyover



These groups and organizations publicized the event early-on or helped otherwise promote the event in some way. It helped with fundraising and the corporate-controlled media, of course, would not mention it. The Cost of the banner will be paid entirely by individual contributors, ordinary citizens from the San Diego / SoCal region and from across America.

Impeach Obama Tea Party

Stop Obama Now!! - San Diego

Boycott Oprah

14 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2012 – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner”

  1. Join me even if its a small contribution to support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and to protect AMERICA from further back room deals, smoke and mirror and bait and switch policies. Dont let Obama and his supports sell out America and make her less than a 3rd world country…a COUNTRY WITHOUT FREEDOM HONOR & A FUTURE.

  2. You put time, money and effort into attempting to fly a banner over the super bowl. They won’t show it on tv, they probably won’t let you fly it now that word is out, and on top of that the game is in a dome so nobody inside the dome (including the cameras) will see it. I support your right to free speech, and your right to express your opinions, but your cause is lost when you spend resources on something that won’t change anyone’s mind. And on top of that impeaching a President is an accusation that is very serious. It’s reserved for when the President does something criminal, not when he has different view points than you. And don’t give me the BS that his policies are criminal. That’s an amateur FOXNEWS argument. If you don’t like him, spend the money on trying to get people to vote against him in November. Also, I’d love to see your receipts and financial documents showing exactly how much you spend on getting the banner and plane up in the air, and how much went right in your pockets. Maybe you’re a lot similar to the people in Washington than you might want people to think.

    1. Our goal is to mock the lawless Obama presidency and his mindless minions, showing an anti-Obama message to hundreds of thousands of people on the ground and via the Internet. The sky-banners have worked pretty well for that purpose. We’ve done a couple of these already, which were very well-received.

  3. To Anonymous:
    Judging by your reply, this effort has ruffled your feathers.
    This is one of my goals. Thanks for confirming this.
    BTW- Next time you state we have the right to express our opinions, please just leave off the “but” part because , well, we don’t care to hear your opinion of the situation, and if we do desire to hear your opinion, we will let you know. You also seem very over confident in your opinion, almost like you think it is more than just an opinion. I am here today to assure you, it is in fact, just your opinion.

  4. Basically, Jesus Christ said, “That if the Truth is said, all those that hear the Truth will know that it is the Truth.” So, the object here is to say the Truth. With that said, in my opinion, anyone who has heard or seen anything on TV, the Internet, or through the Radio, knows that Obama should have never been elected as our President, for all of the following reason. Obama had no experience necessary to do the job, and he has put only those who supported him as his priority to help and protect. He said he would be the President for all even for those who did not vote for him. Obama has cheated and lied to us, all of us.

  5. I love your work! Keep it up! Its nice to know NOT Everyone is drinking the kool-aid. Feels a little like body snatchers out here. Especially in Oregon…man I hate hippies. They just dont understand life or love. If loving someone or something is easy.. your not doing it right. Accountability and/or Discipline is key, and sacrifices are necessary.

    How anyone can deny that Obama hates this country and has no intentions of serving the best interest of it, is absurd. How the media can be so easily manipulated is unfathomable. The double standard also unbelievable as well as the arrogance and disregard for our laws and our foundational values to the point of criminal offense. For some people it wouldn’t matter if God himself came down and told them the truth, they just refuse to see or hear it. Denial is one of the devils favorite chess pieces.

    1. Thanks, these complacent people are in for a big shock, when the comfortable little imagined world that they live in falls apart, which will happen at some point.

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