Throw Obama off the Ballot – List of Legal Foundations

When Obama ran for the state senate in Illinois, he went over the petitions of other candidates with a fine toothed comb and had them all disqualified for minor errors on their petitions. (See link below.) So, it would be poetic justice to throw him off the ballot in November.

Obama knows his way around a ballot

The issue of whether Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, as the Constitution requires, is gaining steam, lately. The law defines “Natural Born Citizen” as the offspring of (two) American citizens, born under US jurisdiction. Several groups are trying to have him thrown off the ballot in various state primaries and the national election. If you agree with what they are doing, supporting these groups that are trying to get something done is something that most can do, even if it is only a few dollars.

This is a list of a few of the legal foundations, who are challenging Obama’s eligibility and working towards having Obama thrown off the ballot in various state primaries and the national election in November. Check them out, become a member of the one you like best and contribute to help have Obama thrown off the ballot in November in all 50 states. New groups will be added as they become known.

Article II Super PAC

Liberty Legal Foundation – Suing to remove Obama from the primary ballots of several states and from the national ballot in November. Has charged the DNC with fraud in District Court in Phoenix, Arizona.

Obama Ballot Challenge – Filed suit to remove Obama from the ballots in Pennsylvania, Florida and California, all critical states. You can contribute for actions in specific states here. Reportedly, Freedom Watch will team with Obama Ballot Challenge to remove Obama from the ballots in Florida and California.

The Freedom Watch Founder, Larry Klayman, is very aggressive, suing the Clinton and Bush administrations dozens of times and won some of the cases.

In a perfect world, the courts should not be influenced by politics or public opinion. However, we do not live in a perfect world and politics is what is now keeping the courts from enforcing this law. Only, significant public support will get it a fair hearing in court.

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11 thoughts on “Throw Obama off the Ballot – List of Legal Foundations”

  1. Why has it taken almost 4 years to figure out whether he is or whether he isn’t a natural born citizen of the the United States? Why wasn’t he investigated before now? Why won’t he simply answer the questions? The Dem’s should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen to our country. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be elected to SERVE in Congress. These people need to remember their place. They aren’t above the law, they aren’t smarter or better than any other American. Please explain to me why we have tried so hard to move away from the tainted past of slavery, yet there are so many who are “lining up” to be enslaved by this government? There needs to be auditing of the government and fines handed out AND paid by these criminals in Washington DC who are robbing Paul to steal from Peter. Enough is enough. They are all acting like a bunch of spoiled brats that “Daddy” entrusted to them a platinum, no limits, credit card. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions…..WE THE PEOPLE can take care of ourselves.

  2. @ Connie It isn’t just the Democrats allowing this stuff to happen, it is also the Republicans too. They are all afraid to do anything because they would implicate themselves in allowing this to happen. They all know Obama is not qualified or eligible to be president.

  3. The Republicans also have candidates, who have similar questionable eligibility, that they want to run. Congress, at least the leaders, have always known that he is not eligible, they just want to re-write the Constitution without having to pass an amendment to the Constitution, which they know would be impossible.

  4. he has never been my president his name should never appear in any list of presidents for he is illegal and that is one reason he is against doing anything to illegals and against any state trying to change a law when it already exist basically they are just trying to enforce the law… we need to insist the law is enforced and get him out of office.

  5. How come we got the likes of Bill Clinton impeached over a BJ, but we cant get this guy impeached over a lot more serious things?? Is it because he’s considered “black”?? I can’t figure out why that is, since his mother was white, and was raised by white grand parents!! What gives the Blacks anymore right to claim him than the white race?? Wonder, if the blacks would give up claim, and lets call him “white”, and then we can impeach next week!!

  6. He is an antichrist, and we must be aware that he is part of a vast criminal cabal, which means to do to the world the same thing as Adolf Hitler did. Same players, different day, different technology to accomplish, what could not be accomplished before now. We are in grave danger.

  7. Many Americans through ongoing research have discovered numerous crimes against our Constitution and the American people by our elected officials, The most recent being a fraudulent multi-layered copy of a cobbled together document which Mr Soetoro/Obama has released as his Long form Birth Certificate, a dubious manufactured, laughable pdf scan would be a good description of this document. It certainly DOES NOT rise to the level of even a copy of a “1961 Archived State Issued document”, in fact, it is a joke, that the White House would release such an obvious hack job. This makes it near certain, that we have a usurper acting as POTUS, “Unqualified to serve as President”.
    It is believed and now widely known, that, Obama fails constitutional muster on at least 3 counts. The original assertion that indeed Obama fails to meet Article II Section I eligibility of the U.S. Constitution Is proving to be correct. Additionally, Obama fails eligibility for President as is father is a Kenyan and British Subject unable to bestow citizenship to Young Barry as it is required that there be TWO American parents to be “Natural Born”. Obama’s problem is further exacerbated with the fact he went to Pakistan in 1981 it is believed on an Indonesian Passport, indicating “Dual Nationality” again, a disqualifier under the Constitutional Requirement for the Presidency.
    There also seems to have been a conspiracy to fraud the electorate by the
    certification process in which Mr. Soetoro/Obama (not sure what his LEGAL name is) circulated an altered certification document to 50 states prior to the Presidential Elections intentionally and fraudulently modifying it by eliminating the statement:

    –(and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution:)–.

    This indicates a conspiracy involving Ex-Speaker Pelosi and others who have knowingly broken our laws, thereby nullifying open and free elections, as well as other violations of their own oaths of office. Obama is also using a fraudulent Social Security number which oddly enough, could not pass a recent E-Verify system, Surprise, Surprise, Barack Obama’s Social Security Number DOES NOT MATCH Government Records! As well as the discovery that his Selective Service Documents are also Forged.
    Who is this guy currently destroying the Country?

    Are these not violations and treasonous acts against our laws and Constitution at the highest levels?
    A thorough investigation of these facts/theories should be undertaken immediately. But don’t bother trying to get Eric Holder and the Department of Selective Justice, Congress, Senate, SCOTUS or the lying Liberal media to help you in this matter as they have all previously proven to be culpable and/or complicit in this monumental conspiracy and cover-up of this constitutional fraud and usurper Obama. They have also proven they are willing to violate other laws necessary to prevent this issue and many others from being addressed both politically and legally. The Supreme Court is criminally negligent in their refusal to hear numerous challenges to Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office of the presidency brought forth by “We the People”.

    Obama has been implicated in many crimes committed by his regime: Murders and False Imprisonment of Opponents of the BHO regime, TSA Sexual Assaults and Illegal Searches, Election Fraud, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft, Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions, Aiding and Abetting of Muslim Terrorists, Theft of Private Property, Embezzlement of Government funds, and numerous Impeachable Constitutional violations, such as, forgery, fraud, Real Estate fraud, However, the crime with the clearest proof of Obama’s culpability is his cover-up of his birth documents and his constitutional eligibility fraud.

    Those involved in this fraud and usurpation of powers against the People of the United States of America and our Constitution SHOULD NOT GO UNCHALLENGED. I believe most Americans realize that no Birth Certificate exists, I also believe you will find many documents freely available as well as thru FOIA requests and numerous investigations that support the charge of treason against this Usurper acting as President.
    I’m sure most of our elected officials already know just WHO/WHAT Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro really is, but as of yet have failed to act? Is FRAUD and the potential Usurpation of power of the Presidency of the United States of America not a worthy undertaking for ANY of our elected leaders? Lest they be reminded of their own Oath of Office and reflect on the blood sacrifice of Hundreds of Thousands of our Soldiers who have given their lives and give still this day for our Nation, our Values and our Constitution . That they pledge their lives to our Constitution is of no small matter indeed.

    Lt Col Terry Lakin had to serve time for questioning the legitimacy of this Commander in Chief, and by all appearances, Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin was indeed correct, yet still no Justice!. Gov Abercrombie (Hawaii) further validated Col Lakin’s claim with the revelation that no “long form” Birth Certificate exists in his state. This has now been verified by the forgery released by Obama and his staff. Lakin, a decorated veteran had to languish in Military Prison and suffer the indignity of a man wrongly accused and convicted, a victim of Obama’s narcissism and malice, as well as the ill will he holds for the Military and our Constitution. Lakin’s name and deed should be shouted in the faces of those who stand and take the Oath of Office and be reminded of their duty, Our Nations Hero’s and otherwise Honorable men are being diminished as a result of Obama’s lies and conspiracies. Take our Constitution and Country Back from this aberration.

    A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, expect our representatives to uphold THEIR OWN OATHS and investigate with unbiased zeal to seek the truth. Their continued silence and unlawful participation in this fraud threatens the very integrity of our legal system as well as the laws that govern our Country. The honesty, integrity and eligibility to hold office by ALL of our elected officials must be addressed before the nation descends into further chaos. We as a Nation are at a “tipping point” without the “rule of law” then no government can stand, for it is merely an unlawful rogue regime which puts its own self interest above the interests of its people. If we are NOT a Nation of Laws, then just WHAT are we?
    Folks, its well past time to take this fight to DC, Obama and the Soros Marxist machine is currently orchestrating the fall of the dollar and handing over U.S sovereignty to NWO Elites, its time for Americans to stand and fight this onslaught of radical leftists that are determined to bring this country down. We need a citizens call to be addressed and seek to Impeach/Remove this Usurper “Barack Hussein Obama”. Its up to the American People who wish to preserve Liberty and Justice as defined in our Constitution. The acts of all those responsible for this Conspiracy should all be considered to be treasonous, they should be charged and pursued for crimes against “We the People”!

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government. So let us tie the second down with chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  8. WOW, couldn’t have been stated any clearer if Ronald Reagen himself said what I Just read. Cudos to you. Now for my question,How do we get this out to be read or seen or heard by the voting public. As it stands right now, only FOX NEWS speaks the truth about what is happening in this country today, and they are hampered to a great degree. I would to sign a petition to remove Obama from the ballot. If one is forthcomming, I will sign!

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