How Democrats & Republicans Brainwash Voters

Obama and Romney Spar,
While the Party Leadership Collaborates.
The two major parties control the voters by polarizing the public and demonizing the other party. They make you fear the other side so much that you will vote for your own party, no matter who the candidate is. Meanwhile the two party leaderships are really collaborating. Whoever can raise the most money generally wins. So, they are really answerable to their paymasters, who have become globalist in recent decades, not American any longer. A third party would throw a wrench in the works. So, they work together to suppress any third parties.

The Democrats and Republicans pretend to be at each others’ throats during the debate, but they are really not. They will not mention such things as Obama’s extreme anti-American associations or Constitutional eligibility requirements for the presidency. Why? Because they have agreed among themselves, not to go there. It could anger the public. They don’t allow any other parties in the debate that might upset the well-scripted kabuki theater of the debates.

It is criminal that the Democrats and Republicans collude to keep any other parties out of the debates. If they will collude on his what will they not do together behind the backs of the public? How about cooperating to bypass the Constitution and the law, as with the eligibility requirement, not enforcing certain laws and waging illegal war?

Many people are bewildered that the Republicans have not acted more forcefully against Obama, given Obama’s many illegal and outrageous acts, while he has been in office. This is the reason. The candidates, themselves, may be really competing for the right of their party to loot the country for four years, but the money-men and string-pullers limit how far the candidates can go to protect the corrupt system that they have instituted and exploit to their great benefit.

The Republican Leadership and the media do not assume any malicious intentions on the part of Obama. They are treating him as just a normal politician. That is my biggest problem with the Republicans. It is really a travesty that neither the Republicans nor the media, even the so-called conservative media, have investigated his background adequately and brought it before the public. Anyone that had Frank Marshall Davis as a mentor, Jeremiah Wright as a pastor, Bill Ayers as an associate, etc. should be assumed to have malicious intentions towards the US and that should be publicly discussed. This is the 900-pound gorilla in the room that the media and politicians do not want to talk about

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