Who is John Galt? — Lucifer!

Marilyn Manson
An Ayn-Rand Fan
Ayn Rand asks in “Atlas Shrugs” who is John Galt. The character, John Galt, is a literary metaphor for Lucifer. Atlas was a titan, who in Greek myth rebelled (like Lucifer ) against the Gods and was condemned to his task to hold up the celestial sphere as punishment for his rebellion (like Lucifer was cast out of heaven for his rebellion).

Rand’s philosophy of extreme individualism is closely related to the concept of Satanism. Objectivism is self-exaltation and self-worship, which is the basic concept of Luciferianism. Recognizing that, Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan, and his minister, Marilyn Manson, both counted Ann Rand as a major influence on their own philosophy of self exaltation. Revolutionary self-worship can manifest itself as either a collectivist or individualist concept, not limited to one or the other.

Rand, herself, had and still has a cult-like following, among conservatives, satanists and even many people who think of themselves as Christian. The Ayn-Rand cult, based on extreme individualism, is much like the conservative counterpart of the Obama cult of personality, based on collectivism, a quasi-religious, extremist political doctrine.

The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult by Murray N. Rothbard

Rand follower’s babble praise of their “prophetess,” as if Ayn Rand were the first person on earth to receive the revelation that too much government control can have negative impact. F.A. Hayak also wrote in the 1940’s about that in The Road to Serfdom, but without creating a worshipful cult of personality for himself. Hayak did it in only 250 easy-to-read pages, not 1,200 pages of self-worshipful psycho-babble.

Rand’s philosophy exalts “reason” and self-interest as the only measure of moral good. There is truly nothing new under the sun and Rand’s utopian doctrine is reminiscent of the “Cult of Reason” aka “Cult of the Supreme Being,” which was established during the French Revolution as the anti-Christian state religion of France. The Catholic Church declared it then to be a satanic philosophy.

The French revolutionaries used “reason” as the highest good and as the justification for the attempt to de-Christianize France, destroying the cathedrals, using churches as horse stables and massacring hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Vendée province for their Christian belief.

Christ taught that you should love everyone and thy enemy as thyself. Ayn Rand teaches, as the Cult of the Supreme Being did, love only those, who deserve it, according to her own standard, which ultimately is to hate everyone, but yourself.

Ayn Rand followers believe that world transformation into Utopia will be produced by applying the principles of the philosophy of Rand, the false prophet. Note the “rising sun” symbol in the Atlas-Shrugs logo, similar to the rising-sun symbol of the Obama logo, which is the sign of the dawn of a New Age.” The issue is not so much the specific ideology as exalting the ideology above all else, as Rand does. Taken to extreme it turns into self-worship, which is a fundamental principle of what has historically been termed “Luciferianism.”

It does not have to be conscious Luciferianism. The famous psychologist C.G. Jung, one of Freud’s students, said that, even if man had no formal religion, we would still follow the same subconscious patterns of human psychology (as it has been described in historic religious terms.)

Ayn Rand was playing a little joke on her cult-like followers, when she asked, “Who is John Galt.” Below is John Galt’s speech from the movie. Listen to what he is saying that he will overthrow this evil world and create a new Utopian world (a biblical kingdom, in other words.) Those that do not accept his cult belief are totally demonized. He will return as the savior, when this world has been destroyed, he relates. Galt is self-exalting and lives by his own moral code, a messianic figure, but hateful and selfish to the extreme. It represents self-worship of man and for that reason he can be seen as a metaphor for Lucifer, the original self-worshiper.

Who is John Galt? – A Lucifer Figure

This is an early interview by Mike Wallace of Ayn Rand, where she expresses her extreme hatred of Christianity and exalts her Cult of Reason.

Paul Ryan gives a talk, praising Ayn Rand and her cult of personality, beginning at about 1:40 into this clip.

This article from the website of the Church of Satan outlines the relationship between Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Satanism.

Satanism and Objectivism

Excerpt from the article on the Church of Satan’s website.

Let me conclude this brief overview by adding that Satanism has far more in common with Objectivism than with any other religion or philosophy. Objectivists endorse reason, selfishness, greed and atheism. Objectivism sees Christianity, Islam and Judaism as anti-human and evil. The writings of Ayn Rand are inspiring and powerful. If the reader has not yet experienced her power, try her novelette Anthem for a taste. You will almost certainly come back for more.

Ayn Rand & Anton LaVey
Founder, Church of Satan

Obama’s social justice and Paul Ryan’s individual self-interest are opposite sides of the coin. They can both be demonic when taken to the extreme as in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism or Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology.

7 thoughts on “Who is John Galt? — Lucifer!”

  1. So … uh … are you saying COLLECTIVISM is a better idea? Just because someone is a believer in individualism and the personal responsibility … I’m sorry, but your conclusions and assumptions are exaggerated! 🙂 Jesus encouraged personal responsibility & individualism!

    1. I’m saying just because it is opposed to a bad idea, does not mean that your idea is a good idea. In logic, the principle is “not A” does not prove an independent variable “B”. I rather doubt that Jesus would approve of Ayn Rand’s anti-Christian, survival-of-the-fittest philosophy. More likely, it would be blessed by Adolf Hitler, who had a similar belief in social Darwinism.

    2. No, I am just saying Ayn Rand was an extremist, atheist and an anti-Christian bigot, whose philosophy is akin to a form of satanism. Collectivism and individualism, taken to extremes, can both be satanic.

  2. I find the that individual freedom is in it self the only just way to live. While it is true satanism preaches individualism above all things other religions preach that being subservient to outside force is not only moral but compulsory by threats of violence and ever lasting hell. The governments and churches are in fact the same. The each achieve control over your mind, money and freedom for what they claim to be the greater good. In fact those who control the government and religions are the only few that are free, the elite families of the international banks and what is left of the royal families. History shows the past relationships between the church and kingdoms in the control of the general population. Anyone who fails to recognize the pattern in history and see the truth are merely keeping their eyes closed to reality. They are the cattle who blindly lead the farmers. Its too bad when its time to go to the slaughter house, they’ll never see it coming.

    I find that the ignorant masses will see the word (satanism) and draw a immediate conclusion the Ayn Rand is a satanist. Will the belief of individual rights are alike drawing such conclusions is only a weak attempt at smearing Ayn Rands name. The use of strong images such as the painted face of Marilyn Manson and the placement of Ayn Rands face picture along side Anton Lavey’s is causing many to draw the quick conclusion that they are the same in order to somehow discredit Rand’s ideas. Is somewhat insulting.

    1. “Satanism” does not necessarily teach individualism, but the self-worship of man and his creations. There are many ways to do that. Collectivism can also be the vehicle for the worship of man. The followers of the Ayn Rand cult worship her and her philosophy, much like Obama worshipers do. That is really the problem, not the specific idea of individual freedom, but the elevation of such an idea to the level of cult religious belief.

      The concepts that you express have much in common with Anton-LaVey-style Satanism or those of the Cult of the Supreme Being of the French Revolution. You should be aware of whom you are worshiping. I don’t care, if you feel insulted by the truth. Ayn Rand zombies should feel insulted. Many say they are Christian, but exalt the Luciferian doctrine of a woman, who openly said she hates/scorns Christianity. How much sense does that make?

  3. Finally, someone has put the dots together to explain to our childlike society the joining of “self worship”, Ayn Rand, and Lucifer…. and how ‘Atlas Shrugged’ fits into our collective psyche.

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