Was the Duck Commander Episode Just Another Media Swindle?

Duck_Dynasty__Star_Reveals_ClashThe recent controversy over the views of Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, on anal sex and bestiality was most likely an artificial controversy, which was used as a marketing tool. Generating a false controversy in order to gain free publicity and manipulate the public is an old marketing strategy in Hollywood and the media. Some have called it “Controversy Marketing” or “Blockbuster Marketing.” You should be skeptical of any scandal that is associated with the entertainment industry.

To read more about it see this link:

Branding Secret: Controversy Sells

The basic strategy is to greatly offend a part of the public, which is not likely to buy your product in the first place, in order to strengthen your fan base and ultimately to make more money.

It sets one part of the population against another, and distracts them from attacking the real source of the problem, Obama, his string-pullers and collaborators.

Robertson offended gays and generated an enormous amount of publicity at the same time. He was fired by the Arts & Entertainment Network, but re-hired almost immediately due to the anticipated popular demand. Robertson and A&E will make more money than ever, due to the publicity generated. It is difficult to imagine that A&E and Robertson would not be colluding in this charade.

This technique is often used for purposes other than economic gain, such as to sell a politician. There was much controversy injected into the Obama campaign in a apparently very successful attempt to strengthen his fan base, while opening up his enemies for ridicule.

It was thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger started the “girly men” controversy, because he was trying to attract more of his fans to come out and vote for him as governor of California.

Homosexuals and their allies are some of Obama’s biggest supporters and contributors. Another aspect of this controversy may be that it is intended to animate Obama’s gay supporters to work harder to help the Democrats in the next congressional election of 2014.

Robertson’s views on unnatural sex acts was one of the biggest news stories in the last few days. At the same time the National Defense Authorization Act was quietly passed again by Congress and signed into law by Obama, allowing the unconstitutional imprisonment of American citizens without a trial. Not much was made about that in the news. This media-generated controversy only distracted from that.

Obama signs NDAA 2014, indefinite detention remains

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