Give the Republicans an Ultimatum

Brain, Heart and Courage needed

It is time to give the Republicans an ultimatum. The presidential candidates have to start confronting Obama directly and aggressively, if they expect us to vote for them in the next election. A lot of us will not be voting for “any Republican except Obama,” as they so arrogantly assume, if they do not get a backbone.

They have demonstrated that they can rip each other to shreds, but they are too stupid and/or too cowardly to confront Obama directly on his radical, racist, America-hating background or his unlawful, corrupt and unconstitutional actions while in office.

Either Republicans need to get serious or we need to find some other party to support for the presidency. It is time to break the cycle, in which we slip towards totalitarianism and socialism with each new administration of the Democrats and do not regain any lost ground or even slip more under the Republicans. A lot of us are becoming completely fed up with the political corruption and jellyfish-like spinelessness. Get serious or get out of the way, dammit.

One thought on “Give the Republicans an Ultimatum”

  1. I couldnt agree more its just rediculous how much damage obama has done to this country and the republican candidates are a bunch of sissies who wont tackle any tough issues lets get some guts people!!!

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