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President Obama: Alleged Donald Sterling remarks ‘incredibly offensive’

It is extremely hypocritical for Obama to brand others as “racist,” when he un-apologetically attended a church with a racist, anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine for 20 years. Black Liberation Theology equates white society to the Antichrist and teaches that the … Continue reading

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West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags

Not trying to justify this, but it is the coverup by the media of the racism of Obama’s own revolutionary, so-called church and the radical anti-Americanism in Obama’s background, as well as other issues that have been suppressed, that contribute … Continue reading

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Fear of a LaRouche Planet – Democrat Compares Obama to Hitler

The Democratic Party of Texas would have, as a standard-bearer for federal office, a woman running on an “impeach Obama” and “oppose the British empire” platform; a woman whose supporters show up to basically any political rally in driving distance … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Sticks to His Guns

Rocker-turned-conservative activist Ted Nugent declined multiple invitations Monday by talk show host Dennis Miller to back away from his comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. Click photo to read more… Dennis Miller is an idiot and a paid … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Allows Obama Pre-Game Whitewash (Video)

Bill O’Reilly told the psychopathic narcissist, Obama, that “your heart is in the right place” at the end of his pre-Superbowl softball, well-staged interview. O’Reilly is just covering for him ultimately, asking supposedly serious questions and letting Obama give evasive … Continue reading

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Impeach Obama Now!

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Trayvon Replaces Christ In Church Nativity

That oppressed blacks, who rebel, are “Christ” and the manifestation of God on Earth is a basic principle of Black Liberation Theology. Other black nationalist cult religions, such as the Nation of Islam, have similar doctrines, so this supremacist idea … Continue reading

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