President Obama: Alleged Donald Sterling remarks ‘incredibly offensive’

President Obama: Alleged Donald Sterling remarks 'incredibly offensive'

It is extremely hypocritical for Obama to brand others as “racist,” when he un-apologetically attended a church with a racist, anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine for 20 years. Black Liberation Theology equates white society to the Antichrist and teaches that the black race are the “Chosen” people. Jeremiah Wright did not just teach hate in one sermon, but in every sermon. It was just more obvious in some sermons than in others. But Obama understood that Black Liberation Theology is based on racist concepts. Obama just blamed it all on Jeremiah Wright, not accepting responsibility for his own decision to be a member of that cult-like church of hate.

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West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags

West Boca Raton man proudly flies KKK, confederate flags

Not trying to justify this, but it is the coverup by the media of the racism of Obama’s own revolutionary, so-called church and the radical anti-Americanism in Obama’s background, as well as other issues that have been suppressed, that contribute enormously to this kind of reaction and behavior. Obama promised to bring people together but he has exploited class and racial warfare to turn people against each other since he first took office and the media has assisted him in these perverse tactics.

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Fear of a LaRouche Planet – Democrat Compares Obama to Hitler

Fear of a LaRouche Planet

The Democratic Party of Texas would have, as a standard-bearer for federal office, a woman running on an “impeach Obama” and “oppose the British empire” platform; a woman whose supporters show up to basically any political rally in driving distance with signs that portray the president as Adolf Hitler.

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Ted Nugent Sticks to His Guns

Ted Nugent Sticks to His Guns

Rocker-turned-conservative activist Ted Nugent declined multiple invitations Monday by talk show host Dennis Miller to back away from his comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazi Germany.

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Dennis Miller is an idiot and a paid lackey of Globalist/Saudi owned Fox News, who does not even know that Obama is not a civil servant, but an elected official. There are many comparisons to be made to Naziism. Obama is shredding the Constitution and murdering Americans without trial. He uses both class and race warfare to help further his agenda of bringing down the American constitutional republic. Dennis Miller is actually making the same argument that many Germans made in the 1930’s that Hitler is just an inept wacko and we just have to wait him out. Whatever you think about Ted Nugent, he is one of the few public figures, who recognizes the trends, sticks to his principles and does not back down when the pressure is on.

O’Reilly Allows Obama Pre-Game Whitewash (Video)

O'Reilly Allows Obama Pre-Game Whitewash

Bill O’Reilly told the psychopathic narcissist, Obama, that “your heart is in the right place” at the end of his pre-Superbowl softball, well-staged interview.

O’Reilly is just covering for him ultimately, asking supposedly serious questions and letting Obama give evasive answers in an only 9-minute interview. Saudi/globalist-controlled Fox News is just there to make people think that there is a news agency representing real opposition to Obama. Their viewership has gone down considerably in recent years.

Turn off Fox News. It is a brainwash for conservatives. They will never go for the jugular, never do anything that really impacts Obama and helps put him out of office. If they did, it would mean corrupt entertainers, like O’Reilly would lose their tens of millions per year in pay that they receive, serving the agenda of their globalist bosses by blowing smoke of the arses of millions of faithful viewers.

Trayvon Replaces Christ In Church Nativity

Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene
Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene
That oppressed blacks, who rebel, are “Christ” and the manifestation of God on Earth is a basic principle of Black Liberation Theology. Other black nationalist cult religions, such as the Nation of Islam, have similar doctrines, so this supremacist idea is rather widespread.

Non-black, progressive, cult-religious, liberation doctrines, based on social justice, can include a compatible concept about the “oppressed” being literally the manifestation of God on earth. Such doctrines are frequently infiltrated into otherwise traditional Christian churches, as appears to have happened with this display at a Methodist church. With respect to traditional Christianity this display would be blasphemous. It projects the cult religious belief that man is God or can exalt himself to divinity status. This idea comes from the gnostic occult and not from traditional Christianity. Traditional Christianity teaches the opposite that Christ was uniquely divine, not just a template for other would-be “gods”.

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Trayvon Replaces Christ In Church Nativity

The artist of this nativity scene is white, but he is portraying the beliefs of black nationalists and black liberationists. Black Liberation theology teaches that white society represents the Antichrist and individual whites can be only be redeemed by “becoming black”, that is, total submission to the gods of black power, such as Obama. Cult religious beliefs can have a huge impact, even on pathologically narcissistic presidents.

From Black Theology and Black Power by James H. Cone, Page 150

For white people, God’s reconciliation in Jesus Christ means that God has made black people a beautiful people; and if they are going to be in relationship with God, they must enter by means of their black brothers, who are a manifestation of God’s presence on earth. The assumption that one can know God without knowing blackness is the basic heresy of the white churches. They want God without blackness, Christ without obedience, love without death. What they fail to realize is that in America, God’s revelation on earth has always been black, red, or some other shocking shade, but never white. Whiteness, as revealed in the history of America, is the expression of what is wrong with man. It is a symbol of man’s depravity. God cannot be white, even though white churches have portrayed him as white. When we look at what whiteness has done to the minds of men in this country, we can see clearly what the New Testament meant when it spoke of the principalities and powers. To speak of Satan and his powers becomes not just a way of speaking but a fact of reality. When we can see a people who are being controlled by an ideology of whiteness, then we know what reconciliation must mean. The coming of Christ means a denial of what we thought we were. It means destroying the white devil in us. Reconciliation to God means that white people are prepared to deny themselves (whiteness), take up the cross (blackness) and follow Christ (black ghetto).
To be sure, this is not easy. But whoever said the gospel of Christ was easy? Obedience always means going where we otherwise would not go; being what we would not be; doing what we would not do. Reconciliation means that Christ has freed us for this. In a white racist society, Christian obedience can only mean being obedient to blackness, its glorification and exaltation.

From page 151 from the same book.

Therefore, God’s Word of recon­ciliation means that we can only be justified by becoming black. Reconciliation makes us all black. Through this radical change, we become identified totally with the suffering of the black masses. It is this fact that makes all white churches anti-Christian in their essence. To be Christian is to be one of those whom God has chosen. God has chosen black people!

You can find more excerpts from this and other books by Cone from this page.

Shocking Quotes from Black Liberation Theology

Obama protrayed as Christ.
Obama protrayed as Christ.

Obama’s Syrian Allies – We are all Al Qaeda (video)

In this BBC interview, a former French jihadi, who fought in Syria, says “We are all Al Qaeda” in the sense of ideology and mindset. That is, they all want to set up an Islamic theocracy, based on Sharia Law.

Obama and Congress are actually using our tax money to fund the training of thousands of Jihadis from Europe (like the ones, who did 911) and to overthrow the secular regime in Syria. They are also now sending them weapons.

Obama's Syrian Allies - We are all Al Qaeda (video)

In China, Chairman Mao still bigger than Jesus

In China, Chairman Mao still bigger than Jesus

Communism is officially atheistic, but it really is not. In the absence of a mainstream religion, man falls back, even still today, into some form of the instinctive tribal religion of worshiping man and leaders.

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Some have compared Communism and Nazism to modern day interpretations of messianic movements, which have occurred for many centuries, based on gnostic occult beliefs. A principle of the gnostic occult is that any man can self-evolve to divinity status.

Such self-worship is an aspect of what the Church has historically called “satanism” or “Luciferianism.” Self-worship is really what connects Obama, Mao and Hitler together, rather than the specifics of their ideologies or the magnitude of their crimes.

The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s nominally Christian sect in Chicago was also based on these messianic gnostic principles. It holds that the black race is the manifestation of God on earth and that a black messiah or messiahs (plural) will destroy white society and America as we know it in the imminent end times, which will bring on a millennial utopia on earth.

Black Liberation Theology is a doctrine, related to Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which preaches a similar end-times scenario of destruction of America, the white man and the traditional church.

County allows KKK’s impeach Obama meeting in government building

County allows KKK’s impeach Obama meeting in government building

People should consider that this may just be a ruse to discredit those groups that want Obama impeached. As strange as it may seem, black nationalists have been working with KKK groups since the 1920’s and Obama’s church has a black liberation doctrine that is related to black nationalism. White and black supremacists both have a common interest in destroying the democratic American republican system. Don’t take this farce at face value. Click on the photo to read the article at BIZPAC.

See this link for more information about the history of black nationalist and KKK/Nazi cooperation.

Obama – Part of the Black Nazi / KKK Movement

George Lincoln Rockwell, Head, American Nazi Party  at a Nation of Islam Meeting
George Lincoln Rockwell, Head, American Nazi Party
at a Nation of Islam Meeting