Chicano Park & the Cult of Aztlán

Chicano Leader displaying Solar Wheel Marcos Aguilar of Los Angeles
Chicano Leader displaying Solar Wheel
Marcos Aguilar of Los Angeles
Just before the 2012 election, the Obama administration spent a couple million dollars restoring the murals at Chicano Park, which honor communist dictators, extreme anti-Americanism and Mexican separatism. The Chicano/La Raza/Aztlán movement is a supremacist neo-pagan/occult quasi-religious movement that draws significant inspiration from other racial nationalist movements, such as Nazism, though at the same time it has collectivist aspects similar to Marxism.

The Chicano myth of Aztlán developed by Mexican/Hispanic supremacists is similar to — if not directly adapted from — the occult Nazi myth of a utopian Atlantis, where the Aryans dwelt as a race of gods. The Aztecs are also said to have been descended from a mythical race of gods, who lived in their homeland paradise of Aztlán.

Chicano Park in San Diego has swastikas displayed all around the park. If you ask they will probably say that it is an old Indian, symbol, which is true. However, such swastikas were not a common feature of Aztec art. The style of these swastikas is similar to those used by organizations that had connections to Nazism. Some occult groups admire the realization of the occult will of the Nazis, whether they agree with the methods and specific racial beliefs, or not. They see spiritual power in Nazi and occult symbolism. The Nazis also tried to gain the support of Mexican nationalists in both World Wars in exchange for a return of the Southwestern United States to Mexico. So, there is some history of cooperation and sympathy between the Mexican and German nationalist movements.

Chicano-ism teaches the supremacy of the “new” Hispanic mestizo (or mixed) “race” over other races. This is still a racist concept, or better said, a reverse-racist concept. The founders of the Chicano movement have adapted and re-used some Nazi occult mythology to their own Mexican-American cultural context. This webpage outlines and reviews some of the similarities and also other quasi-religious symbolism used in the Chicano nationalist movement. As is the nature of such revolutionary movements, most of the rank-and-file members are probably not aware of the occult underpinnings of this perverse ideology.

The Minutemen and others have complained in the past about the Chicanos raising a modified version of the Mexican flag at this public park. Such a flag raising, though a violation of the Flag Code, can be considered by the authorities to be a legitimate, though very obnoxious, exercise of their 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech. A bigger issue is that this is a subversive, racialist anti-American quasi-religious cult movement, blatantly mis-using public land and tax money for neo-pagan religious purposes and to promote their subversive revolutionary political agenda. That city, state and federal governments fund their religious and political activities in such places as Chicano Park in San Diego violates the Constitution and a number of laws at various levels. It is, in fact, treasonous for public officials to support a nationalist group that claims a large part of the US as its lost homeland.

Millions of tax dollars have been spent on the murals and upkeep of Chicano Park. In addition, this Chicano identity quasi-religion is taught at many universities and high schools under the guise of “ethnic studies,” supported with with your tax dollars.

The Chicanos are also not representative of all Mexican-Americans and their control of the park is discriminatory in favor of a small group with a separatist, anti-American, political agenda.


According to the links below, the term “La Raza” comes from the book, “La Raza Cósmica,” (The Cosmic Race) published in 1925 by the Mexican nationalist and mystic, José Vasconcelos. Vasconcelos is often called the “father of indigenism.” Life magazine reported in 1940 that Vasconcelos was a paid Nazi agent and propagandist.

Nazi Origins of La Raza / Chicano-ism

The Racist Origin of “La Raza” by All American Blogger

Here, a founder La Raza Unida and of the Chicano movement scapegoats and publicly advocates elimination of whites.

Chicano Movement Founder calls for Elimination of Whites


In 2005 radical Chicano, Juan Alvarez, caused the derailment of a train in Los Angeles, killing 11 people and wounding 180. After the killings, Alvarez engaged in ritualistic bloodletting, characteristic of the Aztecs. These murders can be considered to be sacrificial killings, rooted in Chicano mysticism and the Aztec blood cult.


One of the Founders of the Chicano movement wrote a famous poem, entitled “I am Joaquin,” which compares himself and the mestizo race to Christ, the Messiah.

I am Joaquín.
The odds are great
But my spirit is strong,
My faith unbreakable,
My blood is pure.
I am Aztec prince and Christian Christ.

The art in the mural below — displayed at Chicano Park in San Diego — includes a bold swastika in the middle of the mural. In Nazism the Swastika was the symbol of the superior race, the Aryans. This is a concept that was taken from the occult group, the Theosophical Society, founded by the famous Luciferian, Madame Helena Blavatsky.

Since the neo-Aztec concept of “La Raza” is still a kind a supremacist concept, one can assume that this slightly modified Nazi swastika is symbolic here of the supremacy of the Mexican mestizo “race.”

One Chicano website, The Mexi’cayotl Indio Cultural Center, made this comparison between the Aztecs, the Nazis and Communists. The ideology of Chicano-ism combines aspects of both Nazism and Communism.

Their (the Aztecs) city-state was the center of the universe, the navel of the earth. The Mexi’ca felt that they had a right to re-write history in order to make themselves seem to be the logical and prophetic inheritors of the classic cultures of the ancients. The poetry, stonework, artwork, and architecture of the Mexi’ca people reveal a colossal, triumphant psychology that finds modern echos in the cultures of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China.

Early Nazis used various swastikas that swirl in either direction, including this curved swastika. Hitler standardized the official design on a swastika that swirls in the clockwise direction and has straight arms, but other kinds of swastikas continued to be used for non-official purposes.

This mural is entitled “The Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl,” the Aztec Messiah, who is presented as a green-plumed serpent, but will return as an ordinary man. The swastika here probably represents his return, destruction of the current system and the re-birth of Aztlán/La Raza.

Aztlán Swastika – Fascist-Style Mural Art at Chicano Park in San Diego
Aztlán Swastika – The Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl – Coming of a Messiah

For comparison, the swastika below was shown on an Aryan-Nation building in the PBS documentary “Nazi America a Secret History.” The two nationalist groups, Chicano and Aryan Nation share the same symbol, just swirled in opposite directions.

For comparison:  Nazi Swastika at the Aryan Nation Compound
Nazi Swastika at the Aryan Nation Compound in Coeur d’Arlene, Idaho

The swastika had an analogous meaning in the Nazi context. Hitler was the Nazi messiah, a god-man, who was to bring on world transformation and create an new Aryan millennium, the Thousand Year Reich. In the Christian context Quetzalcoatl, usually represented as a green-plumed serpent, could be considered to be the equivalent to Lucifer, who in the Christian tradition will falsely claim to be the Messiah.

Below the swastika in the image above is an Asian yin-yang figure, symbolic of the struggle between good and evil. In the context of Chicano Park, this can be taken to symbolize the struggle against the white oppressor race. Above it is a six-pointed star, which is not only a Jewish symbol, but also an occult/Freemasonic symbol, which signifies the union of man with God, or here perhaps symbolizes, in analogy to Nazism, the divinity of the mestizo Hispanic race, the Chosen People.

The Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl
The Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, Plumed Serpent and Shooting Swastika

The image above has a representation of Quetzalcoatl as the plumed serpent and a swastika shown as a shooting star. The shooting star may represent the return of Quetzalcoatl, the messiah, as a man-god.

A Nazi belt buckle with similar swastika design.

Nazi Brown-Shirt Belt Buckle
Nazi Brown-Shirt Belt Buckle

The swastika is an ancient solar symbol and the symbol of the Hindu god, Igna, the god of fire. Both meanings symbolize death and rebirth or destruction of the old system and reaction of a new system. The sun sets every evening (destroyed) and rises again every morning (rebirth). Fire destroys the old and creates new growth. The swastika is a variation of the solar cross, aka solar wheel, which is an important pagan/occult symbol. Many solar wheels are seen in the murals at Chicano Park.

Solar Cross with Sacrificial Heart at Chicano Park
Solar Cross with the Sacrificial Heart at Chicano Park

Historical Side note: The Theosophists actually had their world headquarters in San Diego from about 1900, where the campus of the Nazarene college on Point Loma is today. Their campus was shut down and taken over by the US Navy as WWII approached, because it was known there was a connection between Theosophy and Nazism. The Nazis borrowed some of their occult concepts ultimately from the Theosophists and some top Nazis were Theosophists. The Theosophists also used a swastika in their logo.

The Theosophists teach that races have karma, based on the collectives actions of their members. The Aryan race is the highest race, whose symbol is the swastika. At times in history an adept appears, who is a great historical figure, a god-man. Vasconcelos — in analogy to what the Nazis did — appears to have just adapted the teachings of Theosophy to fit his own vision of the mestizo race as being the superior (cosmic) race and in these murals a Chicano park, the swastika would appear to represent the Cosmic Race.

Theosophical Society Logo with Swastika
Theosophical Society Logo with Swastika

The Thule Gesellschaft was an occult society that spawned the Nazi Party. The Thule used a similar swastika as in Chicano Park with curved arms. The Nazis also used at times such swastikas, but swirled in the opposite direction.

Logo of the Thule Gesellschaft
Logo of the
Thule Gesellschaft

Thule is another name for “Atlantis,” as is “Hyperborea.” In Nazi mythology, Atlantis was the lost homeland of the Aryan god-men. In Aztec mythology, the Atlantis-like Aztlán is the lost homeland of the Aztecs. Below is an excerpt from “La Raza Cosmica.”

The architectural ruins of the legendary Maya, Quechua, and Toltec are proof of civilized life that precedes the oldest foundation of the Orient and Europe. As the investigations progress, the hypothesis of Atlantis is affirmed, as the craddle of a civilization that thousands of years ago flourished in the vanished continent and in part of what is now America. To think of Atlantis evoques the memory of its mysterious antecedents. The disappeared hyperboreous continent, that left few clues other than the traces of life and culture that sometimes are found under the snows of Greenland; the lemurian or black race of the South; the Atlantis civilization of the red men; next the appearance of the yellow, and at last, the civilization of the whites. This profound legendary hypothesis is a better explanation for the development of the races than the beliefs of geologists like Ameghino, who place the origin of Man in Patagonia, a land that is well known to be of recent geologic formation. (Emphasis added.)

There are several such swastikas displayed at San Diego’s Chicano Park. Below is another example in the middle of the concentric circles on the upper left of the image.

Swastika at Chicano Park (upper left)
The Cosmic Race – Swastika at Chicano Park (upper left)
At bottom is Chicano nationalists’ claim on US territory, mythical “Aztlan”

Not only is Chicano Park on “occupied” public land, but politically-correct government bureaucrats in the National Park Service recently added this extreme anti-American site to the National Register of Historic Locations. An exception was made, in order to add them to the Register, because the murals are not at least 50 years old as is normally required. One might assume that being added to the register helped Caltrans obtain a $1.6 million dollar federal grant to restore the murals, which was awarded soon enough that the murals were restored just before 2012 election time.

The design of the flag of United Farm Workers of America (UFWA), a Chicano organization, has a symbol of Chicano nationalism (Eagle) in a white circle on a field of red, symbolizing socialism, that is apparently a form of Chicano National Socialism. The design is borrowed from a well-known, historic design of a German National Socialist (Nazi) flag as shown in the comparison below, with the well-known symbol of Aryan nationalism in a field of red.

UFWA Flag compared to Nazi Flag
United Farm Workers Flag Inspired by Nazi Flag

This is an example of the Nazi version of the same flag design.

Nazi Brown Shirts Display their Flag
Nazi Brown Shirts Display their Flag

United Farm Workers’ of America flag inspired by the Nazi design.


Section of a mural at Chicano Park with a historically accurate Nazi Swastika near the center of the image.

Chicano Mural with a true Nazi Swastika
Chicano Mural with a true Nazi Swastika

Next is an image of a magic circle in a pit at Chicano Park, used for religious ritual. They call it a “Kiva,” as Indians of the Southwest call similar religious strutures. Note the all-seeing eye of Ra, the Egyptian solar diety, above the magic circle. A sweat lodge is next to the circle, also used for religious ceremony. Worship using a magic circle or solar circle is common of Wiccanism and other pagan/occult religions. The bottom of the underpass is blackened from the smoke of many pagan religious ceremonial fires and the ashes of the fires are often seen on the ground below.

There is a mixture of pagan Aztec symbolism at the Chicano-park site and more common western occult symbols, like this all-seeing eye. This is a site for the performance of ritual, which, considering the Chicano doctrine, are most likely meant to bring about the realization of Aztlán as a nation, the return of Quetzalcoatl (the Aztec messiah) and the re-birth/exaltation of La Raza and a return to the former glory of the Aztecs.

Magic Circle and All-Seeing Eye
Magic Circle for Ritual/Sacrifice and All-Seeing Eye

Underneath the all-seeing eye is a human heart in front of a pyramid. The Aztecs used to engage in human sacrifice in the temples of their pyramids, in which the heart was torn out of the victims chest. You can click on the above image to expand it and get a better view of the heart. The Chicanos place special significance on the heart and are apparently referencing Aztec human sacrifice at the altar where their own religious ceremonies take place.

Original Aztec Sacrifice
Original Aztec Sacrifice with Removal of Victims Heart

Next to the circular pit, used for religious offerings and sacrifice is the frame of a sweat lodge, which is also used by native American Indian tribes for religious ceremony and purification. There have been cases, in which people died or were seriously injured in such sweat lodges. The City could have a serious legal liability if that happened here, especially since such religious sites are not legal on public property.

Sweat Lodge for Indigenous Ritual at Chicano Park
Sweat Lodge for Indigenous Ritual at Chicano Park

The mural of the intertwined snakes is a reference to the Staff of Hermes, which is often used as an symbol of the occult. The Cult of Hermes Trismegistus (thrice great) in Alexandria was an early center of the study and development of the Gnostic occult, which has to do with the worship of man, the idea that man can exalt himself to divinity, a Luciferian concept in the context of traditional Christianity. Due to the abundance of occult symbols and references in a number of different murals, it must be assumed that this mural is also a reference to occult belief. You can read more about the occult Hermetic religion at this link:

Hermes Trismegistus – Hermetic Philosophy, Astrology & Magic

Staff of Hermes Mural
Staff of Hermes Mural

This image below is the normal depiction of Hermes and his staff.

Hermes with his staff
Hermes with his Magical Staff

Besides Chicano leaders, communists like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are honored on the Park murals. Other murals contain references to Salvador Allende, Ho Chi Minh and Emiliano Zapata.

Historical Mural honoring communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara
Historical Mural honoring communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

One of the original mural artists refers in this clip to the revolutionary, cult millenary religious significance of the murals as Chicano Park. This is an excerpt from a KPBS, San Diego interview by Peggy Pico of Mario Torero, one of the original muralists and Jesse Constancio, Chicano Park Steering Committee member

“High Priest” of Chicano Park explains Messiah Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl

This land belongs to the California State Highway Patrol and the Park had to be approved by the San Diego City Council. So, it is bizarre that it is used for pagan/occult ritual and also as a kind of shrine to a subversive, reverse-racist, revolutionary anti-American political movement, Chicano nationalism. The City and the State must be violating multiple laws by allowing this revolutionary cult religious and political site to operate on public land and support it with taxpayer funds.


Chicanos gratuitously identify Aztlán as the southwestern United States, lost in the Mexican-American war of 1846-48. They actually try to use use this manufactured concept to claim a holy right to the Southwest.

Mexicans believe they inherited a claim to the American Southwest from the Spanish after the Mexican War Independence that ended in 1821, but the Mexicans never had much of a presence in the American Southwest. There were a couple hundred thousand people in the Southwest from 1821-1848 and the vast majority of them were American Indians that had no feeling at all of being Mexican citizens, but were, in fact, often openly hostile to Mexican (mestizo) occupation.

Spainsh Territorial Claims in 1819.
Spainsh Territorial Claims in 1819.

The vast American Southwest at that time was unoccupied, except for Indian tribes a few former Spanish administrators, missionaries and a couple of detachments of Mexican troops. The Chicanos use a specious collective argument that, since the southwest was once populated by indigenous people that the territory belongs to all descendents of indigenous people, even mestizos, whether they ever lived there or not. The idea that the color of their skin and racial identity gives them a special right to ownership of the territory is quite racist, in itself.

The association of Aztlán with the Southwest was never a serious issue about history. It’s just literary device employed by a reportedly gay Chicano poet from San Diego, who uses the pen name Alurista. He invented the concept for a poem that he read before the First National Chicano Liberation Youth Conference in 1969. After that, this treasonous idea became popular among Chicanos. You can read about how the idea came about of Aztlán as being the American Southwest at this link:

Plan Espiritual de Aztlán

The Aztlán cult movement is similar conceptually to the mystical Ghost Dance Movement of the 1890’s and it’s more modern offshoot American Indian Movement of the 1960’s. The Ghost Dance was a spiritual anti-white millennial movement, in which god was prophesied to destroy the white man and regenerate the earth and the indigenous people in a millennial Utopia. The Ghost Dance was performed by some tribes after a purification ritual in a sweat lodge in a circular pit around a fire, both as has been constructed at Chicano Park.

“High Priest” of Chicano Park Declares it to be “Sacred Ground”

By returning to the old ways, the white man will be destroyed and the indigenous people and mestizo race will experience a renaissance and renewal. The world will be restored (healed) to as it was before the white man came. The white man is compared to a disease that is destroying “Mother Earth.” The original concept of the Ghost Dance was peaceful, but the Lakota Sioux and some other tribes interpreted in what was perceived to be a potentially violent way. The “peaceful” interpretation of some tribes may also have been just subterfuge, also, due to fear of retaliation. Both the Ghost Dance and AIM provoked violent conflict.

Sacred Danza Azteca Ritual at Chicano Park
Prayer for the End of White Society and Revival of Pre-Columbian Society

The Chicano/Aztlán cultists believe that they have a divine right to the Southwest, which is to be ultimately re-united with Mexico. For now, at least, their stated means of gaining control is to simply promote waves of illegal immigration from Latin America and encourage higher rates of reproduction.

Map of Chicano Homeland of Aztlan
Map of Chicano Homeland of Aztlan

At a national amnesty summit, held at the University of Riverside in March 2013, Professor Armando Navarro speaks of the “takeover” of “Aztlán” via mass migration and high reproduction rates of illegal aliens in America. Navarro is sometimes called El Commandante and El General.

Chicano Activist – “We are the Owners of Aztlan (The American Southwest)”


Such groups sometimes have influences that are both racial nationalist and collectivist. So, they appear to be a mixture of Marxist and Nazi-like influences. This is not quite the contradiction that it seems. The Nazi Brown Shirts were led by collectivists, such as Ernst Röhm and Gregor Strasser. Some have called them “National Bolsheviks.” Radical ideologies that combine aspects of both communism and national socialism are called “Third Position“.

Hitler started his career with these “leftist” Nazis and sold them out, when he took a turn to the right and made a deal with the conservative German military and industrialists. Many of them were killed in the massacre, called the “Night of the Long Knives.”

Chicano Brown Beret Paramilitary
Chicano Fascist Brigades – The Brown Beret Paramilitary

The overall concepts of the Chicano movement that are similar to Nazi concepts are the following. Due to the obvious borrowing of Nazi symbolism, these ideas were likely borrowed directly by the founders of the movement from Nazi doctrine and adapted to the Chicano situation.

● Supremacy of the brown, mestizo race

● Collective guilt and scapegoating of the white race for the fallen state of Mexicans

● Expectation of a Chicano messiah (Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl) who will lead them into a millennial New Age of the indigenous people, much like the Nazi concept of a 1000 year (millennial) Reich.

● Preoccupation with a manufactured pseudo-culture, based on pagan roots

● The Chicano myth of Aztlan appears to be the Nazi myth of Atlantis translated into the Chicano context.

There are a number of Nazi-like supremacist cult religious groups or movements in the US that often admire Hitler and the Nazis for their success in the realization of their occult “will to power,” whether they agree with what the Nazis actually did or not. Such groups are all colors, white, brown, black and even mixed race. It is difficult for Americans to believe that brown and black people can have this kind of mentality, but that just allows such revolutionary hate groups to grow and fester, without much limitation from social criticism and disapproval.

Chicanos Raise Modified Mexican Flag over San Diego


The Chicano, quasi-religious dogma is much like a racialist form of Liberation Theology and for that reason, also has similarities to the Black Liberation doctrine of Barack Obama’s own Trinity Church, which teaches that the black race is the manifestation of God on earth and that white society is the supreme evil of the world, equated to the Antichrist. This shared belief is partly why Obama is so warmly received at anti-American meetings of the National Council of La Raza.


Academia Semillas del Pueblo – Judicial Watch

The Truth about La Raza – Human events

For further information on genocidal, racial-nationalist, indigenous movements see this link about the Mexica Movement, who propose to eliminate Europeans in the Americas.

Mexica Movement


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  1. I’ve had this discussion on a few occasions with some friends. Something everyone should know is that Atzlan was found. When my children were small, I did a great deal of reading. One of the books I read was from circa-1930. It was one of two books about the Aztec culture. The myth was stated: The Aztec people will find Atzlan when they find an eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. They found Atzlan in the location that is Mexico City today. This was where the prophecy was fulfilled. The rest of this spouted “education of the Mexican peoples” is a load of crap. The book I read was written before the liberals had been able to change all histories. Atzlan has been found and it did not then and never will lie within the United States borders.

    1. The association of Aztlan with the Southwest was never a serious issue about history. It’s just something that a reportedly gay Chicano poet from San Diego, who called himself Aleurista, made up for a poem that he read before the First National Chicano Liberation Youth Conference in 1969. After that, this subversive and treasonous idea became very popular among Chicanos. You can read about how the idea of Aztlan as being the Southwest came about here.

      Plan Espiritual de Aztlán

  2. It’s just a crazy religion. You will never change somebody’s religion. All the history lessons and facts will fall flat. People believe what they want to believe. If you want to know the true history of the Californios (Mexican ranch owners) and how they won their independence from Mexico, visit the Battle of San Pasqual Valley Museum, just east of the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. After that, the rancheros gradually sold off their land to Anglos. This is California only. I don’t know what happened exactly in Arizona, New Mexico or Texas.

    1. @Anne, you are completely missing the point. They can have any beliefs that they want, but the wider public should know what their actual beliefs are.

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    You are not informed. You make otherworldly and outlandish statements on things you know absolutely nothing about. It’s crazy the way you just kind of mish-mashed this whole article together, it really is. I’m not going to start citing what is wrong, where there is an actual blatant lie, or where it’s just totally crazy, because the whole thing is totally off and nuts.

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  9. “Quasi-religious movement???” Oh man… I actually did laugh out loud when I read that. Then you claim, “Would not pay too much attention to him. Not really worth the effort.” And then IMMEDIATELY you took the time to pay deeep attention to me by copying and pasting a 1 minute and six second video from YouTube that somehow backs your paranoid and bigoted claims… LOL! Shaking my head man, shaking my head…

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    1. The last post was for Anne. Regarding this article, people can take it or leave it. Makes little difference to me. You are the one that seems to be obsessing over it. I know a lot of Chicanos, themselves, have little idea about what it’s really about, a Nazi-like mystical racial nationalism or how it was founded. Intellectually honest people will investigate on their own.

  10. Some people think they know everything about everyone already, and have absolutely no clue of how little they really know. That’s what I call idiocy.

    1. If you are talking about Stone, the Chicanos believe in collective guilt. They demonize and scapegoat whites, much like the Nazis demonized and blamed all the worlds problems on Jews, just not quite as virulently (so far). If they gained power, it might become more intense. Black nationalists do the same thing, such as was the doctrine of Obama’s church, which also taught a “crazy religion.” Nazism is not just for white people, anymore. 🙂 It’s an equal opportunity quasi-religious ideology, now.

  11. Collective guilt! That’s the ticket! Forget about art, music, culture, food, family, fun! It is all about… COLLECTIVE GUILT!!! LOL! Yeah, sure, Chicanos are all about collective guilt, whatever you say. The whole Nazi thing you have going on is so crazy outrageous. Nazi this, Nazi that, Nazi Nazi Nazi.

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    1. Sure, we just make this stuff up. Cesar Chavez’ brother, Richard, didn’t REALLY design the original UFW flag to look like a Nazi flag with the Chicano nationalist symbol replacing the swastika, did he now?

      UFWA Flag compared to Nazi Flag

      There aren’t REALLY swastikas plastered all around Chicano Park, are there?

      Aztlán Swastika – Fascist-Style Mural Art at Chicano Park in San Diego

      The Chicano myth of Aztlan, just by chance, sounds a lot like the Nazi Myth of Atlantis, right?

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    Some people think they know everything about everyone already, and have absolutely no clue of how little they really know. That’s what I call idiocy.

    Pshhhhh…. I KNOW Anne! Right?

  13. @Gary Nance Be as hateful as you want Gary. We’re coming up, we’ve BEEN coming up. And absolutely nothing can stop us. Everyone likes us and we really seem to be taking this thing back and over, know what I mean Gary? That’s why the small, fringe websites like this exist. Because there is a small population of haters like you. If you don’t like it you should move back to Europe Lol! 😉 Just kiddin babe, u can stay. But you have to play nice. ❤

  14. Sister Anne, we already live in a banana republic here in the USA. We have become so fat butted, lazy, and single minded on invading other militarily defenseless nations for their fossil fuels that we have become terrible at anything and everything else. Despite the cheery numbers as-of-late, we have fallen as a major exporter of quality goods because we have become so reliant on other nations to do everything for us. Just walk in to any store to figure it out. It’s not China’s fault that we import everything from China, and they aren’t some cult. You can’t go blaming everyone for your own problems that are living in your own home. You just need to face the problem that the fact is, we just suck now, at everything. It’s not the Nazis fault, or China’s, or White people, or Black people, or Mexican, or the Italians. It’s our fault because we are lazy, fat assed, selfish, greedy, nasty American consumers who suck everything up. And when the rest of the world complains a little because we are starving everyone to death our typical response is to let them eat war. The problems in this nation do not lie in our odd and beautiful cultural diversity. That is our strength BIG TIME. Our problem is our collective wealth and selfishness coupled with LAZINESS. Omg, such overwhelming laziness every day. Everywhere I go, Walmart shopping fat asses all over the place.

  15. for someone who loves to call other people haters, you sure are judgemental. you seem to think you can read my mind. I didn’t say anything you don’t apparently already agree with. why throw in all sorts of other things that I don’t think and haven’t said? it’s not very nice, and you’re preaching to the choir.

  16. @John “They are demonic,” is three words man, not one. That would be, “theyaredemonic” Lol! For reference, the idea of demonstrated that you are employing is obviously Biblical. The Bible is from North Africa, Mid East, and the region around-ish. So, you are basically saying that Chicano and North American, South American indigenous philosophies do not apply in this hemisphere, yet Middle Eastern Bronze Age ideas do. That is directly what you are saying Lol roll ha ha ha! What a riot. Love it! 🙂 ❤

  17. Yes really swastikas in the park.
    Let’s not forget the brown berets.

    Admin :
    Sure, we just make this stuff up. Cesar Chavez’ brother, Richard, didn’t REALLY design the original UFW flag to look like a Nazi flag with the Chicano nationalist symbol replacing the swastika, did he now?

    There aren’t REALLY swastikas plastered all around Chicano Park, are there?

    The Chicano myth of Aztlan, just by chance, sounds a lot like the Nazi Myth of Atlantis, right?
    And doesn’t everyone dress up and prance around in brown-shirt paramilitary uniforms, giving Nazi-like Chicano-power salutes? I’m sure they do! LoL.

    1. The Nazis would have liked to have allied with Mexico in both Wourld Wars and promised them the the Southwestern US as a reward. Chicanos would be the kind of people that would have been in favor of that, Mexican/Latino nationalists.

    2. You do realize the swastika is an ancient symbol in both India and the American Southwest going back to the Anazasi. You do know that right?

    3. Why are identity, pride, and landownership important. Are you serious? Oh yeah it’s only important if you’re​proud to be American. You’re clueless

  18. I bet the Mexican Far Right must have laughed when the Twin Towers fell in New York and look up to the Anti-White Islamic Jihad Middle Easterners as their allies like Germany and Japan were Allies in World War 2.

  19. OMG… lol! You guys are loco. Ha ha! Yeah, we all got together and ate tacos and wore sombreros and listened to mariachi music when it all went down. The Chicanos are all Nazis. Things like this, or calling Barack by his middle name are qualifiers that say to the world, “we are bigots.” It’s too bad because we definitely need Americans to speak out. But you guys stand for crazy, that’s about it lol.

  20. Pingback: Chicano Park Day
  21. This is ridiculous. Why are ethnic Mexicans so obsessed with race/racial identity and land ownership? La Raza? That’s a Spanish label. Spanish is not an indigenous language, that’s a European language. This inclusion or focus on the “mestizo” is out of control. Mexicans are so hyper-obsessed with the concept of mestizo that they think all Mexicans are mixed. That’s not true. Since Mexico’s independence from Spain, there have been millions of Europeans flooding the nation again in the early 19th century from Spain, Italy, Germany, even Sweden, and from the US as well as more European-dominated nations of South America. So what, their focus is to eliminate all whites from the Americas? How? That means all the white people in Mexico have to die, all the white Americans, Canadians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argenintians, Brazilians, Uruguayans, Chileans, etc have to die too. Such IDIOCY. This movement is based on the assumption that Spanish culture as a whole will embrace being “brown”. No thank you. Spanish culture at its roots is strictly European and they like being white, being part of the European community using the Euro, and engaging in European affairs. They’re not concerned with North American cultural/religious stupidity. Even South Americans continue to laugh at Mexico seeing much of them as displaced natives surrounded by White man’s culture. How odd to think the Aztecs have always spoken Spanish for thousands of years, had built Baroque churches and hand-crafted elegant wrought iron gates and stone balustrades….then find out there’s a ton “white people” countries with the same thing and include millions of Spanish speakers that don’t identify as “latino” or “chicano” for that matter. That’s gotta be upsetting, sobering, angering, and ultimately embarrassing. Most, not all, Mexicans have been a bunch of natives adapting to a European culture that has always fallen short of their other Latin American neighbors who exemplify the Spanish Mediterranean practices you’d see in Europe. I think this makes Mexicans mad because many of them push the “Spanish” culture and language and then wonder why they feel so separate from the White US. This primarily has a strong base in influencing this “Chicano Movement”, a retaliation against the White man for not accepting him. Maybe this is white karma for mistreating the natives when they first arrived, maybe it’s a desire to return to native traditions, saying, “F*ck this Hispano-European bullsh*t.” Who knows, either way, it’s pure silliness, and not based on anything purely native, many of these people are too EuropeanIZED to filter out the White part of their culture.

    1. It a kind of cult mentality. Eric Hoffer in “True Believer” said that the more illogical the belief the better, because such movements are driven by blind faith and not reason.

    2. Why are identity, pride, and landownership important. Are you serious? Oh yeah it’s only important if you’re​proud to be American. You’re clueless

  22. I stumbled onto this article because of my concern over the escalating race problems and the border madness. The more I found out about Last Rasa the more their philosophy seemed oddly familiar to me. I found their beliefs strikingly similar to the Nazis. You know……master race, mythical home land, victims of evil race all that tired old Nazi schtick……..I typed in “Nazi La Raza” just to see if anyone else kinda noticed…………WOW!!!!
    Until recently, I was under the mistaken impression that La Raza was just looking out for Hispanic folks. As it turns out they are a garden variety hate group. Why are my tax dollars going to them? Separatist racists and dangerous at that.
    If La Raza really wants to better the lives of vast numbers of Hispanic folks …..Mexico seems like the logical place to start……but what do I know not being “pure of race”. Psssst don’t tell anyone but I have a little brown blood in me………As well as Deutch, Scott, Limey and Jew. So you see I must be messed up not having a strong “racial compass” to follow. Kinda a cross between MLK , you know letting a man’s character have a stronger influence than his race thing, and Teddy R ” no such thing as a hyphenated American” in my philosophies.
    Mr Stone are your La Raza dues current?

  23. If you can recognize anologies between Chicano-ism and Nazism, you may be interested in looking at the analogies between Black Liberation Theology/other such cult Black Nationalist religions and Nazism. There is a broad range of black nationalist cult, Nation of Islam, Black Hebrews, 5% Nation, etc. The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s church comes from this black nationalist tradition. Marcus Garvey, known as the prophet of black nationalism, told blacks in the 1930’s that they should emulate white supremacists and he prophesied that one day the black race would produce their own “Hitler.” It is difficult to produce a new idea, so these nationalist groups copy from each other and also borrow from Marxism.

  24. You probably wouldnt be upset if it was WASP (white anglo saxon protestant) centered and conservative movement. I am from a cuban american and scoth-irish american ethnicity. You would probably like the white only signs back. If anyone should be silence it should be people like you. You really need to retake a history class and pull your head out of your ass

  25. Hi 🙂 recently read this and found it interesting. I am a 14-year-old Chicano female raised in Seattle, WA my grandfather was a part of this movement as well as my mother. I was wondering if you could explain more to me.From what I’ve learned the Brown Beret Chicano movement is a coming together of those oppressed by racism to heal. My brother Aztlan is 9 years old now and starting to learn the history of his name I think he’ll be excited to know its important enough to be misconstrued so horrendously. Anyway Its always interesting to learn new perspectives especially on my culture and beliefs so please give me all the perspective and information you can.

    1. They want us weak. It’s easier to control us that way. Easiest way is to do that is to erase our past and identities.

  26. This site is in itself is racist. Bigotry is based on culture, not skin color. The skin color thing is a myth. The lie of the melting pot is told by Euro Americans. The deal of “coming to America” that involves forgetting your culture and “assimilating” is an agreement made only by those coming from Europe. The rest of us never made such an agreement. When it comes down to it white Americans simply fear the Euro dominated American perspective changing. It’s ok to be proud to be an American but is racist and threatening to be proud to be Chicano? Laughable. Keep telling that lie to yourselves. White Americans judge the crime and blight of the Mexican inner cities, and down deep feel it’s a racially ingrained problem. The alternative that would change our communities instantly is cultural pride and empowerment. Problem with that from the white point of view is at that if we were empowered we would demand more from the system. Not hand outs, but equal perspective and equal choice. Whites don’t want that. They would rather maintain this system of poverty and control. Plantation mentality. We were here first, our culture is ancient. You are the new comers, you and your Christian religion. The dream of Aztlan is real and it represent us living up to our own potential and deciding the direction of our culture. Every group of people have that right. And if that scares you, so be it. We aren’t going anywhere. Don’t forget we breed like rats. Regardless of punk ass Trump’s wall, you can’t beat a birth rate. We get stronger everyday, while your numbers get smaller. The choice is yours, let us be self realized and self empowered in peace or create conflict because of your fear. But we all know what choice you’ll make. Viva Aztlan! Viva Mexicanos! Viva Chicanismo!

  27. brown people dont belong in our white nations. look how giddy they are when they think whites are a dying breed when that is false in every way!
    it shows who is the true racists and claiming whites have no “culture and no clue” is pretty laughable seeing how nonwhites use our inventions and our innovated creations that make their everyday lives better while they cry and whine about fictional oppression and racism when white people state that they have rights and interests.
    LOL white nations should be for white people and these brown savages can go back to meh-hee-coh and live in squaller.

  28. It’s 2018. I am Chicano I am Mexican. I am native. I am Mexican American. But what I am not is a racist who wishes to conquer and destroy. If I wished to harm will that make me better than the white man who raped this content? the answer is NO if we wish to destroy we are taking steps back and that is not the way. It’s 2018 I do not know how the writer feels today but I hope he lives in peace and is at peace with his own history and his own legacy because this article is a clear reflection of self hate, insecurities, and fear of something/someone simply because they are different and feel proud of their ancient culture and roots. You see you simply cannot belittle those who descend from native Americans because right or wrong our beliefs and our legacy is OURS we wanna know we wanna keep it alive because it was taken so horrendously by white men. As a white man you have to stop telling the world “how to live”. Plus your fear and comparison of nazism is such a old very old way of thinking.

    1. Adding to my comment.. also it is very clear that you are racist I mean what’s wrong with letting other Americans run the country, at the time you you wrote this article you wanted stop Obama. Why? Is he not American? Oh of course we know why you wanted to stop him. Because….. he’s a black American 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ What were you afraid of? A white genocide by blacks because of what you did to them in the past? 😭

  29. Reading this article i feel sick …I am Buddhist practitioner from Bon school.Our main symbol its Swastica called Yungdrung. Probably for person who write this article I would be some kind of nazi because i’m wearing pendant with my most beautiful symbol on earth. Author should make research that Swastika its symbol – one of the oldes used by people around whole world for more 15 000 years…Just do the bloody research before you drop racist sewage on innocent people … You white person from america your ancestors they kill constantly native people from beginning of creation this madness that this days occupy Arabic community and spreading your army bases like corona virus around the countries , your ancestors enslave Black community and that is how you build your fascist country – on blood of other nations ! After second war you took all this scumbags from germany and start building bombs that now you drooping all around earth … Impeach yourself!

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