Ted Hayes – The Tea Party’s Black Messiah or Opportunist?

So-Called black conservative, Ted Hayes, who is associated withe the now defunct San Diego Minutemen and has been a frequent guest speaker at Tea Party rallies and at anti-illegal-emigration rallies. In the clip below he offers his leadership services to the Occupy Los Angeles encampment, which is a movement of socialists, Marxists, Socialists, Communists and Anarchists. Ted Hayes will apparently demonstrate with whomever is available, if there is some advantage for him in it.

Ted Hayes has been supported by various other patriot groups in SoCal, such as Stop Taxing US of Oceanside, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, SoCal Tax Revolt. Ask these groups to withdraw their support for Ted Hayes and find a real patriot to support, rather than a political chameleon, such as this, who tells whatever crowd he happens to be addressing what he thinks they most want to hear.

Ted Hayes offers to lead Anarchist/Communist Occupy Movement

The Ted Hayes minstrel show comes to Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party 2011 hosted by “Stop Taxing Us.”

Ted Hayes bamboozles Tea Partiers at Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party Rally (2011)

Not so long ago Ted Hayes was leading riots in Los Angeles with the same anarchists and communists that you will find at Occupy Los Angeles.

Ted Hayes leads Anarchist/Communist Riot in LA (2000)

Ted Hayes speaks at “Stand with Arizona” anti-illegal-immigration rally.

Ted Hayes bamboozling Patriots again in Arizona

Ted Hayes is widely known the “Rasta Republican,” because he wears Afrocentric clothes and dreadlocks. No one seems to object to that characterization. Rastafarian-ism is a pseudo-Christian form of Black Nationalism, but many just may not realize it. The now deceased emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Salassie, is worshiped as the Christ by the Rastafarians.

Hayes does not appear to be Rastafarian, though, but a Black Hebrew or Black Hebrew Israelite, a related home-grown, American cult belief system, which is also self-exalting and whose members often worship men as gods, as occurs in Rastafarian-ism.

Ted Hayes posing with Karl Rove


Black Nationalist Addresses Tax-Day Tea Party

Ted Hayes Minstrel Show at the 2012 Tax Day Tea Party in Oceanside

Tea Party Speaker advocates Reparations for Slavery

Freedom Jamboree Tea Party Organizer revives UFO Cult

The Yahweh ben Yahweh Cult – TruTV

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