Ted Cruz Ain’t Eligible To Be President, Folks

Ted_CruzTed Cruz was born in Canada to an U.S. citizen mother, but a Cuban father. He never even set foot in the U.S. until he was four years old. Ain’t no way he is a natural born American citizen. He just recently renounced his Canadian citizenship. He is not constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States.

Yet, he portrays himself as a Constitutional scholar. That he still wants to be president, just shows how little regard for the Constitution that he has. Just because the Republican pantywaists gave Obama a pass on eligibility does not mean the Democrats with give Cruz a pass and neither will a lot of conservative voters. If you nominate Ted Cruz, he will be a sure loser. Seems like some Republicans have a death wise, when it comes to presidential politics.

His father, by the way, was a communist revolutionary, not a refugee from Castro’s dictatorship. He fought with Castro as a teenager. He left Cuba on a student visa, not as a refugee.

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