Support the Jones Impeachment Resolution!!

The state-controlled media is completely blacking out the information about an impeachment resolution just introduced in Congress. Contact the congressional leadership and ask them to support the resolution to impeach, if Obama defies the right of Congress to determine when we go to war and brazenly attacks Syria. Most important is Speaker of the House, John Boehner, but the more of the leadership you can contact, the better.

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Contact the Congressional Leadership

Also, contact your own Representative to support it and Representative Walter B, Jones, Jr. to thank him for introducing the Resolution.

Contact Walter Jones, the Resolution Sponsor

You can find the contact info, for your own Representative here. If you have time, you may also want to contact the House Judiciary Committee, which deals with impeachment.

Contact your own representative

When a resolution for impeachment of Bush was introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich over the Iraq war, it was reported by CNN the next day. At this time, it has been four days already and none of the media is reporting it.

Text of Walter Jones’ Impeachment Resolution

There are apparently no co-sponsors, so far. Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr. may well be the last honest man and true American in Congress. Rep. Jones is just drawing a line in the sand, to make Congressmen take a position. Do they still believe in the Constitution as the basic law of the land or not?


11 thoughts on “Support the Jones Impeachment Resolution!!”

  1. IMPEACH OBAMA! IMPEACH OBAMA! is the voice of millions of Americans. Obama trashes our Constitution when he did not present his birth Certificate. He didn’t do anything to improve the Economy Crisis. Highest Employment rate. We are victims of his abusive behavior, poor Education and lack of experience. Today he is Campaigning for his re-election. I thought Republicans are the brains and the Heart of our Country. We used to have courageous leaders what happened with them? We have thousands of Attorneys in our Republican REPRESENTATIVE nominees and what in a hell are they doing? To impeach Obama is to win the Presidential Election and the Security of our Country. He should be in jail. The worse CRIME IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE. People are hungry. How come our GOP Meetings are on Monday and not on Fridays? I want to have a meeting with all our Californian or Orange County Representatives.

  2. HR 107, basically a warning to the Obama Administration and specifically in response to Leon Panetta’s frightening testimony about what constitutes legal authority to deploy American military forces in battle, is TOO LATE. Obama has already violated the Constitution and the War Powers Act. The War Powers Act allows the President to deploy the military for a period of 30 days without Congressional approval ONLY IN THE EVEN OF AN ATTACK ON THE UNITED STATES, IT’S TERRITORIES OR THE ARMED FORCES. Deploying our military in Libya was a DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE WAR POWERS ACT —–IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE——!!!! Why the “warning” now? Why didn’t Congress do its job right away by calling for impeachment after the President took action in Libya ??????????????? I’ve written my congressional representatives, but I don’t expect to get much of an answer from Boxer or Feinstein. I do expect a strong response from Duncan Hunter Jr.

    1. Richard, the Republicans don’t support impeachment, either. Will be interesting to see what Duncan Hunter says. I suspect he will not back it, either. Walter Jones may well be the last honest man in Congress.

  3. As a certified long time “Blue Dog” democrat I am absolutely bewildered by the “head up their a–s” lemming democrats who are allowing our party to completely surrender to the radicals who fit comfortably with Obama,Reed, etc to turn the U.S. into the “Animal Farm” existence that our social engineers are shoving down the throats of American Citizens who are too busy turning their votes over to these Social Engineers who are piping us over the cliffs. Look Folks stop the labor unions right now. If you are a union member look into your unions goals and objectives and if you smell a rat,it probably is a rat. The national unions have really had no purpose since the (guns or butter days) when working conditions and our national defense issues had to be brought too a balance. Child labor laws; equal pay and medical coverage along with retirement programs are now standards. Now the leftists have to create reasons for their existence and are dedicated to that end. Right now if you have to be a union member(socialists) then so be it for the time being but you don’t have to let them use your vote. You vote for yourself. Sure they have your Union Dues but this can and must stopped . Be that American that our past generations fought for and that our future generations will benefit from.

  4. Isn’t Obama going against most of our Constitution an act of treason? He was sworn in as President, to uphold our Constitution and protect and defend our country. He has done the opposite since the day he was sworn in. And, his acts keep getting worse.
    His agreement with U.N. on Agenda 21 is horrid. We will be an engineered community and over 1/3 of world population will be “removed” to make “sustainable communities”. Isn’t that enough to remove him?


  6. I’m in Kinston, maybe not in your district, but I do agree with you. Please REPEAL OBAMACARE. REIGN IN FEDERAL BUREACRACIES LIKE EPA. EXPOSE BAD POLITICIANS!! The election made it clear, We need for you to do your job REPUBICAN. WE HAVE PUT OUR TRUST IN YOU!! THANKS

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