Voter Strike – Guilt-Free, Third-Party Candidates

In the election of 2012, it looks like the choice of candidates of both major parties, Democrat and Republican, will be dismal once again. To foster more choice in the presidential candidates, the election law needs to be reformed in such a way that you can vote for a Third Party candidate, without it throwing the election to a less popular candidate in the way it did with Ross Perot in the election of 1992.

Voters on both sides would support this, because many on both sides are sick of the candidates the major parties are putting up. Instant recount is one way of doing this, in which a person votes for multiple candidates and ranks the choice. See the video below.


It is not in the interest of the major parties to encourage more choice, of course. However, we can motivate the major parties to reform the election law by not voting for the presidential candidate of either major party until the laws are changed. If a significant percentage of the voters will go on strike and abandon the major parties, at least in the presidential race, then it suddenly becomes in the interest of the major parties to change the law, because otherwise they may end up as a Third Party themselves. is an organization that promotes Instant Run-Off Voting. Click the link below to visit their site.

Instant Run-Off Voting


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