Stopping Obamanism – What Can I Do?

Speak the Plain Truth
Obama is not on America’s Side
Many ask “What can I do?” to help get Obama out of office. Sun Tzu said that you need to know your enemy and yourself. After more than four years and all that we have learned about Obama, most people still talk as if he has good intentions and highest ambition is to serve America.

This person has been brought up and groomed since at least his teen-aged years by Communist and Black Liberation revolutionaries to take down the American system. How brainwashed can people be? Conservatives generally engage in this wide-spread nonsensical double-speak, as well. Obama is the enemy, folks!

One thing that anyone can do, and it is very important, is to STOP talking in public, as if Obama has good intentions and wants to do the right thing but just cannot, due to circumstances or his own incompetence. Stop giving him an “pass” that he doesn’t deserve. Obama is not stupid or weak-willed. He just does not want the same things that you do. He knows very well what he is doing and has been quite successful at it. Become more aware of how people talk about Obama and break the cycle of mutual brainwashing that is taking place even among conservatives.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, they say. I don’t believe that literally, but the public speaking the truth is a very powerful force. Otherwise the media the politicians of both parties would not be working so hard to keep us bamboozled and in fear of them. They have much more to fear from us than we do from them. But they can intimidate or co-opt individual leaders. It needs to come from common people as a mass movement. The main point to make is that Obama hates America and is malicious. Watch what you are saying and don’t give him an unconscious pass, when you talk to others.

Both of the recently released movies, “Obama’s America” and “Dreams from My Real Father” assign malicious intent to Obama and that is completely justified. The movies are very helpful and you can use these movies to help change the minds of some of your acquaintances and co-workers.

Obama and his minions often talk about “civil discourse.” Civil discourse is great, when it is warranted, but there are some situations in which making civil discourse the priority is foolish. You would not be civil to someone trying to burn down your house. They are trying to replace the American system with their dictatorial, utopian vision. They want you to be passive and give them the benefit of the doubt as they work to gradually subvert the American system. They say, if you want to boil a live frog, you have to turn up the heat slowly, so that he will not notice and jump out of the pot. Blame should be assigned where blame is due and in no uncertain terms.

Challenge those around you that give Obama an “out,” consciously or not. Often people do it, because they have been subtlety brainwashed to talk that way by the media or your social group. Listen to what you are saying and stop doing it! Obama is not an idiot in over his head. He knows exactly what he is doing. A significant part of the public has to agree that he has criminal intent and speak out about it, before there will be enough pressure on Congress to remove him.

This is something that every individual can do. Thousands of determined, independent people working towards the same goal can make a big difference over time, whether they are aware of the efforts of others doing the same thing or not.

Kill your TV, including Fox News. TV is the main source of the brainwashing. Really listen to what they say on Fox and maybe more importantly what they leave out. They also talk as if Obama is really trying to do the right thing, but just cannot quite get there. This is absolute self-destructive insanity.

It may not be productive to argue with those who have fixed opinions. Seek out those, who can be receptive to the idea that Obama has malicious intentions towards the US and work to convince them.

Organize into small groups. Don’t wait for a national leadership. Large hierarchical groups and individual national leaders can be co-opted or intimidated fairly easily. A lot of small groups cannot be so easily co-opted or infiltrated. We need many thousand small groups working independently to change public opinion.

Share useful information on social networks, like FaceBook. Share things that push the envelope a little. What may seem controversial today, can be accepted as obvious fact tomorrow.

It is quite likely that Obama will win in November, so do not bet the farm on an easy out. Get serious!! The Bible says “The complacency of fools will be their destruction.” We need to turn public opinion more sharply against him, as soon as possible, whether he is re-elected or not.


How Can Obama be Impeached?

4 thoughts on “Stopping Obamanism – What Can I Do?”

  1. he is NOT a nice person as the R party states
    if he wins we are toast.
    if he loses we are burnt toast.

    and if he loses i believe he WILL NOT leave the office.

    push 1 for English ONLY in the USA

    1. That’s being more than a little bit paranoid. If a new president is inaugurated, he can legally order Obama dragged out of the White House and the authorities WILL follow the order. Such hysterics does not help in my opinion, but just makes things worse. The are enough real things going on to complain about.

  2. welcome to the United States of Generica, it’s an Obamanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP OBAMA and the democrats that he runs with.
    Get rid of Obama care!!

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