Stop Destroying America Poster Campaign

The idea is to put stickers/signs anywhere that many people will see them. You can buy printable stickers at Staples and print out your own design to pass out to friends. Files that you can use for printing out sheets of stickers will be posted at this link below. Check back for new files and updates and/or create your own messages. Please share with friends and other groups.

Printable Files for Labels

If you want to make the stickers more durable and prevent them from running/fading, over-spray them with something that dries clear and hard, like a varnish, after affixing them, such as “Royal Coat 1461 Hi-Gloss Finish,” available at Michael’s Craft Stores. After the acrylic dries real well over a couple of days, you need a tool to scrape the stickers off.

Put them on lamp posts at street crossings, or wherever many people will see them, but where you won’t be charged with defacing public/private property. It is permissible to put signs on utility poles in a public street, for example. Keep putting more stickers up occasionally and pretty soon, hundreds of people will be seeing your message every day. It is a great way to bypass the media and get a simple message out.

This is the FaceBook site for the campaign.

Stop Destroying America Campaign

This is a freedom-of-speech protest. So, people should give us the benefit of the doubt about where they may be placed. It is equivalent to putting a bumper sticker on your car, but is more anonymous and avoids the issues of retaliation and vandalism of your car.

Alex Jones had a similar campaign with the Joker images of Obama. We need people to go out and put up such posters in a determined way over the long term, though you don’t have to be quite as bold as this guy. One guy got the attention of the entire city. Imagine, if 100 people were doing it all over the country.

One thought on “Stop Destroying America Poster Campaign”

  1. Great idea and tips! Thank you for loving the U.S.A.

    For more things you can do google “198 Ways to Conquer Dictators”.
    Neat video with 198 creative ideas of things people can do.

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