Democrats and Republicans are BOTH Selling us Out

Many ask why the Republicans have not acted against Obama for four, very long years already. It is because the leaderships of both parties are selling us down the river. The kabuki dance, in which they are currently engaged, is not a real contest or real opposition, but is just to decide who profits from selling America out.

Voting Republican, while they are not doing all they can to protest our rights and liberty is like giving a candy reward to a sick child, before they have taken their medicine. If we do not insist that they protect our rights and then vote for them anyway, they will never do it. There is a lot about Obama that the Republicans should have been investigating and speaking out about publicly, but they have not done it.

The Republicans act surprised to learn that Obama will blatantly lie about the Benghazi attack, while they failed to notice that he has had a ridiculously obvious fraudulent birth certificate posted on the White House document for one and a half years already. Bill Ayers, the founder of a Marxist terrorist group, has openly claimed to be the author of Obama’s auto-biography, which also contains many obvious deceptions and untruths, apparently to enhance Obama’s political fortunes.

The money of the very wealthy began to become really dominate in politics and government around the time of the Civil War, but at least it was American money. In recent decades foreign financial interests have become the more dominant interests. Obama is president, because very powerful and wealthy people wanted him to be president. To these people, our Constitutions and laws are just obstacles to the expansion of their global financial empires.

Obama bows to the Saudi Dictator

The net worth of presidents increases by hundreds of millions during and after their terms. They are working for us and if you think it is just one party that is on the take, you are very naive.

George Bush kisses
the Dictator of Saudi Arabia

They also have huge influence in the media, both mainstream and newer broadcast medias.

Rupert Murdoch Owner of Fox News
greets his Boss, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

The Saudis and Gulf sheikdoms represent the greatest concentration of private wealth in the world and certainly they make their influence felt. One of the reasons that we are not doing more drilling in the United States is because the politicians do not want to cross the oil producing nations.

It is not so much ecological concerns, as it is the government does not have a policy that will promote oil production in the US and neither party supports any plan that would mean a significant detriment to the Gulf Oil producers. Our politicians of both parties know exactly where their bread is buttered and their interests are not served by acting effectively against Obama or promoting oil drilling in this country.

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