Mitt Romney’s Eligibility Issues

Romney, whose father was born in Mexico, has not provided documentation of his own eligibility as a natural born citizen. No documentation has been provided that George Romney became a US citizen before Mitt’s birth. Now, if the courts and politicians will not enforce the constitutional eligibility requirements for the presidency, the voting public can enforce it to some extent themselves, simply by not voting for any candidate, who arrogantly fails to prove their eligibility, if there is any question about it. If a few percent of the vote turned on this single issue it would be a big incentive for candidates to prove their eligibility.

If Mitt’s father was still a Mexican citizen, when Mitt was born, Mitt had dual US/Mexican citizenship at birth much like Obama and is not therefore a “natural born citizen,” which requires both parents to be American citizens and the child to not have any loyalty to any other country at birth. We just want to see the documentation on how and why George was an American citizen, when Mitt was born. Is that really too much to ask? Because Obama shits on the Constitution is no excuse for Romney to do it, too, especially when the lying weasel, Romney, claims to be a great supporter of the Constitution.

His family fled the US sometime around 1890 or so, because Polygamy was outlawed in the Utah territory and the old goat would have gone to prison, if he stayed in the US. George Romney’s parents were married in Mexico in 1895. When you have resettled in Mexico for a couple of decades before the baby is born, the baby is a Mexican citizen and not an American citizen unless you formally apply for it and are approved. We just want to see the documentation of when the old liar became a US citizen. George ran for president, himself, though he was born in Mexico, when he knew he was not eligible. There is a long history of deception in this family. If they were still American citizens, they would not have been classified as refugees by the US Government, when they fled Mexico, due to the war there. Americans are not treated as refugees, when they come home. The Romneys were Mexican citizens at the time.

If George Romney ever applied for US citizenship, there should be a record of it. Some of us would just like to know where that document is. The parents can’t grant American citizenship to their children on their own after they have been resettled in another country for decades. By default such children are considered citizens of the birth country. George Romney would have had to formally apply for US citizenship.

The point is here, just where is the documentation that his father was a US citizen when Mitt was born? A lot of people believe that “natural born citizenship” means that your parents were citizens at the time of birth and I believe they are correct about that. If Mitt respected the voting public and the Constitution, he would provide that documentation, but he doesn’t.

A lot of people are just hypocrites and only want to apply the Constitution to Obama and not to Romney, because Romney is a clean-cut, white Republican. The Constitution has to apply to everyone, or it will not be applied to anyone. Just applying it to black, liberal Democrats won’t work. If Romney is a natural born citizen, just let him provide the documentation and the rationale for it. He should have done that a long time ago. That’s all I am saying.

If a family has resettled in another country, as the Romney family did, and have a baby, the baby is not automatically recognized officially as a US citizen. Some paperwork has to be done to affirm your US citizenship. That is the documentation that Romney ought to produce, if he gives a flying fig about the Constitution, which he really doesn’t.

If George Romney still had rights as a Mexican citizen, when Mitt was born, then Mitt was a dual citizen at birth and not a natural born citizen. A natural born citizen only has rights to American citizenship at birth. So, George would have to had affirmed his American citizenship and renounced his Mexican citizenship to be able to confer natural born status on Mitt at birth. As far as I know, Mitt has not documented that.

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