Reverse Critical Theory – Smash Cultural Marxism

Smash Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism

Reverse Critical Theory – A German group of Marxist university professors, called the “Frankfurt School,” studied why it was so difficult to convert the western world to Marxism. They came up with an idea, called “Critical Theory” that the traditional institutions had to be destroyed first and the culture changed, producing an effect on society, called “cultural Marxism.” Political correctness grew out of it. The media was to be used as an important propaganda tool to promote cultural Marxism. Political correctness is a light form of totalitarian brainwashing without coercion and torture. Communists love to have their victims brainwash each other and political correctness does that. You and I brainwash each other with political correctness.

To reverse this process, Americans have to become more aware of it and become much more bluntly outspoken against cultural Marxism. I call it “reverse critical theory.” It is not just that you have to criticize the opposition, because everyone is being brainwashed by political correctness, not just the lefties. You also have to become critical of many that claim to be on the conservative side when they are acting in a politically-correct way against American interests. (See John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and John Boehner.)

Political Correctness / Cultural Marxism by Discover the Networks


6 Responses to Reverse Critical Theory – Smash Cultural Marxism

  1. stressedoutidealist says:

    What is need is an actual book on reverse critical theory. Forget Obama he is only a front like Cameron, Merkel and others and a Republican would implement exactly what Obama is implementing on behalf of international financial occupation governance. This is not just an American problem it is a trans-Western problem of bankster phony democratic states with populations mind-controlled by transnational media. A book needs to be written for anti-progressive radicals on how to use critical theory to criticise and undermine the cultural Marxist mores of these states, attack their systems, authority and chains of communication and to counter their techniques of control and ultimately overthrow them. If you can find an academic to that then we can make progress.

    • Admin says:

      There isn’t a book on Critical Theory even. There is one academic paper and it is so obtuse it is not understandable. The idea was to criticize and undermine western culture in every way possible. The same needs to be done to the subversive movements that are attacking us. At most a short article is needed, I think. I may re-write this one.

      • stressedoutidealist says:

        An article is not enough. What is needed is a book and the book needs to deal with the effects on society over decades. There is plenty of material to critique including several books like:

      • Admin says:

        “Reverse Critical Theory” is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I don’t think the answer to the cultural Marxist subversion is to critique their obtuse critique of western culture in the same way, but to stop being politically correct and return to more traditional values.

      • stressedoutidealist says:

        That is what reverse critical theory is. we have to carefully critique Marxists morals as opposed to Christian morals. we have untie the knot between traditional Christian and white-European values and the new cultural Marxist post-war Judaeo-Christian values which promote Zionism and delegitimize the philosophy of Jesus. We have to explain the promotion of white genocide through critical theory, the promotion of feminism, abortion, miscegenation, self-hate drug-taking, eastern religion, new age thinking. Holohoaxianity as a Hegelian system of mind-control, the falseness of positive discrimination and on and on. Political correctness is cultural Marxism, is critical theory. But by approaching it from a solid basis like reverse critical theory we can encompass and challenge head on the entire enemy opposing us. But we also have to include 3rd way economics or liberal-fascism as opposed to national socialist fascism, the first enslaving and poisoning the people with for example toxic food or the Jewish pornography industry, and allowing one group of trillionaire financial Jews to take over control the top of the world of finance as opposed to NS_fascism which oversees the quality of the output of corporations in order to protect the consumer and the nation.

  2. Admin says:

    I think I see where you are going with that. No thanks.

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