Occupy San Diego – Thugs, Threats and Intimidation ☭ ⚑

From the beginning the purpose of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been to threaten and intimidate banks and local government in order to wring concessions from them. A small segment of society, the 1%, are demonized and that gives the mob, in their minds at least, license to break any laws to act against them. This mob movement has been endorsed by Obama and other leading Democrats. the symbols ☭ ⚑ represent communism and anarchy, which appear to be the major influences on the OWS movement. OWS has also been endorsed by certain Nazi groups and radical Islamists. Though some of ideologically opposites, all of these groups share a common goal of bringing down the current, constitutional system.

Occupy San Diego - Protest Sign

Below are shown a couple examples of the activities of the mob the formed in San Diego.

This is video of some of them harassing and threatening the police and their families, when the police took down their illegal tent city on the night of October 28th.

A coffee cart vendor at San Diego Civic Center Plaza describes, how she was threatened and intimidated in an effort to obtain free coffee and food for the occupiers.

Businesswoman goes off on Occupy San Diego protesters by KFMB Channel 8

A pushcart hot-dog vendor, who also works in the Civic Center Plaza, describes being terrorized by members of Occupy San Diego and her business ruined. It is ironic that Occupy San Diego claims to be trying to help working people like this.

Occupy San Diego shuts down the San Diego City Council.

Occupy San Diego closes down a downtown branch Bank of America.

Occupy San Diego protestor allows a dog to destroy the American flag.


The person in the leather jacket in the foreground of the video at the top above is Frank Gormlie, one of the writers of the OB Rag, a Progressive (read socialist/anarchist/communist) blog in Ocean Beach. The OB Rag traces their history back to the days of the anti-American, sometimes violent protests against the Vietnam War. One of the formative and iconic events for the producers of the OB Rag was the Collier Park Riot of 1971, a pitched battle between the SDPD and protesters, in which rocks and bottles where thrown at police and one of the policemen lost an eye. This confrontation at the Civic Center must have been like re-living old times for them. Click on the image to go to an article about the Collier Park Riot.

Collier Park, 1971

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