Boycott Oprah – Pick Six – Priority Targets

These are a few of Oprah’s sponsors, who have been selected as short-term priorities for contacting. Just use the example email, provided below, or be creative and write your own. You can imagine the impact on these sponsors, if hundreds of consumers email them with complaints over then next 1-2 weeks. Then, we will move on to another such highlighted group of 5-10 of Oprah’s 50-60 sponsors. In this way, we will cover most of the sponsors every few weeks. We need as many people as possible to email these sponsors.

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Click on the sponsors names below and the links will take you to their contact page or an email address is provided that you can use to send them a message.

AAA Auto Club

Baby Anti Monkey Butt

Guthy Renker – Proactiv

Lexus Automobiles

Pet Smart Stores

Quaker Oats

If you have time and want to contact more than this selected group, go to the main list at this link and send complaints to as many as you like:

Boycott Oprah – Main Sponsor List

Discovery Communications owns 50% of the Oprah Winfrey and is actually the biggest sponsor.

Boycott Oprah’s biggest Sponsor – Discovery Communications

Dear Sirs,

This is to let you know that the “Impeach Obama Tea Party” and the new “Boycott Oprah” group on FaceBook with a combined membership of about 15,000 and their families are boycotting the products advertised on the Oprah Winfrey Network and Oprah’s Magazine/Website, because of Oprah Winfrey’s political support of Barack Obama, whom we believe should be impeached and removed from office. Your company has been identified as having an advertised product in this list and will be a target of the boycott as long as your ads continue appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Network. We request that you please refrain from advertising with Oprah Winfrey. Please pass this message to your marketing department.

(Your Name Here)


Boycott Oprah FaceBook Page

If you would like to receive updates and coordinate your actions with other boycotters, click the link below to join our e-mail list.

Volunteer Signup List


5 thoughts on “Boycott Oprah – Pick Six – Priority Targets”

  1. Just disapointed in Oprah..never thought she would turn against the people who supported her all these yrs…goes to show you , that you can’t trust everyone…God help you Oprah…

  2. OPRAH,Please you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Supporting radicals was your downfall, girl.
    So many woman trusted and believed in you as a person. I know many women who did. Now they are seeing you as a closet racist. We are now seeing the true Oprah an its ugly. Racism as hatred is not confined to one race of people and your audience found it deplorable. Definition of Racism: Belief in a superiority of a particular race..Show me your company, Oprah, and I will tell you who you are…

  3. Gosh I kind-a always thought Oprah was prejudice – it you look back at many of her shows you can see the difference in how she treated her black guest compared to caucasian – unless they were a ‘big star’ like John Travolita the black guests were treated much better, it was a surprise to me that most people didn’t see her for who she really is – a racist. I don’t think she was ever able to let got of her childhood, yes she was treated badly but times have changed and she needs to let go of the past. For her to support Obama is just an example that proves she doesn’t care about her country – the most important thing for her is to have a black person in a high position. tsk, tsk, shame on you Oprah.

  4. The ‘genius’ just had to open her big mouth. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Her arrogance is undefinable. She said, “NO one would dare call her the N word to her face.” Well NIGGER, I accept your challenge.

  5. This is the e-mail I’ve used. I think the avalance of e-mails will have a bigger impact if they are not all cut and paste. Maybe some of ya’ll can post what you are using.

    I will not procure products from ________ or its affiliates as long as ________ continues to sponsor Oprah Winfrey including any of her financial interest or investments. I am also advising my family, friends and all of my clients to do the same. I am not a racist because my skin is not black. Once _______, no longer sponsors Oprah Winfrey, I will return with the same loyalty I had for decades and advise my family, friends and all of my clients to do the same. I grew up with _______, I will miss you.

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