Occupy America 卐 – The Obama Youth Movement Manifests Itself

At a disturbing “Occupy America” event in Atlanta, the crowd exhibits a bizarre, cult-like collective-mind behavior, reminiscent of the Jimmy Jones cult. Americans have a right to demonstrate their opinions, but they do not have a right to occupy public or private land indefinitely with the expressed purpose of interfering with the lawful pursuits of others and even the megalomaniac goal of the overthrow of American democracy.

Do not be deceived, because Occupy America is not advertised as a pro-Obama movement. Obama told a radical attorney once that he may agree with the changes he wants, but that he has to be made to do it, that he cannot do it without demand. The bulk of the protesters are messiah followers and the organizers are his minions. They will try to force him to do, what he already wants to do. He will not want to be associated with the movement, because that would be too obvious and they plan to make use of illegal methods to accomplish their purpose, including violence and rioting, if necessary. Obama will “reluctantly” accept the power and control that they demand of him.

If we are not careful, these Obama-zombies with their cultist, group-think mentality will start acting like this. These people also had a cult-mentality and a goal of world transformational change to be lead by their most excellent messiah. We all know how that turned out.

Nazism was also preceded by an occult New-Age-like youth movement. See the Wiki below about it.

The German Youth Movement

Jimmy Jones Death Cult

2 thoughts on “Occupy America 卐 – The Obama Youth Movement Manifests Itself”

  1. The NS movement was a resurgence of German nationalism, and actually benefitted their country by rousing the people to fight the communists and American zionists. The Obama movement has nothing to benefit White Americans or American nationalism. It is antithetical to America. So your website is bunk.

    1. @Jews, Obama is not about American Nationalism, you dip. He’s about Black Nationalism. Black Nationalism is the black equivalent of White/Aryan Nationalism.

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