Obama’s Throne of Satan (Pergamon Altar)

Obama’s stage at the 2008 Democratic convention was designed in the style of the Pergamon Altar, a Greek Temple, which is mentioned in the book of Revelation as the “Seat of Satan” or the “Throne of Satan,” depending on the translation. The biblical reference is not just to the altar, but to Pergamos as a regional center of the Roman state and a center of occult/pagan worship and persecution of the early Christians.

The Roman state “Imperial Cult” was a religion, in which the roman emperor was worshiped at Pergamos as a god. The black nationalist doctrine of Obama’s Trinity church in Chicago also teaches that the black man is the manifestation of God on earth and one can self-exalt himself to god status. That man can become a higher being or God and the self-worship of man is a tenet of satanism/Luciferianism. Click the images below for more info.

A temple is a place of worship. So, it seems that this bizarre stage design is alluding to the worship of Obama and the dedication of his campaign to Luciferian principles, much like Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. Rules for Radicals is said to be the Bible of community organizers like Obama. Alinsky was deceased by the time Obama moved to Chicago, but he was trained as a community organizer by Alinsky’s top students.

Many have speculated that Obama is a pathological Narcissist, also popularly called an “egomaniac” or “megalomaniac.” Extreme Narcissists, often believe they are a divine being, a prophet, mouthpiece of God or actually God, himself. Extreme Narcissists are drawn to cult leadership, because it validates the mentality of their psychological disorder. See this clip for more info about Narcissism.

Documentary on Narcissism (Video)

Obama may do these things in part as a form of provocation. In this case, though, it also provides an indication of his occult religious belief. It should not be necessary to point out that it is very dangerous to have a president, who is unprincipled enough to use such tactics and unstable enough to exhibit obvious signs of a bizarre religious belief.

Obama appears to consider such national and international events, in general, as an opportunity for provocation and ritual. There have been several other such unusual occurrences, such as his saying once that he is God during a creepy episode at the 2011 9/11 memorial, the photo of the Soviet warships during the 2012 DNC event honoring US veterans, his first foreign speech in Cairo, which is of special significance to Black Nationalists, etc.

Occultists and agitators often try to provoke the opposition into a hysteria. Obama hopes we will overreact and can be marginalized and made an object of ridicule. In that way he can animate his cult-like following.

Pergamon Alter - Satan's Seat of the Book of Revelation
Pergamon Altar – Satan’s Seat of the Book of Revelation

Below is the quotation from the Bible.

Revelation 2:12 And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges;
Revelation 2:13 I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

The significance of this temple for a presidential candidate is quite disturbing. Antipas, an early Christian martyr, was roasted alive inside a hollow bronze bull on the altar, because he refused to renounce his Christian faith and worship Augustus Caesar, the Roman dictator, and the other idols. The bull was designed so that the screams of the victim as he was burned to death would make the bull appear to come to life during the sacrifice.

The Black Liberation Theology of Wright’s pseudo-Christian sect in Chicago is also a would-be state religion, holding that the black race is divine and that the black messiah will arise from the black race with a divine mission to destroy America, as we know it, and create a black-ruled utopia, a millennial kingdom, which, in concept is similar to the 1000-year Reich. Reich means “kingdom” in German and millennial, of course, means “1000-year”.

Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, also modeled the Tribune at the Zeppelin field in Nuremberg, Germany after the Pergamon Altar. The Zeppelin field was the site of the Nazi Party’s annual national rally (Reichstag) and where Hitler was worshiped by the faithful like a god. (See the documentary film “The Architecture of Doom” by Peter Cohen, in which is it mentioned that Hitler’s Tribune design is based on that of the Pergamon Altar.)

Pagan religion is generally about self-worship of man and tribal leaders. The Gnostic occult is a combination of paganism, Neo-Platonic Greek philosophy and the apocalyptic end times theology of the Zoroastrians. Worship of man and his works (the state) is also a central concept of the occult and Satanism/Luciferianism. Satanists frequently admire Hitler for his spiritual power and satanic will, whether they agree with his racism and methods, or not.

Tribune at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg (Click for more info)
Tribune at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg (Click for more info)

Below is an image of one of the rallies in Nuremberg at the Zeppelin field in front of the tribune modeled after Satan’s Altar of Pergamos. Most Germans probably did not realize that they were heiling Hitler, while he addressed them from a perverse replica of Satan’s Throne of Revelation, or maybe they just did not care. It was an omen of the apocalypse to come. An early Christian martyr was burned at Pergomos as a sacrifice. Hitler used the altar as his tribune and slaughtered 10 million Christians and Jews as his “sacrifice.” Now, Obama has used a similarly designed temple as his own tribune in his nomination convention.

Reichsparteitag - Hitler speaks from the Throne of Satan
Reichsparteitag – Hitler speaks from his Throne of Satan

Next is Obama’s stage as the democratic convention in 2008 in Denver. The resemblance to a smaller version of Hitler’s Tribune in Nuremberg is obvious and the design is even more like that of the Pergamon altar than is Hitler’s Tribune in Nuremberg. There have been many references to Obama being a messiah or god by Obama’s supporters and in the media. The Founder (~1920) of the black nationalist mass movement, Marcus Garvey, recommended that black groups emulate white supremacist groups, because he thought supremacist ideology and religion was the secret of the success of the white race. Garvey, known as the prophet of black nationalism, stated that some day the black race would produce their own Hitler.

The faithful Worshipping at Obama's Altar
The faithful Worship at Obama’s own throne

These Americans also do not realize that they are hailing Obama in this sick spectacle, while he is perched upon a stage modeled after the biblical Satan’s Throne and Hitler’s Tribune. Black Liberation Theology holds that the black race is divine and will produce a messiah, or messiahs (plural) who will lead the destruction of America and white society. The racial concept is similar (in reverse) to the racial concepts of Nazism and also to the racist, apocalyptic identity version of Christianity that the Nazis forced on the German churches. History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce, at least we must hope that it is only a farce. The Nazi movement was an exception among occult messianic movements in the impact that it had.

Obama speaks at the Nazi-revered Victory Column in Berlin
Obama speaks at the Nazi-revered
Victory Column in Berlin
Black Liberation Theology can be considered therefore a form of Luciferianism, in so far as it teaches the exaltation and worship of the (black) man, while the white race is scapegoated and demonized. This is the mirror opposite of Nazism, which exalts the white race and demonized Jews and people of color. Self-worship is a form of Luciferianism, whether one worships the red demon as a being or not.

So, the nomination stage can be considered to be an altar to Satan, not just because it is designed to look like the Pergamon Altar, but because Obama’s religion under Jeremiah Wright, Jr. is a form of satanism, and there have been many references to him being a god/messiah.

This design is of a very famous temple, but it is not the common design of a Greek temple. It is difficult to imagine that this design just happens to be coincidental and such bizarre occurrences happen too often to always be chance. It is more likely an intentional provocation and a symbol of Obama’s subversive inverted values relative to the rest of society.

About one month earlier, Obama gave a speech in Berlin, at the Siegessäule or “Victory Column”, just a short walk away from both the Pergamon Museum, where ‘Satan’s Altar’ is on display and also next to the bunker where Hitler committed suicide in April 30, 1945, Walpurgis night. The Victory Column is itself still seen by some Berliners as a Nazi symbol. It was a very fitting homage. The speech was given before a wildly-cheering, mesmerized crowd, the size and enthusiasm of which had not been seen in Berlin probably since the 1930’s and 40’s for such a political speech.

Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his famous book on political organizing to Lucifer. Alinsky’s techniques of organizing were based on the techniques of Al Capone’s mob. Alinksy said that the purpose of his method was foremost to “gain power,” which reflects the Luciferian ethic. Click here to see a review of other Luciferian influences on Obama and historical comparisons to other messianic movements.

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer. Quoted from Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.”

If Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, why should we be surprised, if Obama, a disciple of Alinsky, and also a member of a sect with a doctrine based on the principles of satanism, has dedicated his presidency to Lucifer?


Another example of worship of leaders comes from the French Revolution. Like Obama and Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Jacobins and dictator of France, Robespierre, constructed a throne, so that he could be worshiped like a god at the fests of the Cult of Reason, also called the Cult of the Supreme Being. This was a Luciferian religion, which was made the state religion of revolutionary France. This painting depicts Robespierre seated on his throne. A small artificial mountain was built for the throne and he would mount the throne wearing a toga during the festivities of the cult.

The Throne of Robespierre, Dictator of France

Robespierre led the effort to de-Christianize France and the slaughter of several hundred thousand people. Cathedrals were were turned into stables for horses or were demolished. In the rebellious province of Vendée, Christians were exterminated by the hundred thousands, including men, women and children.

There are many examples from history of would be “great leaders” who wanted to be worshiped as a god. Adolf Hitler and Robespierre are just two examples from recent history. From a historical perspective, it is not unusual to see this type of behavior among megalomaniacs and psychopaths, who would like to become absolute rulers.


Obama is a professional agitator in the Alinsky style. It is standard technique among occultists and Alinsky-style agitators to use such provocation. Obama is flaunting his real occult beliefs hoping to provoke a hysterical reaction among believers in biblical prophesy and conspiracy theorists, so he can paint his opponents as being backwards and ignorant, thereby discrediting them. He is a professional, serial provocateur and that appears to be what is happening here and as with many other provocations that he has done in the past, both during the campaign and as president. So, the point is, people need to be very careful about how they react to this provocation. Think about what he is trying to achieve with this. That is, foremost to discredit and bamboozle his opponents.

It is important to not overreact to such provocation, because that is their goal to have opponents launch themselves into the ozone layer. Another goal is actually to cause the public to fear him and his minions. When people think that he is the Antichrist they develop and spread fear among some of the public, who tend to think this way. This is an object of such agitation and it is really a shame for an American president to be using such perverse techniques.


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  1. This shrine to Satan will be destroyed at the command of the servants of God that will rule in the new Kingdom of God! People today need to watch and listen to the news about things that are really happening in the United States and the world! Statistics and reality coincide and bring the truth about what is happening now and what we need to keep our focus on. Don’t believe what one person has told you but, what the facts show you!

  2. No surprise at all, since he is an anti-American socialist, people that are American should beware if they still want the American way of life, like we’ve had for 200 years.

  3. I told you so about Obama. I work in peoples houses daily. When 2008 election was in progress I asked people why they have Obama signs on their lawn and why they are voting for him. Most answered he a nice guy (what) then I began to tell them things they did not know and dared them to check this out. Apparently they didn’t or they wouldn’t have voted for him, but one thing in common, was that the voters where union employees. Go figure.

  4. Its hard to imagine that destruction of America would be the Hope and Change that Obama envisioned. For those conservative and right leaning independents that voted for him, it is hard to imagine that you let this happen again. What took 232 years to make a great nation has quickly started the destruction happen in 2 1/2 short years at the hands of a socialist administration and the Czars that he has appointed to assist him in to the ultimate demise of this once great nation. We need to change and only for the better. Time to elect the right people to get this country back on track.

  5. The very first time I saw the man on TV when he was just putting himself out there, I told someone that “this man makes me nervous”. I had never voted before in my life. I was in my 50’s. I registered and my first vote was NOT for him and my second vote will NOT be for him either.

    1. Spiritual ears and spiritual eyes SAW HIM FOR WHAT HE Was… and the dasterdly cretans that bowed to him and his ilk… from the beginning…..

      What TOOLS… like those that fell for Hitler and the Nazi’s…. most folks are!!!

  6. I really believe if Oprah hadn’t endorsed him….it wouldn’t of happened!!!! People who never voted before, or didn’t know the real issues, all of a sudden voted because she told them to! Is this why she retired?

    1. Oprah certainly had a big part in it. I don’t follow Oprah that closely, but I don’t think she has retired. Her old show ended, but she was trying to start up a new network, which has not done so well. A lot of her fans left her, I think, in large part due to her support of Obama. Maybe Satan has deserted her, too. (LoL)

  7. @ Anonymous—I was on the phone with my mom when I first saw Obama, and he was nothing more than a small time guy and as I was talking to my mom and saw him on TV, I got this cold and dank feeling. I immediately interrupted my mom’s dialogue and said, “Have you seen this man, Barack Obama?” She said “No, who is that?” I said, “He is thinking about running for the presidency!” She said, Oh, ok. I said, “Something is eerie about this man! I don’t trust him…..Watch him mom. I believe he is going to do something to this country that is going to destroy it” and she said ” I will remember you said that”. My mom is my witness to these facts, and look at what is going on…

    Anonymous wrote:
    “I told you so about Obama. I work in peoples houses daily. When 2008 election was in progress I asked people why they have Obama signs on their lawn and why they are voting for him. Most answered he a nice guy (what) then I began to tell them things they did not know and dared them to check this out. Apparently they didn’t or they wouldn’t have voted for him, but one thing in common, was that the voters where union employees. Go figure.”

  8. I am amazed that people who know and have known these things just sit and watch, vainly supposing that we can wait til the next election to oust him.

  9. @Clair, yes it is insane for people to remain willfully ignorant and wait, when the truth about what Obama’s agenda is — the destruction of America and the enslavement of Americans — is right before their eyes.

  10. I warned people about him during his campaign and was called a liar and racist. Now look at what is happening and people STILL think he is doing great. Seriously? WTF, do you live under a rock? He needs to go and fast with all his Muslim and libs in Washington.

    1. Obama and his Hollywood propagandists have cultivated a kind of religious feeling among his hard core supporters that he is some kind of savior and is going to change the world. For that reason it is difficult to argue facts and logic with a lot of people. They will follow him right over the edge of the cliff. I try to concentrate on people that already are skeptical of Obama, but just don’t understand exactly why and push the envelop out from there. We need to grow the group that understands what this is all about, that Obama really does have malicious intentions.

  11. Scary how many people I know voted for him – and STILL think he is a great president. One has been my friend for over 47 years and she still thinks he is the best president we have ever had. She is a smart woman, but she is blind as a bat on this man. He is pure evil. His agenda was to destroy America, and that is exactly what he is doing!

    1. I think the propaganda experts from Hollywood that support Obama have fostered a quasi-religious feeling about him and that is why people are not rational about it. Many will follow him right over the cliff.

    2. I had a dream he was sitting diagonally across from me at a restaurant table. When he looked at me his eyes turned evil and then back to normal again. I know he is the Antichrist. Get ready. Jesus is coming back soon.

  12. And may Oprah Winfrey’s network go down the toilet…can’t stand her – her support of this obamanation was the final straw, but had already started seeing her true self when she aired the show about “The Secret”

  13. It only took one look and a few words from Obama’s mouth to pray for Gods discernment and know that surely this man is evil !!!!

  14. On a personal note, I believe all people should pay attention to any and all symbols of the past and present. It would behoove all people , even those or especially those who are not Americans to take a close look into the things happening in America. It’s not by coincidence these things are being pushed on the people. All must realize that these iconic symbols are being brought forth to send a message. It really doesn’t matter if people pay attention or not, eventually the results will move to the forefront. This will then have such an obvious effect on the people all over the world that most won’t be able to distinguish propaganda and symbolism from true reality. The mixture will be an awful concoction of cruelty.

    1. They do use symbolism for a purpose and people need to pay attention to what they are communicating with their symbolism, instead of letting it be implanted into their minds subconsciously. The Obama campaign is notable for it’s use of symbolism, such as the rising sun symbol, which he uses as his logo. The rising sun is a symbol of a new age and transformation. There is a lot of perverse symbolism depicting Obama as being god-like, divine and the messiah. This is really outrageous and disgusting for an American politician and his minions to engage in this to the extent that the Obama campaign has. It is just mass brainwashing and more worthy of a Third World dictatorship like North Korea than the US. Because Obama has used so much perverse symbolism, it adds credibility to the idea that the similarity of his nomination stage design to that of the Pergamon Altar is not entirely coincidental. Has anyone since the Nazis used such symbolism in a major democracy?

  15. Hitler used meth in order to get ready every day and for speeches. Obama is using the rule of the dumb ignorance to rule.

  16. i hope these previous comments aint about obama being black bse even the rulers of US r devil worshipers. i mean d ones that own wall street!

    1. Obama is certainly not the first self-worshiping, Luciferian president, but he is the most open about it. The others at least tried to cover it up. The problem is the danger of his uniting a large number of like-minded people, because he is so open about it. He can be more open about it, because people are hesitant to criticize a black man, for fear of social retribution.

  17. Obama is a radical Marxist /Socialist/Communist member of the Cloward/Piven New Party. Obama’s Bible is said to be Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.” The New Party has every intention of creating a National Welfare State in order to usher in complete communism which is Gobal totalitarianism. They want MICROCHIPPED debt slaves … The microchip implant is hidden in OBAMACARE and is set to be implanted in everyone by 2014. Obama is a fraud. We The People need to wake up and stop participating by complying and conforming with everything they tell us to do. These global elite communists want to control all of our minds, bodies and souls just like the Bible warned. The Multinational Government Korp needs to be abolished. Their monetary system is the microchipped mark of the beast. WE NEED A NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM ON THE 2012 BALLOT TO Restore the U.S.C….ISSUE OUR OWN CURRENCY….U.S. BANKNOTES ….ABOLISH THE FED/NATO/U.N. UNHOLY ALLIANCE. Throw the traitors out. They have dishonored the people.

  18. I just want to add, Obama, his cohorts and minions are in both parties. They, by many corporate proxies, have hijacked and control our public utilities, Big oil, the medical establishment the media. Education, religion, politics, the judiciary system and law enforcement as well. They are incredibly deceptive fascist communists. They instituted this plan long ago by progressive taxation and fraudulently induced sneaky socialist policies. Those policies allowed the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS TO STEAL OUR WEALTH BY FRAUDULENTLY INDUCING THEIR UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT ONTO ALL OF US…AND CAPITALIZING AND TRADING AND INVESTING IN OUR STOLEN WEALTH. The result is the biggest Ponzi Scheme robbery of our wealth in history. The international banksters have hijacked US and all of our wealth is in their hands. This is their end game Hitler Plan for complete control…Totalitarianism ….AKA…..THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The creator warned us to reject Satan and all of his evil plans for mankind that are the opposite of God’s plans which is for all of his creations to be free and independent.

  19. I was raised Christian, but I’m no longer a “believer” except that considering the actions of Obama and numerous other world events, it’s getting easier to believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ. I can’t remember exactly how the interpretations of Revelations describe the chain events, but if he wins a second term, that’ll be enough to completely convince me,

  20. the real problem is that people like obama think they are doing what is best for man. They have controlled the education system in america for many years. the schools have become the real pulpit for thier one world doctrine.

    1. True, but it is more than that. It is religious belief. They believe they are really going to transform the world into Utopia. Such cult religious belief can be very powerful and infectious for masses of people and cause them to do very destructive things in order to achieve their goals. People need to understand this kind of thing better, so they can recognize it and head it off, before it goes too far. Making someone like Obama president, who is proclaimed as the messiah, is already going way too far.

  21. @the anti-obama club You all want to blame EVERYONE except yourselves for how bad things are in America whens the last time YOU boosted the economy?!?!? if you want to put all the blame on one person a dictatorship is what you want, but “of the people” means YOU dumbass, you want change, but i dont see you doing anything but bitch on the internet.

  22. Been a policeman for 40yrs., first time I seen Obama during a debate with McCain – the hair on the back of my neck stood up..If he’s not the antichrist, he’ll be the false prophet that accompanies him….God Bless America, more now than ever before!!

  23. So many people here in Australia were jumping for joy at the election of this man seeing him as the end of the cabal of the Neo Cons (Howard, Bush and Blair) and beginning of a New World Era..but I could only feel a dread. Apart from the obvious fact that he would simply be another politician I warned them not to put their naive trust in him as time would prove Obama to be more of the same or even worse…now here we have the new Caesar resurrecting the old gods

    1. Yes, he is a sheep in wolves clothing. You don’t have to look very hard to see it. I have come to think that Bush in a lot of ways was preparation for Obama and Romney would have been Obama-lite, a acceptable fallback in case people rejected Obama. In my mind, they are all three puppets of international financial interests.

  24. Our filthy news media is largely to blame. Obama was not and has never been fairly challenged on his qualifications, background associations, beliefs, policies or anything else that I can see.

  25. This is worrying , that Pres. Obama is in a sect that worships the devil and that Obama has mad ideas like narcissism etc; not exactly a person who should be president of U.S.

  26. not only in Australia, Europe too.
    There is something strange in it, it is like a worldwide madness.
    Maybe because of media most of which are held by leftists.

  27. devil in white skin = hitler, the devil in black skin = obama, satan = obama and hitler as one and the same. satan himself will transform his own self into an angel of light the holy bible.

  28. It was in the summer of 2005 or 2006 (as I recall) that ABC produced a puff-piece on then senator Barrack H. Obama and followed him around in what was said to be “a day in the life of…”
    Throughout the puff-piece the interviewer repeatedly praised the American melting-pot for allowing this Kenyan born African to emigrate to America and attain such political success. They were vague on the details of his family but strong on repeating over-and-over that a Senator does NOT have to meet natural-born citizenship standards that a president does under the current law.
    So after Obama got elected to the presidency and the ongoing controversy over his citizenship continued to plague him, I decided to try and find that news story in the online archives and found that it had been entirely removed from those archives I had checked.
    This was NOT an elected official who attained office by the will of the people.
    This was a carefully planned and executed coup.
    And now a communist is destroying the nation from within.

  29. When will the MAJORITY wake up? When will we stand for GOD,first of all,the constitution? Our way of life as told by the bible ? Wake up before it’s too late omg what is wrong with everyone we are the majority!!quit being Afraid of false accusations we are so scared to stand for what is right for fear of being labeled racist or not caring,who cares what anyone thinks about us other than The Lord our Savior JESUS CHRIST

  30. I am so sick of being told to shut up,for not being politically correct ;was Jesus Christ politically correct or did he say those with no sin cast the first stone?
    We are a great nation because of the grace of GOD! We allow our children to be taught the THEORY of evolution yet teachers are scared to death of teaching the BIBLE
    We elected a man whom in his twenties changed his name (Christian name) to that of islam name,ie Malcolm x Muhammad Ali people what is wring with the 54% of our population?
    The 90% of blacks most Christians voted for him because of pride because Barry S is half black what? He believes in gay marriage,partial birth abortions,& the taking away of guns,liberties health care by the way he,& his family,& other politicians don’t have to adhere to obamacare

  31. You all are bunch of Nutts stop claiming christianity if you don’t even know what’s in the world of God. A bunch of hypocrites and bigots!!!! Are all going to Hell!!!

  32. First black man becomes president and now he’s the antichrist, get a life!!! So what do you say about all the white ones that were president before him!!!!

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  34. I thnk ppl are so caught up in this luciferian saga that they actualy 4got that our Lord Jesus Christ wil strike down their so called empire with 1 strike…dey wont even hv strength to get up! Hw powerful is our GOD…so i dnt fear dem wit deir big guns and machines…so spnd time researching abt the kingdom of heaven

  35. Independent of anything I saw on the Internet at the time, I had pulled up Isaiah 14:12-22 to study Lucifer’s “I will, I will, I will… REBELLION in which he declared he would overthrow the Most High God. Because I have LOGOS Software I usually study the original Greek or Hebrew words of the scriptural texts. Here in Isaiah you not only find “alah” (related to worship ascending, swearing falsely, curse, blasphemy) you also find “bamah.” I was incredibly AMAZED with this find such that I looked into Luke 10:18 in which Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus) quotes from Isaiah 14:12-22 saying, “I saw Satan CAST DOWN (fall) like LIGHTNING from the HEIGHTS.” Hebrew for LIGHTNING is “barack, baraq” and Hebrew for the word HEIGHTS would be “bama or bamah.” SIMPLY AMAZING! In other words, Jesus would have said in His native tongue, “I saw Satan fall like BARACK ^O BAMAH.”

    What would cause a family or person to give themselves such a prophetic name associated with Lucifer (now called Satan, the Serpent, the Rebel)? And then, why would this same person choose the Seat of Satan, Pergamum Altar as his political platform; and why would this same person’s icon be that of “the sun rising in the West” as a symbol and catalyst to the Islamic dirge to arise and slaughter Christians and Jews everywhere (perhaps the ignorant & uninformed haven’t read the Luo Prophecies of Kenya)! Is the Kenyan Obama the genetic father of Barack Hussein Obama? Or is Barack’s father Frank Marshall Davis, whom Barack resembles? Or is Barack the offspring of the Indonesian founder of SUBUH, Mohammad Subuh Sumohadidjojo (“Bapak”) who like Barack uses the Islamic symbol of the “sun rising in the West?”

    Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro is Barack Obama’s mother; she raised Barack in Indonesia, the same is the “origin of the rising sun” CULT known as SUBUD or SUBUH. Oddly enough, the Founder of SUBUD, Muhammud Subuh Sumohadidjojo (“Bapak”) looks ALMOST IDENTICAL to Barack Obama; Muhammad Sumohadidjojo also has a Logo which is the “rising sun.” Then there is “Deliana” Loretta Fuddy, member of the “rising cult” SUBUD, an acquaintance of Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham; also a member of the same SUBUD Cult from Indonesia. “Deliana” Loretta Fuddy was recently and mysteriously killed in a plane crash. Oddly enough, she was the one person of 7 billion people on planet earth who was also a member of the SUBUD “Rising Sun” Cult that happened to be the single link to Barack Obama’s campaign 2008, whose logo is that of the “rising sun” AND Barack Obama’s (fake) birth certificate.

    I am afraid that the “spiritually stooopid” people of America are so iniquitous=sinful they are blind to what is happening to our country… or they are so blatantly uninformed/uneducated that they would bow down to Satan just because he’s endorsed by Hollywood… or as 2-Thessalonians-2 REVEALS, perhaps it is because they love evil=sin=iniquity=unrighteousness so much that they have become BEGUILED=DECEIVED=TRICKED into receiving their own STRONG DELUSION; or perhaps as is recorded in 1-Samuel 2:2-3 “God RATIFIES DECISIONS” and the people hell bent on destroying America choose UNRIGHTEOUSNESS over godliness/character. This is the real reason the Saul Alinsky platform elected Barack Hussein Obama!

    May all who elected this evil to reign over America, PERSONALLY receive the fruits of this diabolic platform such that they only enjoy “the pleasures of sin for a season” and repent before they are beyond salvation and deliverance.

    1 Samuel 2:2–3 (KJV 1900) — 2 There is none holy as the LORD: For there is none beside thee: Neither is there any rock like our God. 3 Talk no more so exceeding proudly; Let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: For the LORD is a God of knowledge, And by him actions are weighed.

    Revelation 16:1–2 (KJV 1900) — 1 And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. 2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the MARK of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

    It also amazes me that the MARK recorded in the Bible Codex by John of Patmos looks like the Arabic CURSE=BLASPHEMY of the Bismillah, Shahata and the Bay’ah.

  36. Dear Barbra! please accept my sincere gratitude to you on this eye-opening piece of writing.God bless you.After going through it,i have also realized that the current president and deputy-president of my country,Kenya,also share in the very similar characteristics with Obama-both are devil worshipers. I wouild therefore like to expose them in a book dubbed-UhuRuto’s Throne of Satan:Exposing the Jubilee Government. Unfortunately,i lack the necessary financial ability to produce the book.Would you please help?.Thanks

  37. Thank you.I for a fact know that there is something wrong with this guy.I too know him for what he his.I can’t get some people in my fily to believe me we are Christians.I will pray that that all mighty God creator of Heaven and Earth be with you and yours as you reveal the truth.

  38. This country deserves the likes of sex crazed Bill Clinton and American hater Barack Obama.
    Gods wall of protection has crumbled because of this nations refusal to repent of gross sins, porn and the murder of millions of innocent little boys and girls through abortion. Marriage being an out dated custom. We are depraved and selfish and need to repent of our ungodly lifestyles. The warning is going out but few there be that listen. Few there be that even care. Few there be that will fall on their faces and cry out to a just and holy God for forgiveness and mercy. You’ve just been warned to turn to Christ before it is to late. God help us to humble ourselves in shame.

  39. Obama is just a regular satanist so far he has not destroyed millions like himmler an hitler did but he hopes to destroy the whole world to appease satan he’s trying to nuke the earth and become god

  40. There’s something inside so strong, only Gods man can make it even though Satan’s power make us wrong so long through many means and techniques hence we really need God’s Wisdom to come out from the pole.
    Am passing through many scriptures leading, sometimes its so confused about where do we heading. Without God this mountain is very high to climb.

  41. Its not hard to understand. Relate what is happening now and what God said in the bible. The answer is TRUTH. thank God for his mercy for us to know the truth and we r saved. You belong to God and they belong to the devil. Pray hard for the Lord to fro give our sins.

  42. And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven. 7It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. 8All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain.…

  43. My, what a lot of hate and lies in the name of Jesus. Won’t you be surprised when you are in hell paying for your sins of pride?

  44. He and his demonic beliefs won’t win good always triumphs over evil God is all powerful and satan has no power over the lord and Jesus I serve the lord I love the lord praise Jesus

  45. Almighty God Allah Jehovah is “Allah Ya Seen the Truth” is “God Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto「神天理王命」” is “God Bahai (“Sanskrit” :ब्रह्मन्,Bráhman)” is the Spirit of Truth : The Seven Churches of Revelation, also known as The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse and The Seven Churches of Asia:
    1. Ephesus church is Judaism,
    2. Smyrna church is Lutheranism。
    3. Pergamum church is Islamism and Alevism
    4.Thyatira church is Tenriism and Shintoism
    5.Sardis church is Bahaism and Hinduism
    6. Philadelphia church is Kingdomism
    7. Laodicea is Presbyterianism

  46. Uh ,I don’t understand this, all the previous presidents have been part of this mission.now I do not understand why npw that it is obama only now you realise,is it because he’s black? If you read THE BIGGEST SECRET by David Icke you will realise that the evil you think Mr Obama is is nothing compared to the previous presidents of the US.

  47. Do not worry Children of God. The cries of the innocent have reached the ear of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has chosen His little Lion of Judah. The God of Abraham has baptised His brave little Lion with the Holy Spirit. He has taught the true Trinity. The little Lion is EZ 33, proud guardian of God’s Children. His job is EZ 37 here to breathe life into the dry bones and pull them back into One Body. Have you heard him roar?

  48. Ok, it’s 2016 and 2017 coming soon.. Obama moving on and a new president taking place… Trump? His golden tower and home he lives in… Wondering who is next…lol


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  52. yes, obum is son of perdition. he is a marksist/ loosiferian pretending to be a may slem (using may slems to kell jews and christians). I have had nightmares about this “man” – I think he is an entity – combination – clone/ cyborg/ nephilm, etc. I cant stand to listen to his voice or look at his face – he is a strange entity.

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