Obama’s Religion is a Legitimate Issue

Obama praying at Trinity
Obama praying at Trinity
Cult of Hate
Black Liberation Theology is a racist, self-exalting doctrine. It holds that the black race is the manifestation of God on earth and equates white society and the so-called “white church” (the traditional church) with the Antichrist. It also holds that America’s democratic institutions, such as the Constitution are the tools that the white Antichrist uses to keep the non-white world oppressed. In the end times scenario, the imminent destruction of white society and America’s democratic institutions led by a black messiah, will produce a biblical millennial kingdom on earth, which will be a physical kingdom, not a spiritual one, led by the black Messiah.

This hateful, racist theology is available for anyone to read in the little books by James H. Cone, available from popular book retailers, for anyone that wants to read it and analyze it. To believe that he attended that church for 20 years and had no idea about the doctrine is just ridiculous. Black Liberation Theologians use the same language as traditional Christianity, but often it means something completely different. James H. Cone prophesied that white Americans will be too stupid to realize that the kingdom is becoming reality. Well, maybe Cone was not totally wrong about everything.

Obama never repudiated the doctrine of Trinity church, based on Black Liberation Theology. He just blamed everything on a convenient scapegoat, Jeremiah Wright. Certainly, this Harvard graduate knows full well what Black Liberation Theology is about. The truth is that Obama knew a lot about Black Nationalism and black theology, long before he ever set foot in the Trinity United Church of Christ. His book “Dreams from my Father” just shows that he was obsessed with his black identity, so he joined a black-identity church. He sought out that kind of church.

Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was from Chicago and Davis’ own Mentor, world-famous singer and avowed communist, Paul Robeson, was under suspicion from the FBI of himself being a would be black messiah and was under house arrest in Chicago for some time. Frank Marshall Davis knew all about the radical black scene in Chicago. Why would he not have told young Obama all about it. Obama grew up on stories of the black messiah.

Jeremiah Wright writes in his own book on the history of Trinity, “A Sankofa Moment,” that the Association Minister of United Church of Christ, Dr. Cary, called the church a cult in the early days. Wright made the minister apologize by playing the race card and threatening to his face to “whip his butt.” Wright was a younger, more intimidating ex-marine in those days. However, Dr. Cary was correct in his initial assessment, it is an ugly cult of racial resentment and hatred for America and the Christian church.

It is really incredible that there are many millions of Americans, who are dumb enough to believe that a president having such a hateful, racist religious belief should not be an issue and openly discussed. If Obama wants us to believe that he is a Christian, let him start convincing us by acknowledging what Black Liberation Theology is really about and publicly repudiating this hateful doctrine of his church of 20 years and apologizing for his membership. He will not do it, because he is still an adherent of this cult doctrine. That is really the best proof that he believes in Black Liberation Theology. The media, even the so-called conservative media, has never even properly questioned Obama about the doctrine of Wright’s church, much less demanded that he repudiate it.

It is extremely foolish to assume that this hateful cult religious doctrine does not motivate his anti-Christian religious attitudes and his constant attacks on the Constitution and the Rule of Law in America.

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