Obama’s Race War – The Historical Background

Black Nationalist doctrines generally call for a race war to start the apocalyptic battle to defeat the white devil in their version of the end times. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and Obama’s Black Liberation Theology are both related Black Nationalist doctrines that hold the white race to be Satan and the Antichrist. The doctrine of the Nation of Islam inspired Black Liberation Theology. Both are about the destruction of the white man and America as we know it.

There is also a belief in Back Nationalism that the actions of members can bring on the end times. No president has ever polarized the races the way Obama has. With the recently increasing black on white assaults, the race war may have already started.

Farrakhan’s mentor and predecessor as head of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, prophesied a helter-skelter style race war to start around the 1970’s. With the race war overdue and Muhammad getting older and near death, a group of members of the (Fruit of Islam) paramilitary of the Nation of Islam started killing whites at random in 1975-1976 in San Francisco. A book about it was written by Clark Howard. This original book is out of print, but used copies are still available. There is a newer, politically-correct book that is in print by Sanders, but it is not recommended.

Only one group of four killers was caught and convicted of killing fourteen whites and assaulting eight others. However, a California state investigator believed that other groups were also killing in the same way and that as many as 271 were killed. Over the last two years, Farrakhan has been prophesying an imminent cataclysm.

Other Black Nationalist groups have also carried out murders for similar reasons. Google the Yahweh Nation killings for more information. The DC Sniper was also a Black Nationalist, who appears to have been trying to bring on the apocalypse with his random murders. The ultimate goal is to unite all of the non-white nations against white America in an apocalyptic confrontation, which may be the reason Obama is turning much of the Middle East and North Africa over to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Below Farrakhan speaks are his annual Saviors’ Day event in 2011, prophesying America’s doom. This is a long clip. The Day of Doom threat starts at about 19:00 minutes.


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  1. I am an x green Beret with 6 years of combat and lots of guns and ammo, bring your black ass on

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