Obama visit to San Diego / La Jolla – Tea Party Protest

Protest Obama Visit
to San Diego / La Jolla

Obama finally dares schedule a trip to San Diego. Join us in a rousing Tea-Party welcome! It may not be feasible to have the protest near the house where the fundraiser will be held due to access restrictions and parking limitations. For these reasons, it may not be possible for him to see protestors there. More important will be to have the protest on the news and Internet, so the public sees it. So, rather than try to out-smart the Secret Service, the Obama-welcoming Tea Party has been scheduled for NBC studios in downtown San Diego on the day of his visit. NBC broadcasts from a glass-enclosed studio at street level. So, we can protest outside while they laud their messiah’s visit. The theme is to “remove Obama,” whether via impeachment, resignation or just finally voting him out of office.

Video of the protest.

Click image to go to FaceBook page to RSVP.

September 26, 2011
Time: 4-8PM (Local News broadcast is at 5PM)
Start time is 4PM for the hard core, but others will come after working hours. You need to be there by 5PM for the news broadcast.

Protest site:
NBC Studios (Downtown, next to Horton Plaza)
225 Broadway
San Diego, California

News Article in La Jolla Paper:

Obama heading to La Jolla; Perry to San Diego

See Map:

Map of Protest Site

Visit this site to RSVP on FaceBook and see how many people are attending:

Obama visit to San Diego / La Jolla – Tea Party Protest

You don’t even have to have a sign. I have a couple dozen hand-held generic signs that I can pass out that read “Impeach Obama” or “Obama Must Go,” etc.

A couple hundred Tea Partiers are expected to take part! Be there!

(Anti-war protesters are also welcome. You can take another street corner or other side of the street, if you want.)

7 thoughts on “Obama visit to San Diego / La Jolla – Tea Party Protest”

  1. There are many pay parking lots around Downtown, San Diego. After working hours, you man also find a spot nearby on the street. You can also park in Horton Plaza shopping center for up to three hours free. You may have to have your ticket stamped by a business.

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