Obama the Provocateur – Allusions to Hitler, Nazism & the Antichrist

We have the political equivalent of Marilyn Manson in the White House. Obama often sends provocative signals, whose meaning is ambiguous and open to interpretation. This is similar in concept to the provocations of Marilyn Manson and other “satanic” entertainers.

This article provides a sketch of how Obama and his followers use ambiguous symbolism to provoke and agitate the masses as part of a program to further the Obama agenda. A couple of examples of his provocations are outlined, as in the image on the right. Several times in campaign speeches Obama showed his middle finger, when talking about John McCain, Sarah Palin or Hillery Clinton.

Obama is a professional agitator and was trained by the students of the anarchist agitator, Saul Alinsky. “Community organizer” is just a more polite term for “anarchist agitator.” Obama pledged when he went into politics that he would apply Alinsky’s methods to politics.

Alinsky based his methods on the operation of the Chicago mob. He was adopted by the mob and socialized with them while he was developing his ideas, participating in their parties and orgies. Alinsky taught that the only goal of his method was to gain power by whatever means are necessary.

The Agitator – Barack Obama’s unlikely political education – The New Republic

The Progress Report – Interview with Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky, Anarchist Professor

A part of the Alinsky method is to provoke the public, often by breaking otherwise strict taboos in order to shock people and make them react in a way that is to your advantage.

Obama Teaching Alinsky Method
on How to Gain Power

The United States has never had a president, who was a trained anarchist provocateur and who is as unscrupulous as Barack Obama. Many do not know what it means and just react emotionally to whatever his latest outrage is. That makes them are easy prey for such predators. It is how they hope you will react. This page provides interested people with an overall idea what professional provocation and agitation is really about, so that maybe they will think first and not just react.

Such tactics have been used in Hollywood for many years as marketing strategy. For example, shock entertainers like Marilyn Manson and some other rock groups with a satanic or Nazi motif are known to use such methods.

Ultimately the technique comes from the methods of occult groups, who have often provoked their opponents in order make them overreact and cause them to discredit themselves. Some have called it “Blockbuster Marketing.” One purpose is to create controversy which provides free advertisement and helps sell a product. Politicians can use similar techniques for their own purposes, such as promote their brand, as is discussed below.

Given the nature of how Alinsky’s rules were developed, the book, “Rule for Radicals,” likely does not explain all of Alinsky methods. There is probably more to it that is not published, but is passed by word of mouth, from the teacher to select students. Obama moved to Chicago after Alinsky died, but he was an insider, trained by Alinsky’s top students.

Two of the biggest societal taboos, especially for a president, are:

– to insinuate that you are a higher being or a God

– to insinuate that you have sympathy for Hitler or Nazism

There have been dozens of references to Obama being the Messiah or a god. For a more complete overview, you can visit this blog:

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

Here just a couple of examples are given:

Obama represented at the Hindu God, Shiva, the Destroyer and Creator of worlds, which appears to refer to Obama potentially destroying America and creating a new world.

Obama depicted
as the Hindu God, Shiva.

This is a campaign poster, which insinuates that Obama as God.

Obama Campaign Poster


Obama’s nomination stage at the 2008 convention was inspired by the Pergamon Altar which is mentioned in Revelation 2:12-13 as the “Throne of Satan.” The Emperors of Rome (Ceasar Augustus) were worshiped as Gods at Pergamon. For more info, you can go here. Below is an image of Obama’s stage in 2008.


Obama 2008 Nomination Stage
Modeled after Pergamon Altar

For comparison, this is the real Pergamon Altar on display at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany.

The Pergamon Altar on Display in Berlin

Hitler also commissioned his architect, Albert Speer, to design the tribune at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg after the Pergamon Altar. This is stated in the documentary film, “Architecture of Doom.”

Hilter Stage at Zeppelin Filed in Nuremberg,
Inspired by Pergamon Altar

In the following clip of a memorial at Ground Zero, Obama reads a passage from the Bible that allows him to proclaim in an ambiguous way that he is “God.” He can say that he was just reading a passage from the Bible with no other intent, but there is not obvious reason to select this passage for a 9/11 memorial except that it allowed him to carry out another provocation. His advisers are not so stupid that they would inadvertently make such blunders.



Obama was called the “Antichrist” at a fundraiser in Los Angeles on September 26, 2011. Obama and his minions plant this idea in the minds of the public with all of these references to him being a God or the Messiah. It is actually one of the goals of their provocation to cause hysterical overreaction among his conservative opponents and to make them identify Obama as the Antichrist.

Many conservative Christians believe that the Antichrist will present himself as God and the Messiah in the End Times. That Obama and his followers insinuate that some of them go berserk, which is Obama’s objective in the first place. It makes his opponents look like fools and religious crackpots to his followers, who themselves have a quasi-religious belief in Obama. It amuses his fans and motivates them to support Obama even more intensely. Obama has convinced a lot of naive people that he is the Antichrist.

Such provocation and agitation is a common technique used the entertainment industry, normally to attract attention and sell product. However, it can be used for these other purposes as shown here to amuse and animate Obama’s followers and make his opponents the object of ridicule.


Here are a couple of examples of entertainers that use this technique.

Below Arnold Schwarzenegger, then future Governor of California, strikes a provocative body-building pose that resembles a Heil-Hitler salute. Schwarzenegger’s father was a member of the Nazi Brown Shirts. This image appeared in the December 7, 1987 issue of Sports Illustrated. The article starts on page 80 and the image is on page 84.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
in “Heil Hitler” Pose

Publications seem to have cooperated for many years with people who want to carry out this kind of provocation.

Marilyn Manson has often used a Nazi motif in his performances and even his stage name (Manson) is a provocation. Below is am image of Marilyn Manson ripping a Bible apart in front of a stars and stripes flag with a lightening bolt symbol that is reminiscent of the Sieg-Rune symbol of the Hitler Youth. Manson castes himself as Hitler or Satan and his fans in the role of the Hitler Youth. He was ordained a minister of the Church of Satan (founded in the 1960’s by Anton LaVey.)

Marilyn Manson Tears Up Bible
While Displaying an Hitler-Youth-Like Symbol

For comparison, this is am image of a boy in the Hitler Youth with a drum that has the single-Sieg-rune symbol of the organization. Two Sieg runes is the symbol of the Nazi SS.

Hilter Youth and Drum
with their Symbol

These are just a couple of examples of the provocations that have been carried out in the Obama campaign. If you try to point these out to the public, Obama’s followers will ridicule you for it. Ridicule is, of course, also something that is an important part of the Alinsky method.

Ridicule and social rejection is a large part of the reason that commentators not try to explain this. You cannot prove the intent of such messages and you will be fiercely attacked for trying to expose the intended meaning behind them. However, with the Internet, such information can be shared with others in a way that largely avoids the Alinsky-style ridicule.

You have to look at this for a while, before you can convince yourself that it is intentional. Let the Obama followers ridicule it all they want. People should start looking for this type of provocative symbolism in what Obama does, understand it better and discuss it with others who have open minds.

It is not recommended that you waste your time with partisan Obama followers, because it will generally be impossible to reason with those, who have a quasi-religious belief in Obama. However, the true believers are actually a fairly small minority and there are a lot of others, who are not so committed that can be reached.

Many other useful idiots and fellow travelers, who are not Obama fans will also try to deny that such use of symbolism is intentional. The symbolism is designed to be ambiguous in meaning and you cannot with absolute certainty prove what the meaning is unless the person responsible for it admits it. For this reason the useful idiots should just be avoided. It is a waste of time arguing with some of them.

It is pretty sick that a president uses such techniques of provocation on the American public and it should be brought out more. However, there is no need to become hysterical about it. That is, after all, the goal of the provocateur. Even though it is a serious subject, try to reverse the situation and mock those that use such methods. Obama’s unscrupulous use of the methods of provocation may not be the main issue, but it should be used as an indicator of Obama’s malicious intentions and motivation for his opponents.

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