Obama’s Black Liberation Theology compared to Nazism

There are some striking parallels between Black Nationalism and Nazism. David Horowitz called Black Liberation Theology “Afro-Nazism” in his book “Hating Whitey: And Other Progressive Causes“. Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama’s racist sect in Chicago is a branch of black nationalism, as is Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, as well as, the New Black Panthers, Black Hebrew Israelites and a number of other such groups. These black nationalist groups generally have similar Nazi-like basic beliefs, even though they claim to belong to different religions, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, had a program for decades (COINTELPRO) of actively disrupting these groups, for fear that they would combine under a single black “messiah.”

The founder of the Black Nationalist mass movement, Marcus Garvey, mandated in the 1920’s and 30’s that Black Nationalist groups should pattern their organization after white supremacist groups and prophesied that one day the black race would have their own “Hitler” and the US would receive retribution. Garvey was investigated by the FBI after it became known that he was meeting with the Ku Klux Klan and was ultimately imprisoned for 5 years and later deported.

The sign below reads “Germans beware. Don’t’ buy from Jews”. These thugs below are the agents of a kind of “German Liberation Theology”. The Nazis tried to force a Nazi version of Christianity on the evangelical churches of the Third Reich, which is remarkable similar in racial concept to the Black Liberation Theology (in reverse) that Jeremiah Wright preached.

Nazi Brownshirt Thugs,
intimidating Shoppers at a Jewish Store

F.A. Hayak, author of “The Road to Serfdom,” wrote that the crimes of the Nazis loom so large that it makes it difficult to see the same trends in our own society. It’s not about how the Nazis ended, but how they started out. Black Liberation Theology is very similar in concept, but may differ in degree and harshness of the implementation, at least so far. Afro-Nazism a somewhat less virulent form of Nazism. This difference may only be due to the lack of total control that they have been able to achieve up until now. Even less fanatical “Nazis” should be thrown out of office, before things have a chance to develop too far. Nazis are Nazis, whatever the color of their skin.

New Black Panther (Black Nazi) Thugs,
intimidating White Voters at the Polls

The Nazis scapegoated a part of society and incited the public against them as a method of motivating their followers. In the nation-wide pogrom, called Kristallnacht, Jewish businesses and synagogues were smashed and burned.

Nazis occupy and smash Jewish
Businesses and Synagogues in 1938.

According to Nazi propaganda it was a spontaneous uprising, but was secretly orchestrated by Hitler, just as the current Occupy movement is being orchestrated by Obama’s cohorts and allies.

Today the very wealthy are being scapegoated in the same way, incited by Obama’s rhetoric of class warfare. Below Obama’s anarchist street fighters vandalize a bank in Oakland.

German nationalism was splintered into many separate groups, just like Black Nationalism is today, before Hitler appeared and united them into a single fanatical Nazi movement.

Black Nationalism is a minority movement and, in order to be more effective, has ironically allied itself with radical white, Islamist, and other extremist groups, who have a common overall goal of destruction of the existing system though violence, if necessary.

The table below is a line-by-line comparison of the beliefs of Adolf Hitler’s Nazism and Barack Obama’s Black Liberation theology.




Black Liberation Theology

White nationalist with occult belief

Black nationalist with occult belief



The Aryan race is god

The black race is the manifestation of
god on earth

The Jews are the Antichrist


White society is the Antichrist

Jesus fought for the Aryan race

Jesus fought for the black race

Jesus was a self-exalted man, an archetype

Jesus was a self-exalted man, an archetype

Any white can exalt himself spiritually to a god-like being

Any black can exalt himself spiritually to a god-like being

Nazi Mystic Alfred Rosenberg predicted a savior of the Aryan race, which turned out to be Adolf Hitler

Black Nationalist mystic, Louis Farrakhan declared that Barack Obama is a black messiah

The Jews will be destroyed in the final battle between good and evil (Armageddon)

Whites will be destroyed in the final battle between good and evil

Destruction of the Jews will bring on the Thousand Year “Reich” (millennial kingdom)

Destruction of the white race will bring on a millennial kingdom on earth

Germany / white race will rule the world

The black race will rule the world. America is the demonic tool of the white race and will be destroyed in the final battle

The traditional Christian church is apostate and will be destroyed in the imminent end times

The traditional Christian church is apostate and will be destroyed in the imminent end times

Formed paramilitary and youth corps for indoctrination

Tried to form paramilitary and youth corps, but not yet successful

The end justifies the means

The end justifies the means


Obama may not be the same as Hitler, but he is cut from the same cloth as Hitler in regards to his black nationalist religious beliefs and also the teachings of Saul Alinisky.

It is ironic that we have so many Jews and Germans so enthusiastically supporting this Afro-Nazi movement with their genocidal doctrine of destruction of the white race. But then, there were many Americans deceived also by the original Nazis.


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4 thoughts on “Obama’s Black Liberation Theology compared to Nazism”

  1. One thing not explicitly mentioned is that the black nationalist movement certainly includes Jews in any of its targets of anti-White racism.

    1. The idea is generally that the Jewish religion originally came from black people and was usurped by white Jews. You can often hear black nationalists declare that they are the “original Jews”, no matter what their front religion is. If the Jew is black and recognizes black supremacy, they would not have a problem with him. Of course that is still racist and anti-Semitic. Jeremiah Wright talked about doctors creating AIDS in the lab to use against non-white populations. This conspiracy theory generally is about Jewish doctors, Wright just let that part remain unspoken. In this clip at about 5:10 Malik Zulu Shabazz identifies himself as one of the “real Jews” and talks about the (white) “fake Jews”.

      It’s not specifically against Jews, but against Jews that they classify as white. Black Nationalists feel that blacks are the real Jews and you do see Obama celebrating Jewish holidays with more enthusiasm than he celebrates Christian holidays. I am sure that he feels that he is a “real Jew”. It’s not so much about Jews, in themselves, but about whites that they feel have hijacked the Jewish religion. See the link below:

      Obama implies Blacks are Jews, the ‘Chosen People’

      However, they treat whites in a similar way. They often say that the requirement is that the person have a single drop of black blood. If a white person embraces the black race and submits to them he can be redeemed. In practice, very few, if any, whites are going to qualify on the actual Day of Judgment, but this is how they rationalize that they are not racist, as Malik Schabazz does in this clip. The bottom line is that everyone has to submit to the black (non-white) race and this is still racist and genocidal. Many realize that they need to work with white extremists — on the Left as well as the Right — in order to achieve their goals.

      Black nationalism is a crackpot, racist cult religion and more people very much need to understand it and how Obama is a part of the movement.

  2. Well the last paragraph explains why the Black Nationalists that I used to live across from, who spewed hate at me every chance they got, let two white guys with the neo nazi arm bands into their house with open arms. At the time I did not know what shocked me the most, the fact that these guys wore the arm bands so openly or that they were welcomed so warmly. I finally had to move away when the houses that surrounded mine were all suddenly rented out or purchased by other families that spewed the same hate as the family across from me. I have never tried to look at the color of a person’s skin, only their actions when I made a decision about them and the people where I used to live were and are more than likely still nuts!

    1. There is a long history of cooperation between black and white supremacists. They have similar goals of bringing down the current system and achieving nationalism based on race. Just wish that more people would enlighten themselves about this and realize that Obama’s church is a Black Nationalist church. Here is a video of Nazi, Tom Metzger, addressing the New Black Panthers and re-counting the history of cooperation, going back to the time of Marcus Garvey.

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