The Obama Messianic Movement in Historical Context

Pursuit of the Millennium
by Norman Cohn
If you read the history of messianic movements, episodes like these occur from time to time, where a large part of the population develops manic revolutionary fantasies of the transformation of the world into a millennial utopia.

The classic book on the history of such messianic movements is “The Pursuit of the Millenium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages” by Norman Cohn. This book details the history of messianic movements of the last 1,000 years in Northern Europe. This book is an academic text and is a bit dry, but the descriptions of communist and free love movements of the Middle Ages are fascinating. Some have pointed out that Nazism and Communism appear to be just modern-day version of messianic movements.

It is just human psychology that was been around for thousands of years. Not sure there is a magic cure, but people have to understand what it is, speak out against it and educate others. Messianic movements are based on human instinct to follow a “great leader” and for that reason can be very powerful.

People are acting on their subconscious desires for a utopian “new world.” Unscrupulous people with criminal intent, like Obama and his minions, try to manipulate and take personal advantage of those subconscious desires. If you can make people consciously aware of this, you can potentially cure a lot of the Obama zombies. You have to make them think about what they are doing.

When you are creating a perfect world, people feel justified on trampling on the rights of others, or even kill or die for the cause. The Nazi movement and French Revolution are two extreme examples of messianic movements. The mania surrounding Obama has already deflated quite a lot, compared to that of the 2008 campaign. Reality sets in eventually. That does not mean, however, that the mania cannot make a come back.

It’s a tough job, being a messiah. Most messiahs don’t turn out to be like Hitler or Robespierre of the French Revolution. Most turn out to be abysmal failures without much consequence, as Obama is likely to end up being.

The basic idea is to define in the public subconscious an enemy the chosen people and a messiah. The enemy can literally be seen as the devil or the Antichrist. It can be the Jews, the aristocrats, the catholic clergy, the upper class, traditional white Americans or the so-called “1%.” It does not matter who the enemy is, as long as there is a deep well of resentment that can be exploited by the messiah against them.

Jan van Leyden declares himself
to be World Messiah (1500’s)
The chosen people are, of course, those who follow the “messiah.” The messiah and the chosen people can literally consider themselves to be divine or the manifestation of god on earth. The object is to create a real physical millennial kingdom on earth, rule by the messiah or messiahs (plural).

Because this kind of manic hysteria is based on quasi-religious human instinct, it does not respond to ordinary political arguments about tax rates, gasoline prices and unemployment numbers. Such mundane concerns are not so important, when you are saving the world from the white devil. This is way Obama’s poll numbers do not sink below a certain level, no matter what happens.

The Rule of Law and the Constitution are what protects up from such mass hysteria. Unfortunately, Americans have not much supported the Rule of Law in recent decades. If you compromise the law, for what you think are good reasons, you have little defense when a tyrant comes along and tramples the law for his own agenda, as Obama has done. Dictators also always have “good reasons” to ignore the law.

We need to push to have the law enforce against Obama. It would also be helpful, if Americans would focus on Obama, himself, and turn-out in large numbers to protest publicly against Obama’s tyranny and not just against the individual outrage of the week that he has committed.

Obama and his henchmen are criminals and gangsters. Confront them directly and call them what they are. Congress needs public support to give them backbone to act against Obama.

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