Obama – We can create Kingdom of God on Earth

Obama depicted as Christ

In October of 2007, Obama declared at a Apostolic Church in Greenville, South Carolina that he would create a millennial kingdom of God on earth. The church is Redemption World Outreach Center. Some Pentecostals believe that the kingdom will be a real physical kingdom, a theocracy ruled by men, and this appears to be such a sect. The doctrine that the millennial kingdom will be a man-made physical kingdom on earth created by political or military means is called Dominion Theology.

The doctrine of Obama’s own former church, based on Black Liberation Theology, has a similar concept that the millennial kingdom will be a physical kingdom, created by men with the advent of a black messiah, who will be a real, flesh-and-bones man. Black Liberation Theology holds that destruction of America, white society and the traditional Christian church will bring on the millennial kingdom. Below is a clip of Obama prophesying his creation of a millennial kingdom, only a few months before his nomination for the presidency.

Obama heralds his Creation of a “Kingdom”
at Redemption World Outreach Center.

Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s pseudo-Christian church was inspired by black nationalist doctrine, as even its name indicates, designed to be the state religion of the black “nation.” Obama is a kind of black nationalist, who comes from an ethnic Muslim background and has many indirect contacts to radical groups in the Middle East via Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, his family and others. Black Nationalists have an accretionary belief system that blends religious beliefs together and some have traditionally seen Islam as the natural, original religion of blacks, even when they do not themselves explicitly practice an orthodox Islam.

The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s church is, in fact, largely derived from the hateful theology of Farrakhan’s black nationalist sect, the Nation of Islam, and grafted onto a pseudo-Christian facade that has little to do with traditional Christianity. In fact, the doctrine condemns traditional Christianity as being an apostate white religion, designed with its promise of a reward in paradise in the afterlife to keep blacks oppressed in this world. Black nationalist religions promise a reward in a physical millennial Utopia brought on by the destruction of the white “oppressors” and his tools of oppression, American democracy and the so-called white church.

Redemption World Outreach Center

The “minister” of Redemption World Outreach Center is Ron Carpenter. Carpenter motivates his followers by promising them wealth that the “enemy” is taken from them or is preventing them from receiving. This is a term that Obama has himself used to describe his political opponents, who oppose his messianic wealth-redistribution schemes. It is generally used by black nationalists to indicate the “white devil.” Carpenter appears to be using it in a slightly broader sense, though, to mean the existing system or those with financial means. This is the kind of church that Obama favors, one with a social theology based on exploitation of the jealousy of the have-nots and polarization of society into hostile, opposing camps in order to maximize your own power. Below is a clip of one of Carpenter’s “services,” in which he whips the crowd into a frenzied mass hysteria reminiscent of medieval times, urging them to “get mad at the enemy.”

Ron Carpenter at Powerfest

Redemption World Outreach Center has a annual conference called “Kingdom Momentum.” A featured speaker at the Kingdom momentum conference has been Myles Monroe. This is a clip of him being interviewed by Benny Hinn of World Healing Center Church. He explains a little in the clip what the vision of the Kingdom is. That it is a real kingdom and the opposite of democracy. He also explains that the “king” is king by birth and cannot be voted out or removed.

Myles Monroe describes his vision of the Kingdom of God on Earth

Benny Hinn, the interviewer, is a Pentecostal television evangelist and a faith healer.


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25 Responses to Obama – We can create Kingdom of God on Earth

  1. myfavoriterealestateguy@yahoo.com says:

    If you read Revelation in the Holy Bible, it describes a “new earth” and the Holy City of Jerusalem coming down from Heaven to be the living quarters of our LORD right here on the new earth. This is where Christians will live in perfect harmony for eternity.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Benny Hinn, the fake healer was exposed years ago along with Peter Popoff. They pay their small fines, if any, take their hits, then continue to rake in millions after a couple of years pass. But everything is based on the bottom line – money. Prosperity preaching and false doctrine will never go away. People are too ignorant and too desperate. The only real skill Hinn has is pushing people over backward and screeching into the mic. Being “Slain in the Spirit” with Hinn is nothing but an acting job with willing or staged participants!

  3. Chaviv Lazar says:

    Yes, and I know some Pentecostals that do not believe such. But Obama is just a megalomaniac.
    Everyone has their own view. Like I am sure you’ll be waiting a while for this millennial kingdom, as the only place Jesus is is rotted in the ground.

  4. David Moore says:

    What is your problem with Pentecostals? As a 4th generation Pentecostal and have been a United Pentecostal minister, for 41 years, I say that your article is based on either false information or you biased view.
    The prophetic views and interpretations of such are many among Pentecostals, as they are among Baptists and others. Do we say all Baptists are like the Westboro Baptist? Absolutely not.
    Get you facts correct next time.

  5. Saved says:

    See the problem everyone is missing, that most think the truth is open for interpretation or debate, Truth is the standard by which things can be interpreted or discerned.

    Mere men as these, lean upon their own understanding. For the truth of Gods word is given through the gift of the holy spirit, it is never obtained by some mental or spiritual fortitude, only a gift. God spoke of the kingdom He would set down here on earth upon His return, one fashioned of his own hands.

    These men speak of a kingdom fashioned of their own fantasies and secret desires to control, it is all too obvious. They speak as if they will usher it in by their own spiritual fervor, and selfish ideas. God also spoke of a kingdom that would be set up on earth in the last days, to where the king thereof would be worshiped as God. I believe He named him Satan.

  6. Lorraine says:

    I agree with ‘saved’ above. I will never forget that video i saw of young black teens pledging alleigance to Obama whilst chanting “Alpha! Omega!” Over and over. He is a very scary man.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Subscribe me

  8. Saved says:

    Lorraine :I agree with ‘saved’ above. I will never forget that video i saw of young black teens pledging alleigance to Obama whilst chanting “Alpha! Omega!” Over and over. He is a very scarey man.

    Well spoken Lorraine. He is a scary man, when he tells his sheep that we will put our religious ideas and philosophical ideas aside and dwell in harmony! Its easy to see what father is to be served with this idea.

    My God says what fellowship does righteousness have with unrighteousness…answer….none!

    These men convince each other of what their truth is, by their own understanding.
    And demand all must follow. It is because their master is different than yours.

    The gospel of John chp…10 verse 4&5
    And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.
    And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voices of strangers!

    This leader does not lead but demands allegiance to new ideas we have not learned. Like, spend to get out of debt? Redistribute that which is not his, to those who will follow. The kingdom they speak of is at hand… and they are without a doubt displaying the desires of the one they serve. And he wants all to come legal or illegal we are all now the same….lol Dont worry though, men’s kingdoms rise and fall, scary as they may be at times. But our God reigns forever!

  9. Kassy Lake says:

    I was raised in a Pentecostal faith. From the time I can remember as a child, our Minister and Sunday School teachers taught us of a “New Jerusalem” that would be God’s Kingdom on Earth, created by God.

    I don’t recall ever hearing of God’s plan for a Kingdom built by a religion or man and controlled by same. I’m afraid I would be protesting in the streets long before this would come into fruition and I would hope that I would be joined by millions of others who would discern that this was not of or from God.

  10. Saved says:

    Lorraine :Subscribe me

    It is exactly the difference between some one who shepherds and someone who herding. Sheep are lead and goats are herded… i know ya got it. Two different Masters! One by loving means and the other by force if you will?

  11. Saved says:

    Kassy Lake :I was raised in a Pentecostal faith. From the time I can remember as a child, our Minister and Sunday School teachers taught us of a “New Jerusalem” that would be God’s Kingdom on Earth, created by God.
    I don’t recall ever hearing of God’s plan for a Kingdom built by a religion or man and controlled by same. I’m afraid I would be protesting in the streets long before this would come into fruition and I would hope that I would be joined by millions of others who would discern that this was not of or from God.

    Unfortunately this will come to conflict, as you can see their is no “frution of what they claim because there can be none! They wish to climb in by some other means. God says they are to be considered thiefs and robbers. They demand to lead us where is the question? It seems to me President Kennedys words are coming to frution though! They operate by “covet means” its so obviouslly apparent!

    If their way be so prosperous and fruitful why do they need to corral us and herd us? We are not like goats of thier herd! We are of another fold, not herd.

  12. Roger says:

    @Saved, Worship of man and self exaltation can be considered to be a form of Satanism or Luciferianism, whether the red demon is explicitly worshiped or not. In the Bible Lucifer was cast out, because he wanted to put himself on the same level as God. We are, of course, too enlightened to call it that these days. (sarcasm)

  13. Roger says:

    Funny, how an article can get little interest one day and then get a lot of interest, when it is re-posted a few weeks later. I guess it just depends on what mood people are in?

  14. Saved says:

    Roger :@Saved, Worship of man and self exaltation can be considered to be a form of Satanism or Luciferianism, whether the red demon is explicitly worshiped or not. In the Bible Lucifer was cast out, because he wanted to put himself on the same level as God. We are, of course, too enlightened to call it that these days. (sarcasm)

    Exactly Roger! Call it what ya want, label it what sounds holy, it still smells like a load goat crap.

    And the reason i think all this comes to conflict? History! What are freedom loving americans gonna do with these that even usurp our only authority? We all gave authority of our lives over to God. Not to the control of foolish men, who believe the marshes will bounce back in a year and fishermen will be fishing again in a year after the Gulf oil spill. And who actually are touting how they have the ability to save mother earth by going green!…lmao God said he comes to destroy it and make all things new! So how will the world be saved by mere men who cant seem to balance a checkbook?

    In all there studying and debating they have become fools! Where is it they claim they will obtain the where with all do do these things? Oh thats right, we just need to pony up some more, its for the “greater good”. What do all these media people, senators, congressmen and woman know about good? Much less whats good for the people?

    I watch and see lavish lfestyles and vacations and quaint gatherings, with a whole lot of boasting around the globe of the might and power of the greatest military complex the world has ever seen! Fools i tell you, fools! Love never parades itself, and if you were christian women and men serving this country you would understand that that is a very fundamnetal principal of following God! We must decrease so that he might increase? What do they know of good? I have the answer! Nothing! Jesus himself disclaimed the title when the apostles admired him for being good. He quickly told them that their was only one who is good and that would be “Our Father” in heaven.
    And the simple fact that they are busy ledgislating God out of everything this country stands for, and replacing His protection and deliverance with TSA and all sorts of national security teams run by the same ones doing the constitutional by passing. And why do they say? Because “its the right thing to do” or “for the greater good”…lmao these clowns cant even fake it because they forgot about the one fundamental thing we all realize in the sheepfold. Ya see its simple, it doesnt matter what you believe or whether your black, white, russian, yellow, red, brown, evil or good, rich or poor strong or weak, You will reep what your sow! period!
    So where is the fruit of their labor and efforts and where is the return on the money they are now investing with nations and peoples who openly claim to be the enemy of God, the God this country once proudly served?!

    Ya see when you decieve the american public and serve your own interest instead of the people you pledged to serve. It wont take long for it to catch up to ya. they claim to know, but have actually lost there way. And would now like to convince everyone they are doing what is right? The things of God to the likes of these, seems as foolishness! The understanding of God comes from God not men!

    • Roger says:

      We could use a little more humility, as a country, and it is foolish to try to buy the love of our enemies, as we have been doing in Pakistan and elsewhere.

  15. Saved says:

    Indeed Roger. Prosperity and peace are blessings through obedience. Disobedience brings chaos. Now who was the author of chaos?….lol Pride is emnity between God.

  16. steve hughes says:

    I cant believe what I have seen and read. Obama will answer to god! We can create kingdom on earth? We’re not gods were gods children! By faith are ye saved thru God’s grace thru the blood of Jesus Christ! (God the father God the son and God of the holy ghost). Faith is our hope his promise and we are sealed unto that day of redemption!

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  19. garbage, earth is paridise, humans make it hell says:

    Earth is our gift from our creator, politics manmade

  20. Blessed Woman says:

    What a completely false portrayal of this church (RWOC) and Ron Carpenter. He is not saying anything about tax dollars building any “man’s” kingdom. He’s talking about how God wants his kingdom and the things of heaven to happen in the earth, nothing to do with politicians or them “taking over”. And that doesn’t mean taking from anyone and giving to another….God will supply all our needs.

    People have to willingly give their money to the church, so how are they robbing people to get wealthy? If the parishioners didn’t believe in the ministry or thought it was being misused, they would stop giving. The fact that people continue to give tells you there is something far greater than what you assume because that is a personal CHOICE. Why is it that the world wants prosperity, but they don’t want a preacher to have it? What Obama and other politicians are proposing would take from you through your taxes and would not be your choice, nor would how the money is spent be your choice. In a church, you willingly give and if you didn’t like where the money is going, you would stop supporting it. You can’t do that with the government.

    I started attending a Pentecostal church at 18 and they GAVE (not took) my parents 1000s of dollars for medical bills that they couldn’t afford to pay. Talk about being a light for the world! They saw a need and they jumped in. My parents didn’t even ask! That’s what giving to a ministry like this does. They help those in need. They are joyful givers. So, the money isn’t going only to the preachers, they’re helping people in all kinds of ways. What if my parents had had that attitude of “I don’t want to give to this church because the preacher might live well”….they would never have received that blessing & they’d be worse off for it. So, you can keep doing things the way the world does them and keep being broke, or you can do it God’s way and see if he doesn’t supply all your needs! I can’t want good things for myself & not want the same for someone else. People today are so focused on and jealous of what someone else has, but aren’t willing to do what they did (work hard, invest in college, etc) to get it. What is jealousy doing for them? The people you envy didn’t become successful/wealthy to spite you and would probably love nothing more than for everyone to experience the blessing they live in. So many people are too busy getting in their own way and blaming someone else for their situation, when they have the power to change it. They just might need to sow a different seed or change something in themselves.

    RWOC doesn’t take taxpayers money, in fact, they SAVE taxpayers thousands of dollars while they’re out in the community helping the needy (with shoes, backpacks, etc) and cleaning up the city. They just had “Serve The City Day” a few weekends ago and tons of people showed up to make a difference! Pastor Ron wants to do this many times a year. This church is walking the walk, not just talking the talk. This is a place where you can come in and not be judged in any way! They love everyone and want everyone to have God’s best for them.

    I am NOT a fan or supporter of Obama AT ALL, but I know first hand that THIS man (Ron) is bringing nothing but the Bible into his services and preaching. And the “angered frenzy” you mention is getting angry at what the devil has stolen from us, not men. Did you ever hear him say to be mad at anyone other than the devil? You hear him “cursing the spirit of poverty/disease/addiction” and think that is a bad thing? How is that bad for anyone? It’s a real shame that someone would take this so far, having no idea what this man and this church is about. Ron tells people to take responsibility for themselves & stop being victims…I bet that’s a message you support, right? Maybe you should visit the church and see for yourself what it’s all about! We all attend the church willingly and give gladly! I can tell you one thing, my life has new meaning since I started attending RWOC!!

    Matthew 6:10-God’s desire for us is that his will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. You don’t want to believe and pray for a world like that? Time to stop putting your faith in man and put it in God. Man, I can’t wait to get to church on Sunday!!!!

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  22. abrham says:

    I cound not finish reading it because it has so much negativity

  23. Katherine stockman says:

    If you were black what would you do?
    Would you like to change places with black America? Just asking.

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