Letter to Congress – Obama Ineligibility

This is the letter/E-Mail that I sent to my Congresswoman and my two Senators. In my opinion it is better to contact them yourself than to sign Internet petitions, whose object is often just to get your contact information for spamming purposes. The goal of this poll below is to give participants feedback and the feeling that they are working as a group, not as a single individual.

It only takes a few minutes to send a message to your representative and both senators. You can find the contact information for your Representative and Senators at this link:

Contacting the Congress

The object is not for you to get a personal response, but to fill up their mailboxes with messages calling for an investigation into Obama eligibility. If we can get 500 people to participate, we will have sent messages to most congressmen and if we can get 1,000 people to participate, chances are we will reach nearly every congressman, just from this group.

After you write Congress, show us which is your state by “voting” in the “poll” at the bottom of this page.

Dear Congresswoman Davis / Senator Feinstein / Senator Boxer,

I didn’t put much credence in the claims of those who question President Obama’s eligibility until last January, when I found out that the term “Natural Born Citizen” is indeed defined several places in federal law, Supreme Court case law, in the literature of Natural Philosophy — from whence the term originated — and in correspondence of some of the Framers of the Constitution. It means children of parents, who are US citizens.

Obama’s father was never a citizen of the United States or even a permanent resident. I believe that the DNC knew full well that Obama was not eligible and the Republican Party leadership is also just playing along with this fraud, because they also want to ignore the requirement. They have their own candidates, who have questionable eligibility.

Seeing as how I was wrong about this, I decided to also reconsider the issue with Obama’s birth Certificate. I am a computer engineer, myself, and looked at the file of the birth certificate posted on the White House website and it is not just a simple scan, but appears to have been constructed on a computer. For what reason I am not sure. I would be inclined to assume that he was born in Hawaii and has a birth certificate, but it is just bizarre that a constructed image is posted on the White House website, as has been charged by several groups for a year already. Why is this?

I would like to see Congress conduct an open and fair investigation into all aspects of Obama’s eligibility. Until this is done, the credibility of Congress and the leaderships of both political parties will be rapidly approaching zero and Congress looks to us more like a massive criminal conspiracy than the representatives of the People.



Let’s see, if we can get letters/e-mails to Congress from all 50 states and which state will send the most. click the name of your state, after you have sent your e-mails. Click on “vote” to register your choice. There is a link at the bottom for viewing the results.

3 thoughts on “Letter to Congress – Obama Ineligibility”

  1. Well Done! Both Parties have lost any credibility in my opinion! there is so much WRONG in this nation at this moment in time it really can be overwhelming! Americans tend to love being in DENIAL! I am well aware of what is RIGHT in this wonderful country! Only the BRAVE and HONEST PATRIOTIC AMERICANS will survive what is comming! The people who demand Goverment to pay for their existance will lose! The WELL IS DRY! Only the Brave among us are going to survive this incredible time in history! lamk1953

  2. This should have been done and over by now. I love America and stand by our constitution. However, I’m ashamed of what those who have been in government positions for many, many years have been doing in the last 20 or so years. The office of the President, as my ancestors would say, is a sacred and a honorable position and this impostor has ruined the reputation of this office. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who thinks the Federal Government should make all of their decisions for them and support them in their bad habits, deserves what this person has done. As for those of us who have worked and paid in for our Social Security, we deserved better than to have former presidents to send this money to foreign countries to rebuild after their wars and not put that money back. That money was not theirs to send anywhere so they have “stolen” from the working people and now threaten us with limited funds. PUT IT BACK AND LEAVE IT ALONE! Now, get this impostor out of our affairs and send all of them who stand behind him out of office!

  3. I know everyone serving in congress knows what is going on. This is their history. They are all guilty of this treason and fraud. Nobody gets out of this crime. These are paid politicians, elected to serve our country to protected our law’s and the Constitution. This same body of people impeached or forced Richard Nixon to quit under pressure. If they fear race riots then so be it, “do the right thing.” Our country stands for us “we the people.” We can not be ruled by fear.

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