Obama Goons Cannot Admit Constitution is Valid

Illegal Drone Wars

Illegal Drone Wars

Obama officials avoid admitting that the Constitution is the basic law of the land in these two clips below. It is not that these are complicated issues, but they just do not recognize that they are legally obligated to obey the Constitution, at least in these two important situations. Obama, himself, implied in at least one radio interview before he was elected that the Constitution was flawed and not longer valid. (See last clip at bottom.)

They want to dictate and the Constitution gets in their way. So, they do not acknowledge the validity of the Constitution. It is like showing the cross to vampires. It should be a regular exercise to make the Obama apparatchiks acknowledge the authority of the Constitution.

First Leon Panetta and General Dempsey avoid admitting that they need authority from Congress to go to war. The war in Libya was approved by the United Nations and the Arab League, but the United States Congress was not even asked, as required by the Constitution. The War Powers Act does not apply, because Libya was not an imminent threat to the United States at they time the country was bombed by the US and NATO allies The War Powers Act does not give the president legal authority to attack any country in the world that he pleases, without congressional authorization. The Constitution requires the president to obtain authorization from Congress. This is a severe breach of Obama’s oath of office to uphold the Constitution.


Obama Admin Cites ‘International Permission,’ Not Congress, As ‘Legal Basis’ For Action In Syria


Next Eric Holder chokes on a simple question from Senator Ted Cruz, whether the Constitution allows the killing of Americans on U.S. territory with drones.


Sen. Ted Cruz Vs. Eric Holder on Drone Attacks on Americans



Obama Says Constitution is Deeply Flawed



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