Obama – A Motivation for Kenyan Birth

“King Obama”
written at Punahou School in Hawaii
This is just speculation, as to what could possibly be a motive for Obama’s mother to go to Kenya to give birth to Obama. A potential motive could be that she was trying to make his birth fit the prophesies of a Black Messiah, made by Marcus Garvey and others.

This blogger does not think that it has been proven that he was born in Kenya or any other foreign country and would not claim that, but this is just some speculative thoughts for sharing with others. Obama should release all of the records that prove and corroborate his birth in Hawaii.

Marcus Garvey started the Black Nationalist mass movement and many Black Nationalists consider him to be a prophet. Garvey prophesied that a “King” (of the Black Nationalist movement) would be crowned in Africa, saying:

Look to the East for the crowning of a Black King, he is the redeemer for the days of deliverance are near.

As an example of the consequences of this prophesy, the Rastafaris — a branch of Black Nationalism — took it to mean that Haile Salassie, king of Ethiopia, was the messiah. They worship Haile Salassie as the Christ. Haile Salassie is deceased now, but other Black Nationalist groups are still waiting for a black messiah, who will be an ordinary man, not a spiritual being.

Obama’s parents were self-loathing white Americans, as indicated in Obama’s own book, “Dreams of my Father.” Jerome Corsi has said that Obama’s mother appears to have had a “Joan-of-Arc complex.” If Obama’s New Age mother thought she could raise a Black Messiah, this could have been her motivation for giving birth to him in Africa.

Obama was presented by Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey and other black occultists as the black “messiah” during the campaign of 2008. Farrakhan’s sect is a Black Nationalist sect and the doctrine of Obama’s church, Black Liberation Theology, was inspired by the theology of the Nation of Islam. Obama’s Trinity Church is a Black Nationalist sect as well, presenting itself as a false Christianity.

The FBI was concerned that a messiah would unite all of the different Black Nationalist sects and cause conflict in the US. They spent 4-5 decades under Director J. Edgar Hoover very actively trying to disrupt and prevent the rise of a black “messiah.”

Paul Robeson, a world-famous singer and communist sympathizer was the mentor of Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Robeson is called “the Great Forerunner,” presumably the forerunner of the black Messiah and Black Liberation.

Robeson thought that Communism, could be used to free Africa from colonialism and the FBI keep him essentially under house arrest for some time in the 1950’s. Robeson was one of those that the FBI thought might assume the role of black messiah. Davis could have provided encouragement of the idea and the means to do it, via his connection with Paul Robeson. Paul Robeson had wealthy connections all over the world that were hostile to America and wanted to bring about its downfall.

Elijah Muhammad was the predecessor of Louis Farrakhan and is also considered to be a prophet of the Nation of Islam and his writings are held to be scripture. in 1970’s, he wrote a pamphlet called “The Secrets of Freemasonry.” On page eight in the chapter entitled “Which one will survive Armageddon?,” Elijah Muhammad prophesies that the Mahdi (Messiah) will be the son of a white mother and black father, like Obama is. This description fits their founder, Fard Muhammad, who is dead and expected to return to annihilate the white race. It also happens to fit Obama.

According to this scripture of the Nation of Islam, the black messiah will judge the white race, which will be destroyed along with America and the so-called “white church” in the end times scenario of the Nation of Islam and other Black-Nationalist sects.

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