Obama – Provocateur and America’s Matador

Obama, the Provocateur

Obama is not just a community organizer, but a professional agitator and provocateur, trained by Saul Alinsky’s disciples. Obama and his minions are using Alinsky techniques all the time, but it appears that a lot of people do not really grasp what he is doing. So, this is an attempt to illustrate in a graphic way what some of his major techniques are, at least in the opinion of this blogger.

The goal is to provoke people in a way that you can manipulate and control them. The entertainment industry uses similar techniques frequently. I have heard it called “block buster marketing.” You may want to provoke people to get attention, to increase your fame or make them want to see a movie or whatever.

Or, more relevant to Obama, you may want to provoke your enemies in order to take advantage of them in some way. You may want to distract their attention from something that they could use against you, or, you may want to make your opponents overreact, so that you make them look foolish. This also energizes your supporters.

You can compare it to waving a red cape in front of a bull, in order to distract, and control him. The more you enrage the bull the easier it is to control him. So, sharpened, barbed pins, called banderillas, are inserted into the bulls hump to cause him as much pain as possible and enrage him more, in order to make him even more easy to control, to manipulate and eventually to slay the bull. Have not doubt that that is Obama’s end goal to destroy America as we know it.

This is exactly what Obama and his followers are doing. Obama is provoking the other side, intentionally. Anything that comes from Obama, such as the birth certificate, should be looked at with suspicion and people should consider what ulterior motives he has for providing it. It has obviously been photoshopped, but he may want you to focus on that, rather than something more damaging to him, such as the fact that he is not a Natural Born Citizen and the proof is already available.

Matador provokes and enrages bull,
in order to control and ultimately slay him.

Obama is doing things, such as bowing to the Saudi Dictator, to enrage those Americans that care about such things, in order to better manipulate and control them. The obviously doctored birth certificate and the Freudian slip about his “Muslim religion” are probably examples of his provocations.

This is a very dangerous game, however, for the matador and sometimes the bull is not fooled and not distracted and goes right for the real target instead.

Sometimes, the bull wins!
Yes, we can!!

We can do this, folks. People just need to calm down, use their common sense, all get together to decide what the proper target is and work together. Then, we can gore him.

Obama needs to go to jail for criminal fraud and treason. The entire DNC and some congressional leaders of both parties should do hard time with him for this great fraud that they have perpetrated on the American people. People have to come together and believe that we can do it.

2 Responses to Obama – Provocateur and America’s Matador

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such arrogance to be flipping off whomever…. Wonder when this photo was taken and to whom this is directed? Such presidential behavior. (for an adolescent, maybe!)

  2. Roger says:

    Not sure when the photo was made, but he did this a couple of times, during the campaign, when it was obvious that it was intended for John McCain or Hillary Clinton.

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