Obama & the Black Nazi Movement

American Nazi Party meeting
with the Nation of Islam (1961)
Many saw parallels to Hitler and Nazism in the aesthetics of Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency in 2008, due to the numerous references to Obama as the “messiah” and the cult-like mass hysteria of his supporters. It is little known history, but the Black Nationalist movement has had a mandate for nearly a century to emulate white supremacist groups, such as the Nazis. Black Liberation Theology is a branch of Black Nationalism, as can be discerned from a comparison of the doctrine with other Black Nationalist doctrines.

F.A. Hayak, the author of the book, “The Road to Serfdom” pointed out that the crimes of the Nazis loom so large in our consciousness that we often fail to recognize the similar trends in our own society. In this light, the following analysis should be considered with an open mind.

The Nazis were a cult movement with a genocidal belief system that managed to take over a major industrialized nation. Nazi doctrine held that the Aryan race is God, the Jews are the Antichrist and Jesus struggled for the rights of the Aryan race. More than one messiah is possible and the infamous Nazi mystic, Alfred Rosenberg, predicted a German savior in his racist tome, “The Myth of the 20th Century.” They also believed that the ends justify the means and that a millennial utopia (the 1000-Year Reich) would be brought about by their destruction of the Jews. The German messiah prophesied by Rosenberg turned out to be his associate, Adolf Hitler.

The Nazis created a Nazi version of Christianity, ironically called, “Positives Christentum” (Positive Christianity), which they tried to impose on the Evangelical churches of the Third Reich. A version of this Nazi doctrine is still practiced in America by the Christian Identity Movement. A number of German ministers voluntarily went to the concentration camps rather than accept such a perverse doctrine. Black Liberation Theology is similar in racial concept to a reversed version of Positive Christianity, yet Obama willingly embraced this racist doctrine.

The doctrine of Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ was first written by James H. Cone in the late 1960’s. Cone’s first two books are “Black Theology and Black Power” (1969) and “A Black Theology of Liberation” (1970). The doctrine holds that a black Jesus fought for black liberation and that the black race is the “manifestation of god on earth” [Ref. 1], white society is equated to the Antichrist, [Ref. 2] whose destruction will bring on a millennial kingdom on earth. Whites can only be redeemed via submission to blacks. The “messiah” is described as those blacks, who rebel against the white oppressor, collectively the ultimate source of evil in the world. Any means necessary is justified to destroy the oppressive white society. That is, the ends justify the means.
Cone wrote the following in the preface of his own book, Black Theology and Black Power

A Black Theology of Liberation has often been rejected as racism in reverse by many whites, particularly theologians … Father Andrew M. Greeley referred to my (Cone’s) perspective on black theology as a “Nazi mentality, a theology filled with hatred for white people and the assumption of a moral superiority of black over white.”

Andrew M. Greeley is a well-known Catholic sociologist and popular author. The popular conservative author, David Horowitz, also called Black Liberation Theology “Afro-Nazism” in his book, “Hating Whitey and other Progressive Causes.” [Ref. 3]

Cone has stated that he derived his theology from the combination of the beliefs of Martin Luther King, Jr., a Christian, and Malcolm X, a Black Nationalist and member of the Nation of Islam (NOI) until his rift with Elijah Muhammad, the then head of the NOI. Analyzing Cone’s books reveals superficial trappings of the Christianity of Martin Luther King, Jr., but that the core beliefs correspond to those of the Nation of Islam, though Cone has slightly obscured the racism of Black Nationalism in his books.

The NOI is not orthodox Islam, but a home-grown American black nationalist sect, posing as Islam. There are many branches of Black Nationalism, which present themselves Jewish, Christian, Muslim or even secular, such as the New Black Panther Party, but these groups have more in common with each other in respect to core beliefs than their respective professed religions. The best documented example of Black Nationalist belief is the books by Elijah Muhammad, the prophet of the Nation of Islam.

The core beliefs are the supremacy of the black race — even that the black man is god — and that whites are, by nature, the ultimate evil or literally the devil. Whites are collectively guilty. Whites and America will face retribution for their misdeeds in a final judgment. The so-called “white” church is held to have a promise of an spiritual afterlife, in order to help keep blacks in slavery. For that reason the traditional Christian church is considered to be a tool of the Antichrist (white society). The Nazis had a similar belief that the traditional church was created by the Jews to oppress the Aryan race.

The leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, has been compared to Hitler and once called Hitler a “great man.” Genocidal rants against whites by Black Nationalists, such as Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the former spokesperson of the NOI, and fellow Black Panther, King Samir Shabazz, which have been seen by many on television or on YouTube, are not just a reflection of their own personal racist beliefs, but an open declaration of the core beliefs of Black Nationalism, which are rarely heard openly expressed in public.

Black Nationalism has existed as an informal belief system in its many forms for a couple of centuries, nearly as long as there has been black slavery in the Americas. However, Black Nationalism as an organized mass movement was founded by Marcus Garvey in the 1910’s. Garvey believed that the Ku Klux Klan was the invisible government of the United States [Ref. 4] and started meeting with the KKK in 1922. He mandated that blacks should emulate the KKK and organize themselves in the same way [Ref. 5 ] and the Garvey teachings are still influential, today. Garvey claimed that his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was the first fascist movement and that Mussolini borrowed the idea from him. He was an admirer of Hitler’s methods and accomplishments. Garvey prophesied that one day the black race would produce their own black Hitler. [Ref. 4]

Since the time of Garvey’s own cooperation with the KKK, Black nationalists have continued to collude with white supremacists. Elijah Muhammad, one of the co-founders of the Nation of Islam met with the KKK. Elijah and Malcolm X also met and colluded with George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party [Ref. 6] until Rockwell’s assassination in 1967.

King Samir Shabazz – Black Nazi
White Aryan Resistance founder and former KKK Grand Dragon, Tom Metzger, addressed an early conference of the New Black Panther Party and recounted the history of cooperation between white and black nationalists. [Ref. 7]

Elijah Muhammad called for a “bloody” race war to begin about 1970 [Ref.8]. He prophesied in 1975 that a half-white, half-black “Mahdi” (Arabic for messiah), born of a white mother, would be the “God” who will judge and destroy the white race. [Ref. 9 &10]

Elijah Muhammad was the mentor of Louis Farrakhan, his successor as head of the NOI. Farrakhan has recently been making his own apocalyptic prophesies of a racial conflict that will mean America’s Day of doom in his recent Saviors’ Day speeches and at other speeches around the country.

The theology of the NOI was written by Elijah Muhammad, who had only an elementary school education, and it includes in its end times scenario a giant UFO that will destroy the white man, piloted by the other co-founder, Fard Muhammad, who is held to be god (Allah in the flesh). This doctrine does not much appeal to more sophisticated black professionals. It appears that Black Liberation Theology was created as a formal religious theology by Cone, a professor at a theological seminary, in order to make it more acceptable to black professionals and to better spread the concepts of Black Nationalism among the black churches.

Jeremiah Wright reported in his own book on the history of Trinity United Church of Christ that the Association Minister of the United Church of Christ described the sect as a “cult” [Ref. 11] and that large numbers the original members withdrew from the church after he began to convert it to a racist doctrine of Black Nationalism. Wright responded with a threat of violence, which evidently ended questions about his doctrine of Black Liberation Theology.

Black Nationalism is a relatively small movement that has produced an inordinate number of destructive and genocidal cults, whose leaders believe that they are messiahs and gods and whose members have sometimes mass murdered whites at random. There is a belief that their version of the end times can be initiated by their own actions.

The co-founder of the NOI mandated in a kind of catechism in the 1930’s that the members should each sacrifice four whites. [Ref. 12] One person, who was thought to be connected with the group, was caught by police after sacrificing his white roommate. The resulting problems with the police are the reason that the NOI moved from Detroit to Chicago in the 1930’s.

Several groups have afterwards acted on the same mandate to sacrifice whites, carrying out some of the biggest serial murders in American history. Several of the most notorious crimes are provided below:

• The Zebra Killings – Four members of the NOI paramilitary, the Fruit of Islam, were convicted in the serial killings of 14 whites in San Francisco, in 1975-76 in what appeared to be an attempt to ignite the race war, which was prophesied by Elijah Muhammad to precede the destruction of white America. [Ref. 13]

• The Yahweh Nation Murders – Yahweh ben Yahweh was the leader of a Black Hebrew Israelite cult and a former member of the NOI. He and several members of this Black Nationalist cult were convicted of conspiracy in the 1980’s in the serial murders of 14 black dissidents and random whites. [Ref. 14]

• The DC Sniper – John Allen Muhammad was a former member of the NOI paramilitary and reportedly associated with a related Black Nationalist sect, the Nation of Gods and Earths. His 10 random murders in 2002 appeared to be designed to trigger an apocalyptic event, corresponding to the Black Nationalist end times scenario.

• Malachi Z. York cult – York taught that he is God and is currently serving a life sentence for molesting over decades maybe as many as 100-200 of the children of his cult, another offshoot of the Nation of Islam. [Ref. 15] Children were sexually molested for decades in this cult, because those that knew were afraid that they might be physically harmed, called “racist” or branded religious “bigots.” This intimidation is similar to the current situation with Obama.

Obama’s Church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ is a part of the black nationalist movement, which has a long history of cooperation with and emulation of the KKK and Nazi movement. For that reason, the beliefs of the doctrine of his own sect and its relationship to the broader black nationalist movement should have been examined closely by the media and the public made fully aware of the beliefs and history of this broader cult movement, especially because there were many allusions during the campaign to him being the messiah or divine by Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey and other supporters.

What Obama is thinking in his own mind or whether he will act on such beliefs is not the issue, though some of his actions can be interpreted in that way. The point is that the American public has an absolute right to be truthfully informed about this part of Obama’s background.


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9 thoughts on “Obama & the Black Nazi Movement”

  1. How dare you people have the nerve to accuse Obama when you know full well that he is neither good nor bad, he is doing everything he can, but he is not the Messiah, he cannot fix all your problems. I never thought that he would be able to change a thing. Anyone who really thinks that anyone can change the sate of affairs in this country are delusional. Has Obama been a man of action? How could he possibly be a man of action? Every time he tries to change even one little thing he is opposed. He is not a “dictator you know”. He also is not a revolutionary. He is a gift to black people, and in my opinion to white people also. He liberated us, the young generation from from the ridged system of old white men who pride themselves as “Churchill’s”, they did this because they wanted to reinstate colonialism, and by comparing themselves to someone who opposed Hitler, they could get away with anything. You really think we are stupid don’t you? Oh, I forgot you people can’t think!
    You guys are a disgrace, you should be very ashamed.

  2. Hi, Nazis believe the mythological Aryans are the master race and the Nazi revival brought in the Nazi gospels. I HAVE BEEN terrorized and taken over by Nazis for years.

  3. Jews were competition to nazis in Germany. Jews owned much at the time, nazis want global domination AND the jewish.work together as teams in enclaves ULTIMATELY were blamed for all of Germany’s problems. Jesus did not struggle for the Aryan race. Thw aryans are not real. Jesus died as a sacrifice for Christians to go to heaven. Jews are and were not the anti-christ to Christians. Judaism is the Jewish religion and it was not a religious war but power-hungry greedy devil worshippers WANTING TO TAKE EVERYTHING FOR THEMSELVES. N n.a. anti-christ is one written who want to do away with Christians. Jewish are not in that group. Aryans aren’t real but Christians are real. I AM sorry your experience has been bad. It is not religion but what we do with it. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR INFO IS ACCURATE. PLEASE. I AGREE NAZIS ARE HERE have MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. NAZI b.s.

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