Obama & Racist Black Theology – Historical Overview

The facts about Obama’s religious background have never been fully reported and are so bizarre that it is difficult for many people to comprehend. This clip is a disturbing outline of the origin and beliefs of Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama’s so-called “church” in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ. This may not be the slickest production that you will ever see, but take 30 minutes to watch and understand it. It’s important! The public very much needs to understand what the belief of Obama’s sect in Chicago really is.

Black Liberation Theology is derived largely from the  racist “Black Theology” of the Black Nationalist movement, which is a cult religious movement that sees the white race as literally “Satan” and the black race as literally “God.” This is an adventist cult movement in the sense that sees Armageddon as a imminent final conflict between the white and black races. After the destruction of the white race, lead by the Black Messiah, a Utopian kingdom on earth is created, which will be a physical, theocratic government. The black messiah is manifested in any man who leads the destruction of the white race and, according to their doctrine, there can be more than one Black Messiah at the same time.

Elijah Muhammad,
in a Shriner fez

6 thoughts on “Obama & Racist Black Theology – Historical Overview”

  1. The picture of Elijah Muhammad in that Fez is not a Shriner fez. It does not have the symbol of the shriner. The symbol of the shriner is a crescent and star with a sword on the upper part. The sword on the upper part of the crescent symbolizes that European gentiles must never reveal the secrets or else their head be taken off by the sword.

    Elijah Muhammad or any other black man or woman on the earth are NOT bound by the sword. Black people are the fathers and mothers of Islam, and we are the givers of knowledge in all temples.

    In “The Masons and The Moors” it reads: “Moor is the classical name in Europe of the Muslim people of North Africa. In Spain, where Muslims ruled for over five hundred years, Arabs are still called ‘Moros’. The term ‘Moor’ came to be synonymous with ‘Muslim’ in many contexts… The Supreme Wisdom of the Moors, much of it derived from ancient Egypt…”

    It also reads: “The Moors provided the vital link between ancient and modern civilisation. The light of knowledge which illuminated the Moorish lands of Spain and Sicily was instrumental in dispelling the gloom of ignorance that enveloped mediaevel Europe.”

    The Black Moorish Muslims gave Europe some of the secrets of Islam and Europeans were permitted to wear the flag of Islam, however they must wear the sword on the upper part.

    Also notice, on traditional Shriner fezzes, there are temple names, such as “Medinah” or “Aleppo”. There are no temple names on this Fez. Elijah Muhammad wears only the Holy Flag of Islam (with no temple name), symbolizing the purity of Islam. Islam knows no nationality and nations of the world have no place in Islam. Islam is one Nation, thus the Nation of Islam is the purest form of Islam.

    1. Lol. Prophet muhammad of the quarish tribe formed the islamic belief. Only the followers of the sunnah will be accepted by allah. Ur lost confused deaf dumb and blind if u think elijah poole is any kind of prophet. Allah has no partners or associates so wallace dodd fard can not be allah in the flesh ( takes away from the first pillar of islam) so i say ur qords of shirk will never be accepted. It took to 1977 for the noi to learn how to make salat. So if elijah was the carrier of islam he would of taught that from day 1. Not his son in 1977. Please dont take the jews and gentiles( people of the injile) as friends because they will lead u astray from the true path of islam. Read the quran hadith and u will follow in the path of the quarish if not u are part of the lost deaf dumb and blind. Asalam wa lakum ir rahman tu allah ir rab ur a gatu hu

      1. We are American. We don’t give a shit about allach aka kukka kukka bs ishlamic doody. In GOD we trust.

    2. I forgot the universal flag u speak of has and will be the cave dwellers land of turkey. The flag for islam is the white flag that the land has been conquered by islam. The black flag of jihad is presented in the entrance of a land. Not a crescent moon of turkey. Please educate the proper form of islam.

  2. Lindsay Gramnesty wants the illegals to get in the back of the line? Well, if admission to the U.S. is the desired goal, wouldn’t the back of the line be in their native homeland and not already here? Gramnesty is another fool who thinks that the people flooding across our southern border are simply interested in becoming U.S. citizens. They’re not. Why should they become citizens when they are already entitled to everything this nation has to offer, once they have dried off from their swim across the Rio Grand? Here is a thought: seal the borders from illegals (yes, it can be done), track down those who have overstayed their visas and deport them, impose maximum penalties on employers who hire illegals, make the E-Verify program fool proof, end all social benefits for illegals including education, housing, food stamps, and anything other than emergency medical care. The Commission believes. It is essential to control illegal immigration, if we are to have a credible immigration policy. We believe legal immigration is in the national interest, but see illegal immigration as a threat both to our long tradition of immigration and to our committment to the rule of law. Barbara Jordan (D) 1995Not since FDR have we seen such patronage politics as we do now with the Obama administration. States that voted blue in 2008 see a quick reaction to natural disasters, states that voted red are left to take care of themselves. Businesses and organizations who have supported Obama in the past, are given waivers from his unaffordable health care boondoggle with the biggest list being those unions and groups like AARP. A DoJ that is out of control that refuses to prosecute the New Black Panthers even though testimony was given by a famed civil rights lawyer that it was the worst case of voter intimidation he had ever seen, a refusal to enforce DOMA and taking up the cause of a Muslim teacher who wants to go to Mecca, yet sues a state that is trying to protect its citizens from a government who refuses to to its job. And of course, the support of nations where terrorism breeds and throwing our only ally in the Middle East under the bus.Reply

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