Nazism & Obama’s Black Theology – The Parallels

Garvey in uniform

Barack Obama comes from the black supremacist, America-hating, black nationalist tradition of Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad, not from the integrationist, love-thy-neighbor tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Booker T. Washington, as so many think. The Founder of the movement, Marcus Garvey, was inspired by the KKK and Nazism and mandated that his followers form a “black KKK.” Garvey prophesied that someday the black race would produce their own “black Hitler.”

This is an overview of the long history of cooperation between white supremacist groups and the Black Nationalist movement. Obama’s church in Chicago teaches a Black Nationalist doctrine, a heretical and hateful version of Christianity. For about a century, there have been two branches of the mass movement for black rights in the United States. One branch is non-violent, favors integration and traces its roots back to Booker T. Washington. The other, Black Nationalist branch, founded as a black nationalist mass movement by Marcus Garvey, is supremacist, revolutionary and justifies violence to further its goals, seeing its origins in slave rebellions.

Black Nationalism was founded as a mass movement in the 1910’s. The history is not well-known by the public, but Garvey had millions of followers in his organization, the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Garvey would dress in a general’s uniform and review his men, also in paramilitary uniform, parading through the streets of New York. He wrote once that they were the first fascist movement, because his movement pre-dated Mussolini’s Black Shirt movement. Nazi mystic, Alfred Rosenberg referred to it in his book, “The Myth of the 20th Century,” as the same kind of racial awakening as Nazism.

This clip below appears to be an re-enactment of some of Garvey’s belief’s, not an original recording.

In the 1920’s Garvey began meeting with the Ku Klux Klan. This angered other black leaders. J. Edgar Hoover had Garvey charged with mail fraud and deported him, partly due to the complaints of his working with the KKK. Since that time, there has been a history of cooperation between black and white supremacist groups, strange as it may sound. Both groups have common ideologies, though reversed, and are working towards the same goals, bringing down the democratic system and ultimate separation of the races.

George Lincoln Rockwell, Head, American Nazi Party  at a Nation of Islam Meeting (1961)
George Lincoln Rockwell, Head, American Nazi Party
at a Nation of Islam Meeting (1961)

George Lincoln Rockwell met with the Nation of Islam[1] in Washington, D.C. in 1961 and he addressed a meeting of the NOI in the following year. Rockwell was head of the American Nazi Party, which practiced a white identity religion, the so-called Christian Identity religion.

Christian Identity is a heretical version of Christianity, much like the racist doctrine that the Nazis tried to impose on the Evangelical churches of the Third Reich. The Nazi version of Christianity was called “Positives Christentum” or “Positive Christianity” in English. Many German ministers went to concentration camps rather than accept such a racist doctrine for their church, but Obama willingly embraced an equivalent doctrine.

Black Nationalists practice a similar, though reversed, racist religious doctrine, a black identity religion, which holds that the black race are the chosen people (or actually God) and the ultimate, demonic evil in the world is the white man. Both religions deny the uniqueness of Christ and allow ordinary men to exalt themselves to a divine role, such as a messiah. Since Christ is not unique, there can be more than one messiah at the same time. The destruction of the white race with the advent of a black messiah, who will be a flesh-and-blood human, is prophesied to bring on a millennial utopia, which will be an earthly, political event and not a spiritual event.

This is actually a cult religious doctrine. In the 1930’s the Nation of Islam was called “The Voodoo Cult” by the Detroit police. The founder of the NOI mandated that each member should sacrifice four whites, as described starting on page 903 in this article in the American Journal of Sociology about the early history of the NOI. The title of the article comes from the name that Detroit police then used for the Nation of Islam.

There have been several incidents, in which NOI members or members of related groups were thought to have been carrying out this mandate from the founder of the NOI to murder whites, such as the Zebra Killings of 1973-74 in San Francisco and the Yahweh Nation Murders of 1986 in Miami. The DC Sniper murders in 2002 that terrorized Washington, D.C. may have been the latest episode of Black Nationalists attempting to trigger their End Times scenario by murdering whites and black non-believers.

Black Nationalists worship
their self-exalted Leaders as Gods.

The Nation of Islam is a Black Nationalist sect and is not orthodox Islam, in the same way that Black Liberation Theology is not orthodox Christianity. The NOI and Obama’s church in Chicago practice the same type of black identity religion, though the two groups present themselves as Islamic and Christian. Black Liberation Theology and the theology of the Nation of Islam are much more closely related to each other than they are to orthodox Christianity or orthodox Islam respectively. The doctrine of Obama’s church, based on Black Liberation Theology, is largely a derivative of the black nationalist theology of the Nation of Islam.

Black Liberation Theology was started in the late 1960’s. It was designed to appeal more to black urban professionals by a professor in a seminary, James H. Cone. The purpose of Black Liberation Theology appears to have been to spread the core racist beliefs of the Nation of Islam into the black Christian churches. At the time it was implemented, the head of the NOI, Elijah Muhammad, was emphasizing the need for professional people to join the movement, for example in his book, “The Theology of Time.”

The clip below shows the famous Nazi Leader, Tom Metzger, addressing a conference of the New Black Panther Party in the 1990’s in Dallas. The New Black Panther Party is not the same as the organization from the 1960’s with the same name. The New Black Panthers is a Black Nationalist group and closely aligned with Louis Farrakhan’s, Nation of Islam, as well as with the black nationalist pseudo-Christian churches, such as Wright’s former church exemplifies.

The New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam and Obama’s church with a doctrine of Black Liberation Theology are all part of the same mass movement, with the same seditious goals and racist core beliefs.

Marcus Garvey gave lots of advice to black people about how to live and to behave, for example in his book “Message to the People.” He wrote that one should always show a friendly face to the enemy (meaning the white man). Obama does this extremely well. White supremacists, David Duke and Georg Haider (Austria) also put a nice face on extremism. Though Obama puts forth a nice appearance, people should not assume from it that he does not harbor hateful ideas. When a person spends twenty years in Wright’s racist hate group, you should assume that this person well understands the racist doctrine and that he is an adherent of it. When it concerns the president of the US, who is responsible for the safety and well-being of the entire country, to give him the benefit of the doubt and to assume that he was part of such a hateful group, but is not a believer is absurd, pathological and self-destructive as a nation.

Garvey never recovered from his anger that the US government deported him and broke up his movement. The groups that have been spawned by the Garvey movement continue that blood grudge against America until this day and have, in fact, made it their cult religion.

The Nazis exalt the white race, scapegoat Jews/non-whites and Hitler was treated as the messiah of the white race. The Nazi Mystic, Alfred Rosenberg, predicted a “savior” of the white race in his book, “The Myth of the Twentieth Century.” The Nazi Messiah turned out to be his associate, Adolf Hitler.

In comparison, Black Theology exalts the black race, scapegoats the white race and worships their leaders as messiahs or gods. Farrakhan publicly declared Obama by name to be a black messiah, who in the End Times scenario of Black Theology will destroy the white race and America.

The clip below provides many quotes from the hateful doctrine of Obama’s church, Black Liberation Theology.

To view a webpage file with much more extensive quotes and page numbers from Cone’s books on Black Liberation Theology click here.

Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” was not just an expression of his own opinions and irritability, but it is one of the central tenets of the black nationalist identity religion that he taught to Barack Obama, as Obama’s self-proclaimed “spiritual guide.” America and its democratic institutions are held by Black Liberation Theology to be the demonic tool of white oppression of the rest of the world. America, as we know it, is to be destroyed in the End Times scenario of the Black Nationalists with the advent of a black messiah. Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, proclaimed Obama to be a black messiah at his Saviors’ Day Conference, during the presidential campaign of 2008 as per the clip shown here.

The founder of Black Liberation Theology wrote himself that many whites, especially theologians, find it to be “racist” and the prominent sociologist Andrew M. Greeley called it a “Nazi mentality.” [2] The famous conservative author, David Horowitz, referred to Black Liberation Theology as “Afro-Nazism” in his book about black racism, “Hating Whitey.” [3]

The Asian Times points out the similarity of Obama’s Black Liberation Theology to the Nazi version of Christianity, Positives Christentum. It is very sad when a communist Chinese publication can publish the truth about American leaders that the American media refuses to address. They write the following in an article entitled “The Peculiar Theology of Black Liberation”:

Theologically, Cone’s argument is as silly as the “Aryan Christianity” popular in Nazi Germany, which claimed that Jesus was not a Jew at all but an Aryan Galilean, and that the Aryan race was the “chosen people”.

It is absurd that Americans elected a man with such an extremist, racist and seditious background to the presidency. It becomes even more ridiculous every day that he remains in office. The media and the politicians of both parties deserve the blame for the damage being done right now to our country for not properly vetting Obama and explaining his background to the public.


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[1] “An Original Man: The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad” by Claude Andrew Clegg III, First St. Martin’s Griffin Edition, February (1998), page 153.
[2] “A Black Theology of Liberation” by James H. Cone (1970), Orbis Books (2008), page xii.
[3] “Hating Whitey and other progressive causes” by David Horowitz, Spence Publishing Company (1999), page 44.

18 thoughts on “Nazism & Obama’s Black Theology – The Parallels”

    1. “Racist” is an understatement. The doctrine of his church is similar to a Nazi doctrine. “Black Nazi” or “Afro-Nazi” is probably a term that better describes people that belong to what are actually occult racist sects with doctrines based on Black Liberation Theology.

  1. Thats why the kkk isn’t openly fighting, they like bama.. and in turn they are the Dems…he’s their puppet… but he enjoys it to much… n goes beyond it all..

  2. The KKK was created by the left as their miltant arm. Look up the history. Doesnt matter the color only matters what Party.

  3. The American Nazi movement & KKK have always been allied with at least black Muslims. They both hate race mixing and they both hate true Christianity. They both love Obama because he’s polarizing the races & that’s when they both get new recruits. Charles Manson is probably dancing around his cell that Obama is playing right into “Helter Skelter,” or as Jim Jones framed it, “White Night.” I wish both of these groups would go to an island & leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Elijah Muhammad prophesied a race war to begin about about 1970. Manson was bound to have met Black Nationalists in prison. Makes me wonder, if he did not think that he could trigger the NOI End Times scenario with his “Helter Skelter in 1969.” When that did not pan out, NOI members themselves started murdering whites at random in San Francisco in 1973-1974. It was called the “Zebra Killings.” They had revived the old mandate by Fard Muhammad to each kill four whites. You can google it. Four NOI members were convicted of killing something like 15 whites and the Chronicle speculated that they were trying to start a race war. According to the book, “The Zebra Killings” by Clark Howard, an investigator for the state thought that other groups may have been involved, murdering up to ~271 whites just in California about that time.

  4. It’s a bad day in America when we have to call other American’s Ignorant! Obama is not what this country needs. He is onesided and I do believe he is looking out for certain people or groups! But lets not forget who we are. We are America and if they think we will back down or give in than they really don’t know much about American pride! Its sad when they try to make us feel ashamed of being white! GOD BLESS AMERICA, And its true patriots!

  5. Paula :
    The American Nazi movement & KKK have always been allied with at least black Muslims. They both hate race mixing and they both hate true Christianity. They both love Obama because he’s polarizing the races & that’s when they both get new recruits. Charles Manson is probably dancing around his cell that Obama is playing right into “Helter Skelter,” or as Jim Jones framed it, “White Night.” I wish both of these groups would go to an island & leave the rest of us alone.

  6. The religion with basic faith crying on murder of sacred religious personality and having symbole of hate like cross of crusaders hatters and matmi black flage of shia create terrorism .their major wepon racism plus religion.


  8. Nazis killing Jews killing Nazis killing blacks killing whites killing blacks killing
    blacks killing KKK killing blacks.
    Catholics killing Protestants killing
    Catholics killing Muslims killing
    Protestants killing Muslims killing shias
    killing sunnis.Racism is Evil whether it is
    of color,religion or ideology.Simply put,
    We are killing each other for no apparent reason.

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