NAACP reveals its own Racism

This is a photo of the annual Martin Luther King observance at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, on the north side steps in January of 2011. At this location there is a large bronze statue of George Washington. The NAACP participants placed an enclosure around the statue to conceal the statue, so that the participants in the rally would not be offended by the sight of the Father of our Country.

Washington Statue hidden at NAACP meeting


Louis Farrakhan, who has been compared to a black Hitler, addresses a meeting of the NAACP.

Louis Farrakhan Speech announcing Alliance with the NAACP


Louis Farrakhan declares Whites are literally the Devil
Black Liberation Theology teaches the same Belief


2 thoughts on “NAACP reveals its own Racism”

  1. I believe the NAACP is a racist group which violates civil rights and constitutional rights of every American. You cannot call a African American a “colored” person, or “them”, or any other word that they should choose. The point I am making is, if you have all these laws stating there will be “no” derogatory slander towards a person”s color; then why is there special treatment as in “Affirmative Action”; and the “NAACP”; and the “Black Caucus”; in Congress if we are all created equal???????????????

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