San Diego Media Outlets Lie about Gaslamp Crash

Taxi rams revelers

Update:San Diego 6CW has published the name and some other details about the driver of the cab, who rammed into a crowd in San Diego’s Gaslamp district. He is a 52-year old Egyptian, named Osama. His roommate says that he “feared for his life” and that Osama, the cabbie, would become enraged, if he brought a girlfriend home. He was so scared of Osama that he carried a knife at all times.

“Roommate” of Cab Driver Feared For His Life


All of the San Diego Media outlets are suppressing information about a cabdriver, who crashed into a crowd of patrons on the sidewalk outside a bar in the Gaslamp district at closing time. In effect, this is a lie, because, certainly the local media have access to this information, but they are implying that they do not. See this link from the San Diego Union-Tribune more info:

Police look into crash, fight that injured 23 at club

This incident occurred early on the morning of Saturday, February 12, 2011. The crash actually injured 23 people, most of whom, we can assume had been drinking on a Friday night. Many of the cab drivers in San Diego are Muslim from the Middle East, and several cab companies have a name that reflect their ethnicity. Emerald (Green) is, of course a color that is a symbol for Islam.

All of the local media outlets refused to publish the name of the driver, presumably for reasons of political correctness. They are all reporting that the name was not released by the cab company, but there are several other ways that a competent reporter can learn the name of the driver.

The media outlets are just being paternalistic in suppressing this information, because they believe that their readership and viewers are racist/uneducated and cannot form an appropriate opinion for themselves.

From my experience as a Tea Party organizer, I have found that our local media outlets routinely suppress information and mislead people according to their political agenda, regarding matters that their readership or viewers would often consider to be vital.

This happened within 24 hours of Mubarak resigning. A “Rally for Revolution” was held earlier that night just a couple of blocks away from this bar to celebrate the revolutionary “victory” in Egypt. The participants in the rally were revolutionary Muslims, Hispanics similar to the La Raza/Atzlan mode, communists, Marxists, progressives and socialists. Many of the Muslim cab drivers in the area were honking like mad. It is a strange coincidence that this crash happened on the same night.

3 thoughts on “San Diego Media Outlets Lie about Gaslamp Crash”

  1. Bangarang!

    This is all Obamas fault. He’s letting em off easy! What is that socialist doing? I don’t know !

  2. We are supposed to believe that the muslim cab driver drove one block from the last stoplight he was sitting at on Market street and threaded through the heavy traffic at that time of the night, down one block before “passing out.”
    Actually the car would have to be turned sharply to the right and then to the left after a short distance
    to end up where it did. Certainly no accident!
    When you look at the picture of the crash, it is obvious that the driver had to aim the car in a deliberate manner for it to be where it ended up.
    There is a stop sign on 6th street at the intersection across from the club that he would have to run then turn sharp right in order to make the 45 degree angle necessary and “ just by chance” miss the street light pole shown on the left of the cab and :just by chance” not steer to far to the right and hit the building, which would have stopped the cab before it could cause the majority of the casualties.
    It looks like a well planed terrorist act carried out with a very skilled driver.

    1. Not to mention it was on the very night of the “Revolution” in Egypt. The media probably would never even have published his name, if people hadn’t started talking about it in the Internet. They tried, at first, to make it out to be just a traffic accident, but it was too transparent, what they were doing. The media lies like this all the time, according to my own experience, and strangely enough they often do it together, in unison.

      They have done this on a national scale about the true nature of Obama’s cult-like religion under Wright. The belief of Obama’s sect is fundamentally about the destruction of America, white society and the traditional church, but we are not supposed to question that, because our media and politicians know what is best for us. They have determined that we do not need to know about it and have defined a different “truth” for us.

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