Impeach Obama Overpass Demos – How to Make Large Signs

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31 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Overpass Demos – How to Make Large Signs”

  1. I suggest “gluing” as well as stapling the large signs to a yard stick, just stapling the sign to a yard stick my result in the wind pulling the staples out (as what has happened to me in the past) – dan

    1. That is a good point. What I do is staple with 1/2 inch staples, which go all the way through the sign and the yardstick. Then hammer the ends over on the other side. They aren’t likely to come loose that way.

  2. You can also buy a cheap tarp and use white large tape and make letters on the tarp,…one Herman Cain supporter in San Diego did this, and he was a one man team. If the overpass has a chain link fence, you can use the tarp corner holes and zip tie it to the fence….

  3. This is a great way – as pointed out – to get your message before thousands of people. The signs are crucial – with instructions listed here.

  4. I LOOK when I see a flag. I feel like the more you display our US Flag, the more eyes it will pull up to read the signs. Just my thoughts…
    The Tarp sounds like a great idea too. Ties can do the work of 2 people, even if you have to take a little extra time to make it … It’s worth it !!!

  5. I am using a 4X15 canvas painter’s drop cloth that I got at Home Depot for about $18. Painting it all white as a primer, to prevent the colored paint from bleeding through, and then the colored letters on that after the primer dries. WIll put grommets in it like a tarp, and hang it securely from the “railing” of the overpass.

  6. I would like to get information for the date and time one of these protest will be in my area in Kansas City, Missouri. I would love to be able to participate in one of these.

  7. I would like to know someone to contact in the Las Vegas, NV area & where the Overpass demonstrations are located in the Las Vegas, NV area. Please email me this info. Thank you!!!

  8. I live in Independence, Mo. and was wondering if their is already a movement in my area that is preparing for August 17th? If so I would like to get connected with them. If not then I am going to start one. Please let me know.

  9. Go to: and scroll down for the link to a list of states with various city locations of scheduled events for “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.” First wave was August 6th…second wave will be August 17th. However, there can be other events scheduled depending on location. There are many FB pages dedicated to this, state by state.

  10. You might have good luck if you call several sign companies in your town. I work for one and we donated some signage because the owner is a fan. Banners are cheap to make and coroplast only costs about $10 for a 4’x8′ sheet that you can cut down to smaller sizes.

  11. The Sign that keeps on giving!

    Important Message! Tune 91.1 FM

    What will the motorist hear ? On their car radio – for miles?
    That’s up to you. Think Low power Fm transmitter ! power is 12v from
    lighter socket – roof mount antenna – simple computer mic for live message.
    Digital devise for looped/repeat message.
    Under 100 bucks on e-bay search HLLY or 1 – 5 – 7 – 15 watt fm transmitter.
    Search u-tube also.

  12. I wish Obama would get thrown out of office and put on trial…but you need to remember he has a lot of dirt on Republicans and can easily cite precedent for everything he has done. In other words thee repubs are just as corrupt and he can bring a number of them down with him. That would not be bad but….

    The repubs will never let it happen. That’s why they would never actually throw Obumer out of office. (The same reason the demos would never investigate Bush, the whole system is corrupt.)

    What will happen is that the repubs will back Obummer into a corner so that he will start bombing Syria and Iran. Same thing happened when Clinton was prez…Nobody went after him on the real scandals of Whitewater and drug smuggling out of Mena, they just got him into a corner so he would start bombing Serbia and Iraq(he withdrew inspectors and ordered Operation Desert Fox over Iraq, paving the way for Bush.)

    Sad fact is that unless we have more power to form an independent body that can investigate and prosecute presidents, then trying to impeach Obama is only going to cause him to cave to the Neocons in order to avoid impeachment. We can’t trust congress to do anything more than threaten to impeach him in order to pressure him to be more accommodating to the imperial agenda.

  13. The only way we may be able to reign in congress and the president is by having a convention of states. We need term limits for one thing–who do you think would vote for that–we also need the executive power subdued. GO TO website

  14. Everyone needs to keep pushing Overpasses for the Impeachment of Obama on facebook every day or multiple times each day. The movement is on the move. Let’s keep on pushing, pushing, pushing!

  15. I’m trying to find out the overpass in Washington State. I sent a freind request and have not been accepted yet. Thank you to all and God be with us all

  16. Some women should dress as a “HIllary witch” and maybe a “Jane Fonda witch” and declare Hillary, a wicked witch of the liberal left, to get media attention and to attack Hillary so she will have less influence as she tries to support librals in their campaigns for US house and senate, and to emphasize the Hollywood liberal factor” or Fonda Factor in politics.

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