Jesse Lee Peterson on Obama


This is from a interview of Jesse Lee Peterson on Radio America’s G. Gordon Liddy show, June 23, 2009. Reverend Peterson talks about black reparations and Obama’s wealth redistribution being part of the plan to “destroy the white man.”

The racist cult doctrine of Black Liberation Theology is fundamentally based on the destruction of the white man and America. This is well documented in the foundation books on BLT by James H. Cone for anyone that wants to buy the books from Amazon and read them. The first two books are “Black Theology and Black Power” and “A Black Theology of Liberation.”

Black liberation Theology, which is the doctrine of Obama church in Chicago, is a mixture of the theology of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the Black Power movement of the Black Panthers with a superficial overly of Christianity added. It is not what most people would consider to be Christianity, but quite heretical.

Reverend Peterson probably portrays the Obama agenda more accurately than any other person speaking in public. People should seriously consider what he is saying. It is just the plain truth. To hear more from Rev. Peterson, you can listen to his radio talk show or download his podcasts at this link.

Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Talk Show

In the clip below Hannity’s guest, Jesse Lee Peterson, implies that Obama is aligned with Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam. The hilarious part comes when a west coast liberal accuses Rev. Peterson of being “racist” against blacks, because he uses a term from southern black dialect to describe the White House as “Big Mama’s House”. For those who never had a “Big Mama” (i.e. Grandmother), that just means the place where all the goodies and free stuff are handed out to those with uplifted hands.


To hear more from Rev. Peterson, you can listen to his radio talk show or download his podcasts at this link.

Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Talk Show

Here’s another clip of Jesse Lee Peterson.

Obama hates the white man and he is a dangerous man.

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