Is Obama the Antichrist?

Obama is a Professional Agitator
& taught Alinky’s Techniques.
Hollywood has for a long time used provocation as a “marketing tool.” For an example, see the clip below. Obama and his minions have hinted many times that he is divine or a God, which makes conservative Christians, who often believe the end times are imminent, accuse Obama of being the “Antichrist.” This amuses Obama’s followers and energizes their support of Obama. Obama’s opponents can then paint his opponents as religious crackpots.

Obama and many of his minions are trained provocateurs and agitators. Obama uses known propaganda techniques to instill get hope in his follows and fear into his opponents. Do not let him victimize you with his propaganda.

Propaganda is about appealing to basic human emotions, such as hope and fear. He makes his followers believe that he is a messianic figure, who will create a world utopia, while at the same time he instills in several ways fear and division in his opponents, so that it is difficult for them to unite and act against him.

We have never had a president before, who used provocation the way Obama does. So, people don’t know what it is or expect it. Obama is just a very unscrupulous man and a revolutionary at heart. He will overturn the traditional American system, if we give him the chance.

The best way to disarm him is to understand how he and his handlers are trying to manipulate the public via provocation and agitation. With everything that happens, you should think first whether it is another one of their provocations, or not. Think about what they may be trying to make you do that will be to their advantage. Do not react based solely on emotion.



In the clip below, Obama reads a passage from the Bible at a 9/11 memorial service of 2011 that allows him to say “I am God.”



The best provocations should have an element of truth to it and the Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s former Trinity Church is a god-in-me religion that teaches that the (black) man is the manifestation of God on Earth.

Many of Obama’s followers also have such a self-worshiping religion that teaches that man has a spark of divinity within that can be evolved through that person’s own efforts to divinity status.

This is in opposition to traditional orthodox Christian belief, which holds that only Jesus Christ is divine and that man can only be redeemed by acceptance of Christ as his/her one-and-only personal savior. (Not by voting for Obama!)

In the god-in-me religions any man/woman can potentially elevate himself to messiah/god status via his/her own spiritual evolution. Obama’s friend, Oprah Winfrey, also teaches this kind of religion, by the way.



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